Holden heard about Sean's big coming out as soon as he got off the plane. He tried to get home as quickly as possible. When he got there Sean was asleep in a chair. He looked around and saw a lot of candles and sitting on the table was an unopened bottle of wine. Holden walked up to Sean and grazed his face with a little flower.

Sean batted at the flower and looked up to see Holden. "Holden." he said.

Holden leaned down and ran his finger through his hair. "Hey"

"Sorry I tried to stay up until you got here." Sean says tiredly.

"That's ok." Holden removed his hand.

"Did you see?" Sean asked sitting up.

Holden smiled. "Yeah I saw."

Sean looked down "I'm sorry."

"Me too" Holden got up and sat on Sean's lap. "You did all this for me?"

Sean wrapped his arms around Holden's waist. "Yeah" he looked down. "I need to tell you something that I should have told you a long time ago and that's I love you."

"You love me." Holden said again.

Sean nods "Yes I love you and I'm sorry it took me so long to tell you that."

Holden turns and leans back against Sean's chest. "I knew how hard it was for you." He looked up at him. "And I love you too."

Sean leaned down and kisses Holden. "I really missed you."

"I missed you too." Holden said against his lovers lips.

They sat like that for what seemed like a lifetime just enjoying each other's touch.

Sean intertwined his fingers with Holden's. "So how was your flight?"

Holden smiled "It was good but I was kind of upset about that big fight we had before I left."

"Yeah so was I." Sean said smiling.

"But what made you so it, I mean why did you come out?" Holden asked.

Sean sighed "I was just tired of living in hiding. Then I got in a car accident and-."

Holden jumped up. "What are you ok?"

"Yes" Sean pulled him back down. "I just hit the back of his car but don't worry no one was hurt. It got me thinking though about how precious life is and you shouldn't waist one minute of it. You are my life and I want to spend the rest of my life with you."

Holden doesn't say anything. He just gets up and pulls Sean with him. He leads Sean to the bedroom where he slowly removes his clothes.

When Sean was completely undressed he laid down on the bed and watched as Holden did the same thing with his clothes.

Holden crawled up the bed to Sean. When they were face to face he kissed him.

Sean rolled them over so that he was on top. He looked down at Holden. "I know we've been together for a while but we've never done this and I don't want to hurt you. Plus I don't know exactly what to do."

"Well I'll talk you through it." Holden said confidently.

Sean smiled "How when you've never done it?"

"Come on Sean I've seen movies and I don't have to worry about you hurting me because I trust you." Holden rubs the side of his face. "I want you to be my first and only."

Sean nodded. "Okay what do I need to do first?"

After talking Sean through it he was fully inside Holden. After waiting for the Okay sigh to move he started moving in and out slowly."

Holden withered underneath him. Begging him to go faster and faster. Sean later came screaming Holden's name. He then collapsed on Sean's chest. "Wow" he breathed out. "Is it always like that?"

Holden chuckles "I don't know but I hope it is because that was amazing."

Sean chuckled "Me too" He rolled off of him and sat up against the headboard. "Holden."

Holden sat up and sat next to him. "You ok?"

Sean took Holden's hand. "I'm great I was going to ask if you were."

"Oh I'm amazing." He kisses his lovers hand. "Happy valentine's day."

Sean leaned over and kisses Holden. "Happy Valentine's day." Sean got under the covers and Holden got in next to him. Sean wrapped his arms around his waist. "I love you." he whispers.

Holden smiled "I love you too."