to be the very best

"I've been trying to work out a chart," Natsumi said, waving it at Himiko.

"Oh?" Himiko put down her mug of coffee, and moved over to see it. She frowned. "Um. I'm having a bit of difficulty understanding it –"

"It's really straightforward," Natsumi said earnestly and incorrectly. "Logically some styles of fighting have inherent advantages over others, don't they?"

"Pokemon is not the only reality," Paul said from where he was leaning against the wall. "Time is an illusion. Pocket monsters doubly so."

"Though as a classification imposed on reality, they have an element of worth," Akabane said.

Everyone turned to look at him.

He adjusted his hat. "But one must not discount the individual strengths of the person involved, naturally. Regardless of whatever skills they may use."

Everyone still looked at him.

Natsumi broke the shocked silence with a determined squeak. "So! Some fighting skills have an obvious advantage against elementally opposed types, so for instance, if Ginji-kun was fighting a Ground type, he'd be in trouble, because he's an Electric type."

"Plausible," Akabane said thoughtfully.

"What works against Electric types?" Himiko asked. Purely for information, and for no other reason, she assured herself.

"Ground's very effective against them," Natsumi said with authority. "Poison not so much, I'm afraid."

"Well." Himiko sniffed. "I'm sure I wouldn't know."

"Poison's quite good otherwise, and it's only really weak against Ground and Psychic," Natsumi said encouragingly. "Now, Steel –" She looked shyly at Akabane. "That's strong against almost everything!"

Akabane inclined his hat in modest acknowledgement. "Though it can take significant damage from Fighting types. And Fire and Ground, too."

"Fighting types," Himiko said thoughtfully, thinking about Ban. "What's good against Fighting types, Natsumi?"

"Flying and Psychic," Natsumi said, without even having to check her papers. "Though Ban's really more of a Psychic type. Like Alakazam! Which means that Bug, Ghost, and Dark are strong against him."

The Honky-Tonk door swung open. Ban swaggered in, with Ginji meeping a few steps behind him, both of them cursing Hevn loudly and clearly in between their pleas for coffee.

"What about big breasts?" Himiko inquired. "It looks as if that's a fairly significant weakness for both Fighting and Electric."

"I don't know," Natsumi said, her brows wrinkling cutely. "I don't think they're in my Pokemon chart."

"It's missing Hormone and Bloodlust," Akabane said, still perfectly serious. Probably. Himiko could never be quite sure with him.

"Oh!" Natsumi perked up. "I'll look out for those in the next expansion."