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"Luke you have to do it." Reid begged from his hospital bed.

"No alright I'm not going to do it. You put me in charge and I'm not going to let you die." Luke cried out "We're finally able to be together and now you're leaving me. After all that happened beween us you're just going to let it go."

Reid sighed "Luke this is for the best."

"Best for who?" Luke said

"Everyone, Luke he need's my heart and you're the only one who can do that."

"I'm not goving him your heart Reid." Luke said.

"Then we both will die." Reid said sliently.

"No one's dying!" Luke shouted. "I can't lose you Reid."

Reid rubbed the side of Luke's face. "You're not losing me Luke because I'll always be with you."

One minute after Reid loses conciousness

Luke was standing over reid's bed when Bob walked in. "Luke it's you decision."

Luke looked down at Reid then back at Bob. He nodded "Okay."

Three minutes later Reid and Chris were being prepped for surgery. Bon was about to start on Reid when he got a phone call saying that they found another heart and it's on the way. Bob told everyone the news and he put Reid back into another room. Then he waited for the new heart to come.

Three hours later Chris got his new heart and everything was good again but not for Luke who sat beside Reid's bed hoping and praying that he would wake up.

Hours turned into days, days into weeks and weeks into months until one day Reid decided to wake up.
Luke was asleep at Reid's bedside when he felt the bed move. He looked up to see Reid looking down at him. "Reid" He said getting up.

"Luke?" Reid looked around. "What's going on?"

Luke smiled "You're finally woke."

Reid quickly sat up. The moniters started beeping at a frantic pace. "Where's Chirs?"

Luke sat up "Reid calm down."

"No!" He shouted "You're were suppose to give him my heart!"

Luke was shocked "Reid Chris is-"

"Get out because of you he's dead." Reid began to pull at the tubes in his arms. "I hate you!"
Doctors and nurses came rushing in. Pushing Luke away they gave Reid a shot that calmed him down.

Luke just stared on like he just got shot but he couldn't feel that pain.

Three days later Reid dissapared.

Luke was a mess after the dissaparence. He got his own palce and started back drinking. He stopped talking to his friends and family. He gave up on everything and everyone.

A year later 500 miles away.

Reid got home from another hard day of work. He no longer worked as a doctor beacause he didn't fell right working in the place after everything that hpaaened. He took of his shirt and plopped dpwn on the couch. He put his hand on his heart and listened to his heart beat. He missed Luke so much it hurt but he couldn't bring himself to pick up the phone. Instead his turned on the TV but his jumped when his phone rang. He didn't know who it was because he had changed his number and gave it out to no one so he asummed it was someone from the phone company so he answered it. "Hello?"

"Reid?" said a voice from the other side.

Reid sat up "Luke?"

"No it's me, Chirs" He said.

"Chirs?" Reid said again. "I thought you were dead?"

"No didn't you hear I got another heart." Chirs was silent. "Reid where are you? You need to come back it's Luke."

That was all Reid needed to hear. He packed up his stuff and caught the next flight out. When Reid got to the airport he saw Chris ans went over to him. "How are you still here and how come I didn't know about you being alive?"

"Because you dissapeard and changed your number." Chirs said smiling "Look I know everything that happened that day in the hospital. The night you were pronounced brain dead Luke was going to sign you over for me to get your heart but Bob got a phone call the last minute saying that they found another heart. So I got that one and you were able to keep yours and when I woke up I asked for you and you were nowhere to be found. Why did you leave?"

Reid looked down "I don't know I guess I was so mad at Luke for...Wait you said that something was wrong with Luke. Is he ok?"

Chris sighed "I don't know no one has heard from him since your dissaparence and we've been really worried about him. He wont answer our calls and we have no idea where he is."

"I can find him." Ried said so sure of himself.

Luke laid in his bed at his rundown apartment. He laid there staring at the ceilling thinking of Reid. He missed his a lot and no matter what he thought of it brought him back to reid. He started to doze off but he was suddently awoke by a knock at his door. He got up and grabbed a bottle of wiskey off the table and answered the door. He was meet with the love of his life. "Reid?"

Reid looked at Luke. He was some how smaller then he was a year ago and he stunk of achole. Reid reached out and took the bottle from Luke. "Are you crazy you can kill yourself with this."

Luke just stared at him. "What do you want?" he walked off. He swayed at bit but caught himself and sat on the couch.

Reid into Luke's house and saw just how bad it smilled of every drink you can think of. "Are you trying to kill yourself here?"

Luke chuckled bitterly "Like you care, why dont you just leave like you did a year ago."

Reid sighed "Luke I'm sorry about all thst stuff I said."

Luke got up "You didn't even give me a chance to exlplain that I was going to give Chris your heart but they found another heart for him so what was the point of losing you if he was already taken care of."

"You're right Luke and I'm sorry for not listening to you." ReId said reaching out for Luke.

Luke stepped back and suddently felt lightheaded. He bend over and puked out everything that was in his stomach the everything went black.

Luke woke up in the hospital. He looked around and saw Reid staring out the window. "Why did you some back Oliver?"

Reid smiled and looked back at Luke. "Since when did you call me Oliver, Luke?" Luke didn't respond so Reid continues. "Chirs called me and he told me everything. He told me how you were going to give my heart to Chris. He told me how you left when I dissapared and how hard it was on you but what he didn't tell me was that you startet drinking again. What made you start drinking again Luke?"

Luke looked away from Reid. "You did the day you left me."

Reid looked hurt "I'm sorry I left you Luke and I'm sorry-"

"Reid just go." Luke suddently says.

"Luke I'm sorry." Reid said walking up to him.

"I don't care." Luke looked at Reid "You left me." he says quietly.

"But I was going to come back. Just not anytime soon but when Chirs called and told me what happened with you I had to come back." Reid sighed. "Luke I was just so upset and I took it out on you. You mean everything to me and I've missed you."

Luke looks away from Reid and doesen't respond.

"Luke will you look at me, please?" Reid says but Luke ignores him. Reid steps back. "I'm not leaving again if that's what you're thinking. It was a mistake to leave you and I'm not going to meake the same mistake twice." He walked over to the door but stops and looks Luke in his eyes. "And I'm not going to give up on you either. I'm going to give you some time but I promise you that I will never stop trying to make it right with you. I love you Luke Snyder and I know that deep down you still love me too." he leaves

Luke watches him go. He knew Reid was right. He did love Reid with all his heart but he couldn't bring himself to say the words "It's ok" and "I love you too."

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