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Chapter 5: Compatibility Part 2

The prior night's birthday celebration had gone well with Hagrid. It had been especially amusing watching his relatives sit in silence as they waffled back and forth between terror and amazement looking at the giant man while he extremely awkwardly tried to engage them in conversation. Eventually Harry had been forced to rescue them and carry the conversation. It was either that or burst out laughing, which probably would have been rude.

But it had turned out to be rather interesting. Though certainly not the smartest person Harry had ever met, they had eventually stumbled upon Hagrid's passion as a conversation topic - magical creatures. And on that topic, Hagrid could, and had, rambled on for hours. But they were very interesting hours for Harry, who learned a great deal about all the impressive magical creatures which could be found in the magical world. He was pretty sure his relatives had not been especially reassured to find that so many of the deadly creatures from myth they might have heard of really existed, and not a few they hadn't.

But today, he needed to return to Diagon Alley and hopefully receive a wand which worked. And maybe take a look at that Knockturn Alley place Hagrid had warned him to stay away from. That sounded pretty interesting.

So after using a Chameleon technique that bent the light around him to keep him invisible, he activated Kamui and disappeared from Privot Drive, reappearing about ten feet in the air above a fairly untraveled area of Diagon Alley he had noticed the previous day. After dropping silently to the ground and extending his senses to verify that no one was close enough to see him, he removed the invisibility technique and started towards Ollivanders.

He did have to stop once he reached the outside of Ollivander's shop though. His illusion on the sign was still there. He had purposefully made the thing fairly fragile, so injecting even something as weak as magic into it would dispel the illusion. So the fact that it was still there meant it probably just hadn't been noticed by very many people. But then, how often do people really look at the signs of well-known buildings. If they already know what the shop is, why bother looking at the sign to find out. Maybe he could add a seal to the sign that would prevent anyone over a certain age from seeing it? It was an amusing idea, but a seal like that would take weeks to create, though he supposed it might be useful for other things too. A project for another time though.

For now, he went ahead and entered the shop, and walked directly up to the once again invisible man. Did he really spend his time just standing in silence under an invisibility spell in a dim shop waiting for someone to enter?

But eventually even Ollivander seemed to get tired of having someone stare directly at him while he was supposed to be invisible, so he said, "Ah, good. Mr. Potter, back for your wand, I see. I made something quite special for you. Yes, quite special. My finest work, if I may say so. If you would wait just one moment while I go and retrieve it."

Harry just rolled his eyes, already having waited one moment while Ollivander tried to have a staring match while invisible. But eventually the man did return from the back of his shop, reverently holding a wooden box in front of him. After carefully opening the box, he revealed what looked like a metal wand.

"This may well be the finest creation I have ever made. In fact, I would go so far as to say that I am very close to certain it is the absolute worst wand ever crafted. Certainly it is the worst wand currently in existence."

Harry paused and scratched the back of his head in confusion at the unexpected explanation, if it could be called that. "Wait...It is both your finest creation and the worst wand ever crafted? How can it be both? And why are you giving me the worst wand ever created?"

Ollivander's smile grew wider at that as he replied, "Ah, but you see, Mr. Potter, crafting a truly terrible wand is as much a work of art as creating a truly great one. Though admittedly it is an area of wand crafting with significantly less competition. Still, the accomplishment is nothing to scoff at."

He gave a shrug of his shoulders as he looked down at the metal rod in the box and stroked it almost lovingly as he continued, "Anyone can make a mediocre wand. Take a few days to teach them the right spells and have them shove a magical focus material into a stick, and it can be used as a wand, if a poor one. Of course a great wand is much more difficult, and takes a lifetime of dedication and not insignificant talent to learn to carve the wood just so to allow a perfect flow of magic, and infuse the focus into it just right in the optimal amounts and positions to most powerfully bind with a wizard's magic. If done correctly, a masterfully crafted wand can powerfully focus and magnify the magic the wizard puts into his spells.

But it is just as difficult to create the opposite. A piece of wood, or in this case metal, molded to create the maximum blockage against the user's magic. I even made this beautiful thing out of cold iron. Almost all metal channels magic very poorly, but cold iron resists it like nothing else on this planet. Then I found precisely the wrong magical materials for you. Weak materials too. Barely magical at all, but they should be just enough to act as a focus. I used Horklump spines in this case. Based on the magical properties of what wands reacted most weakly with you yesterday, there should be barely any connection with your magic at all with such an opposing and weak magical focus."

Still looking adoringly at the wand, if it could even be called that, Ollivander slowly removed it from the box and offered it towards Harry. "This is a wand that is almost equally appalling at all branches of magic, though it will be especially terrible at transfiguration. It might be almost just poor at defensive magics such as shields and wards. Truly a magnificent creation. I have never created its equal."

Harry snorted in amusement, though he did accept the wand from Ollivander. "You have never seen its equal at just how poorly it channels magic, and especially how much it will fight against and weaken the flow of my own magic?" At Ollivander's excited nod, Harry had to just shake his head, but he did hold out the wand in front of him, once again channeling as little magic as he could manage through the thing.

This produced a pitiful dribble of a half dozen dull brown sparks which dropped from the end of the wand to the floor, but Harry supposed that was far preferable to blowing up. He sent another tiny burst of pure spiritual energy down his arm into the wand again, and this time only produced two sparks, one of which was a light purple, and the second was a yellowish green. Clearly precise control was still going to be an issue.

As he continued to experiment with very little success at controlling exactly how much magic he sent down the wand in an attempt to duplicate earlier numbers of sparks, he asked, "So what is a Horklump, anyway?"

Ollivander still seemed quite enthused with the entire process and was watching Harry's experiments avidly, but he was happy to answer. "Oh, Horklumps are a type of magical mushroom. Basically they are a type of weed for magical gardens. They eat earthworms and attract garden gnomes. Quite annoying things, all told. And they don't really have any magical use. Or should I say they didn't until now!" Clearly still excited, he gave a chuckle that came out as more of a mix between a cackle and a cough, but Harry just ignored that.

"Hmm...Do you think that you could sharpen the end of the...wand, I guess I can call it. Having a sharp point would be useful."

Ollivander frowned at this, apparently losing a little of his earlier enthusiasm, though he eventually slowly nodded. "Well, I could. I must warn you that even something so minor as sharpening the end of the wand might cause minor improvement to its overall performance. I already created it in an optimal shape to most poorly channel your magic."

Harry shrugged in response. "A minor improvement should be fine. It clearly isn't about to explode into flames now. And until I get better control over my magic, it would probably be better to stab someone a little rather than hit them with a spell to knock them unconscious and end up stopping their heart on accident, or something similarly dangerous."

Ollivander eventually nodded, though he clearly wasn't happy about lessening this wand's claim to the title of worst wand ever created. "I suppose so. And eventually, as your control over your magic improves, we might be able to upgrade you to a new wand as well. Give it a few years, and I could probably make something similar with the hoof shavings of a winged-horse. Barely any more magical than the hooves of a regular horse, but it shouldn't be quite so terrible a fit with your magic as the Horklump spines. Why, some day you might even reach sufficient control for me to use the spurs of a platypus. Those actually have enough magic to be detectable."

"Wait...A platypus? Like the duck-billed platypus from Australia? I thought those were just normal animals?"

Ollivander laughed at this. And yes, his laugh was just as creepy as his chuckle. "You thought a creature with a duck's bill, webbed feet, fur, that lays eggs, and has a venomous spur is a normal animal? Ah...muggles are quite amusing, aren't they? They manage to stumble across one of the odder creatures even for the magical world and document it too thoroughly for us to cover it up. But they are happy to just create new classifications for it, and go on with their lives, content with their certainty that there must be a scientific explanation for everything."

Harry just cleared his throat and ignored that. "So, I guess I can leave it here to be sharpened, and pick it up later today, as well as pay?"

Ollivander nodded, quick to take back his precious masterpiece, even if just for a few more hours. Harry just shook his head and was equally quick to leave the shop.

Knockturn Alley turned out to be rather boring for the most part. Certainly it was significantly more decrepit and disreputable than Diagon Alley, though Diagon Alley wasn't what would be defined as truly clean by modern standards either. But it seemed more just poor and rundown than, as Hagrid had described it, dangerous and Dark, whatever that meant.

Harry had spent the last half an hour wandering into various shops and looking around, but though he had seen a few cursed items that sounded kind of interesting based on the shop owner's descriptions, most of the shops just seemed to be filled with random junk. What was the point of buying shrunken heads or human finger bones? He sort of understood how some people liked to take trophies of defeated enemies, though it was never something he had been interested in. But why get such things from someone who they had never even met, and most likely just came from some midnight grave robbing. Maybe they were useful as components to some sort of magical spell or something?

Honestly, based on the meandering and generally unhelpful descriptions given by the shop owners, he was pretty sure they were mostly just there to provide atmosphere. Though why someone would actively want an atmosphere like that was beyond him. Then again, this was a culture that saw the filthy and practically falling apart Leaky Cauldron as a good first impression into the world of magic, so what did he know.

Regardless, it was a rather boring trip, or it was until a group of four men in somewhat worn robes started following him. Not that a mugging, or whatever they wanted rated as particularly interesting for Harry, but he was curious enough to walk to a narrow and out of the way alleyway between two shops he had passed earlier to see what they wanted.

After turning around to face the four who crowded into the entrance of the alley behind him, Harry asked, "So, why are you following me?"

The four men glanced at each other, probably a little unnerved that an eleven year old kid was confronting them by himself in the middle of Knockturn Alley with such confidence, but they gathered courage from the other's presence after a few seconds. All four pulling out their wands might have also had something to do with their increased confidence.

One of them then nudged the man closest to the entrance to the alley, who cast some kind of barrier around the alley. Harry could have torn the magic apart with his chakra as it was being cast, but it didn't seem to do anything directly to him. Which meant it probably silenced noises from the alley or just kept someone from noticing anything going on inside the barrier. Assuming that was the case, it would benefit Harry more than not, so he left it for now.

Once the man in the back finished whatever the spell was, he nodded to the others, prompting the man in the front and the apparent leader to speak to Harry. "You are Harry Potter, then? The Boy-Who-Lived? You don't look like much." He spoke with a heavy sneer, clearly trying to emphasize his disdain and try and be as intimidating as possible. If that was his goal, he was doing a poor job of it, but then again, Harry's views of what was intimidating did set the bar a little higher than most.

"Yeah, that's me. Did you want an autograph or something? I have got to say, this isn't really the most polite way of asking. I guess I do appreciate the discretion though. If you had come up to me in the middle of the street, everyone would have been swarming me again once they heard you call me Harry Potter. How did you know who I am anyway though? Pretty much everyone recently hasn't been able to tell when they see me." Harry had to force himself to keep a straight face as the thugs got more and more annoyed at Harry not even seeming to notice their attempts at intimidation, but he did finally manage to keep himself under control.

"We were given a description. We don't want your autograph though kid. We were told that you had withdrawn about one hundred thousand galleons from Gringotts. Take us to the money and no one has to get hurt."

Harry had to muffle a curse as the leader of the thugs talked. "Wait, let me guess. The goblins told you. I really should have known. They didn't stop at just making it illegal for anyone else to run a bank. No, that would encourage a lot of people to keep their own money safe. But quietly hand out lists of exactly who doesn't have their money defended by the goblins, and it becomes unsafe to keep your money anywhere else, regardless of any fees. Or better yet, sell that information to thieves. Get paid to force everyone to become your customer, while technically avoiding becoming thieves themselves." Harry shook his head, growing more annoyed with the goblins the more he learned.

"You know, you are just helping the goblins when you do this sort of thing. You are just doing their work for them. Do you enjoy being the toadies for a bunch of honorless goblins?" Harry still showed no fear at all as he spoke. He sounded, if anything, slightly annoyed, which seemed to anger the muggers.

"We don't care kid. Just give us the money right now, or bad stuff will happen to you. You are all alone now. No Dumbledore to come in and save you."

Harry snorted in amusement, though he did wonder why they thought he would look to Dumbledore to save him. He had seen the man exactly once in his life on the night he was left with the Dursleys. "Well, whatever. I'm not going to give you my money, so I guess you had better do whatever 'bad stuff' you have planned. Did you even plan that far ahead? Surely you could have said something a little more specific than 'bad stuff' if so. You sure you want to do that to the Boy-Who-Lived though? I'm pretty sure people won't be happy with you torturing and possibly killing me. Though I have seen your faces now. Do you intend to kill me afterwards anyway to make sure I can't identify you?"

The leader of the group, or Thug 1 in Harry's mind, replied, "No, we are going to memory charm you after we are done. So you get out of this alive and unharmed as long as you just give us what we want. But if you don't, you might wake up missing a few fingers and your gold. You won't remember us, but I'm pretty sure you will wish you had just gone along with it. And who cares what people think. One hundred thousand galleons is enough to take us to somewhere they have never even heard of Harry Potter. Now quit trying to talk us out of it and take us to your money or we start the hurting you part."

Harry just gave an exaggerated and uncaring shrug, clearly still unwilling to give up his gold. Harry's dilemma at the moment was what he should do with these men. Defeating them would be easy enough, but he would prefer not to reveal more than necessary to people who were effectively working for the goblins. He was beginning to think that the goblins would be a bigger problem in the future than he had anticipated, so best to deny them significant further information.

His response was also largely dependent on what exactly these men were actually willing to do to him. Just threatening him was worth some bruises and a few hours of unconsciousness. Maybe a broken bone or two. But if they were really willing to follow through with their threats...Well, that escalated things.

So Harry was ready when Thug 1 hesitated for only a moment before yelling out "Crucio," and unleashed a red bolt of light from the end of his wand. He had no idea what would happen if that particular piece of magic hit him, but he assumed it would be bad. Still, it seemed best to find out so he would have a better idea of what appropriate retaliation would be. So rather than immediately attacking them or even dodging, he quickly used a body replacement technique to switch himself with Thug 2 while simultaneously using a transformation technique to take on the appearance of Thug 2 and laying an illusion on the other thugs to make Thug 2 look like him.

It turned out that the spell Thug 1 had used was some kind of torture magic, since Thug 2 immediately fell over and started writhing and screaming on the ground. The magic appeared to be quite effective though. He hasn't heard screams like that since Anko had retired late in his time as Hokage. But Harry just continued to quietly watch from beside Thug 1 as the man tortured Thug 2 under the incorrect belief he was torturing Harry.

Still, after about ten seconds, Harry was beginning to think that he should step in and stop the spell. Torture was necessary at times, and a little pain could be useful in making sure people remembered that attacking him was a very bad idea. But even if this spell was what they had planned for him, it seemed a little excessive, especially since the one receiving the pain wasn't the one who tried to attack him, directly anyway.

But before he could intervene, Thug 1 released the spell and while panting slightly asked, "Now, you want to tell us where the gold is, or do you want more?"

Harry put his hand on Thug 1's shoulder and released the illusion and transformation techniques as he replied, "Well, I'm still not going to give you your money, but I'm pretty sure your friend doesn't want more."

As both the leader and the other two behind Harry gaped at him, Harry didn't wait for a response. These men had tried to torture him, and he couldn't just let that go. Well, he could, but given that these men had made sure that no one had seen them enter with Harry, he could safely do something about it without anyone finding out he was responsible.

So he lashed out, breaking Thug 1's forearm to make him drop his wand and creating twin small fireballs, which he spat at the other two standing men's wands. If it burnt their hands a little as well as destroying their wands...well, they really shouldn't be party to torturing children.

Once all four were disabled, at least for the moment, he grabbed two by the arms and activated Hiraishin. As teleportation techniques went, he overall preferred Kamui because of its versatility. He could go anywhere with it, while Hiraishin required a seal to have been placed at the target location in order to allow for teleportation. But if that marker was placed, Hiraishin was superior in every way as far as actual teleportation went.

Unlike Kamui, which took something like a tenth of a second for him to leave reality and re-enter even a well known target location, and slightly longer for somewhere he didn't know well, Hiraishin was truly instantaneous. And more importantly, Kamui gave no sense of what was around the location he was teleporting into, so it took a precious few fractions of a second to get his bearings. But from the moment he locked onto the Hiraishin seal he was going to teleport to, he had an innate knowledge of everything within about ten feet of that seal. And he could teleport into anywhere within that ten feet in any position he wanted, including directly behind an enemy's back with a blade already thrusting forward.

It made Hiraishin an incredibly deadly combat technique, but far less useful for general travelling, since he didn't like to just scatter seals everywhere he went. But in this case, he was taking these men to the prison he had prepared a little under four years ago, so he had the seals already placed.

The prison was an exact duplicate of a structure and set of seals he had created during his life as Naruto after a prison break in Konoha had left a dozen ninja dead, and twice that number of prisoners free. So he had created a prison without any of the weakness of the old one - namely the guards. Everything in the structure was maintained by seals, ranging from seals to prevent any chakra (or magic in this case) use of any kind from anyone other than him to storage seals built into bowls that regularly released enough gruel with all the nutrients necessary to keep the prisoner healthy for his lifetime. Other seals kept the prison and prisoners clean, returning any waste to the earth near the prison, and yet others maintained temperature, lighting, air, and everything else that might be needed.

The primary defenses of the place was simply that no one knew where it was and no one other than him could get to the structure, which was a quarter mile underground in a random isolated area with no tunnel leading to it, even if someone did find the location. Not to mention that seals made the place virtually indestructible. The prison might have originally taken over a year to design and a few months to create even with his abilities with earth manipulation, but the near complete lack of required maintenance and total lack of any prisoners ever escaping made it worthwhile.

Harry had decided that he might not want to deal directly with the government more than he had to early in this life, so he thought the same thing might come in handy here. And this was the perfect example of him being right. While he could give these men to the authorities in the magical world who handled such things, whoever they were, that would mean revealing exactly how he subdued them, which he would prefer to keep as quiet as was conveniently possible for now.

So within a few seconds he had all four of the men within the first four cells in his prison before they could even recover from the shock of their sudden and unexpected injuries and general change in circumstances.

"So...Whatever your names are. No, don't tell me, I don't care. I just want to explain your situation. For your attack on me, I am throwing you into my private prison, as I'm sure you have noticed. For you..." He pointed Thug 1 as he continued, "you actually tried to torture me, and so you will be here for five years. The plaque on the wall behind you is spelled to count down that time so you know how much longer you have before I come pick you up to release you. The rest of you will be here for one year.

I encourage you to use that time to really think about your life and what you did. You were trying to torture a child for money. If that's the kind of person you want to be, well I can't really do anything to help you. If it's not, we can talk about it when it comes time to release you, and I can help you become an actually productive member of society. Whatever you think or people have told you in the past, it isn't impossible to change and learn to live happy, fulfilled lives without being harmful to society."

Harry paused in his speech as he looked at the four men, who were still too shocked to respond. "As added incentive to really think about what you want with the rest of your life, based on our discussion when I release you, one of two things will happen. Regardless, I will make it impossible for you to reveal any information about me or this place, but if I am satisfied that you will probably not relapse into crime, I will help you make that a reality. If I am not...Well, I will still release you after you have served your time, but I'm going to seal your magic when I do. You can live as a muggle from then on. And don't think you can lie to me. You won't succeed and it will just annoy me."

The four thugs were still too shocked to speak, or possibly just still in too much pain, since there were some random moans coming from some of the cells, which Harry gave very little attention to.

With that, he gave a brief wave to the four men and used Kamui to return him to the alleyway in Knockturn Alley, shaking his head and chuckling as he returned to his explorations. At least Knockturn Alley hadn't turned out quite as boring as he had feared.

It was hours after he had returned from picking up his finished wand from Ollivander, and Harry had finally had a chance to read over the two extra books he had bought at the book store the day before. Luckily, he could use his Sharingan to assist him in the reading, given his general dislike for reading more than was absolutely necessary.

The Sharingan eye effectively gave two advantages in reading. The first was because of its ability to perfectly and permanently record every detail seen by it, which meant that anything seen by the Sharingan could be recalled whenever he wanted as if he had a photograph of it. Of course this didn't actually give any automatic comprehension of the subject, just a picture of each of the pages of the book, assuming he flipped through it.

But the second advantage was that the Sharingan processed things it saw much faster than a normal eye. Most had used this to allow greater time to plan actions in battle and give greater accuracy. It could also be used to increase reading speed though. In fact, if he channeled enough chakra to fully activate the Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan, his reading speed improved by a factor of a little over ten. Combined with several speed reading tricks Sakura had forced him to learn in his old life, he could now read almost as fast as he could turn the pages, which was probably why he was willing to bother with it at all.

He did occasionally miss small details with this trick, but it gave him enough of an idea of the information in the book that he could pause to read more closely what interested him, and remember what pages to call up to review later if that became necessary.

And in this case, it paid off. In addition to learning a number of other minor facts which would probably lessen his confusion once he arrived at Hogwarts a great deal, he found two particular things that he should be able to use to explain many of his abilities. The first was something called accidental magic, which was something apparently all magical children did from time to time, using potentially any kind of magic to achieve what they wanted in moments of high emotion. Well any child except him, probably because he already had enough control over his energies to prevent them randomly leaking out. That did still leave the question of why children didn't experience 'accidental magic' back during Naruto's time, but that would have to be something investigated more in the future.

But this meant that he could just call almost anything he did accidental magic, and there wasn't really any way to disprove it. It didn't even need a wand, which was good because doing true controlled wandless magic was supposed to be very difficult, and probably not something he could pass off in the near future.

The second was even better, and was something he found in the Lost Powers book. Apparently in a lot of the old myths, the talent of being an Elemental sprang up quite commonly. But it had not appeared in centuries, at the least. And best of all, it was an amazingly vaguely used term. In fact, there was no real firm definition at all. Stories ranged from people being able to create and control small quantities of their element to people being able to rearrange entire mountain ranges, or turn an entire battle field into a raging inferno, or just turn themselves into their element. Merlin was even said to have been the only Elemental who could control all five elements. But regardless, the stories almost always included that the element was controlled and created without the use of a wand or a formal spell.

A lot of people claimed that if the ability existed at all, it was really just an affinity for spells of that element, so a Fire Elemental could cast fire spells with greater ease and more power, but that it had been greatly exaggerated by stories over the centuries. Well, they probably wouldn't believe that anymore after he was done.

In short, it was perfect.


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