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Kit Chapter 32: Congratulations

The walk down the aisle felt like the longest moment ever to Harry, who only wanted to be at the end already hand in hand with his mate. Harry made eye contact with his lover, and saw nothing else of the room. He walked on by the guests who were gaping at him and whispering about him. He didn't notice the proud look Narcissa and Draco wore, nore the twitching of Lucius lips as he tried to not smile proudly also. All he could see was the dark eyes of his lover, filled with love, for him. Years later, when guests were asked about the wedding of century, all they would remember was the breath-taking smile their supposed Saviour had worn as he walked towards the dour Potions Master.

And when the moment came, Remus was right as usual. Severus couldn't have cared less about Harrys appearance. All that mattered was that Harry was there, holding his hand, smiling up at him, ears and nose twitching, when he said the two most important words.

"I do."

"I now pronounce you husbands. You may now kiss." Minerva smiled indulgently when Severus wasted no time in pulling his young husband to him and kissing him senseless.

They only pulled apart at the sound of wolf whistles that echoed through the hall. Harry buried his face into Severus' chest, while Severus looked at the guests.

"Thank you for coming. We appreciate your silence and help with todays event. The feast this evening will be a celebration meal. If you'll excuse us now." And Severus started to lead his husband out of the hall.

"What about the presents?" someone shouted from the crowd. A very familiar voice.

Harry looked up from Severus' robes. "Fred? George?"

And within seconds he was being squished in a Weasley sandwich.

"Hey there,"

"little bro."

"Did you really think"

"you could get married"

"without us knowing?"

Harry giggled softly at them. "Who told you?"

"'Mione might have told us." They replied together.

"Some-one needs to threaten the Prof to keep you safe."

"You hear us Prof?"

"You hurt our Harry,"

"We will prank you,"

"Into the oblivion"

"You understand?"

Severus looked down at Harrys happy glowing face, as he watched his older brothers threaten his husband. So he looked at the twins and nodded solemnly. If he ever hurt Harry he would accept whatever punishment the Wolf and Twins thought necessary.

They never did leave the hall. They spent the next two hours opening presents, drinking alcohol (except for his young pregnant lover), and Harry blushing brightly as guests asked them question and question about their relationship.

It was halfway through the evening celebratory meal. It had started half an hour late as it had taken that long to explain to the students not present for the wedding, what exactly had happened. Some people attempted to put up a fight, mostly the few Slytherins that believed Harry had somehow cursed Severus. A few well aimed glares from the potions professor put the shouting to a halt however. Everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves, and Harry could barely contain his wide smile. He barely strayed from Severus' side, and he always had a protective hand over his extended belly, which betrayed his slight apprehension, but besides that he was ridiculously happy. Especially since Dumbledore still wasn't back and Ron was still scrubbing the toilets in the quidditch block.


The double doors to the great hall swung open with so much force that they smash into the adjacent walls. The figure in between the doors crackled with magic, the doors still giving off the occasional sparks as well.

"HARRY JAMES POTTER!" Albus shouted, striding towards the Gryffindor table. It took the headmaster a few moments to realise that not only was Harry not at the Gryffindor table, but neither were all the Gryffindors. Instead it was a mixed group of Gryffindors, Hufflepuffs, Ravenclaws and even a few of the younger (slightly braver) Slytherins. That's when he noticed two figures that had stood at the staff table.

He turned on his heels and strode towards the head table. The closer he got towards the figures, the more he faltered.

"Severus?" He asked, no twinkle in his eye, and with a questioning lilt to his voice. "What is going on here? And who is that besides… Harry?"

"Headmaster," was Harrys polite reply.

"Are you going to tell me what is happening here?" His voice was getting stronger and louder in his anger. He wasn't used to not knowing everything, and it angered him.

"It's called a celebration Headmaster," responded Severus with his normal 'I'm talking to an idiot' tone. "The banners do tend to give those things away Albus."

"Celebrating what exactly? I was only gone for a few hours! And Harry where have you been? What on earth happened to you?"

"I've been here at Hogwarts Professor. And it's our wedding celebration. We'd appreciate if you didn't ruin it for us. "

"Wedding?" Albus spluttered. "I didn't authorise any wedding. And Severus I can't believe you would take advantage of a minor! I'm very disappointed in you."

"Oh save it for someone who cares old man. The highest ranking faculty member is allowed to oversee weddings on site if the headmaster is unavailable. It was such a shame that you were unavailable but Minerva was happy to do us a favour."

"Unavailable! You set this up! All those ridiculous charges against me. Now Harry you don't want me to get in trouble do you, just tell the ministry it was all a misunderstanding."

"I think you're the one that has misunderstood Headmaster," Started Harry, drawing himself to stand taller, Severus' hand in his own. "It was my idea. I sent them enough proof to get you out of here, and then this morning after you left I sent someone trustworthy some more evidence. I imagine the Aurors over there are here to take you in to full custody." Harry finished with a childish wave to the group of aurors.

And at that signal they moved forward as one, to take Dumbledore in. Albus went to raise his wand before realising it was no longer in his hand. He'd been so confused that Draco had been able to come around the table and take it from his lax hand.

"Looking for something?" Draco asked, smirking in his direction as he twirled the wand around his long fingers.

"Draco, manners!"

"Sorry mother. Looking for something, Headmaster?" His smirk grew as he watched the aurors bind the old man.

"Actually, I believe there is enough evidence here to have him removed as headmaster immediately, I just need the four head of houses approval?" Lucius asked, directing his question to Minerva.

"Of course, Lucius." Minerva, Flitwick and Pomona all chorused.

"Of course I agree Luc," Severus said.

"Brilliant, in that case, by the power of the head of the houses and school governors, we hereby remove your title of Headmaster. You are no longer a member of Hogwarts Faculty, and have no rights to be within this castle. We ask you stay away, and if you are found in the castle we will see you in Azkaban. Understood old man?"

Albus just stood, arms restrained behind his back, surrounded by Aurors, looking like a lost child that just had their favourite toy taken from them. He was then silently led out of the great hall.

The moment the doors closed behind him the great hall went wild with cheers, from pretty much all the Slytherins, the Gryffindors who knew of his manipulations and all of Harrys friends.

Harry turned, a small smile on his face, to look at his husband, and then tugged him down for a breathless kiss. His breath hitched and Severus used that chance to try and draw their tongues into the kiss, but Harry had pulled away. His face had a look of deep concentration, even though the small smile still remained. He had a tight grasp of his belly.

"Harry?" Severus whispered, using a hand to move the hair from his young husbands face.

"The kittens are coming Sev." Harry smiled up at him, calm as anything.

"What? Now? The kittens are coming now!"

"Mmmmm," was all the response he got as Harry snuggled into his lover.

"What do you mean Mmmm? We need to get you to the hospital wing now, and call Poppy and…"

"No. It's only just started. There's plenty of time. And not the hospital wing. I want my wardrobe."

"You can't be serious."

"Nope, I'm not Sirius silly, I'm Harry!" he giggled to himself at the bad joke. "Sorry, it's just a feeling Sev. We've got a while and I need to be with my things. Please."

And when Harry tuned those beautiful wide eyes up at Severus, he caved. "Fine, I'll inform Poppy then we can go okay?"


And with a few whispered words to Poppy, Minerva, the Malfoys, and Harrys friends, they made their excuses and were gone from the room.

Harry was right. They spent 4 hours sitting in the cramped space of the wardrobe, eating chocolate (with chili sauce for Harry) and napping. Well Harry napped, Severus read a book.

It was the 5th hour when the trouble started. Harry was startled awake by the sudden pain in his pelvic area.


Severus quickly moved over to his lover, "Harry? What is it?"

"It hurts!"

"What does? If you don't tell me I can't help you."

"Birth canal," Harry managed to pant through the pain.

"Oh Love. I know, but remember it's going to allow us to meet our precious kittens. So isn't it worth it?"

"Yes," and as he answered his tense body suddenly relaxed, the pain gone for now.

And that was only the beginning. The contractions started properly half an hour later. Soon Harry was screaming in pain and shouting at his lover. Severus lasted another hour and 40 minutes before he was kicked out of the wardrobe.

And into the waiting bodys of his friends and family.

"Alright there Sev?" Draco smirked down at him.

Severus stood up fully, from where he'd fallen on the floor, and sneered at the whelp. "I'd like to see you do better," he sniffed.

"Don't Draco. Harry won't let anyone near him right now," Hermione advised.

"We shall see." And he stalked towards the cupboard.

He lasted 3 minutes, before the outsides heard Harrys shouts, "You fucking Bastard, get the hell away from me. I'm never letting you near my kittens, how dare you, you shrivelled up cock!"

Draco emerged, looking a little shell-shocked, "So Ebs a bit testy at the moment."

"Really?" Came the sarcastic voice of Severus.

"He'll be fine." This was Remus, sitting calmly on the sofa drinking a cup of tea.

"How can you be so calm Wolf? That's my husband, your cub, on his own in there in labour!"

"Harry and I have been reading up on this for the last couple weeks now. He knows what to do. We knew that he would most likely be on his own, that he would be that protective around his kittens that even you wouldn't get in. You most likely won't be allowed in for at least half hour after birth. Nor will Poppy be allowed in."

"But, what if something goes wrong?" Severus was ringing his hand now, not looking away from the tiny room that held the life of his husband and unborn kittens.

"He has a safe word. Blue. If he feels like he can't cope on his own, or thinks something is going wrong, he's to say Blue. I have a bracelet it's charmed to. If he says it so we can't hear, my bracelet will warm up, so we know."

"And how come I know nothing of this?"

"Because he knew you'd want to be in there with him. So you wouldn't listen to him when he said you'd need to prepare for when he was alone."

Nothing more was said for a while. All that was heard was Harrys cries from the small room. Severus could hear him cursing and screaming and crying. It was the crying that had his heart wrenching. It was his fault his lover was in pain.

And then it all stopped. It was silent. Severus had taken to asking Remus about the bracelet every few minutes, and Remus' patience was starting to wear. After almost an hour of total silence, the door to the wardrobe suddenly swung open.

"Severus?" came Harrys voice quietly.

With immense relief, Severus shot towards the wardrobe.

"Harry? Are you okay?"

"I'm fine love. Come and meet your kittens," Harry beckoned him in with a wave and a bright smile. He looked sweaty and tired and had two little kittens curled up in his lap, and had never looked better to Severus.

"Kittens?" Severus asked, as he moved towards the two sightless kittens. Both covered in pure black fur, with little kitten noses and ears twitching.

"Nine weeks isn't long enough for a baby to form Severus? They'll stay in kitten form until 9 months old and should revert back to a human form, at least according to the tiny amount of research I could find. But my instinct tells me I'm right. Two boys, Severus. We have two sons."

Severus looked up from the kittens into Harrys smiling face, and leaned forwards to give him a soft kiss. He looked back down at his sons, and gently stroked them. They were the size of his hand roughly and seemed to barely weigh anything.

"You can hold them," Harry grinned up at him.

Severus reached out to take one, pulling it gently away from Harrys nipple where they were both attached. It mewed softly, before settling happily against his chest. He leaned back against the wall, and Harry snuggled into his side. Severus couldn't imagine being happier.

The End

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