Authors Note: Psihopatul here, I have two other stories containing Stalkers but as said. This is my first ever real ALL and nothing else but stalker story. Also sorry for the short first chapter.

"An Emission is approaching, find cover!" Air-raid sirens went off while there was a fierce gun battle going in Limansk. A group of Duty S.T.A.L.K.E.R.s were trying to push themselves towards the center of the zone but were met by heavy resistance from elite group of Monolith Fighters and Preachers.

"We have to get out of here or we're dead!" A man shouts covering behind thick wall.

"Why? We can hold them from here" A rookie asked being confused as he saw others in fear and slight panic.

"Rookie, you got lot to learn, now MOVE!" one of the older Stalkers pulled the Rookie after the others to get somewhere hopefully safe.


"Warriors of the Monolith! An other glorious victory for us! Rest for now until we meet our enemies again!"

Some of the Monoliths started praying the Monolith, other's moved else where while one of them had duties in the Red Forest. It didn't take long for him to reach his destination to fill his next task that was given to him by the Monolith. He was in charge of his own little squad of fighters who were suppose to take out threats that were trying to get too close to the Center of The Zone and now he had a newcomer to his squad.

"Hail Monolith!" Group of fighters stood up as all too familiar Monolith Preacher walked over the camp site.

"I heard that there is a newcomer that I was suppose to meet, I guess it's you."

"Yes, it is an honor to serve the Monolith by your side"

"Like wise, I sense that you are rookie in everyway, but still a great with your weapon, what is it?"

"Yes, hope to be better through your hands. My weapon is SVU Dragunov, as a side arm I use SG-550. What are the weapons you use? If I may ask?"

"SVD and SVU Dragunov, also Gauss-Rifle and VSS Vintorez, now come on, you have lot to learn and you still need to earn your name"

It was starting to get dark as the duo wandered to city of Pripyat just to find dead squads of Monolithians. They immediately called out their brothers and sisters to the fight. It wasn't long time ago that the first female S.T.A.L.K.E.R.s arrived in The Zone, all the Factions has now females also in them, of course all weren't too happy about this change, but this didn't matter for the Monolithians as anyone who served their sacred crystal was welcome to their unique fanatic family of fighters.

"Hehe this is way too easy those guys aren't so though as the guys back in base say"

"Yeah, dangerous Monolith my ass"

"Hey there is an oth-" Bullet pierced a Merc stalkers chest as he spotted an other squad ready to be slaughtered by them.

"Onward, warriors of the Monolith. Avenge your fallen brothers. Blessed, as they are in their eternal union with the Monolith. Bring death to those who spurn the holy power of the Monolith." An other bullet flew missing the mercs squad leaders head just by few centimeters.

"Hell, where did those two come from? I thought we cleaned this area from those bastards!"

"I don't know but we gotta move fast! Now come on!" Mercs took shelter leaving their dead comrade behind.

[Meanwhile otherside of Pripyat]

"Warriors, we are needed, someone is attacking our home!" small army started running towards other side of the city where the preaching was heard coming. Gun fire was heard in the whole city and also commands being shouted through both sides. As the Monolith reinforcements arrived everyone were surprised of the size of mercenaries in the city, but no matter what they wouldn't let them pass.

[On a rooftops]

"Are you following? Take that RPG and shoot it next to that car"

"RPG! Take cover!" Was heard on the ground as mercs tried to take cover but too late as the RPG's rocket hit next to the car the car slided from the force of the explosion smashing some of the mercenaries making some of them still stay alive but not for long as an other RPG flew right at their position making bloody mess on the ground.

"That one trys to run!" The rookie Monolith said.

"You take that shot, you spotted her"

"But I've never shot that far before!"

"Let the Monolith guide your bullet and you'll hit her for sure"


"AAAAAAARRRGH!" A scream espaced from the running stalker as she hit the ground trying to crawl to safety of a bus station.

"Good go finish her off"

"Don't you think she'll die to lose of blood?"
"Yes, but it is better not let anyone escape their punishment for killing our brothers and sisters, I trust you you will do your job well"

"As you wish" The female Monolith left the roof and was soon spotted going to the bus stop, but soon waved back to her Preacer and calling him.

"She's already dead, sending a photo of the body"

"Alright! We'll return to the Underground, I'll meet you there later"

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