Protectors Of The Zone: Chapter III:


"Alright, let's get a move on!" One of the Loners said as they had backed their stuff and started to move towards an other set of big doors.

"It was too quiet here, I didn't like this place at all" a Rookie told what he was thinking as they were walking near the control room entrance avoiding the Electros, Whirligigs and Vortex anomalies.

"non-sence! This place is safe, unlike the city we're about to enter soon. Now that's a dangerous place, mutants, anomaly fields and Monolithians are everywhere." Only female of the group said taking better hold of her PKM as they did go through a small door that was next to the big ones as they had found that the big doors didn't "work" for some reason.


The Monolith Preachers were already setting the trap for the intruders as they did star to hear the intruders.

"Voron we're ready!"

"Good work Shura" The two of them signaled the Monoliths to hide and be ready to open the trap doors that would make the Loners drop 3 meters below the "floor".

As the loners walked in the groups rookie suddenly stopped and just watched the rest of the squad to walk over the "floor" and then suddenly drop. All of the Loners who fell down screamed, and after they had made sure everyone were okey, they did notice that the rookie was missing.

"Rookie, where are you? Can you he- What you think your doing rookie?" the female said horror in her eyes as she saw their fellow loner holding a grenade.

"Sorry but we cannot let you get out of here alive" then the Rookie pulled the pin out and thre the grenade down making the loners blow into small pieces or bleed to death.

Soon there was foot steps closing in the rookie, but rookie didn't turn around to see who it was like he would know who this person was.

"Your plan worked Kostya. Long time no see. Where are the others?"

"They are collecting the bodies of our fallen comrades, they will be in the dome for while but let me introduce you to Tasha, our newest member, she is Sniper just like you and Voron."

"Nice to meet you.."

"Sasha, names Sasha, nice to meet you too sister, and welcome to the Monoliths ranks"

[Else where in the Underground]

"Alright get there Brothers and Sisters to the Chamber to their final resting place." Voron said as he also took hold of few of the dead starting to carry them towards a tunnel that said 'CNPP'.

"Voron I can take it from here, you go and check the situation in Dead City."

"Alright take them and you know where to put them" Voron gave two bodies to Shura and then left towards exit.

Voron's View:

As I did exit the Undergrounds, I could see it was night time already, I did hold my trusty Gauss Rifle on my back and VSS in my hands as I walked towards the river in a moonlight. I could see how some Snorks were sleeping close by on the rocks and some Bloodsuckers going out for get a meal or two. Suddenly I did hear a familiar roar and as I turned around I noticed on top of a small rock an other Snork who seem to be really excited and holding someones leg in his mouth.

"So there you are, I see you borrowed somones leg. Hope it tastes good" I told the Snork as it slowly "walked" next to me as I did continue my travel to the river. We did walk for couple of hours in a open field until we arrived to thick woodland area where I did hear someone talking on a radiophone, I did put my VSS also to my back side and took out my knife and crawled closer to the sounds. It didn't take more than 5 minutes to get in clear distance to see who was the person. I could see that this person had a large pile of dead children of the zone next to him.

"Duty bastard" I said to myself before charching at this killer cutting his head off before he could ever react, I took the head sticking it to close by branch