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This short is kinda sam's subconscious speaking, assuming his subconscious has a mind of it's own so has a very... strong? personality... enjoy!

How are you not sick of this Sam? All you ever do is whine and bitch about wanting to leave. Grow up, leave then, who's stopping you. Who do you think you're helping by being here, Dean? 'Cause I think that Dean hates watching you and John fight. Your Dad? questioning his every single move is more infuriating then helpful.
For a kid who's had nothing his whole life you're pretty fuckin' spoiled. If somebody loved me the way Dean loves you I would do anything. I would rip up my application for stanford and never mention it again. How could you turn your back on your family. Family's all you've ever had and now you're gonna trade it in for something better? Well I've got news for you Sam, family's not a used car. You can't just get rid of it when it doesn't work. You'd think growing up in the Impala that you would know, every great thing in life just needs some work.
Your brother and father would do anything for you, to protect you, even at the cost of their own lives. Why would you want to spit on that gift. You may think you're just leaving for college, but deep down you know the truth.
You want a normal life, and college is the first step out of this hell. A hell that everyone you've ever known and cared about is trapped in; all those people that are out there trying to turn their hell into someone else's safety net. But have you ever even really cared about anyone other than yourself, like the way Dean cares about you?
Sam if only knew what would happen, would you still go? Please for Dean, for your John, I'm begging you. No one would judge you if you got off this buss and went home right now. They may not say it, but they love you, and you know that. If you walked through that door right now your dad would forgive everything said in that fight. Dean would get that look in his eyes, that pure innocent joy, like a little kid on christmas. Sure things would never be perfect, but family sticks together. So for the last time, Sam, please before it's to late, go home.