Different feel with this story. It won't be like anything I have written previously…hopefully. I'm trying to switch it up a bit. Yes, there will still be humor and of course drama…more so then usual actually, but let me try my hand at action. I've been wanting to write a super-power fic for the longest time so here's my chance. Just follow along and bear with me. I promise not to disappoint. This story is based on the idea of X-men to some degree. If you're a diehard X-men girl like me, you'll know what to expect. Please enjoy.

Warning: For language and suggestive themes…


"I'll stop the whole world. I'll stop the whole world from turning into a monster and eating us alive."

Chapter One: Stories, We've Got 'Em

September 20th, 2021


Darren pulled away from his computer screen, his eyes darting over to the threshold of his office. The ten year old boy stood there and waited for permission to enter. Darren smiled fondly, swiftly snapping his laptop shut before gesturing his son to come in. The small boy didn't hesitate and with a few quick paced strides he was standing in front of his father in seconds. Darren's smile softened a bit as he placed a large hand on the boy's head, knitting his finger in soft, abnormally chartreuse green locks.

"What are you still doing up buddy?" He asked lowly. His voice came out as barely a whisper and the boy silently thanked his father for keeping his voice down. He didn't think he could handle any noises above a whisper at that point. His head was pounding; the throbbing was so intense that he didn't know what was holding him upright. "Did you have another nightmare?"

"No," The ten year old murmured, shaking his head. There was a momentary silence that hung between the two before Darren sighed, almost in exasperation. The boy lifted his arms, knowing what to expect and Darren slipped his hands under his arms to the hoist the child onto his lap. The boy got himself situated comfortably, leaning back into his father's chest.

"What's the matter Drew…?" Darren whispered, brushing down any stray shaggy green locks. The boy needed a haircut. Drew simply sat there, folding his hands in his lap and keeping eyes as green as his hair, locked to the floor. After a moment, Darren stopped his stroking and simply waited. He wasn't going to do anything unless Drew wanted him to…but that meant Drew had to admit something was wrong.

"My head hurts…" Drew murmured. The words barely came out through lips that were practically pressed together. Darren nodded slowly, the stroking on Drew's head resuming. It was in a matter of seconds that the throbbing that had been keeping Drew up all night quickly faded and the pain seeped away. Darren smirked as Drew relaxed against him.

"All better?" Darren questioned, speaking in a normal tone knowing that his son shouldn't be too sensitive to sounds now. Drew simply nodded, sliding out of his father's lap, his oversized t-shirt riding up as he got to his feet. Darren perked a brow as the boy padded towards the entrance to the office, only pausing when he reached the threshold.

"Thank you Daddy." Drew murmured before his mouth stretched open in a yawn. He always became so tired whenever his father got rid of his headaches. "I love you."

Darren laughed once through his nose. He couldn't hide his smile. "Love you too Kid."

Drew smiled softly before heading back to his room.

November 17th, 2021

"Mommy…what's happening?" The girl was no more than nine years old. She had just started second grade two months ago even though she had been home schooled up until then due to her tendencies to have accidents…that endangered others. She knew her mother wasn't exactly happy with her because of her accident at school, but she didn't think her mother was too angry. She hid behind her mother, avoiding the hard gazes of the men that stood at the door. This was probably her punishment for what she did.

"Rolyn…" Her mother said in a scorning tone, nudging the child so that Rolyn was now standing in front of her and in perfect reach of the two men who looked stoic, emotionless. The nine year old feared the lifelessness that existed in their eyes. It was like they looked that way just because they were looking at her…like she was different. "These nice men are here to take you on a trip for a little while."

"Why?" The young girl questioned in a small voice laced with genuine confusion as she looked up at her mother with wide, scared eyes. She hoped this wasn't her punishment. She didn't want to go anywhere without her mother. She'd rather just get a time out.

The woman clenched her eyes shut before forcing a smile, but Rolyn knew better…she could feel no reassurance and love in that smile from her own mother.

Something wasn't right…

"You've been sick honey…you notice how your hair stands up and you're always hot and shocking people?" Rolyn simply nodded. So she wasn't being punished. Something was just wrong with her. This…sickness, her mother called it, it was actually painful at times. It was painful to be in the sun for too long…like it was burning through her veins and sometimes she'd even shock herself. "These men are going to take you somewhere where they will help you…okay?"

"Like a hospital?" Rolyn asked softly.

"Yes, honey; just like a hospital…but you have to cooperate." Zion breathed petting the top of Rolyn's head. Rolyn cringed under her mother's touch as she looked at the two men again. They didn't look like doctors. They looked more like policemen. She didn't think she wanted to go with these men on her own.

"Will you come with me Mommy?"

"I can't sweetheart." Her mother whispered, her voice faltering as she shook her head. Rolyn's eyes widened and Zion couldn't bear the sight. She heard the nine year old whimper as she latched onto her leg, and Zion knew that Rolyn was holding back tears. She was holding back her own.

"I don't wanna go…please don't make me go Mommy…" Rolyn cried into the leg of her mother's pants. "I'm not sick. I'm sorry! I won't hurt anybody anymore. I'm better!" The child had resorted to begging and that was all Zion could take.

"Just take her please." Her mother practically sighed before clamping a hand over her mouth, her eyes clenched tightly shut. She didn't want to see it. She didn't want to see the broken look on the child's face. Rolyn's wails got louder as one of the men reached for her. She cringed away from him, trying to get back into the house but her mother stopped her and nudged her into the awaiting hands of one of the armed men.

"NO!" Rolyn cried, her eyes flashing an unnatural white color as her hair that matched in color began to stand on end. Her mother quickly took a step back knowing exactly what was happening and she didn't want to be caught in the crossfire. She swiftly detached the child from her leg and took a step back into the house. Rolyn only cried louder like the child she was at the loss of contact with her mother.

"Take her!" Zion commanded.

Rolyn's eyes widened, returning to their normal silver shade as a yelp was pulled from her throat. She felt something tight and cold wrap around her neck and she instinctively reached up to remove whatever had been latched onto her neck. She couldn't get it off, but she felt it, not knowing what it was but comparing it in her mind to a dog collar. She clawed at it noticing how once the collar was on, she couldn't feel the energy within her anymore and that didn't feel right…

"C'mon kid…" One of the men said taking her by the wrist and jerking her out of the house.

"MOMMY!" Rolyn cried as she struggled but it was inevitable. She was no match for two fully grown men…not with her small stature, not to mention the collar around her neck that was making her feel disoriented...at least she thought it was the collar. The next thing she knew, she was sitting in the back of a dark truck…on her way to the nearest Metahuman detainment facility.

January 16th, 2024

"I'll have my mom call your mom about the sleepover tomorrow."

The brunette nodded as she stopped by her locker. Her aqua haired friend grinned before going on her way, calling out a quick goodbye over her shoulder. May waved before turning to her locker to put in her combination and drop off the books she wouldn't need for that weekend.

For a moment, her vision blurred, but a couple of blinks quickly fixed that. After staring at her locker for a few seconds, she regained herself enough to start twisting the dial on her locker. These moments of faltering vision used to only come about every few weeks, but lately they had been occurring every few hours. She would be sitting in class, rubbing her eyes and squinting just to make out the handwriting on her own paper.

She had thought she would need glasses but her eye doctor had spoken against it, saying her vision was just as perfect as it had always been. That was a year ago. Now she was pretty sure she'd have to make another visit to the eye doctor before the end of the month. She'd talk to her mother later, she silently promised as she managed to get her locker open.

"Hey May, nice pigtails." A blonde haired girl the brunette had come to know as Paige snickered as she passed May's locker. May sighed as she tucked her books away in her locker, ignoring the obvious insult hidden by the inflection of Paige's voice. She was used to Paige picking on her at this point.

"Ah!" May stumbled back as though something had jumped at her from her locker. The blonde known as Paige gasped as she paused with some of her friends at the sight of the brunette suddenly flying into their path. The twelve year old brunette fell to the floor and yelped as her tailbone collided none too gently on the hard linoleum floor.

"Hmph," Paige huffed at the sight of the other girl. She crossed her arms over her chest and May looked up at her with wide blue eyes. A beat passed and May quickly scrambled to her feet, her cheeks flushing a bright red in embarrassment. She hid her face in her locker knowing that Paige was still behind her with her cronies as May had become accustomed to calling them. "Hey May, nice pigtails."

The brunette's eyes widened.

"Wha – what did you say?" May stammered, turning around slowly to face the blonde. Paige blinked in surprise before her brow crunched together.

"May is such a freak…" Paige murmured as she stomped down the hall, her two nameless friends in tow.

"May is such a freak…"

May blinked in surprise as she watched the trio trek down the hall and away from her. She swallowed nervously as she looked back into her locker, her vision getting spotty. She blinked a couple more times, but this helped her none. At this point, she was hyperventilating due to shock. Her vision was slowly going dark. She had no clue what was going on.

"Wha…what's happening!" She all but screamed. As if responding to the distress in her voice, her locker slammed shut. As soon as the door to her locker slammed, her vision was completely dark. May let out a scream of shock.

March 30th, 2024


The green haired boy lifted his head pulling off his reading glasses as he shut the thick book he was reading with a small snap. He looked up to find his father standing a few steps into the library, an unfamiliar boy at his side. Drew slowly sized him up, taking in the tiny stature of the boy and the abnormal purple color of his eyes that stood out against copper colored skin. Drew cocked his head to the side knowing why his father would have brought a street-rat into their home. If the tattered clothes and shaggy dull deep purple hair was no indication of his social standing, Drew didn't know what was.

"Drew, this is Aden."

"I know." Drew said rudely. Darren perked a brow. "Aden Miller, age twelve, has been homeless for four years, metahuman ability includes strength and speed and he's been mute for the last seven years." The thirteen year old listed off.

Aden blinked.

"Very good…" Darren mused. "You're getting better at infiltrating minds, Drew. I wasn't even aware that you had gotten into his mind. And I had even put up some mental barriers to test you." He admitted with a sort of lopsided smile. Aden tilted his head to the side to look up at the man's face.

"Of course," Drew murmured, perching his glasses on his nose once again as he opened his book to the page he left off on. Silence hung in the air for a minute or two where Drew silently read, all too conscious of the fact that his father and this boy hadn't left yet. He was used to his father's random tests of his abilities so he expected Darren to bring quite a few characters home, but there was suddenly something different. Drew clenched his jaw.

Darren noticed the change in his son's expression and his smile broadened. "Aden will be staying with us from now on. He will earn his keep here and I expect the two of you to practice your abilities whether separate or together. Treat Aden kindly Drew. I expect nothing but you're best behavior with our new guest." The thirty five year old man sighed as he left the library.

Aden remained where he stood, purple eyes darting here and there before locking with Drew's. They stared at each other for a moment before Drew sighed, standing to his feet.

"So you're mute, huh?"

Aden's brow twitched.

"I'm telepathic dingbat. I was speaking to you in your mind since that'll probably be our only means of communication…unless you do want to speak?" Drew said, his tone bland as he looked at this Aden kid with disinterest. Aden simply blinked, his eyes darting to the floor. Drew nodded slowly. "I thought so…" He breathed.

"Got anything on your mind?" Drew tried again.

"I promise not to be a bother…" Aden thought more to himself, but Drew heard the thought loud and clear. He nodded slowly as he began to walk towards the other boy. It looked like he was about to pass him but he paused right before they could cross paths.

"You won't be." Drew sighed. "Just don't get on my nerves and never enter my room without permission or I will make sure you lose memory of the last five years of your life." He added as he left the library all together. Aden simply nodded even though Drew was no longer with him.

December 17th, 2025

"Jason Alvarez…"

The boy in question sneered at the very prospect of this man knowing who he was. The man had no right to say his name. Jason was just about ready to lash out. Pure detest had his normally bright green eyes turning a forest green. He didn't even know the name of this guy, but he already knew he hated him more than hell itself. He had only been in captivity for a little over an hour and he was already done with this place. How he managed to get himself captured, he'll never know, but the collar around his neck was effectively hindering any escape plans he had.

"You have quite the gift here son," The nameless man went on. Jason kept his eyes trained ahead. He refused to give this guy the satisfaction of even the slightest hint of acknowledgement. He had to make his captor believe he could care less about where he was or the situation he currently was in. "Let's see…"

Jason heard a little shuffling of papers and he slumped in his seat. Sure, he could put up a front but he knew how much trouble he was in. He had been avoiding the Metahuman Control Forces for at least three years now and due to some fluke, he managed to get an inhibitor collar around his neck and now he was officially in custody. All that time avoiding the MCF and here he was, captured so easily.

"Strength…rapid healing…transforming your entire body to an indestructible metal…conjuring up weapons at will; it is no wonder it has taken us so long to capture you. You're an A-Class monster, son."

Jason almost cringed at the term monster. This didn't go unnoticed and his captive smirked. Metahumans were always so sensitive when it came to the harsh name calling. Jason's jaw set and he shifted in the chair he was handcuffed to. Sure, his powers were being suppressed, but that didn't mean he wasn't willing to punch someone in the face if it came down to it.

"You know we could dump you in the nearest cell and be done with you," The man began with a sigh. Jason perked a brow silently questioning why the man said could. What did they plan on doing with him? He couldn't help but think of the worst. "Or you can cooperate with what I'm about to ask of you."

Jason didn't say anything.

"You're going to work for us from now on…that is if you want to stay out of a detainment facility and overall alive." Jason scoffed. The man had blatantly admitted to the murder of innocent people who were condemned to the facilities…well at least Jason thought most of them were innocent, and they were, but sometimes there was that one metahuman who needed to be locked up.

"What's the catch?" Jason spoke for the first time since he was captured, his voice lifeless.

"You'll be huntin' your own kind, son." The man said blatantly. "You capture 'em and we'll take care of the rest. There's your choice; work for us or get well acquainted with that collar around your neck…"

Jason lowered his gaze in contemplation.

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