A request from miss Bibbiesparks! Okay this my first request that I'm making since Bibbiesparks is the first to ask and I hope it will be as good as the plot sounds like…Sorry I'm not good with summaries but hey she's a lucky person and she has an interesting idea of a pair that seemed pretty interesting enough to have me inspired to write this. This is not an insult if I offended you bibbie…. Anyways, here it is!

Summary: What happens when Inui drinks one of his own juices? XD

Pairs: FujixInui; AtoxRyo; ChouxShis; EijixOishi; others that I can't name and I'm bad with remembering a bunch of names from these tennis teams….._

If there are any lemon warnings…you'll see them ^^

Notes: Everyone is older here by 3 to 4 years from their middles school years. The Inui juice here is not real and I somehow invented it but didn't make anyone drink it

Credit goes to Takeshi Konomi and everything else from him…except for that Inui juice that is invented here! XP


It's 11: 03pm at the enormous mansion of the Atobe household. The date is December 31st, New Year's is approaching soon and everyone is hyped up inside the mansion as the snow falls fast to the ground making small mounds of snow everywhere it touches like a plague.

Atobe's mansion was rarely a prosaic place when it comes to big holidays or celebrations as this one. Inside the mansion at the Great Hall, was decorated with New Year's decorations. The room was spacious even when there were tables of food and presents along with teenagers that were having a good time, waiting for midnight. Clashes of green, red, gold, silver and purple streamers hanged from the high ceilings to the Christmas tree that stand high in the right corner of the room. Ovally golden with silver spots and green with golden stripe balloons floated near the pine tree as well as the entrance of the room and everywhere else. Cheerful music lights up the room with some hip hop and rocking music.

Delicious steaming foods from the tables gave off arousing smells that made anyone hungry even after they're full. Wine coolers and other kinds of flavored liquid and sodas were also settled on the tables or underneath them. Three lavendar and white couches were set around the room; one next to the tree, another next to the window and another at the end of the wall that was at the left side of the room. The teens inside were all filled with joys and excitement as the time turning close to midnight.

Atobe Keigo, the sponsor of the party had thanked everyone for coming to his generous party with his smirking face as he looked at everyone in the room. The whole Hyoutei, Seigaku, Rikki-dai, Yamabuki, St Rudolph and Fudomine teams have come to celebrate a new year with everyone that they have known.

"Ore-sama welcomes everyone to this party. Thanks to my generosity and my mightiness I have—oww!" Echizen Ryoma, the ex freshman of Seigaku, was pinching Atobe's shoulder hard and was glaring at him for his speech. Atobe looked at him and sighed.

"Fine, fine, everyone enjoy the party Ore-sama has given…" Slumping at the sounds cheers and laughter of everyone that has made because of Atobe's crying shame from Ryoma, he stared hard at Ryoma at the corner of his eye. Ryoma just smirked and leaned up to give him a peck on the cheek. Atobe smirked instantly and held the small teen in his arms giving him a long kiss in front of everyone. Some of them gagged over the sight while others just 'awwed' at the two.

"Look, look Oishi the snow's so high!" Exclaimed a hyperactive red head, Kikumaru Eiji, the acrobat player from Seigaku, who had placed his nose at the cold stainless glass window, smiling at the outside air filled with soft snow declining from the dark sky.

Oishi Shuichiro, the tennis doubles partner of Eiji only smiled at him and looked outside beside him.

"Yea, it really is." Wrapping Eiji's waist with one hand while holding the other with a glass of punch. Holding his warm waist, Eiji snuggled up to Oishi for warmth and smiled at him with his sapphire eyes and had a tint of pink across his cheeks. He was a little drunk after drinking a glass of wine that was 'accidently' given by Fuji who mistaken it for punch.

"Oops, it looks like this was wine instead of punch. Sorry Oishi, take care of him then okay?" Fuji Syuusuke, the tennis tensai was smiling at that time and it made Oishi wonder if t was one of Fuji's tactics to get them both together.

Oishi sighed and had led Eiji to sit on the expensive plushy lavender couch but had a hard time doing so since Eiji now has his arms around Oishi's neck, making him flush pink from the strong embrace that he couldn't let go from. Finally setting him on the couch, Eiji was sprawled over on the couch's arm and was half awake from the look of his closed eyelids, smiling silly at Oishi.

Fuji who was looking from the distance, chuckled at the sight and thought Eiji looked adorable at his drunken state and made a note to make him drunk a little more often. Scanning the room, he saw some of the teens dancing like Gakuto Mukahi and Chotaro Ohtori who had dragged Ryo Shishido to dance with him from Hyoutei; Kirihara Akaya, Niou Masaharu and Bunta Marui from Rikki-dai along with Akira Kamio and Tetsu Ishida from Fudomine. The other quiet and reserved ones, like Sanada Genichirou, Renji Yanagi and Yukimaru Seiichi regulars from Rikki-dai as well from Fudomine Keppei; Tachibana; Fuji Yuuta, Hajime Mizuki from St Rudolph and others that were either lounging around or talking to other players that made the atmosphere more laughable and enhanced of a delight for everyone.

Fuji watched as their captain, Tezuka Kunimitsu, talked with Rikki-dai's captain and vice captain, having a few smiles somewhere around the conversation. Smiling at his reactions he left him alone and his eyes wander around the room until something caught his eye.

Inui had a black suspiosuly looking bag which he had suspiously bought inside the party which everyone was curious of but now…no one was really looking until he went up in the middle of the room and made a clanging noise with his bag.

"Minna, I have something I want to share with you…" Saying this he smiled with an evil glint in his eyes that reflected the light of his black framed glasses. Everyone started to quiet down like they were in a classroom and Inui s the teacher. He grinned at everyone who seemed to now realize that Inui was holding his dark green bag and got interested and started to form a circle around him except for the captains of Rikki-dai, Yamabuki, and Seigaku's. They were uninterested in whatever Inui might be plotting about.

"I have something to show you…my newest invention of Inui's juice!" Everyone collapsed at the sound of Inui's juice and groaned.

"Why do you have it with you?"

"Oi! Is there something wrong with you?"

The looks on everyone's faces were all but fear and terror. Except for Fuji who had opened his eyes with interest and looked above the audience that have started to back away from the devious man. Inui looked at the whole crowd with a blank face.

"It's New Years…new juices…you know..."

Inui ignoring their face expressions have started to take out a large container that seemed to be able to serve everyone in the room including the maids and butlers in the house. Everyone watched in trepidation as Inui held a glass and poured the container's substance into the glass. When the container was being titled to pour the liquid down the glass, the liquid was revealed as a sparkling white drink that looked as harmless as a goldfish.

Atobe seeing this, just flicked his light plum colored hair and scoffed.

"THAT? It doesn't even look as much like your other experiments you made…" Inui smiled wickedly at Hyoutei's captain and reached the glass toward him. Ryoma had a twisted feeling in his stomach as he hissed to his boyfriend to not say anything.

Well.Isn't this interestingAtobe drinking one of Inui's juicesFufufufufufu Fuji stood to watch Atobe smirking like the confident diva he was.

"Well then…would you like some? It's called Sparkling New years…Limited edition for this holiday…" Ryoma's eyes went wide when Atobe just took the glass that was reached to him and swirled it around seeing the glittery white liquid in the glass.

"Does anyone else want to try it? Fuji?" Fuji stood up, everyone making a path for him to get through and walked over to Inui.

"Why not?" Taking an empty glass from a nearby table, he held it out to Inui. Pouring more of the substance into the new glass, Fuji looked at it with wonder.

This is an interesting color…Really pretty…

Rising up the glass to Atobe, he smiled at him and asked for a toast.

"A toast for a New Year…And for you who is trying out this new drink…"

Atobe smirked at Fuji for saying this and rose up to Fuji's glass and clinked it together to make a loud clinking sound that echoed the quiet room.

"We shall see…" Atobe looked through the glass and finally after a moment, he took a swig of the liquid. Fuji followed after and drowned the whole glass in seconds. Tasting the liquid, it tasted salty, bitter and sweet at the same time for Fuji that is.

Atobe seemed to have difficulty drinking it; after the swig, there was half juice left before he stopped to take a breath and then downed the whole substance. Everyone stared in awe, especially Ryoma who seemed to be at loss of words when he saw Atobe drinking the contamination of Inui's invention. When Atobe finished, everyone clapped and whooped out for Atobe who had a satisfying grin on his somewhat pale green face.

Fuji clapped as well and thought it was brave of Atobe to drink the juice and how everyone was a bit too chicken to do it…like Inui who didn't even drink his own invention. Suddenly a light bulb flashed under Fuji's head giving him a cruel grin and a glint in his eyes.

Atobe who just boasted out that he didn't fear Inui's juice and could have more before he tumbled on top of Ryoma and had the substance he drank coming out from his mouth. Yells and screams came aloud as everyone had rushed to help Atobe up and get him off of Ryoma who seemed angry and shocked at Atobe who couldn't hold Inui's invention but can hold liquor.

He sighed and pulled Atobe's heavy body off him along with the help of Kabaji Munehiro; Atobe's bodyguard and senior of Hyoutei along with Kawamura Takashi, a senior of Seigaku.

Fuji, watching behind the scenes sees Inui with a grin and thought it was unusual and creepy seeing him smile like a mad scientist along with the lighting bolts behind him if he laughs out wickedly. Wondering if he was like that when he creates new experiments he crept up on the table where Inui left the container of Sparkling New Year have been and took a glass.

Making sure no one was watching, he poured the substance into the glass until it was half full. Moving to the table where the other drinks were, he spied on Inui who was taking another glass of wine and watched as everyone else tried to dragged Atobe to a couch which they failed too because there were too many people. Taking the vodka, wine, beer, sake and all the other drinks on the table, he poured each a little to the glass of the mixed drink…

Let's see if he can tell this is hisThe drink was now a reddish brown color with some visible white sparkles if you can look clearly enough. Fuji didn't notice that Inui was looking at him while he was pouring the last beverage into the glass.

Since Inui was very drunk (after about 7 to 8 glasses of wine…), he kept on seeing naked people all over the room and thought that Fuji looked strangely sexy with his naked self. Feeling a little hot from the vest he was wearing he drowned another glass of wine, hoping that the images will go away.

Instead he could be able to see Fuji walking toward him with a glass of beverage he couldn't indentify. He wasn't staring at the beverage in his hand, instead he was staring at Fuji's fair and creamy skin that he ached to touch that seemed to melt his insides and have him kneeling over his trembling knees that seemed to fail him. Though he didn't stumble over his feet, he kept his posture up and averted his eyes from Fuji's body and only found the crowd of people over the couch of where Atobe was and saw all of their naked butts.

Yup, he's very drunk...

Feeling violated he looked at the ground to his feet only to find another pair in front of him. Frozen knowing whose feet was those he slowly looked up to his legs then his length which he had no idea how it got into his mind but it had and then up to his stomach and chest. When he looked into Fuji's face he saw some spark in his eyes and wondered what he was going to do until he saw the drink in his hand.

"Here, it looks like you need a drink." Fuji bestowed the 'poisonous invention' glass toward the shocked glasses figure and thought it was interesting to see the data person all frozen up and wished he had his camera with him just to make fun of him whenever he sees the picture. Still holding the glass to him, he opened his eyes to reveal his icy blue orbs and was puzzled that Inui was just staring at him and not doing anything.

"Inui?" Shaking him a little by the shoulder, he was taken back when Inui shook his whole body into ripples that seemed unnatural to anyone that looked over him. Fuji was befuddled at what just happened but shook it away when it seemed that Inui came back to reality.

"Hhhuh?" He slurred at the word which almost made Fuji laugh out loud. It sounded funny and slow. He only handed him the drink and Inui immediately took it and drowned it all, making Fuji raise an eyebrow at how he can be able to drink like that and how he was obsessed with being drunk.

Inui not knowing what was in the drink just drowned all just to get rid of the images that were planted in his head. After he finished the drink, he had a weird taste in his mouth and didn't know what it was and stared at the glass, to only find a drop of reddish brown liquid that was sloshing side to side in the glass because of his swaying. Looking over at Fuji's face he slurred out the question, "Wwwhat is ttthis?"

Fuji just smiled and looked peered over his shoulder to see that Atobe has regained consciousness. "It's just a drink… Are you feeling okay? Do you need to go somewhere quiet?" Then someone shouted that it was 5 minutes to 12. Seemed that it was from the power player from Seigaku, Momoshiro Takeshi. Looking at the huge television that was hanged above from the ceiling, it was 11: 56 pm now and Fuji thought that it was almost time for him to go home afterwards.

Inui just stared at the bright television and back at Fuji. Still having his brain working, if he could remember correctly, there were suppose to be some sort of rumor that if you kiss someone you like on the midnight of New Year's they'll be with you forever. Soon it was time for the countdown as everyone crowded into a big circle with drinks in their hands along with their lovers.

Inui was still in a daze until he heard the countdown from a chorus of people and looked over to Fuji. Still seeing him naked, he walked (stumbled) to Fuji and was right beside him, brushing his arm with his. Fuji only looked up and smiles at Inui and continued to look at the sea of teens that were all starting to countdown from the clock.


I wonder how he look at everyone else with that beautiful blue eyes of his like a bystander89%that he is probably thinking of ways to blackmail people, and the other percent is somewhere else that I can't seem to find my data on Inui hiccupped at the thought and covered his mouth in embarrassment which only made him glance at Fuji who was staring at him with an indescribable look in his face. In one fluid motion he suddenly grabbed out Fuji's arm and held him close and pressed his mouth against his when the countdown had ended.

"3…2…1! Happy New Years!" Everyone was shouting at the clock and at themselves while some were hugging each other or kissing at their lovers.

Fuji was shocked and wide eyed when he felt a hand grabbed his arm and was yanked backwards behind him and only looked up to see a pair of lips in front of him before only seeing Inui's black framed glasses.

What? Inui?...

Feeling the rough and soft lips from the other teen he could only stare and wonder what was really going on until the pair of lips was unlocked from his and snapped back into reality and looked up at the teen. He only saw a faint blush on his cheeks and found himself blushing as well that someone had just kissed him on a New Year's day. Wasn't sure that anyone else saw this, he wondered what the glasses teen was thinking. Taking a step back, he felt unsure of what Inui wanted when he found him holding a hand to his mouth and was trembling in front of him.

Slowly looking into Fuji's blue eyes, he felt like he struck him with a slap and felt guilty. Not meaning to do anything, his body moved on his own. Just when he was about to apologize he saw the room spin in swirls and felt pain in the back of his head. Swaying from the sight of the room, his focus on Fuji was gone and he did one thing he didn't want to do in front of people; he fainted in front of Fuji.

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