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Chapter 11: One phone call.

In the end, Fuji only pointed out that it was just a joke and that Eiji was right about taking the pregnancy test from some room in the hospital and how his problem was just a minor thing that he didn't have to worry about. They both started laughing and started to forgive each other, having Eiji to stay over to give him company like they did before of what seemed like years ago.

If only that happened… Such wishful thinking wasn't allowed with this red head in front of him.

"April fool's was last week Fuji. Now spill." The sour tone in his voice Fuji could hear was enough to know that Eiji was getting fed up with the excuses of not telling him anything about his life and whatever was going on. He could already see steam coming out of his head as Fuji thought of another pointless excuse to stall time away.

"It's to make up for last week then. I can't do that?" Trying to lighten up the mood with his infamous smile that rarely gave away anything but the other man wasn't having it.

"I don't care Fuji! Why are you so on to avoiding my question and yet you would tell Oishi? Why is that…that I can't be the one to listen to your problems?" Fuji had nothing to say to that. What could he say?

"It's not because of anything Eiji—"

"Then why—no you know what, forget it." Stomping off to the door Fuji automatically stood up, feeling guilty and a pain from his chest that seemed to squeeze him a little too tightly along with the bad heartbeat that was beating too fast for his account. Even though Eiji can be a little immature, Fuji knows that, but this time, he felt the hard pang in his chest.

"Eiji, wait." Reaching toward where the front and only exit was, Eiji already had his shoes on at a speed and possibly the flexibility to put on his shoes and his back toward to the other and a hand at the door knob. A few seconds passed by before Eiji sighed.

"No. I'm tired of it. I'm not going to pester you anymore if that's what you want. But I will find out some other way. Oishi was right." Turing around to face him, Fuji could see the big blue eyes that were about to leak out tears and could almost hear the sniffles and brawling from him though it hasn't occurred yet. Scratching his head, Eiji started again.

"I shouldn't have come here. I won't tell Oishi anything but I hope you'll tell me sometime soon. If you don't tell me anything by the flower watching festival, then I don't think I can do this anymore."

"What are you saying Eiji?" Slowly Fuji was starting to catch up but his heart was already winning the race just from hearing the blood pumping from his ears and the eerie silence that took over as Fuji waited anxiously for Eiji to reply. Maybe I should have told him. But then… At one point, Fuji though Eiji was being childish but another point told him that it was his fault that he couldn't tell him anything or to even say something to defend his own self making that his own fault that this was starting to happen. And yet, it hurts to feel that way. Wondering why he was such a coward at these things, Eiji finished his reply.

"I mean what I said Fuji. If you don't talk to me or say anything about it, I don't think I can be friends with you. If you're not talking to me, then what is the point of me being a friend to you?" Taking one final look at him, Eiji had tears falling so silently making Fuji wonder if that was possible that he could cry like that. The urge to take a picture of his expression now that it pained him to even think such a thing when his best friend is crying with the sad and desperate look on his face that contradicted everything of not being his friend anymore. It even had the look that said, 'Don't make me do this', making Fuji's heart being stabbed more than once.

His throat and lips dry, wanting to say that its true, he has something living inside of him but he wasn't sure if he could call it holy or demonic; wanting to say that he was afraid of everything that was falling on him; wanting his best friend to stay with him even when he knew that he was the bad friend and that Eiji deserved better than that.

After what seemed like forever, Fuji blinked and found an empty hallway. No Eiji, just himself in the lonely damned apartment. How long was he just standing and staring into space unconsciously? Eiji left a while ago and Fuji was just standing there like an idiot staring blankly at the old wooden door, thinking about just everything except for school running in and out in his mind.

What am I suppose to do? His legs suddenly falling to the ground, his hand outstretched to the wall near him. What Fuji had done to him felt like he was being torn from every limb and muscles from his body. Before Fuji knew what was happening, he went over to the living room where the abandoned paper of evidence of himself and the small child to be born… Born? What would he do?

He could get the abortion. Fuji snatching the paper quickly as he sat on the couch remembering the doctor's words;

"If you do want to have an abortion, you will need to act fast. You are already almost in two months time with this child, meaning that's about nine to ten weeks. The limit to having the abortion before the fetus grows larger is at twenty four weeks. After that, you will have to deliver it. There will be no other way to get the child out after twenty four weeks unless you have an accident or some sort of labor. But even labor will help you give birth to the fetus faster or it might die."

As if he has no choice after 24 weeks, wouldn't just be possible to…

If he could be able to turn back time, he could lie off of Eiji and just tell him that everything would be normal soon. But why did I tell Eiji about it in the first place? Was it guilt that made me to be honest to him or was it just because I wanted something out from my system?

Sighing loudly at the wall, Fuji closed his eyes and decided to take a break from everything, leaving the lights on because he was too tired and wrapped up with sleep than to worry about his electricity bill and what happened with Eiji.

Whatever has happened to the confident and cocky Fuji he used to know, he wondered sleepily. The last image that was conjured up in his mind before the darkness took him away; the man with the deep green eyes staring back at him with the lustful and yet gentle expression and his body that towered over his frame. And Fuji thought it was almost pleasant.

Just almost.

Why did this happen to me?

"He's being mean! An ass!" Slamming a beer can on the small wooden table in his room; the reed head furiously took another can from the white flimsy bag he bought from the convenience store while holding the phone clumsily in his ear. The hissing gas of the can's small lid popped, Eiji taking a big gulp out of it, trying to listen to his boyfriend who was starting to also get on his nerves while the slight buzz was humming in his head.

"Eiji, don't drink that much. You know I don't like it if you're going to be an alcoholic even when you're drinking rarely." Oishi scolded and nagged at him though he knew that Eiji would eventually pass out after his fourth or fifth can. He is a lightweight after all. He just didn't like him drinking when he gets stressed or angry, especially when it's at anyone. The New Year's party was not like this. He only let him took that one drink of that wine which Oishi suspected that it was strong and that it got him to take Eiji home early that night.

"Who cares? I'll be fine…" Eiji noticing that he was slurring a little, his vision started to get blurry. "Allllllready?" Talking to himself, the red head plopped his head down on the table, listening to Oishi rattling about he should calm down and that he'll talk to Fuji about what happened.

"Eiji, just calm down and tell me what happened. I don't understand what you're saying when you're like this. Let me talk to him then and—"

"D-don't eeeeven bother Oishi. He'll-hic- just tell you to bug off. Hic!" Cutting him off, Oishi could only sigh, knowing that Eiji won't listen to him now but soon to hear rapid apologies the next morning.

"I…I thought I-I was his best friend!" Eiji wailed loudly on the phone, making Oishi wince but thought about what has been happening to Fuji and his strange behavior. Maybe it wouldn't hurt to ask but if it made Eiji this mad over him, then something is wrong. A few minutes later, Oishi could hear a light thud of something hitting the table and the light rustling going on the phone, knowing that his lover was exhausted and probably going to the bathroom for water or something. Putting the phone down gently with the speaker on low, the brunette recalled what exactly happened just the past half hour.

When Oishi was just about to take a small break before studying for his class, his phone rang loudly, waking up his silenced dorm room, finding that Eiji was talking on the phone after his first can of beer. All he could hear was the gulping of the beer being consumed by the red head who either shouted or mumbled things about Fuji. He thought he heard something about hospital and a baby and that Eiji started wondering if he could be like Fuji too if Oishi and he did it together. It turned his ears red when Oishi heard that somewhere along the sentence when Eiji was mumbling then suddenly cursing loudly at an imaginary Fuji, snapping Oishi out of the daze.

"What did he mean by hospital?" Remembering a letter Fuji received from the hospital not too long ago, he wondered if it had anything of what Fuji told Eiji.

"I dant know, he just said hospital!"

"Eiji, calm down for a little moment…" A small silence was heard and the only sounds that was heard was the sound of Eiji drinking away the depression and sad feeling that were jabbed to his heart of his beloved best friend and the aching feeling of a broken heart.


"Hmm?" He sounded less sober which made Oishi had a feeling that it was going to be a long night. Unfortunately the black headed man had to sigh when he heard, probably the third or fourth can's hissing sound and the loud gulps of useless calories draining down to the other man's throat.

"…I want to have sex." Oishi suddenly sputtering and his ears and neck turning red from the low tone the other used on him. A hyperactive and adorable Eiji was difficult to deal with but a drunken one? Why now? What was his red head thinking about now?

"E-E-Eiji! What are you saying?" Hoping that his words got to him, and that this would be a mistake from the calm voice of the other and that its just the beer that was taking over. Damn, how much did he buy; Oishi was going to interrogate later when he's sober.

"I want it…I'm ready."

"What's with this sudden—"

"You don't want it?"

"I didn't say I didn't—"Taking a deep breath, hoping that the other would get a clearer head and that everything was just not happening, he tried to logic with the other. "Eiji, you're not thinking properly right now, I think you need to cool your head a bit. We should talk when you're not…intoxicated." By beverages that make people go high and insane at the same time.

"…So you don't want me?"

"No! I mean, I do want you! I…"

"…Oishi doesn't want to do it with me?"

"…" The words left him speechless. What could he say? That his boyfriend has gone over the edge? That somehow his boyfriend wants to willing give up his body to him after hearing Fuji saying that he was pregnant or having some sort of medical issue was making Oishi's head spin around until his forehead felon top of his papers, sighing with dejection at the dilemma that is taken place from just one visit of a friend and one phone call.

"Eiji…" The brunette waited for some sort of response but all he received was the sounds of empty cans dropping on his floor, thus pausing the conversation before the red head complained more of the friend.

"Then why didn't he come to me?" Saying the words out loud, Oishi was starting to feel a migraine, now knowing how Eiji feels when he gets a hangover. Though it was just a minor one. Fuji was a hard person to figure out, not letting anyone near him or to even get to know who he really can be. Whatever happened to the Fuji Oishi and Eiji knew back then, they won't know the current one now.

Idling with his pen, Oishi sighed as he started opening his textbooks and started the long overnight marathon study, hoping that the red head either sobers up or fall asleep.

Meanwhile, at the other side of town, another person seemed to be in a deep thought as he sat on his desk chair staring at the empty desk only occupying a closed black cell phone in front of him. Almost one thirty in the morning and it seemed like no one was sleeping any time soon. Pushing his glasses up, Inui kept trying to remember what had happened that night at New Years. But no matter how much he tried, the only thing he could remember was Fuji giving him a drink and nothing more. Knowing that Fuji was the last person to see, Inui thought that going to him was a good idea to find out what has happened to him, but the data he found from him seemed…dubious.

Picking up the phone by the end, and then putting it back down on the polished wooden table, Inui gave out a deep exhale, as the calculations in his head started creating their own hypothesis and their own experiments. Who else was there with him? Was Fuji the only person he remembered that night or was there another person who can help him remember? It would be 20 percent chance that anyone would remember as at least 95 percent of the group was wasted from the party. Who else would he be able to ask? Why can't he not remember is what was so interesting. At least, when people received a hangover, there was a high chance of 89 percent that they regain their memories after a couple days or even a week.

So why can't I…? The puzzling question made him imagine that he has a hangover just from staying late up at night, wondering if he should dial Fuji's number and ask him one more time, or to even random pick a number and see who remembers what happened that night. But who would after four months have passed? And most of them already have started their careers like Atobe or Tezuka and the others are in college like Inui or Oishi.

But it's been so long. Inui thought to himself as he leaned back on the chair staring at the flittering shadows at the ceiling, memorizing the memories he have with everyone. And the spring festival…

Perhaps I can go and visit them, see what data I can get from them. There's no point unless if I ask and research. At least that's who they were to him at most, subjects to be researched thoroughly until he finds an acceptable answer. Or somewhat of an answer.

But at critical point to where Inui would think of, he wanted to find out what was wrong with Fuji. His complexion, the sagging bags underneath his more than usual cold eyes, as if he had no more meaning in his life, but the sight behind them… The misery and pain. How much Inui could have made an emotional experiment out of him, asking him countless of questions of how he could even see this man this way. The one who always hide behind that Cheshire cat smile of his suddenly shattering into pieces.

It just made Inui's heart squeeze just only thinking about it. Concern of my friend? That could be an answer, but it felt like there was something hiding there. Curiosity? Fear? Sadness? Many things can make the heart squeeze…so many things that can break a man down, things that people don't see underneath the skin. Why am I so obsessed with the topic of Fuji's eyes? Those blue cerulean eyes…

Shaking his head at the thoughts, Inui thought better of it, reaching for his phone and placing it in his right pocket, heading downstairs where a midnight snack awaits him.

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