Bella POV

With my memories and our online research, Embry had ID'd two possibilities for the meadow I wanted us to find.

"We'll try this one today," he pointed on the map, "and if it isn't the one, we'll do the other tomorrow." He had a backpack ready with snacks and water bottles, and I added an extra pair of shoes and socks like he'd done. Embry helped me onto his bike, settled the pack onto my back, and got on in front of me.

"Hang on tight," he said over his shoulder.

"Keep your eyes—and mind—on the road," I shot back.

"Aw, do I have to?"

"Yes, you do. For our safety, if nothing else. Besides, they say that 'good things come to those who wait'."


Embry POV

Well, in that case…

I felt Bella scoot up against me and wrap her arms tightly around my torso. Girlfriend secured, I throttled the engine and we were off. I took the 101 north from town and then turned off onto a road into the national forest where the map indicated, taking it until the pavement ran out at the trailhead.

"Okay, we're on foot from here." I swung off my bike and helped Bella off. Once her helmet was set onto the bike along with mine, I slid the backpack's straps off her shoulders.

"What?" she asked.

"My turn to carry the bag. Can you handle a compass?"

"I can if you show me how."

The forest was peaceful, with a light breeze carrying the scents of flowers and trees and the sounds of birds chirping high above us. I was letting Bella go in front, more because I wanted to be able to catch her if she started to stumble than because she had the compass. I was good with directions and we probably didn't need it, but I'd wanted to give her a job that seemed important; then again, it wouldn't hurt for her to know how to use the compass anyway, so it was actually a good thing for her to get the practice now.

Thankfully, she didn't trip too many times, and when she did, I was right there to sweep her into my arms before she got near the ground. Plus, it was a great excuse to sneak a kiss—which I fully enjoyed at each opportunity.

The sun was high in the sky by the time we broke into the clearing we'd been aiming for. I looked down at Bella, watching her glance around the meadow. She repeated the movement a few times before lifting her eyes to meet mine.

"This isn't it. This isn't the right meadow."

"Okay. Now we know which one it isn't. We'll just try the other one next."


I considered the idea, checking the sky and the maps. "Well…we might just make it, but that's not a sure thing. And if we did, that's all we'd be doing today. Not sure how well your feet would take that much hiking. And besides," I pulled her close, "There are other things we could explore this afternoon instead."

Bella melted against me. "Hmmm, that might be nice."

"Might be?" Quickly, I picked her up with a lift and turn move that had her against my chest before she could blink. Taking example from the magazine tips I'd read, I claimed Bella's mouth possessively and devoured her. Rather than protest, Bella was making moans and whimpers that only encouraged me. Her legs dangled before she exerted some effort to lift them and lock her feet behind my back. Automatically, one of my arms supported her back while the other moved underneath her butt to hold her up. I couldn't help an experimental squeeze. It made Bella squirm against me, tossing her head to release a violets-and-something fragrance. The movement made me repeat the gesture, and a cycle of touch and sense began. The buzz of an insect reminded me where we were, and that we needed to back things off just now. The meadow might be flat, but there were bugs, we didn't have a blanket, and we couldn't be absolutely sure that a hunter or hiker might not stumble across us. The comments from maybe-Paul on the chance of getting caught being a thrill notwithstanding, neither Bella nor I was ready for anything like that.

"Practice really does make perfect, doesn't it?" I mused while letting Bella get her feet back on the ground.

"Hmmm?" Bella murmured.

"I think we might want to take a break. We're getting a little too good at that," I offered.

"Yeah, maybe we are. This might not be the best place. I don't think I'm this much of an outdoors girl."

"Me, either."

"Certainly not," Bella huffed. "We wouldn't have been doing that if you were. Leah didn't swing that way, and I don't think you do, either."

"What?" she totally had me confused with that statement.

Bella moved to the backpack I'd set down when we first arrived and started unloading the food. While she worked, she explained how Leah had given her some good advice—and that comment—when Bella had asked for some advice weeks back. Since that advice had led to Bella giving us a chance, I promised myself to express my thanks to Leah the next time I had the chance.

Thoughts of our respective advisors led me to ask, "Anyone else give you tips?"

"Jessica and Angela—don't worry, I keep things as unspecific as I can. But they've been really good friends this summer. I'm mad at myself for how I let Edward and his family pull me away from them in the beginning."

"I'm sure they're just as glad as you are for the second chance." In the interests of our relationship honesty policy, I mentioned my anonymous magazine delivery person from last night—at which Bella was just as baffled as I was—and led her to describe the very embarrassing chat she'd had with her mother, and the upcoming magazine subscription she'd be receiving.

"You've got a unique mom," was my only comment.

"And don't I know it. Jess has given me a few issues lately, so I know what it's like. I think it'll be interesting—and useful—but I'm not sure what my dad will say if he sees one. If he was embarrassed with my prescription, I don't want the Cosmo issues to give him a heart attack or anything."

"I think they have to keep the covers fairly tame to display them in the grocery store, so Charlie might be safe. But maybe you can just avoid the problem all together. You get home before he does, right?"

"Yeah. I'm always the one bringing the mail inside. Thanks."

We ate our early lunch sitting on some rocks, before starting the trip down to where we'd left my bike. I had to force myself not to push the pace too much. Bella' had done great not getting hurt on the way up, and I didn't want the trek back to change things—I had too many ideas for activities back at Bella's house, and an injury to my girlfriend wasn't on the list.


Jake POV

With some begging and pleading, I finally got the okay to go up and see Bella today. Both Sam and my dad insisted that someone go with me, just in case tempers got out of control. I was getting to the point where I would agree to anything to be able to go, so Jared's presence was easy to accept.

"So what's your plan?" Jared asked as we drove to Forks crammed into my little Rabbit.

"Uh..." I wasn't sure that I actually had one beyond getting up there and making sure that Bella would listen to me. Plus, I was distracted by driving past Embry's house and checking for signs that he was there. His bike wasn't visible, but he usually kept it in the garage or the shed so that didn't necessarily mean anything. His mom's car was gone, too. With any luck, they were off doing stuff like they had been yesterday.

"Okay, you've got to have a plan. Maybe start with groveling, and a better apology than those phone messages. At least, that's what I'd recommend."

"What, so I shouldn't just look at her first thing?"

"I'm not sure she'd be looking back at you then. If you lay the apology on thick-and mean it-then she'll probably look your way again and you can actually make eye contact this time."

"Then what, o Beta?"

"Well, once you two are coherent again, it might not be a bad thought to start by telling her those stories again, and then lead into you knowing now that they're real-and that she knows they're real, too."

"And if she insists on proof?"

"Imprints get to know all about us, so if she wants to know, then you'll need to show her. The backyard would work, I guess, if there's enough cover. Just inside the woods if there isn't."

I took a deep breath and thought about it logically. Jared had actually offered a pretty good plan for things. "Sounds worth a shot."

The first complication appeared when Bella's driveway came into view. While it wasn't a surprise that Charlie's cruiser was gone, the car that was sitting in the driveway was a surprise: a sleek gray Honda Accord.

"What the-?" I muttered, swinging the Rabbit in behind this strange car.

"This belong to one of her friends?" Jared asked.

"No." I looked closer. "That's the license plate off the truck," I realized. The obvious conclusion was that Bella had gotten the car to replace her truck. But how? She didn't really know much about vehicles, and she'd never taken me up on my offer to help...

"Damn," I growled. It had to be Embry. He'd hung around me for years, and probably picked up a lot-enough to help her narrow things down. And once we got out of my car, his scent was all over and around Bella's new car.

It was then that both Jared and I realized something else: it was way too quiet here. There were no sounds coming from inside the house to show that anyone was there.

"Where is she?" I muttered, heading for the porch and trying to peer through a non-existent gap in the curtains.

Jared didn't answer-but he didn't have to. It was a sure bet that she was with Embry again, probably using his bike. Surprised me a little that Charlie was okay with that, him being a cop and all, and especially now that Bella had a vehicle again.

"Sorry, Jake," Jared offered. "Try again later, I guess." He watched me carefully, checking to see if I was going to lose it. But I took my frustration and envisioned choking it. Wolfing out in Bella's front yard wasn't an option; neither was trashing her new car the way I'd done to her truck.

"Sure, sure," I bit out, stalking back to my car. Still, before I headed for home, I took a swing through town just to see if I could spot Embry's bike. Probably to Jared's relief, I didn't, so with reluctance I turned us back toward home.


Bella POV

I was disappointed that we hadn't found the meadow today, but was proud of myself for managing the hike and not coming back injured.

"Gah, I feel so icky," I complained.

"Could always take a shower," suggested Embry. "You still look gorgeous, though, ick or no ick."

I looked down at my sweat-stained, dirt-spotted shirt doubtfully.

Embry stepped up in front of me and used one hand to lift my chin. "You always look beautiful." The fire blossoming in his eyes both excited and scared me. The latter sent me scurrying to the bathroom to shower and try to collect myself. My haste, however, meant that I'd gone in without a change of clothes. So I was faced with either putting back on my dirty clothes-and undoing the cleansing effect of the shower-or dashing the few feet to my bedroom wrapped in my towel. I figured it would be safe enough with Embry downstairs. It wasn't until I reached my doorway that I realized Embry hadn't gone back downstairs, but was sitting on the bench underneath my window. A second glance at his bare chest and damp hair made me think he must have gone downstairs and washed up in the kitchen sink, and then made it back up here before I was done. His eyes ignited when he saw me and his chest began to rise and fall noticeably with his breathing.

My mind started to tell me that I should feel embarrassed but I stopped that in its tracks. I had a decent body that I didn't need to be ashamed of. And besides that, Embry had shown me all of himself and never given any sign that he didn't want to do it. Didn't I owe him as much? But really, it wasn't that I felt I owed him, but that I wanted to give this to him. Though, come to think of it, he'd actually seen most of me yesterday—everything except what my panties had covered. Was it a big deal for me to bare myself completely to this man I thought I was coming to love—probably already did?

So I paused and looked up at him through my eyelashes. "Do you like what you see?" I asked, even though the near-instant tenting of his shorts answered the question anyway.

"Oh, yeah, I like what I see," Embry's voice rumbled in his chest. "I like seeing anything you show me."

"And if I show you everything?"

He stood up and started pacing toward me with an almost animal-like grace. "Oh, I'd like. Would you like to show me?"

I nodded and started walking again, stopping next to my bed. Thankfully, my windows were on the side and back of the house, so trees blocked my windows from view—but I wasn't going to take any chances. This was for Embry and not for anyone else. Though, at the moment, his eyes were closed and his lips moving silently. I used his moment of distraction to settle onto my bed on my side. When I looked up again, Embry was looking at me, that glow once again present in his dark eyes. Slowly, I lifted the edge of the towel and brought it up and over my body until it was lying on the bed and hanging off the side. It was like I was a present being unwrapped for Embry-and he certainly seemed to act like it. My boyfriend sank to his knees in an almost reverential motion, didn't speak but only looked. A habitual hint of nervousness at the unknown made my hand flex against the towel. Forestalling what he probably assumed was my move to replace the towel, Embry scooted forward across the floor until he was next to the bed. His hand laid over mine, squeezed, and then started tracing up my arm, along my collarbone, and up my neck and face. Embry leaned over and kissed me slowly and thoroughly.


Embry POV

I slowly lifted my head away from Bella's and simply looked at her. Her eyes were wide, lips parted, breathing deeply. I took my hands back to where they'd started and repeated my journey up her arms. This time, though, I didn't go up from her collarbones; instead, I went the other direction, over her chest until my hands covered her breasts again. Bella's respiration increased, pressing her breasts up into my touch over and over again. How much she liked it…how much I liked this…I pulled my hands away and gripped myself tightly in an attempt to keep myself under control.

"Embry?" Bella shifted up to lean on one arm and look at me. "Too much, huh?"

"I think we're really getting too good at this. And, I don't think we've got enough time to wash my shorts this afternoon."

"Then, take them off," she suggested practically. "Towels, sheets, shirts…they all wash."

I'm not sure which of us was more surprised at what Bella had said, but the idea was a good one. I stood up to strip of my shorts and boxers, and then remembered something in my pocket that might be an even better thought. Before dropping my clothes to the floor, I pulled out the wrapped condom I'd removed from the box this morning.

Bella watched wide-eyed as I put this element of my home practice to use in sliding the lubricated condom onto my rock-hard cock. Then she beckoned me closer again. Kneeling beside her bed once more, we regarded one another, before Bella spoke.

"I liked this," she grasped my hands and moved them back to her breasts. "I know you did, too."

"So you want me to touch you more here," and I put actions to words, circling and kneading. Bella moaned and her head fell backward into her pillow.

"There…anywhere," she gasped. It was exactly what I wanted, so I let one hand begin to move, drawing circles, zig-zags, and other random shapes. Bella writhed against me. "More," she breathed. I knew what we both wanted, but I perversely chose to torture us both by skipping down to start stroking her feet and up her legs, like I'd done with her arms. Bella began to thrash now, and the scent pervading my nostrils had me finally looking up from my task in search of the source. My own eyes widened this time at the sight of Bella's fingers between her legs, stroking through the next of dark curls there. Involuntarily, I leaned closer to watch, and got a stronger whiff of that smell as well—which I finally realized must be that of arousal.

"Do you want to be touched there, beautiful Bella?" My voice rumbled in my chest.

"Yes," Bella gasped. "Dreamed…"

"So have I," was my equally soft confession. While I wouldn't mind watching Bella get herself off the way she'd watched me do for myself, what I wanted even more right now was for me to be the one to make her fall apart. Again falling back on Paul's sticky note tips, I moved around to the end of the bed, shifted my hands to Bella's ankles, and pulled her down the bed closer to me. Before I released her legs, I pushed them to the side to open Bella up to my view. Her dark curls were glistening with moisture that I just had to touch. My hands tracked up the insides of her calves and thighs, which trembled under my touch. As my fingers replaced Bella's, the wetness seemed to increase. Each stroke only increased the trembling affecting both of us. I moved my fingers back and forth, up and down, over and over, until Bella began to gasp and her hips started to jerk up from the mattress, making my index finger slide just inside her.

"Oh, oh, oh," Bella cried out. My gaze shot upward to see her eyes squeezed shut and her mouth open. Then I saw—felt—my girlfriend fall apart. Her body clenched around my finger, making my balls tighten up in an automatic response. My free hand reached down to wrap around my cock, and my own hips began to jerk in imitation of Bella. The sight, feel, and scent around me made my orgasm erupt into the condom even as Bella's own began to ease. My forehead fell against the edge of the mattress and my breath escaped my chest in harsh uneven gasps.

"Even—better—than—my—dream," Bella's voice broke the haze in my brain.

I thought about trying to stand up, but quickly found that my knees were too shaky. So I resorted to crawling along the side of the bed. I pulled off the condom and dropped it into her trashcan, then pulled on my boxers and got myself up onto the side of her bed with just my arm-strength. Bella had managed to scoot herself back up the bed and was waiting for me.

"That was…amazing," Bella told me.

"You're amazing," I agreed. "Thank you."

"No, thank you," Bella rolled onto her side and rested her cheek against my chest. I blindly grabbed the towel and draped it over her so she wouldn't get cold. We lay on her bed for quite a while, not saying anything and not really needing to. Then Bella's fingers started to move, echoing what I'd done earlier, tracing over my chest. I nearly fell off the bed when her head shifted, and Bella's tongue stroked over my skin and nipple, making me shout.

"Good?" Bella asked, rhetorically.

"G-g-g-great," I sounded completely like the cereal commercial tiger, as my answer coincided with her repeating what she'd done. So I gave up trying to say anything, and closed my eyes, trying to lay still while she worshiped my chest and drew on my stomach with her free hand. I might have been content not to move for a long while, until my mind started to envision what it would be like to reverse things. Suddenly, tasting Bella this way was all I could think about—and all I wanted.

I flipped us over until I was the one leaning over her. I breathed on her nipple, then extended my tongue and flicked. Her nipple puckered up instantly and she gasped. I worshiped Bella in turn, first one breast and then the other, licking, sucking... Without truly being aware of it, my hand traveled down Bella's body once again.

"Do you want me to touch you again, Bella?" I purred, having lifted my lips from her breast to ask the question.


Hearing that this was what she wanted, I did just that, multitasking my delivery of pleasure. But I clearly wasn't the only one to have done some studying. One of Bella's hands came to rest on my head, threading through my hair and making sure I didn't plan to go anywhere. Her other hand…it was only sheer luck that I didn't end up biting her when that other hand somehow closed around my renewed erection, squeezing and stroking me through my boxers. With all this incredible and mind-blowing stimulation, we both quickly tipped over the edge again.

For a time, the only sound in the bedroom was our breathing. Finally, I regained enough strength to sit up and then to stand.

"Embry?" Bella's voice queried.


"Is everything okay?"

"Everything is fine. I'm just going to go and wash up and put my shorts back on," I bent to pick up said shorts, keeping my back to the bed.


I groaned at her obvious disappointment—in no small part because I shared it. "Bella, if we don't get dressed and out of this room, we aren't going to be leaving it for quite a while. And since I only brought the one condom, that might be a problem."


I quickly took care of everything I needed to in the bathroom and then headed downstairs to give Bella her own turn. A game was playing on the TV when she came downstairs to join me.

"Thank you," she said again.

"About what?"

"For being honest with me. Today…it was wonderful and…I don't even have the right words. It might be good for us to take a little time before we take that last step."

"Um. Yeah. Right. Well, I—um—thought it wouldn't be safe," I somehow got it out.

Bella sort of froze for a few seconds, and then started counting off with her fingers. "Oh, yeah." Her cheeks flushed. "I haven't been on the pill for a full week yet."

"I'll stock up, I promise. I do want this, Bella. You know that, right?"

"I know it," she agreed. "Just like you know that I want this, don't you?"

"Yeah." I couldn't doubt it, not after the past few days.

"And there's something else you should know," Bella continued.

"What's that?" I asked, taking her hand in mine and rubbing our fingers together.

"That I love you."

My heart stuttered at her admission. "You do? Really?"

"Really. I didn't think I'd be ready for something like this so soon, but…it's you, Embry. You've helped me so much, you care so deeply. I love you."

"Ya bisapsi cux, Bella. I promise that I'll never make you regret this."

"Ya bisapsi cux, Embry," she made a good attempt at the pronunciation. I couldn't resist that, and kissed her again, resolutely keeping things tame.


Bella POV

I was still riding my energy buzz long after Embry had left to go back home. A little of it might have been knowing we were likely to find Edward's meadow tomorrow-and I couldn't wait to stick it to my ex, however petty and unnoticed it would be. But most if it was thinking about what else we'd done today. It was appalling to be to consider just how drastically Edward had affected my self-image with his antiquated prudishness. Well, Embry had well and truly demolished that issue today. His reverential worship of practically every inch of me was a mental and emotional rush that I hoped wouldn't end anytime soon. The reality of his touch on me had so surpassed my own, that it was amazing I hadn't proven human combustion to be true. The question 'what next?' really didn't need to be asked, because really the only thing left was the Grand Slam that Embry had mentioned only yesterday.

But, was I ready for that? Were we? Embry and I had only been dating for a few weeks now. We were both still only seventeen-though with our respective 18th birthdays coming up during the senior year of high school that was about to begin. Did time really matter, though? Wasn't it more about what felt right, and when it felt that way? With a deep breath, I began to consider all the points of the issue. Did I want for Embry and I to be able to give this gift to each other, of being our respective firsts? Yes, I did. Did I want to have sex with Embry, even apart from the idea of him being my first? Yes, I did. Did I want everything to be with him, now and always? Yes, I did. But I also forced myself to consider the other side of things. Was I in any way using Embry as a rebound? Was I drawn to him because he pulled me close where Edward had always pushed me away? No and no. Like I'd told my parents and friends, Embry was an amazing guy, and one I was willing to let myself dream and believe really was the 'forever' type.

The ringing of my cell phone sent me scrambling to retrieve it. I smiled at the thought of Embry calling me as soon as he got home, and answered the call without looking at the display.


"Bells!" The sound of Jake's unexpected voice emanating from the phone's speaker almost made me drop it.

"J-Jake," my voice held obvious disappointment.

"Not who you expected?" his voice responded in kind. I pulled the phone away to belated check the number that had called me-it was the same unfamiliar number I'd gotten all those calls from lately, the one that hadn't left any messages.

"Honestly, no, you're not. Why are you calling, Jake?"

"Can't a guy want to talk to his friend?"

"Are you? Are you my friend, Jake? 'Cause, frankly, you sure haven't been acting like it lately."

"Sheesh, I'm sorry, okay?"

"No. No, it isn't okay. Not what you did, or the crappy apologies, either," I was getting pretty worked up, so maybe my idea of avoidance had been the right one after all.

"I am your friend, Bella. I didn't want to-all this stuff-I hated it."

"So why did you do it, Jake?"

"Tribal stuff...not stepping up when you're asked to just isn't an option. I didn't have a choice."

"No choice? And what about now? Do you suddenly have a choice again?"

Frustration was evident in Jake's tone as he burst out with, "Damn it. I finally get them to back off-give me the choice again-and this is what happens?"

"What did you expect was going to happen, Jacob?" My backbone was firm, my use of his full name giving evidence of my irritation. "Did you think you'd just apologize, and we'd pick up right where we left off with watching movies and hanging out and stuff?"

The silence on the other end of the call seemed to suggest I'd nailed it.

"It doesn't work that way, Jake. You hurt me-really hurt me with how you've been acting and not keeping your promises. And it's not just me, but Embry, too. Stuff like that isn't just going to be forgotten or forgiven. You say you're still my friend...well, you're going to have to prove it. Then we'll see."

"C'mon, Bells. I'm your Jake. You have to forgive me," he wheedled.

"No, you aren't. Maybe the Jake you used to be was, but the one now... And I don't have to do anything, actually."


"No, Jake. You didn't hold up your end, so you've got no say in how I handle it now."


"Jake, you really need to listen and not presume so much. Makes you seem a little too much like Edward and Alice in my mind, and that's not a good association to have anymore."

"I'm not like them!" he shouted.

"They tried to order me around, dictate things...I shouldn't have let them get away with it, and I won't let you do it now. Prove things, Jake. Then we'll see." And with that, I ended the call. I wasn't sexually buzzed anymore—I was incredibly frustrated now. How dare Jake just assume that I'd forgive him like nothing had happened? The conversation—if one could call it that—had let me vent my irritation, but hadn't covered nearly all of what I'd wanted to say to Jake. I hadn't even touched on how he seemed to be mad that Embry and I were a couple now, or how he wasn't trying to make things up with Embry like he was with me. Realizing I needed some kind of distraction, I headed downstairs to my kitchen sanctuary. Charlie was waiting for me.


Narrator POV

Charlie had thought about his chat with Harry all afternoon. He didn't want to interfere with his daughter's decisions, but Harry had made a good point that Bella should make her ultimate decision on how she felt about Jake after giving him a chance to at least try and explain things. Maybe he'd bring it up tonight since she was in a good mood. Or at least she had been in a good mood, Charlie realized. But that wasn't the case now, if her scowling expression and banging pans and cabinet doors were any indication.

"Something wrong, Bells?"

"Jake called again."

"Did you talk to him this time?"

"Yes. But I didn't mean to. I didn't check the display before I answered my phone—and the number wasn't familiar, anyway. I guess Billy must have finally gotten him a cell phone."

"I'm guessing the call didn't go well, did it?"

"Nope," Bella popped the 'p'. "He just went on and on about how it hadn't been his fault that he's been avoiding me lately, how he didn't like it, and to top it all off, how I've just got to forgive him for all of it."

"Sheesh," Charlie snorted. "I know—having been one—that teenage guys aren't always the best thinkers, but that boy sure pushed every wrong button in one conversation, seems like."

"Pretty much. I don't like it, but I think I'll have to talk to him again. There's other stuff I meant to say to him and just didn't tonight."

"Sounds good. And Bells…"


"Maybe you should give Jake a chance to explain things better. I'm not saying you should forgive him if he doesn't deserve it," he rushed on, "but you might not be able to decide that without hearing his side of it all."

"Are you trying to push me on that?" Bella looked suspicious.

"Nope. I just talked to Harry this afternoon, and it seemed like he wishes he'd pushed Leah to clear the air with Sam Uley, that it might have helped everyone if he had.

"I'll think about it," she hedged.

Figuring that she knew more about what was going on than he did, and that he'd done what he'd promised Harry, Charlie let the topic drop. As Bella began to cook something, Charlie abandoned the field in favor of watching a game.


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