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Noise. People. Towering skyscrapers that stared down the city made the entire populous seem miniscule.

"Riku, what is this place?" gasped Sora as he gawked at their strange surroundings.

Riku's eyes traced the impossibly high skyline in awe before composing himself. "This world's called Shibuya," he said, his words caught amongst the distractions of the busy city. "It seems to be relatively normal. I just don't understand why Roxas would come here."

Sora scratched his head as he looked around. "But Riku, with all these people, how are we going to find Roxas?"

Riku's eyes widened at the realization and instantly wanted to face palm. "Argh, so even though you're here it may take longer than expected."

Sora glanced around before casually putting his arms back behind his head in his signature position. "I'm not going to argue. This city has a cool vibe to it," he said with his trademark grin. As much as Riku wanted to roll his eyes at his goofy friend, he couldn't exactly disagree.

Sora's grin faded as a thought came to him. "Uh Riku, where are we? I mean, if this is a city, then we could easily get lost."

Riku nodded to himself at the logical point. He leaned over to ask a passerby for directions, but was completely shaken off. He tried another but they just mumbled an excuse before running off.

Riku sighed. "Obviously all of these people have much better things to do than to simply tell someone where they are," he scoffed sarcastically.

"Ah, tourists, huh?" The two keyblade wielders spun around to see a smirking boy casually watching them.

The boy had wavy ash-blonde hair that nearly fell to his shoulders with gleaming violet eyes that seemed much older than his physical appearance. The boy's face seemed slightly feminine, but the cold steel hidden within his purple irises contradicted the fact. He was dressed business casual with a gray silk button-up shirt and black jeans and leather shoes. One of his hands was stuck in his pocket while the other played with a strand of hair.

"The two of you must have come from far away based on your appearance," the boy said, making Sora and Riku glance down at their clothes. He tapped a finger to his cheek. "Although a few days ago, I did see a kid wearing a coat like yours," he added, pointing at Riku.

Riku immediately perked up, his eyebrows lowering over his aqua eyes. "Wait, like mine? Would you happen to know where he went?"

The boy shrugged teasingly, raising his hands in an ambiguous gesture. "I can't properly answer that. You know, there are so many people to keep track of. I guess you could saw he just disappeared into the crowd."

Sora nodded, disappointed, but Riku raised one eyebrow. Something seemed off about the boy. "Who are you?"

The boy giggled, disturbingly high for a boy. "Oh, silly me. My name's Yoshiya Kiryu, but you can call me Joshua," he said with a smile.

Sora quickly jumped at his introduction. "Hi! Nice you meet you. My name's Sora and this is my friend, Riku!" he said cheerily.

Joshua's smile grew wider. "I never properly answered the question you wanted an answer to," he said out of the blue. "You're standing in the middle of Shibuya's Scramble Crossing."

Sora mouthed an 'Oh!' silently. Then he said, "Why is it called the Scramble Crossing?" Riku face palmed.

"Notice the behavior of all the pedestrians," said Joshua, resisting a snicker.

Sora blushed before rubbing his neck bashfully. Then Riku spoke up. "So what are you, a local?"

Joshua flicked his hair. "You could say that. Let's just go with I spend enough time here to be considered one."

Riku gave him a skeptical look. He did not like this guy one bit. Something about him was just…off, as if he was sending off the wrong vibe. It made him uncomfortable. "So…what would be the best way to find someone here?"

Joshua sighed. "It's hard to say. If the person you're looking for is a newbie to this city, then it will be hard to pin down their location. The best place, though, is here since this is really the center of Shibuya."

Sora smiled. "Thanks for the help!"

Joshua gave them a sly smile as he turned to walk away. "Good luck finding your friend," he chuckled to himself as he made his way to Cadoi City. No if I have anything to do with it.

"And we're done," said Neku as he caught his breath as Roxas and him phased out of the Noise plane. He gave Roxas a sober look. "Do you feel ready for the seventh day tomorrow?"

Roxas thought for a second while he dismissed his keyblades. "I think so. I mean, Game Masters aren't that bad, are they?"

Neku shrugged. "You just gotta watch their strategy and keep and eye out for surprises."

Roxas cautiously raised an eyebrow. "You talk as if from experience." He noted the wary and slightly sick look expression on his partner's face. "You know an awful lot about this Game and you never told me why. Have you done this before?" Neku glared at him, nonresponsive, making Roxas cross his arms. "You're not a normal Player, are you?"

Neku turned and looked at him with narrowed eyes. "Look, I don't have to tell you anything. I can keep my own secrets in the dark if I like. I never questioned anything of your past, so you have no right to question mine!" Neku shouted, his face paler and the vein in his temple bulging. Neku had his fists lifted in a position as if ready to punch Roxas, who stood his ground.

Roxas leaned forward slightly, his fingers itching for his keyblades. "Partners are supposed to trust each other! I didn't ask for you as a partner! I thought you were helpful at first, but now I'm starting to think you had some kind of a false pretense. Well I'm not buying it!"

Roxas stormed away, leaving Neku with an urge to just leave him. Suddenly, Neku clutching his head, wincing a the strain put upon it.

I trusted you, Neku with one simple task. If you don't uphold my will, you know the consequences.

"Argh, what the hell!" Neku screamed as the words repeatedly echoed in his mind, leaving them to absorb painfully. His eyes were nearly slits as they searched for Roxas's figure in the crowd. Seeing the retreating spiky blonde hair, Neku raced after him.

"Roxas! Roxas, come back!" he shouted as he sprinted after the boy. "Roxas, I didn't mean – " Neku abruptly stopped when he realized he had chased the blonde down. His eyes widened as he stared up at CAT's famous mural, the very same one where he had died just over a year ago.

Roxas was facing the mural, his hand tracing the thick mangled graffiti. Neku stepped forward, removing his headphones from his head. "I'm sorry I blew up at you. It's just…I'm not all that used to having a normal life. I know it sounds bizarre, but you're right – I have played the Game before. Three times actually. And I lied to you. You're not like all the other players. I saw something different in you. In fact, you reminded me of myself when I was first in the Game."

Roxas turned around and Neku noticed how his eyes were darkened in skepticism, yet were open enough to tell him he was listening. "Is there any other reason why you've been helping me win this Game?" he asked coldly.

Neku glanced at the ground nervously. "You want a second chance, right? Another chance at life?" he almost said too quickly.

Roxas stared at him for a moment. Finally he sighed and dropped the tenseness in his shoulders. "Look Neku, I can tell you're a nice guy. I should apologize for the way I acted. It's…I've been manipulated and pushed around too much in the past for me to just sit around like a pawn."

Surprisingly, Neku nodded, his head bowed. "You're not the only one," he mumbled. When he looked back up, he held out his hand. "So can we just continue on as partners? Just for one more day? Then you never have to see my face again."
Roxas slowly nodded and grasped the boy's hand in agreement. "All right."

Neku and Roxas were maintaining their agreement over bowls of ramen at the Ramen Don when he noticed something suspicious. Neku's eyes narrowed as he glanced sideways out the window so that Roxas wouldn't notice.

Two strangely dressed boys were wandering down Dogenzaka. The more standout-ish one had brown spiky hair. He was dressed in baggy black shorts with belts criss-crossing his waist with a tight matching jacket and large yellow shoes. The other one, however, was the one who caught Neku's attention even more. He was taller than the brunette with long, silver hair that brushed over his broad shoulders. He wore the exact same coat that Roxas had been wearing when he first met him. The silver-haired boy set him on edge from his confident strut to the mysterious black coat he wore.

Neku shook his head as he returned to his ramen quietly. If two guys were here looking for Roxas, then things were about to get ugly.

So if you noticed any breaks in explanation, well here's the explanation:

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2) Yes, Sora has his KHII clothes, but imagine that he got new clothes before they left the KH realm cause he looks really ridiculous in his old clothes after he gets taller.

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