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The camera scans over an empty city, through the Mall, to the quayside and over the ocean to a boat. On the boat we see the Mallrats, where we zoom in on Ebony and Slade. We see Slade's head, looking over the ocean with a sad expression on his face. All we see of Ebony is the back of her head, her face pressed into Slade's chest. "Ebony, I need to tell you something."

Ebony pushes herself off Slade's chest and looks him in the face.

"This does not sound good." Slade sighs and looks at her.

"It isn't. Ebony, I don't think we can be together anymore," he says, releasing her.

"I have feelings, very strong feelings, for someone else. Okay, Ruby. Please don't kill her." He looks at her with a pleading expression. She just shakes her head at him, and smiles through the tears that have started to drip down her face. She takes a deep breath before replying.

"Go on," she says, pushing him slightly.

"Go, talk to her! Tell her the truth. I need to talk to her later anyway. Beat it, before I change my mind." She sighed, with a happy and sort of sad expression on her face. Slade smiles, hugging her and kissing her forehead,

"Thank you! Thank you so much," he gushed nearly crying himself. She laughed at him and pushed him toward the door. When he looked back, she made a shooing motion with her hands and still laughing mouthed, "Go!" He grinned from ear to ear, turned around and ran below deck to talk to Ruby. Ebony, left on deck, shook her head where Slade had been just seconds ago and turned around and looked over the sea, just enjoying the view. She lifted a hand to her face and wiped the tears. She was so deep in her own world, she didn't notice when everyone went down stairs. Everyone except Jack, that is. He had been watching the whole thing, well the part that happened after his and Ellie's breakup.

He wasn't that sad about his and Ellie's breakup, it had been the right thing to do. But he couldn't help feeling proud of the way Ebony handled the situation. He then walked over to her and said exactly that,

"I'm so proud of you." Ebony looked at him quizzically for a second before realizing what he meant.

"Oh, that. There's no point getting worked up about what you can't change. Besides, Ruby's better for him than I am."

"What makes you say that, Ebby?"

"Ebby? Since when did you call me Ebby?"

"Since I made that name up. And don't avoid the question!"

"I'm an evil witch. Simple as that."

"You are not!"

"Are to!"

"Are not!"

"Are to!" Seeing this getting nowhere, Jack sighed, and seeing Ebony open her mouth to say something, he swooped down and kissed her, sliding his tongue in her mouth. She gasped, and then closed her eyes, giving in with a soft sigh. He dropped his hands to her waist and encircled her petite form with his well-muscled arms. She wrapped her small but strong arms around his neck and pulled him closer. After a few minutes of passionate kissing, the couple separated, both gasping and breathing deeply.

"This isn't logical," stated Jack between gasps. Ebony smiled at him then replied,

"Love isn't logical," and pulled him in for another kiss.

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