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Bella POVChapter One – All About Me

It's been twenty years, six months, and fourteen days since I have seen the love of my life. Not that I'm counting or anything. For the most part, I look exactly the same as I did twenty years, six months, and fourteen days ago. Of course, being a vampire has given me paler skin, golden eyes, and curves that definitely were not there before. I'm powerful and I love it. I have the power to absorb the powers of others. I'm so different from my human self. I'm more way more outgoing and that changes everything. I love sports and shopping is life. Throughout my existence as a vampire thus far I have had to make difficult choices, overcome obstacles that I never thought possible, and figure out the difference between passion and lust. Of course, It hasn't been all bad. Not at all. I have three people who I love more than anything else in the world. Three people that I never thought would ever be a part of my life. My children. Edward's children. I remember the day I found out I way pregnant like it was yesterday. It was about two weeks after the Cullen's left and I was spilling my guts in the toilet for the fourth day in a row. I has ready to go down some more pepto bismal when I realized this wasn't just a stomach bug. I panicked. I mean for the love of God the only person I have ever been with was a vampire. This wasn't supposed to happen. But, oh yes, it happened all right. It was hard. I'm not going to sugar coat it at all. There wasn't a moment I didn't wish that Edward was there holding my hand, Jasper calming me down, and god forbid I even wished that Alice was there helping me shop for the baby. It got harder when I found out it was three babies. The only person to help me was Charlie. Oh, what would I have done without him? He was extremely accepting. I wish I could have said the same for Renee. It didn't go over so well with her. We haven't talked a day since I told her. But Charlie did everything he could. He was furious at first, because he thought that it was the reason the Cullens left. I was quick to defend them though. I still went to school. I was the class slut. Lauren made comments everyday and just walking down the hall the stares and whispers where everywhere. I had come close to dropping out many times. But, I knew that wasn't what I wanted, it wasn't what my father wanted, and that's not what Edward would have wanted. I finished school the following year and the picture of me and my angels on graduation day hangs in the stairwell of our current home. Sometimes, I wonder why I wanted the Cullens there so much. I mean they left me. He told me he didn't want me. That I wasn't good enough for him. If he couldn't love me, why would he love , as much as it crushed me that most of them didn't even say goodbye I longed for their comfort.

Back to the pregnancy. It was as normal as a triplet pregnancy could go I guess. I craved watermelon and chocolate. I had morning sickness the whole time. They were born a little early but that was expected. I was in labor for a whopping 35 hours. It was hell on earth, but then April 16 I was finally rewarded. They were perfect in every way. They were very pale and had a very fast heartbeat that at first had the doctors worried but it didn't seem to cause any health issues. There skin was rock solid and it made it very difficult to give them shots. I swear, I have no idea why the doctors didn't flip a shit over my abnormal children. I'm not gonna lie. I was thrilled that they were more vampire than human. It also scared me. Surely feeding them wasn't going to be easy. Worries aside, I couldn't have been happier. Charlie was as fascinated with them as I was. It would only be a few months until I would be just like them. They grew at a normal rate. They occasionally ate human food but preferred the taste of animal blood. They were super fast and super strong. They only human traits they possessed were the ability to sleep, cry, eat, blush, and all that jazz. At the age of 17 the completely changed into vampires. It was a one day change since for the most part everything was already there.

Well, here we are now. Smack dab in the middle of Michigan. Population of not a lot. I have my children, I have vampire friends all around the world, I have money, I have power. Things have been really great these last 10 years. I really couldn't ask for anything more… However I'm scared to death (ha) of running into the Cullens again. I know that one day I would have to tell Edward that he fathered my three kids, I just hope it won't come anytime soon.

We've be settled here in Michigan for about two years. Just me, Elizabeth, Carlie, and Anthony.

Elizabeth Rose was the first born. My darling Elizabeth. She is a beautiful young women with bronze hair and golden eyes. She is very sensitive and intuitive. She has always been a Momma's girl. She's sassy and outgoing. She plays the piano and lives for all sports. She also loves to shop. Spending money is one of her many talents. She has the power to read minds. Go figure.

Anthony Edward came next. Everything about him screams Edward. He has his hair and his attitude. He shares his love for music. I don't even know how many instruments he can play. However he has my love for reading. He is fairly quite, but when he talks he came be hilarious. He has the power to tell when someone is lying. This comes in handy when it comes to finding out who stole my credit card. He has been dating a little human girl named Kate for about a year and a half. I've always encouraged his relationship with her. She is one of the sweetest people one could ever meet. Perfect for Anthony. If they don't get married I will be crushed. I may already be secretly planning their wedding.

Last came Renesmee Alice. My sweetheart. She looks like me the most with long mahogany hair. She is very theatrical and has dubbed herself a theatre kid. She plays the piano and is probably on the same skill level as her father. She is outgoing, very funny but also very very sensitive. She, like Lizzie, loves to shop and considers it a sin to wear the same outfit more than once. My sense of style has very much improved and I think Alice would be proud of me. I can even run in heels. Renesmee can bring out the best in anyone. She has the power to show people memories and thoughts.

My children in a nut shell. They have always been a parents dream. Hardly ever causing problems for me. They know everything about the Cullens. They have every right to know about their family. They all tried to seem indifferent about the whole thing, but I know they want to meet them. I want to see them too just not right now. I'm not ready yet.

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