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There they were in all their glory. They looked exactly the same as when I saw them 26 years ago. I could feel that hole in my chest that I had worked so hard to heal burst open and out of sheer panic I masked my scent so that they would not be able to identify me by that. The teacher followed them in and before they sat down he introduced them to the class. "Ladies and Gentlemen, Please welcome Edward Cullen and Jasper and Rosalie Hale to this class. They moved here all the way from Alaska." Mr. Mecara said. "Jasper and Rosalie you can take the set of desks in the back and Edward you may take a seat next to Elizabeth back there. I must apologize in advance for her. " Let's just say Lizzie isn't the quietest person in the world.

"Rude." Lizzie shouted from the back earning a chuckle from the teacher.

Edward watched her warily as he sat down next to her."You're a vampire." He stated talking in hushed tones."You are very observant." She said. "I applaud your perceptiveness."Edward chuckled. "I'm Edward Cullen. Nice to meet you.""Elizabeth Swan.- Mom was a pirates of the Caribbean fan.-But, please call me Lizzie." Lizzie explained."I knew a Swan once perhaps you are related." Edward pressed his voice losing the friendly air it previously had."Probably not Swan is like one of the world's most common last names." Lizzie frantically answered."true…"Edward muttered lost in thought. "How old are you?""25. I was turned when I was 17""It's amazing you can be in a school with humans. You are still young.""Being here has it's challenges, but we try to be as human as possible." She chuckles. "So, I take it you are not young?""No. I'm well over a hundred actually."The continued with meaningless chatter for the next couple of minutes. I have to say I was pleased that they were getting along so well and that he hadn't noticed me sitting a few feet away from him. Mr. Mecara had started teaching. "Ok, class. I've finished grading your book reports. As always the student with the best written report will be exempt from writing this next paper. Now, let's review this assignment. My only rules where that you had to read a book and write a six paged report on a theme found in the book. I told you that the could be any length by any author. However, I did not expect that I would receive on essay on the 20 paged book "Biscuit Finds a Friend" and what shocked me next was that it was the best essay in the entire class. But, I wasn't surprised by who wrote it. So, Bella Swan will not have to write a seven-paged argumentative essay."I heard Edward gasp from behind me and could feel Rose and Jasper's eyes staring at me. Darn my excellent writing skills. I really thought that I was going to make it the whole class without them noticing. I felt a constant tapping on my shoulder but refused to turn around.

Then I heard Lizzie's voice " Kate, give this to Bella."
"Ok." Kate said and handed me a folded piece of loose leaf.

In Edward's elegant handwriting it said – "How are you a vampire?"

Is that really all he could say - "It's nice to see you too, Edward." I scribbled and then held it behind me for him to grab. He had responded before I could draw my hand back.
"..Sorry. I'm just don't know how much I've missed you."

Now he's just pissed me off. "Save it." I turned and snapped at him. I shot my hand up into the air.

"Yes, Ms. Swan?" The teacher asked.

"I'm not feeling well. Can I go see the nurse?"

"Of course. Kate will you escort Bella to the nurses office?"

"Sure thing." Kate said and she grabbed my purse for me. "Bye my vampire friends." with a nod toward Edward and Lizzie.

Lizzie POV(starting where the last part left off)

I could tell Edward was getting up to follow after them.
"Sit down." I hissed.
"The human knows." He shot back at me.
I laughed. "Didn't you read her mind? She already knows. She's really close with our family. She was just trying to freak you out and get Bella out of the classroom."
"Why would Bella want out of the classroom so badly?"
was he that daft? "Well, you left her. now you've come back saying you missed her. That puts her in a pretty awkward situation."
We sat in silence and he put his head in his hands. "God damn. I always screw everything up."
"I don't know what other mistakes you've made but you've sure screwed her up."
"Thanks a lot." He hissed.
"Sorry. What did you want me to say? Oh. She's fine. No problems." I asked.
" This wasn't supposed to happen." He choked out. "She was supposed to stay human and go to college and get married and have kids. My leaving her didn't change a thing. She probably hates me now. I told her I didn't love her. The worst lie I could have ever told. I'm going to hell for sure."
"She doesn't hate you. Sure. She doesn't like you. But hate's a strong word.
And you're not going to hell." I insisted trying to make him feel a little better. He hurt my mom but he is my dad.
"Oh. Believe me. I am. So will you. We don't have souls." He was starting to get angry.
"Listen. I'm not going to sit her and talk about religion with you. I will respect your beliefs if you can muster up enough tolerance to respect mine. You have no right to tell me that I'm going to hell. I have a soul. It's spiritual or immaterial part of a human being or animal, regarded as immortal. I'm immortal and so is my soul. Are we done with this?" I snapped. I'm not freaky religious or anything but I hate when people question my beliefs.

he sighed. "Yes. I apologize."
"Alright. Fine." I said. We sat there in silence for the last 5 minutes of class. When the bell rang I was off like a shot. Time for music class. Anthony, Ness, Mom, and I had this class together. We had to take half a year of drama or art first semester. Since none of us can sculpt or draw shit drama was the only option. Second Semester everyone is required to take music so the classes tend to be pretty big and they were held in the theatre.

When I got in the theatre I picked Anthony out of the crowd and quickly sat next to him. Mom and Ness promptly followed. The Cullens were seated about four rows in front of us. Great.

"Bella, you ok?" I asked.
"I'm fine. Kind of annoyed. I don't really know how else to put it."
"It'll all be ok." Anthony rubbed her arm.
"I know." Mom whispered.
"I've been perfecting my stink eye all morning." Renesmee said lightly earning a chuckle from my mother.
"Today is just gonna be the worst." she whined. "Maybe I should just go home." she started to get up to leave when Renesmee and Anthony grabbed her by the arm
"Nope" they said as they pulled her back down.
Mom groaned and sunk in her seat.
"Leaving won't help anything." Anthony whispered.
Mom was about to protest when the teacher broke the silence.

"SILENCE STUDENTS!" yelled Mr. Serit. The entire theatre stopped what they were doing and there was a long awkward silence. "Yes,well now that I have you attention we may continue with our student showcase. We just need to finish up with our piano students and then next week we can start on the flutes. Lucy Teers you are first!"

Then we listened to about seven students painfully pluck out the simplest songs on the piano. It was horrid and I could tell Edward was having just as much trouble listening as I was. We both cringed and smirked throughout all the performance. I was up next and had a brilliant idea. I pranced onto the stage and took my seat on the old wooden piano bench. Then I played my mother's lullaby. It was pretty damn good if I do say so myself and I'm usually fairly modest. I stood up took and bow and returned to my seat. When I got there my mom was laughing.

"I love you so much." she giggled through fits of laughter. I was so happy that I could put that smile on her face. Edward was giving me glares throughout the rest of the class period. When the bell rang to signal the end of that class we high-tailed it out of there before the Cullens had the chance to catch up with us.

I went to Pre-Calc next. It was the only class that I had without one of my siblings or my mother. I sat in the back by myself because I moved a lot faster than the rest of the class.

Edward Cullen walked into the class with a look of pure hatred. This was gonna be fun. I put on an obnoxious smile and pointed toward the seat next to me. I might as well have fun with this.
"That was quite the performance you had in there." he said as if it killed him to.


"Where did you learn that piece?" he pressed.

"Just off some cd I found." I said vaguely.

"Where did you find it?" he demanded.

"Gee, What's with the questions Sherlock?"

"Please. Just answer my question." he all but yelled.

"In a box labeled "Useless crap that reminds me of the man that I despise with all of my vampire being."

"Well, aren't you the funny one?" he said clearly fed up with me. "How long have you been playing?"

"Twenty-one years and you?"

"over a hundred" he huffed. Stressing him out was a lot of fun.

"Oh. That's right you're old."

"Thanks a lot."

"No problem, Grandpa."

and that was it for our conversation.

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