Yo, ya'll liked Awakenings so much that I thought I would try something else with a Sakumo Hatake/Fem Naru pairing. There will be no demons or monsters in this one save for the ones in my head and the ones in Naru and Sakumo's heads.

So hopefully you'll like this one.



The crisp October air was chilling when one went without a jacket but he'd felt he had no choice in the matter this time. Especially given the fact that gale force winds were sweeping across the city followed by rain.

He'd heard the pregnant cat that he'd been feeding recently, meowing as if in distress and had all but run outside in the pouring rain with a flashlight in hand and no shirt on to look for the little cali to make sure that she didn't get hurt.

He followed the sound of her meows out to the back yard, and tipped his head back to see her, her claws desperately clinging to the wood of one of his trees and she meowed even louder as she turned her dark little head to look at him pleadingly, her golden green eyes wide and frightened.

Her wet fur sticking to her body making her look like a drowned rat.

He stuffed his flashlight into his jean pocket and jumped so that he could grab the lowest branch and swung himself up on the swaying branch with practiced ease. Then once he was there he shimmied himself along the limb, sticking as low as he could to keep from having his head bumped by some of the limbs swaying violently above it.

Then wasted no time in climbing over to where the cali was and plucked her from the tree trunck and put her against his shoulder and gritted his teeth when she sank her sharp pointed little claws into his unprotected skin and used one hand to secure her in place before dropping out of the tree.

The cali meowed her displeasure at the sudden drop and tried to climb higher. And she might have if he hadn't had his hand holding her in place. However the hard part was over. All he had to do now was get her inside the house or under his porch, if she preferred, then he could go inside and dry off by the heater.

He started away from the tree, feeling the chill of the rain and wind finally sinking into his skin as the cali shivered against his shoulder and meowed pitifully. She was just as cold and miserable as he was which was probably why she didn't put up much of a fight when he took her inside and flopped down in his favorite chair, the cali still draped over his shoulder shivering, just a few feet from his wood heater.

He was sitting there petting on the cali and trying to calm her down and comfort her when he noticed something odd around her tail area and slipped a hand under her and picked her up and raised her a bit and lifted up her tail and blanched a little bit when he saw that she was in the process of giving birth right there in his lap.

Well, I guess I know what her meowing was about now. He thought as he scooped her up and stood then placed her in the chair and went to go find a cardboard box and grab some old towels while he grabbed the wireless phone and called the local vet to get some advice on how to make the cali more comfortable. After all, he was a guy.

What the hell did he know about birthing babies of any kind?

An hour and some trips to the bathroom to puke later (give him a break birthing babies was gross. he'd seen after birth! disgusting and horrible, afterbirth) Sakumo Hatake settled himself on the floor next to the box with the cali and her kittens with a bottle of whiskey in his hand and sipped on it from time to time while watching the mother clean her litter.