Sakumo stilled for a heartbeat or two and looked down at Naru before blurting out, "Excuse me? What did you just say?" It had sounded suspiciously like she had just told him that her parents were dead. But if that was true- Who the hell was taking care of her? Sending her to school? Paying for the big house she lived in? The food she ate? The clothing that she wore?

She couldn't do it. Not unless she was a drug dealer or some shit.

Come to think of it, maybe he should ask her if she was a drug dealer. Cause god knew how much morgage rates were for houses as big and nice as the one she lived in. "Uh, Naru...are you by chance a drug dealer?"

"No. I'm a prostitute." She lied in a deadpan tone as she glared up at him as all the color bled from his face and his eyes went as wide as saucers. Holy fuck- Sakumo thought before abruptly shutting his thoughts down. He needed to think.

"Please tell me that you're joking." He croaked after a moment or so of stunned silence. Naru gave him a tight lipped smile that looked out of place coming from a kid. It looked cynical. Jaded. It didn't match the images of innocence she seemed to project when he was around her.

It would explain how she pays for the house. Part of his mind whispered before the other part of it that actually cared about Naru and her well being quickly squished it's counter part like a bug. Hesitating for a moment he drew back so that he could see her face better and asked, "So how long have you...uh, been into the sex trade?"

Wow. That question sounded so wrong coming from him. But if he had heard it coming from anyone else his age- he would have promptly sent the speaker to the ER.

Naru gave a small laugh at the horrified expression on his face and winched slightly when her head started to hurt just a bit more, and leaned back in her seat before saying. "Oh...a few years-" He cringed as she let out another small laugh. "Don't look so horrified. It's actually a very good job to have if you know what your doing and are good at it. All you have to do is get your client off and get paid." Sakumo cringed again at how she described her work.

There was no love.

No emotional attachment.

Nothing but emptiness.

Even her expression was carefully blank. But her eyes- god, her eyes made him think that all of the shit she was saying was a lie. Lord knew that he wanted to believe it was a lie. That she was just some nice girl with a fucked up sense of humor who had fallen on hard times, and was trying to protect herself from getting hurt by creating an elaborate story about being something that she wasn't to push people away.

She's lying to you. His carefully honed instincts whispered to him. She's lying about what she is and what she does. He was almost certain of it... Almost.

But if she wasn't in the sex trade then what the hell was going on? Were her parents really dead? Did she have other family that helped her and simply didn't want to speak of them? Was she an heiress of some kind and simply dind't want to say so? Yeah that sort of made sense. She must be a heiress. His mind desperately grasped at the idea, hoping against hope while trying to iron out details.

Perhaps if she was an heiress, she ran a company or something under an assumed name from her computer.

It was certainly something to consider before he totally bought into the whole 'hooker' angle cause she wasn't like any hooker he'd ever come across. Sure she was close mouthed and had intimate knowledge of the work- but any Tom, Dick and Harry with half a brain watching Law and Order SVU could learn that shit. And Naru definately had more than half a brain in her head. So it was totally plausable that that was what was going on here.

Why she never went to school. Why she was always out at odd hours- it was probably because she was conducting buisness in the area. Yeah that was it. Oh just admit to yourself that if you ever thought anything suspicious was happening upstairs in that nice little room of hers, you would come running from across the street like your pants were on fire and toss any men up there- out the window in the hopes of breaking their damned necks. Some dark part of his mind said causing Sakumo to shake his head as if to clear it.

Uh, no. No he wouldn't.

Not out the window at least. Because if he did and someone died, he'd be a murderer. And he had left his killing days behind him a long time ago. Finally after several minutes of silence he lifted a hand and used his thumb to rub over his left eye and asked, "Do you have an heating and cooling pack and an ice pack?" Naru was quiet as she considered his question before nodding.

"Both are in the fridge. Lower shelf."


"I was using them earlier. It's sort of why I fell. I had gotten out of bed to come get them and slipped."

"Oh, okay. I'll go get them for you. You just hang out here and try not to move too much. If you get any more wounds you'll have to go to the ER." Sakumo said as he lightly patted one of her knees before standing up to go and fetch said items. Leaving Naru sitting on the couch among the cushions.