Happy holidays, everyone! Figure I would get things started with my first holiday fic. Hope you enjoy it.

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Tonight's Christmas Eve, and all through the house

Not a person was stirring, or much less a mouse...

The children are sleeping lined up wall to wall,

Didn't want them to wake, with the walking and all.

The front room is littered with kids in their PJs,

Aspiring builders, singers and DJs.

Buford all rumpled and sprawled in the corner,

Baljeet is off mumbling words like a foreigner,

Django and Irving face down 'til the morning,

And for a quiet kid, Ferb sure loves his snoring.

The Fireside Girls were all welcome to come,

And sleeping they were, dreams sugared with plum.

From Ginger's bag all you saw was her feet.

No doubt she was dreaming 'bout that nerdy kid 'Jeet.

Gretchen was tossing and turning; pose varyin',

For a girl her age, her smarts were quinquagenarian.

Katie and Milly were sharing their blanket,

While Holly's afghan was way big; should've shrank it.

Adyson's hair was all up in a tizzy,

Combing it out would make anyone dizzy.

But there's two that I've missed; I've saved just for last,

The two that were earlier having a blast,

Now sitting together on the chair like a throne,

Perhaps this resembles just how much they've grown.

Phineas' mouth agape; air freely flowing,

Isabella leans on him; grin obviously showing.

Both fast asleep, minds equally clear,

Obliviously close to the one they hold dear.

Phin in orange PJs, Isa in her purple,

Slouched close together, like a...

"...Aww crud."

"Well, honey, you were going good for a while there."

Candace glanced at her mom, who had made her way down the stairs, presumably to check on all of the guests.

"Had to pick one of the few words that don't rhyme with anything," she sighed.

"Yes, well, can't be perfect at everything, sweetie," Linda retorted. "I liked the 'quinquagenarian' part, though."

"Thanks, I needed the dictionary for that."

"So, what are you doing over here?" Linda questioned.

"I was...just...making sure Phineas and Ferb weren't up to anything."

"At this hour?" Linda said. "My, how big sister-esque of you."

Candace rolled her eyes. "Mom, lay off the corny stuff."

"Seriously, Candace, it's Christmas. You can say you were just checking up on them." Chuckling, Linda took a quick survey of the living room. "There's not much to look at, though. Everyone's probably still zonked from earlier today."

"Yeah, from when they were building that giant hot chocolate machine. Making colossal things can sure tucker out people fast."

"...I didn't see it, Candace."

"Well, of course you didn't, Mom," Candace said. "Some weird mechanical monkey came and carried it away before you got there."

Linda raised an eyebrow at her oldest child. "Good thing I got you those psychiatrist sessions for Christmas," she said, taking a swig of her tea.

"Ha ha, very funny, Mom."

Linda's gaze fell upon her other red-headed child, currently leaning next to Isabella on the recliner. "Awww, he looks so cute when he's sleeping."

Candace looked at Isabella, a smile growing on her face. "Yeah, I'm sure Isabella would agree if she was awake."

"Yes, yes she would," Linda agreed. "She would also be so flustered being so close to Phineas that she would have a minor freak-out."

They both giggled, imagining the scene in their heads. Linda began to tiptoe through the masses to get to the recliner.

"Mom, what are you doing?" Candace said as she pranced after her.

"Relax, Candace, I'm just giving them a blanket. It'll help keep them warm."

"Yeah," Candace whispered to herself. "Not that Isabella's warm by practically being all over-"

"What was that?"

"Nothing, Mom." Candace said, grinding to a halt to stop from stepping on Baljeet's head. She took a quick look around and saw that she was precariously stuck in the middle of the room, balancing only on one foot. Looking forward, she looked at her mother, who already made it through the jungle of kids.

"Wait, what? How-"

"Mother's intuition, dear." Linda replied, tucking in the blanket around Phineas and Isabella. The young girl moved slightly, repositioning her head on Phineas' shoulder and letting out a dreamy sigh.

Candace, on the other hand, had more pressing concerns. "Mom, how am I gonna get out of here?"

Linda straightened up and surveyed the room. "Just stepped where I stepped, honey."

Her daughter gazed around, wide-eyed. "And where the heck was that?"

"Oh, for goodness sake, Candace."

A few moments later, Candace was piggybacking her mom, who was huffing the last few feet to the kitchen. The younger Flynn raised an eyebrow, confused at the situation.

"...I have no idea what just happened."

"Yes, well, as much as this is a wonderful reminder of when you were younger, Candace, I would rather not have to do this in the near future."

Candace let herself down, happy to have two feet back on the ground. "Thanks, Mom. Remind me never to do that again." Seeing her mom's mouth start to open, she quickly added, "Maybe when I get myself into that mess again, just not now."

"Fair enough," her mom replied. Linda examined the room again, content with the present situation. It had taken a lot of work (and bartering, in the case of the parents) to get Phineas and Ferb's friends to come spend Christmas with them. It had been Phineas to present the idea to her, asking her to do it in the spirit of the holidays. Linda smiled to herself, remembering that Isabella has gotten a particularly manic grin on her face when Vivian had brought her over to the house to talk it over. Seeing as how she was currently snuggled up with Phineas, Linda could only presume that some sort of plot had formulated in the young girl's head, and that it had indeed been successful.

The loud click of a camera shook her from her reverie. Linda looked over to see Candace giggling at her phone.

"Those two are so busted!"

"Candace, for the last time-"

"No no no no, not the regular two, Mom! These two!" Candace held up her phone for emphasis.

Linda peered at her daughter's phone screen. Right there was the only perfect picture Candace had ever took: Phineas and Isabella, frozen in time, sleeping together on the recliner.

"Awwwwww! That's so sweet!" Linda chirped. Catching herself from more praise, she added, "Candace, don't do that to your brother. You should delete that right now."

Candace stood still, mouth and eyes wide open.

Linda let her serious look linger for a moment longer, then cracked a huge grin. "Right after you send that to me so I can make multiple copies of it."

Candace smiled, relieved. "Man, Mom," she said, giving her a high five, "You had me going for a second."

"Just another trick in a mother's arsenal, sweetie." Linda peered over her shoulder, hearing the sounds of footsteps approaching. "And speaking of cute couples..."

Jeremy stumbled into the kitchen, rubbing his eyes. His green pajamas were rumpled, as if he had just gotten out of bed. "Hey, ladies," he said, stifling a yawn.

"Hey, Jeremy," Linda and Candace whispered.

"What are you two doing up now, if I may ask?" Jeremy inquired.

"Oh, I was just checking up on everyone in the living room," Linda answered. "Although Candace did beat me to it."


"How sweet of you, Candace," Jeremy said, putting an arm around his girlfriend. "Your mom must love that."

Candace groaned and crossed her arms, offering no reply. Linda rolled her eyes, smiling.

Jeremy spied the open phone in her hands. "Hey, what's that?" He plucked the phone out of Candace's grasp and looked at the photo of Phineas and Isabella on the screen. "Aw man, is he really-" Jeremy peered around the corner and saw the two kids still curled together. "Phineas, you sly dog, you."

"Actually, Jeremy, it was probably more on Isabella's part than Phineas'," Linda said.

"True," Candace interjected, laughing slightly. "I don't think he's going to complain in the morning, though."

All three shared a chuckle, careful not to awake the crowd in the other room.

"Candace, you have to send me that photo," Jeremy insisted.

"Oh, don't worry Jeremy," Linda said. "I'm making doubles. Wallet size or standard frame?"

"Oooh, wallet size. That would fit great-"

"If we're all done here," Candace interrupted, "I think I've had enough poetry and pictures for one night."

"Sorry, honey. I'll send you one in a couple of days, Jeremy."

"No prob, Mrs. Flynn," Jeremy replied, leading the now groggy Candace back to the TV room.

"One last thing, Candace," Linda said, catching up with the teenagers. "Now, just because I'm letting you and Jeremy sleep in the same room doesn't mean that you can go with your shenanigans-"

"MOM!" Candace almost yelled, exasperated. "Are we really talking about this, right now?"

"I'm just saying, sweetie. Don't think you can pull the wool over my eyes or anything like that. I know you two are a couple, but there's absolutely no harm in taking it slow-"

"Oh. My. Gosh." Candace smacked her face with her palm. "We are really talking about this."

Jeremy put her hand in his and smiled. "Don't worry, Mrs. Flynn, we'll behave ourselves. You don't have to worry about a thing."

Linda breathed a sigh of relief. "Thank you, Jeremy. I'm glad we had this talk."

Candace raised her hand. "I'm not."

Her mom ignored her, checking the hall clock. "Well, I better get back upstairs. Your father is probably wondering where I am. Of course, if he's not snoring like a foghorn again." She paused to give both Candace and Jeremy a hug. "Sleep tight, you two. And Merry Christmas."

"Merry Christmas," Candace and Jeremy replied, waving Linda up the stairs. After she had gone, Jeremy turned to his girlfriend.

"Come here, I wanna show you something."

He led her back to the TV room, where he had set up his covers on the sofa. A few of Candace and Jeremy's friends had taken residence in this room as well. Jenny's sleeping bag was next to the wall and her hair was hiding her face. It was a wonder, Candace thought, how she could even breathe through it. Drummond, Jeremy's percussionist for his band, was next to her face down, drumsticks still tucked in his hands. Right in the middle of the floor, in their sleeping bags, were Stacy and Coltrane, both fast asleep. Candace's best friend had her hand softly resting on Coltrane's, peaceful expressions on their faces.

"Hehehehehe," Candace giggled, pulling her phone out again. "Man, they are so busted."

Jeremy raised a quizzical eyebrow. "You...know that they're dating for quite a while already, right?"

"Oh, I do," Candace retorted, snapping a quick photo of the two. "It's just that Stacy doesn't know that I know."

"...She's been thinking that you've been in the dark for more than a year, and you've only been reinforcing that?"

"Yup, exactly."

Jeremy softly laughed, not believing his ears. "Man, I thought I've heard it all from you. I guess I was wrong."

They edged over to the couch, where they had stationed themselves earlier in the night. The covers given to them by Candace's mom were still unsettled from when Jeremy had gotten up.

"Ready for gift opening madness tomorrow, Candace?"

"Oh yes," she replied, watching her boyfriend flop himself down on the couch. "A morning of a mass of kids throwing wrapping paper left and right and running around like madmen? Sounds like a grand old time."

Jeremy snickered. "Oh come on. You'll be opening presents too."

"Yes, but I will be calm and collected, like I always am."

"...Right. Perhaps you won't be after you get my present."

Candace froze for the second time that night, but not for acrobatic reasons. "Jeremy, what did you get me?"


"Jeremy Johnson," Candace said, sitting down slowly, "What did you get me for Christmas?"

"You'll just have to find out tomorrow, Candace."

"...You are evil."

Jeremy patted his chest, beckoning her to lay down. "Yes, I know. I have been know to be that from time to time."

She set her head down on him, throwing the blanket over them. "I hate you."

"No, you don't."

Candace looked up at his face, a grin on her face. "Yeah, I don't." She pecked him lightly on the mouth before leaning into his body.

"Merry Christmas, Jeremy."

"Merry Christmas, Candace."

And the two of them slept all Christmas Eve, none the wise of what events had happened earlier that night.

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