Epilogue - After the Eve

Linda sipped her coffee, combing through the holiday photos on her computer. It was a few days after Christmas Eve, and it was customary for her to sort through the myriad of pictures to see if any of them were particularly memorable.

She smiled as the photo Candace took of Phineas and Isabella came up in her viewfinder. She would have never been able to tell that they had been together in the recliner if she had not seen it herself; both kids were already up and about when she had risen. She did see that morning, however, that both of their faces were relatively pink. Perhaps the proximity had embarrassed them somewhat; she didn't know.

She combed through the rest of the stills with increasing interest. Irving trying to add pages to an already bulging scrapbook. Baljeet running away from what appeared to be a lovestruck Ginger. Buford almost barreling through his mother on the skateboard that he got from Santa. She would have to apologize to Biffany later; at the time, it took all of her strength not to die from laughter.

The final photo was one that she had already saved next to the Phineas and Isabella one. It showed a peaceful Candace, sleeping in the arms of her boyfriend late that night, not a care in the world. Her face was a perfect match to the one Isabella had.

"Oh, Candace," Linda said to herself, smile growing wider, "You are so busted."

AUTHOR'S NOTE: And that, boys and girls, is the end of Christmas Comfort.

I finally got around to finish it. I've been so busy with An Eve to Believe that I really kinda forgot about this story. Nothing much, just a little closure on what happened that night.

And no, I don't know who took that picture. I couldn't possibly begin to fathom who it could be. /sarcasm

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