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Part Four

When the Doctor came too he found himself in an unfamiliar room of the TARDIS, he sat up slowly, his vision fading in and out, clearing as he rubbed his sore head. He looked around him; the room was barren of furniture or decoration, the walls and floor basic and bare. It wasn't the most inviting place to wake up, but far from the worst he'd had.

He staggered to his feet and tried to remember what had happened. He was with River, Imogen was saying goodbye… No, she was saying sorry. Why was she saying sorry?

He scrunched his eyes closed, then suddenly whipped around, looking for River. He found her on the far wall, strapped into what looked like a flesh avatar harness, how he had missed the harness before, he didn't know, but now he rushed too it. He didn't understand what was going on, was this Kovarian coming after him after all these years, but if it was, why leave him with the original River? And where was Imogen?


She had shot them. He remembered now, Imogen had apologised then shot them both with a stun gun, which must mean that- his thoughts were interrupted by River, jumping awake with a gasp, tears streamed down her cheeks.

"Doctor?" she asked, groggy and probably as heavy headed as he had been when he woke minutes earlier,

The Doctor reached into his pocket for his screwdriver, but found it empty; he cursed and looked at River, pressing buttons on the control pad next to the harness, so as to release her.

"River what happened? What do you remember?"

River frowned, "I was plugging myself into the computer, to save you,"

"Before that," he pressed a final button and River was able to step down, out of the harness,

She bit her lip, "Imogen,"

"She shot us, yes, I have an idea why and I really don't like it, so please River, after she shot us, what do you remember?"

"I woke up next to you, the past you, and… and I started my work,"

Frustration coursed through the Doctor's body, complete rage and he screamed out, slamming a fist against a wall, "How could she be so stupid!" he yelled,

River stared at him, "What is it Doctor, what has she done?"

He turned, pushing away his rage to explain it as calmly as he could to his wife, "She made a flesh doppelgänger of you, like Kovarian did to you at Demons Run. You thought you were out there, sacrificing yourself for me and Donna and the other 4022 people trapped in CAL's computer systems, but really, you were here. And Imogen…" he pulled at his hair, "Imogen had no idea what she was getting into."

He ran to the door and pushed at the handle. Locked. He screamed at it angrily and slammed his hand against it, looking at the roof, "Come on old girl, please. For her." River watched as the Doctor took a calming breath and tried the door again. It didn't move, and the Doctor scrunched his eyes up, "Please, Imogen, please," he turned around and slid down the door defeated,

"Doctor I don't understand, she found a way to save me. Why is that bad?"

He looked up at her voice, but didn't answer. On the way to her face, his eyes had found her hip, or more specifically, the squareness gun holstered there. He jumped up and grabbed it, turning and firing at the door, making it vanish in a flash of blue. He stepped through and began to run through the TARDIS corridors to the console room, River running after him.

"Doctor what the hell is going on?"

The Doctor turned at the sharp anger in his wife's voice. He took a deep breath and looked into her eyes. Regretfully, he began to explain. "Your ganger, the moment that electrical current hit it, would have died. Meaning the memory space would have returned to you, unable to be used by CAL for the download. Imogen doesn't understand the technology like I do, or I would have done that the moment I dropped you home after Darillium. Your ganger melted the second it died, that's why there was no body, not even the suit, left."

"But," River frowned at him, "Doctor, if my download didn't work… What brought all those people back; how did they-" She froze.

River pushed past him to the TARDIS door and opened it, stopping and looking out at the data core of The Library. There, across the room, lying slumped in the chair River's ganger had previously occupied, was a body.

"No." River whispered, "No, no, no, please, no."

The Doctor looked on sadly, "River," he spoke gently, "There's… There isn't anything we can do."

River snapped out of her stillness and ran to the body of her daughter, she pulled Imogen into her arms, tears streaming down her cheeks, "No, no, bring her back, no!" she sobbed, falling to the ground, Imogen limp in her arms, "Bring her back, bring her back!" she squeezed tight and cried, looking up to the Doctor who stood by the TARDIS, tears of his own pouring from his eyes, "Doctor," River begged, "We have to do something, we have to save her."

The Doctor swallowed back a lump in his throat and shook his head, "We can't."

River locked eyes with the Doctor and spoke his name, his true name, "Please," she whispered, "She's our daughter,"

"I know."

He walked slowly to them and crouched down next to his wife and daughter, reaching out a hand to smooth back Imogen's hair, "And you know, River, what we have to do."

He watched as River pressed a kiss to their daughter's temple then did the same before taking Imogen in his arms and standing, carrying her into the TARDIS one final time. River followed on, and the TARDIS doors closed with a hollow thud behind her.

As the TARDIS dematerialised the tenth Doctor ran around the corner, River's sonic screwdriver tight in hand, he bounded onto the empty seat and pressed the screwdriver into the computer system, what he didn't know, however, as the screwdriver sparked blue and uploaded the consciousness of the neural relay into CAL, was that when the TARDIS made this screwdriver for his future self to give to River, the consciousness she encased inside wasn't River's. It was Imogen's.

Demons run, but count the cost

The battle's won, but the child is lost