"Do we have enough evidence to move in yet, sir?" Gibbs' voice became louder and stronger, as he discussed the current terror cell situation with Director Vance. Gibbs' continued to argue with Vance on his cell phone, as Tony continued to watch the apartment and their current assignment, which had now reached a month's time of surveillance. Without taking his eyes off the apartment, Tony noticed that Gibbs' was no longer arguing with Vance.

"So?" Tony asked without having to go into detail or make eye contact.

"We are stuck . . .for a while. We need to catch them in the act." Gibbs shot back with notable frustration. Tony nodded without argument, but he let out a big sigh. After acknowledging Tony's frustration as well, Gibbs sat down next to him as they looked onto the apartment.

"Talked to your Dad lately, Tony?" Gibbs asked as he sipped his coffee and continued to look forward, as he sensed Tony's body next to him tense up at the question being asked.

"No." Tony answered softly. After a long uncomfortable silence, Tony finally started to open up. "When my father marries, he tends to forget about me, . . .so we shouldn't have to deal with him for a while." Tony said with an awkward laugh, which made Gibbs grimace.

"Tony." Gibbs said with obvious irritation and concern.

"They have been kind of busy anyway. Something about transferring some property over that will now belong to my new step-mother." As Tony talked, Gibbs' thought back to the case details that seemed so cut-and-dry, but according to his very own Gibbs-rules, he knew that there was no such thing as a cut-and-dry case. The Gibbs' gut was telling him that he should look deeper into why Phoebe Bertucci felt the need to kill Tony's father, when she just wanted to be with him.

"Boss?" Tony said loudly in concern of what he was seeing in the apartment that they were watching.

"I see it, DiNozzo. Just keep recording." Gibbs replied in a cranky tone, as he continued to watch. A few minutes later Gibbs stood up and headed for the door to leave the room. "I am going out for some air. I will be right back."

"Boss?" Tony turned in concern, wondering if he should be going too.

"I am just going out for air. I am not going across the street."

Out in the hallway, Gibbs tried to get himself a safe distance away from where DiNozzo was, so there was no chance of him hearing Gibbs on his cellphone.

"Hey Abs," Gibbs said into the phone.

"Gibbs, what is happening!" Abby yelled in excitement, hoping that some progress was being made on their latest case.

"We are stuck here for a while Abs." Gibbs said, effectively shooting down any hopes that her Gibbs and her Three Musketeers would return.

"Abs, when you have time, could you look into some stuff for me?" Gibbs said. Knowing that she would not argue with him, Gibbs just continued.

"I would like you to look more into our DiNozzo case." Gibbs cringed and still whispered as he spoke. "I do not like how we left it. It just did not tie up right."

"What are you thinking, Gibbs?" Abby asked in concern and interest.

"Could you look into the backgrounds of Tony's stepmothers?" Gibbs asked, not confident that this was really necessary but needing a place to start. "Specifically, look into the current stepmother, Silvia, and the suspect - Phoebe Bertucci. Also, if you could look into whom Tony's first stepmother was. Tony's uncle made a comment that she killed his mother."

"What!" Abby couldn't help but yell out in shock. "Gibbs, that is terrible. Is there any truth to this?"

"I don't know, Abs. It has really been hard getting anything out of Tony or his father for that matter." Gibbs added. "Just whatever information you can get for me, Abs. DiNozzo does not need to know about this either." Gibbs added as he closed his phone. Gibbs turned to reenter the room. He found Tony pacing around the room talking on his cell phone.

"What? What? When did this happen?" Tony shook his head as he talked into the phone. He noticed Gibbs opened the door, which made him jump when he realized he had stopped watching the apartment. Gibbs slowly walked into the room, giving him a hard, disapproving, stare, as he walked over to the window. Tony gave a hard swallow knowing that a lecture was in his future.

"Is she okay?" Tony asked, still carrying on this conversation. "Well, when is it? Okay. All right. . .all right. Thanks for calling, Dad." Tony finished and quickly sat back down next to Gibbs.

"I'm sorry, Boss." Tony said painfully, as he returned to his seat almost out of breath. The lecture and head slap that Gibbs was about the give Tony was gone, when he learned that Tony had just spoken to his father.

"Everything all right?" Gibbs asked.

"No." Tony quickly said, having to take a deep breath to collect himself. "My dad said that Phoebe was killed in a car crash over the weekend." Tony shared with Gibbs.

After hearing the news, Gibbs closed moved closer to Tony treating him with a very intense and concerned Gibbs' stare. "Car crash?" Gibbs repeated in surprise and almost disgust in himself for waiting so long to reopen the case and inquire about Tony's stepmothers.

"Was it an accident?" Gibbs asked, not even believing what he was asking himself.

"I. . .I don't know yet." Tony said so unconvincingly and in such a way that convinced Gibbs immediately that he was lying. Gibbs turned his body and moved closer to Tony.

"Tony?" Gibbs said softly. Tony began to squirm from the pressure, as he fought the urge to bolt from the room.

"It might not have been an accident." Tony answered cautiously. Gibbs nodded, but then continued to give the Gibbs' judgmental stare to Tony waiting for more information from him.

"Boss. . .I can't." Tony finally stumbled out some words, hoping that Gibbs lose interest in this topic.

"Tony?" Gibbs repeated even softer than the first time, as he leaned over giving him a soft circular rub on his upper back and shoulder. As Gibbs' eyes pierced him, Tony felt the need to add the additionally information that his father provided on the phone. Tony swallowed hard. He looked at Gibbs, who had not moved and who still waited for an answer.

"This probably is not relevant." Tony added with a nervous little laugh, in hopes of convincing himself that this was the truth. "However. . ." Tony paused, closed his eyes a moment, and swallowed. Then he finally looked at Gibbs and finished the sentence. "My dad said that her car was run off the road. The car was run off the road in the same spot that my mother's. . ."Tony gave short pause as he still seemed to be processing the information. ". . . was. It was the same location." Tony tried to explain, but even his voice started to quiver as he said this. Gibbs gave a small nod and continued to regard Tony, watching his movements and facial expressions waiting for indications of just how upset he really was. Gibbs had some questions on the tip of his tongue but at the same time wondered if he could ever ask Tony these questions. As they sat there, Gibbs waited to follow Tony's lead. He seemed to be desperately trying to hide his agitation. Gibbs became increasing concerned about this situation, as he continued to watch Tony who was visibly becoming more distressed as they sat there in silence. Just when Gibbs thought that Tony was about to start to emotionally crumble from all this, Tony just stood up looked out their window for a moment and took a deep breath that seemed to expel all emotions from his body.

"I . . .would like to go to the funeral. If. . .if that is possible, Boss?" Tony looked down to avoid eye contact and grimaced at his own question. Without hesitation, Gibbs stood up and looked at him strongly, forcing eye contact with a very uncomfortable Tony.

"You go to the funeral." Gibbs responded wanting to say more, but seeing how Tony's behavior totally transformed in a matter of seconds, he tried to refocus on their stakeout.

As their shift ended and there seemed to be a low in activity, Ziva and McGee entered the room.

"Hey." Tony said as they entered, not hiding a long yawn.

"Good Morning, Tony." Ziva said with extra emphasis.

"Good Morning Gibbs." She said.

"Ziva. McGee." Gibbs said.

"Good Morning." McGee said to both of them.

"Hey McMorning." Tony regarded McGee.

"Did anything happen last night?" McGee asked them as he sat down near the equipment.

"Not enough." Tony answered shortly. Gibbs shot Tony a surprised and irritated look. Although Tony got quiet about his ex-stepmother's car accident, he did not need to be quiet about the case.

"We need more." Gibbs said trying to elaborate Tony's lack of detail. "Vance wants us to catch them in the act." Gibbs said in an angry tone.

"Catch them in the act. . .it will be too late. . . " McGee questioned the strategy of this but did not finish when he saw Gibbs' irritation.

"Good luck today. Don't forget that you have backup available now in the surveillance van downstairs." Gibbs added with a little concern for leaving half of his team.

"Yes Gibbs." Ziva nodded, recognizing his concern.

"Tony?" Gibbs turned to his senior field agent, who seemed to be in his own little world, still sitting near the window.

"Coming Boss." Tony quickly responded and followed him out of the room.

"So when is the funeral?" Gibbs asked as they walked toward the car.

"Uhh, I actually don't know yet Boss. My dad was supposed to get back to me." Tony answered as they got into the car.