Chapter Eighteen – Deux, Dois, Dos

Edward's Point of View

Tanya's attorney shakes my hand as a final gesture. Six months had gone by with the four of us, that being Tanya, myself, and our divorce attorney's, spent in the back room of a courthouse or a law firm, dividing up money, the house, funds, the lot. Matthew was one hundred percent hers, as I refrained from filing for joint custody. I couldn't take care of him, especially since he was never mine to begin with. It just didn't seem right. I stood up and adjusted my tie so it was a little looser around my neck.

I was officially divorced.

Tanya stood up after me, smoothing her shirt down, her face had hardened. "I'm sorry I wasn't much of a wife."

"I'm sorry for not being a better husband. You tried, that's all I ever wanted from you. I hope the move is easy for you." She was getting set up in another office over in Alaska, so I didn't think I would ever be running into her ever again.

"Thank you. Can you imagine if we never crossed paths all those many years ago?" She asked, a thoughtful look on her thirty four year old face. "You probably would have been married to Bella still."

I had thought about that scenario countless times in my head, if we had never met at the bar after I had stormed out because I had a fight with my wife. We got to talking; I opened up to her, way more than I should have. We had sex that night, and it had eaten me alive for the next week before I could tell Bella what I had done. The worst thing, above all else, was her face when I told her the devastating news, that I had gone behind her back and disobeyed the one.

It was a situation that I promised to never find myself in again.

Yet, time after time, I found myself disappointing Bella again and again, particularly amongst the entire graduation party incident. I pulled her down with me time and time again, reminding her of happier times when we were young, carefree, and just us. We were older but we were still the same, despite the experiences we had ventured through.

Slowly and surely, we found our way back to each other. We broke away from each other a few times, yes, but in the end it's always her. It's always Bella, regardless of the fuck-ups ad complications. She was what I wanted and needed to come home to at the end of every day, she is my life. Honestly, there were not enough words out there to describe how I felt about her.

Tanya had noticed that I'd zoned out, and she laughed. "Edward, you are marvellous. You have no idea how wonderful you really are. Thank you, for everything. I wish you the very best." She kisses my cheek and walks out, and I wonder if our paths were ever meant to collide in the first place.


"In here," I hear her voice ring out, calling me home. I dump my keys and my coat and follow the only light in the entire house – it's coming from the kitchen, and I can't help but let my mind wander...

And there she is, standing very proudly in front of a chocolate cake with candles and all, a large smile on her porcelain, beautiful face. I cannot help but get lost in her mesmerising trace, the effects of the long day past me. This, her, right here – this was all I needed to see. I come over to her side and kiss her lips, that taste of cocoa and coffee. "Happy birthday," she whispers in my ear, her hand in mine.

It was just us two now – Nate had moved downtown with Brad and they both worked in the city, and our daughter was boarding at college, having the absolute time of her life. It was just us two, like we had originally planned all those years ago, when we had nothing except a crammed apartment and an overabundance of baby clothes, working our asses off for a better life.

"Make a wish." She commands, and I bend down and blow my candles out, and kiss my Bella again. "Are you hungry?" She asks me, licking her lips.

I shake my head, denying. "No, not for cake." I hint with a large smile, and she blushes crazily. With that, we venture into the bedroom together that we've shared for months on end. As she reaches up, I crane down, and our lips find themselves softly against one another in a passionate heat.

"I haven't given you your present yet," she whispers, as I kiss her neck and undo her shirt for her.

"You being mine is enough to last me a lifetime," I say, and she grins at me, her eyes alight. I remove her bra and she moans as my tongue circles around her nipples in the sweetest of notions. She removes my shirt and I kiss the valley of her breasts as her fingers knot my hair. She backs up and onto our bed, and she begins to remove my pants as I undo the buttons on her skirt. Soon enough, we are naked and I truly cannot think of anything more perfect. She adjusts herself and takes me in her hot little mouth and licks, her eyes meeting mine. My hands absentmindedly find themselves locked in her hair and I lean backward as her lips suck in as much as she can muster, her cheeks hollowing.

Her hands meet my hips and she comes back up and then down again with a triumphant smile, my breathing becoming more shallow by the second. "Fuck, Bella," I hiss through clenched teeth.

She stares at me, the vixen, and the flat of her tongue meets my tip, flicking out, driving me absolutely crazy. "I'm...gonna..." And before I can even get out the rest of my sentence, I shoot myself down her throat and she swallows it down, looking pleased and covered in delightful, salty sweat.

We reposition ourselves so she's on the bottom, and I pin her arms above her as I thrust myself into her and she cries out. "Edward," she pants, our eyes on each other, utterly lost and so in love.

I go slow and move my hips around, getting in as much as I can as she cries over and over, my name falling from her lips countless times. "Bella, I love you." I whisper, right in her ear, my hands still holding her arms above her head. "Thank you, for everything," I thrust into her again and she moans loudly.

I kiss the insides of her arms, thrusting into her, feeling warm. She cries over and over and we cum together, each one of us moaning and groaning and feeling every inch of bare skin. We lay side by side, half draped in the sheets. I stroke her cheekbone with my thumb and stare into her eyes.

She is mine.

"Bella, can you do something for me?" She turns to me with a puzzled, refreshed expression. I kiss the tip of her nose. "Marry me, Bella."

Her eyes brighten and she inhales a ragged breath. "Of course." She whispers, and we kiss sweetly.

Bella's Point of View

We insisted on doing it right.

And yes, I do mean 'we'. Both Edward and I were ready to commit for what would be the very last time. There were to be no more total screw ups, no more disregarding feelings and people's opinions, no more of the beating around the bush garbage that we seemed to get a thrill out of.

"Bella, you look simply beautiful."

I turned around and looked at Alice, going a crimson red, contrasting to the deep blue of my wedding dress. Doing it right, of course, meant a proper wedding that was to be taken place in a Church instead of a courthouse, and a reverend who would marry us instead of a judge. That was about as traditional as it went – seeing that I was on the wrong side of forty, I figured that if I could wear whatever I wanted and do whatever I wanted.

Oops, I mean 'we.'

"I can't believe this is happening." I say, tucking a stray strand of hair behind my ear. I smooth down my dress and dab at my eyes very carefully, knowing that one smudge of eyeliner will result in an Alice style apocalyptic war, and no one wanted that to happen (even though she was capable of doing so).

"That's going to be the title of your biography, I swear on it," Alice mumbled, drinking a glass of champagne. Rose exited out of the toilet and her hands flew to her mouth as she took in my appearance.

"Bella, you look amazing!" Rose states in awe. "Edward is going to crap himself!" She says excitedly, and we laugh together. I hear the music playing outside the room and I shuffle my feet nervously toward the door. Seeing that both Charlie and Renee had passed on, I opted for my best friend's to escort me down the aisle, knowing I was not capable of walking in these shoes whilst only holding onto a bunch of flowers and nothing that was solid enough to hold me up.

Maybe I should've had more wine when I had the chance...

"Let's go beautiful! Time to get you married again! Edward and Bella Cullen, the sequel." Alice says, opening the door for me.

"Gee, thanks." I say, even though I really can't be mad at her. Not on my wedding day, at least. They flank me and wrap one of my arms with their own, and we venture down the reasonably short aisle. I take in Edward's appearance at the end of said aisle, and tears in my eyes well up. It had felt like a lifetime since I had seen him, and yet, here he was. Memories of us together when we were young flooded through my mind and I couldn't help but think about how much I wanted to be his wife again.

I loved him, and that was all there was to it, despite our fights and differences and arguments; he was mine forever.

Alice and Rose kissed my cheeks as they handed me over to Edward, who was smiling with a wide grin, exposing all his teeth. I turned to the people in the rows, spotting our children, who were both in their twenties. Nathan stood proudly with Brad, his husband of two years, whilst Amelia was next to Carlisle. Both of them had accomplished so much, and I was so proud of how strong they both were, and the people they had developed into.

The ceremony felt so short, and it wasn't long before Edward and I said our own vows, and slid rings on each other, and kissed, signifying that we were husband and wife – again. This was what felt right. This was what I wanted all along, ever since we bumped into each other and I felt his green gaze search my soul when we were sixteen and fellow classmates at Forks high. He took my hand and we walked down the aisle together, as he whispered that he loved me over and over in my ear, and that he had finally got to be my husband – a title which he believed he was not worthy of.

It took a lot of convincing from me to tell him that it was always going to be us, and that there was to be no other person for me or him.

It felt stupid to say such things, seeing that we had done the marriage and children thing so early, and then focused on our careers. Most people did it backwards, but no, we were always just a little different in that special way. Although we had lost each other at some point, we were going to retrace our steps and find ourselves back to where we belonged, with each other. We had never lost that spark between us; it just took a little time to find. It was always there, a glimmering beacon of love and hope that was shining in the darkness. The second time around made both of us realise that our love had never gone died, and all it took to get it back was a lot of alcohol and a dinner in Philadelphia.

"How does it feel to be Mrs Bella Cullen again?" Edward asked in my ear as we take the first dance.

"Feels better than the first time. It suits me now that I'm older, don't you think?" I ask, and he laughs, exposing more wrinkles around his eyes and his forehead.

"So no déjà vu?"

"We've done things quite differently second time around, so no, none at all." I promise him as we smile at each other.

"The second time around? What are we, a sequel?" He laughs.

I couldn't help to admit that Alice was right. "Yes, that is exactly what we are. Except, a better sequel."

"What about the next chapter of a book? I want to combine the two, seeing that they contain basically the same elements," he tells me, the words falling effortlessly and articulately.

"Once upon a time, in a far away land, there lived a family named the Cullen's..." I began for him.

"Twice upon a time." He corrects me with a cheesy grin. I roll my eyes but do not stop myself from laughing at the joke.

"And they lived happily ever after, yes?"

"Just about." He says with a large smile, as his lips meet mine and we continue to dance as husband and wife.

After all, it is indeed always possible to do something better the second time.

The End.

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