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A New Tomorrow

Chapter 1 - First Day of School

As Edward parked the Volvo, I had a weird feeling. It was the first day of our senior year and in the past few weeks so much had chance. Not for the worst of course, but for the better. I had so many things I no longer had to worry about. No Victoria and no Volturi and this made life easier. I knew every problem in the world could not be solved, but Edward and I were happy. I was slowly figuring this whole Jacob thing out as well. I had to make things work with the wolves and the Cullens even more now. In a world that was a secret to so many, they needed each other more then they thought. Though some things did need to change, I hope a compromise could at least be made. I also know is that it will not be easy and that it is like trying to push a boulder up a steep hill.

"Penny for your thoughts?" He asked as he opened the passenger side door and reached for my hand.

"I was just thinking of how different this school year will be" I smiled at him.

"Yes, probably the best senior year ever" he said happily. It was then I realized that he probably never had a decent senior year, I would have to change that.

"More than better, it will be amazing!" Alice chirped coming out of the back seat.

"Mike is coming" Edward whispered, "He's looking for you since you have not worked in the past 2 weeks. He is looking for your truck before he looks for my car. The book has been right so far, him and Jessica just recently broke up a few days ago."

I rolled my eyes, I wonder if they broke up before or after the act at the mall. I also wondered who broke up with whom, I would believe Mike broke up with her, because she would not have dumped Mike without some assurance she would get Edward. Lauren would not give her that, as she wanted Edward or well to hurt me or maybe a combo of both.

"He wants to see if she is free" Alice giggled as her eyes glazed over and she smirked at Edward.

"I hope he plans to wait for eternity" I said as I rolled my eyes.

"Let's say it will be an interesting school year for you both. Jessica has not given up on Edward either. I can see a few awkward moments to come for you both" Alice giggled and I don't even have to see the future to know that".

I am going to be more worried about Lauren then Jessica, she does not always think things through, and Lauren is another story. Lauren is a planner but she makes other do her dirty work. I sighed again, I should not let this worry me, I know everything they do is lies and I will never fall for them.

"At least we have all our classes together now" I sighed, "Even gym".

"You'll be fine in gym Bella. Edward will protect you, haha, when he is here. Mike is in your class and so is Jessica. Be careful on sunny days" Alice smiled at me.

"Can't we pretend I am going on camping trips with you all or something?" I pleaded.

"Edward already thought of that, but Charlie will never allow it, even if one of our parents will be with us. Edward is still a teenager to him" Alice sighed, "We might be able to convince him in the spring maybe".

"You sound more disappointed in that then I thought" I said looking at her.

"That is because she was thinking of the shopping trip she could have taken you on for camping clothes" Edward laughed.

"Figures" I mumbled.

"O, get ready, in less then a minute Mike will notice you. Oo, nice plan Edward" Alice giggled again.

"What plan?" I asked.

"Just wait…5…4…3…2…1" Alice counted in a whisper.

As I was focusing in on her counting and wonder what in the world she meant, Edward whispered my name. I looked up at him and he smiled and brought his lips slowly down onto mine as his hands wrapped around my waist to pull me closer and mine around his neck. He chuckled softly as he pulled away too soon and told me to breathe. I thought I heard a click behind me. I shook my head clear as Edward continued to chuckle. I looked over at Alice and she had a camera.

"Did you just take a photo of us kissing?" I asked horrified.

"No, not yet. One day you will let me though. No I took a photo of Mike's face, because you would never have noticed it in time, so I thought you would like to see it" Alice smiled. She showed me the photo and I started laughing. He looked horrified and pissed at the same time.

"See, there are some benefits of having a camera" Alice chirped.

"Edward…you do know that if you kiss me every time Mike looks at me, you are going to be kissing me majority of the day" I winked at him.

"Hmm, that is not something I mind at all. Though, it would make it hard for you to concentrate in school and I am sure they might start a new no PDA school rule or something" Edward sighed.

"It's ok Edward, I am sure you will have plenty of times to upset Mike and Bella to piss off Jessica" Alice said.

"I really do not want Jessica pissed off at me" I sighed. I did not need her and Lauren working on Master plans, I knew nothing would come from it all, but it would still be more annoying.

"As you learned from reading Midnight Sun, Jessica is not a good person anyways. She is still going to be nice to you, make Edward think she is a good person or something, be the nice shoulder to lean and cry on if anything happens" Alice muttered, 'Be careful of her Bella".

"I will, believe me, I will" I sighed as Edward took my hand.

"We better get to class and also get ready for Jessica. She is in first period and as soon as she sees us she is going to ask you a thousand questions probably and also make sure I know that her and Mike have broken up" Edward groaned.

"Do you think they will end up back together, like they did in Breaking Dawn?" I asked.

"It's hard to tell, but two people like them….deserve each other" Alice smiled.

Edward wrapped his arm around my waist as we walked to our first period, Chemistry. I giggled softly; Edward and I had Chemistry together.

"What's so funny?" he asked as we took our seats at a table in the back of the room.

"You and I have Chemistry together" I smiled.

He looked at me for a moment confused before he softly chuckled, "Indeed we do". He kissed me on my cheek and I smiled back. Out of the corner of my eyes I saw Jessica walk into the room glaring at Edward as he kissed my cheek and took the table next to us and her seat was closest to me…it was going to be a long semester.

"Hi Edward, Hi Bella" Jessica smiled sweetly at Edward. I was going to have to watch her; I knew her smile and her thoughts were not the same anymore. I would have to ask Edward later.

"Hi Jessica, how was your summer?" I asked. I should have asked her this during the mall and now I would have to pretend to care.

"It was fun, my family and I went to California for a couple of weeks, I even got a light tan. Sadly, Mike and I just broke up. He was just not the guy for me" Jessica frowned, but I saw her look at Edward out of the corner of her eyes.

"O Jessica, I am so sorry to hear about Mike. I really thought you two would work out together. I am glad you had fun in California though" I faked my own smile, "I did not even know you guys were broken up when I saw you at the mall".

"Well it happen the following day, but things have been leading up to it" she shrugged.

Before Jessica could quiz me about my summer, the teacher walked in the room to start class. I sighed, relieved. I really did not want to continue to talk to Jessica; I knew she had a thousand questions. Sadly I knew I would not be able to protect myself against her in the locker room.

Edward and I had been holding hands underneath the table when he suddenly moved our hands so that they rested on top of the table. I looked at him and he just smiled. When the bell rang he slipped his arm to my waist and held me close. I waved at Jessica, not wanting to get caught by her when I had a chance to escape.

"What was with that?" I asked.

"Jessica kept looking at us, wondering if we were holding hands or not. Then when she started picturing herself holding my hand, I just felt the need to burst her bubble" Edward chuckled.

'Let's get to English" I said rolling my eyes but silently giggling.

"Excellent, Angela and Ben are in that class with us" Edward smiled.

"O that is good. I really want to see them" I said.

"Yeah she was looking for you when they pulled in, but we were escaping from Mike at the time," he said as we walked into the class room and we took seats at the back, "but we are here early enough so we can talk to them".

Angela and Ben walked in and Edward just leaned in his seat, playing with a strand of my hair. I was glad that neither Jessica nor Mike was in this class. I knew that Angela and Ben's thoughts would not upset Edward, so he would just relax.

The day flew by and soon it was time for lunch. I was unsure how this would go, everyone sitting together that is. In the book no one ever figured out that they did not eat, but they were also gone for majority of it. As long as Angela, Ben, and I were the buffers, I have hope that it will all work out.

Edward and I took our seats at the end of the table, with Alice soon dancing over to sit on the other side of Edward. Angela sat next to Alice, the look on her face was one of uncertainly, but she still sat down. Mike and Jessica made their ways over, also looking confused at the 2 Cullens that were sitting at the table. Soon the others join and I had to remind myself to be calm. Alice was calm and happy, if she saw this ending badly, she would have said something.

"Bella" Alice chirped.

"Huh, what?" I asked, thinking I was missing something.

"Little lost in a daydream? Such a silly thing, why dream of Edward when you can just stare at him" she winked.

I started blushing and shot a glare her way. Edward was chuckling with her, so unfair.

"Anyways, I was talking to Angela and Jessica about doing something Friday or Saturday night to celebrate surviving the first week of school, what do you think?" Alice asked.

"That sounds great, count me in" I said.

"Trying to exclude the guys again Alice? How about we all come?" Edward smirked.

She looked at him funny for a moment but giggled, "Sure Edward, don't want to be away from Bella?"

He just rolled his eyes, "I just think Ben, Mike, and the others would want to be included. The guys have to survive the first week as well".

"Fine, we can all go together. We can go to the movies or bowling or putt putt…" Alice was soon lost in her plans to pay much attention to anyone.

I laid my head on Edward's shoulder, I hope he reign Alice in before she did anything to drastic. A simple outing should not be so complicated, but once you added a little pixie in, it could become insane.

"Bella, we have to go to class" Edward whispered.

I opened my eyes, I must have gotten lost in the moment, and the bell had rung.

Alice came to walk next to me, "Be careful in gym, Jessica is itching for details. She wants to know why you are so close to Edward now…she is ready to start rumors of your summer…many of which would make you permanently red. Mike is going to try and talk to Edward…but his normal human fear keeps him from asking too much".

"So basically I should not let Jessica corner me in the locker room?" I asked.

"Yes" she chirped, "But you also need to make sure she understands your relationship a little better. Lauren will start some rumors, but without the juice to prove em, they won't go far".

I sighed and caught up with Edward and took his hand, I was happy for my senior year because it was one step closer to forever, but the drama some people want to start is insane. He had my favorite smile on and my heart was beating a little faster. Maybe I was spoiled now that Edward was in all my classes…now to get him to get me out of gym. I was sure Carlisle could write a note or something. I had to escape Jessica…things would only get worst over the semester.

"Honey, Carlisle will not write you a note to get you out of gym" Edward murmured as we walked into class.

"Hey, how did you know what I was thinking?" I demanded.

"Alice saw you going to ask Carlisle and he would refuse. It would be a little hard to think of a reason for you to miss a year of gym" Edward replied.

"I think me being clumsy is a good enough reason" I mumbled.

"Don't let Jessica get to you, eventually she will give up" he said.

"Yeah, when the sky falls down" I grumbled.

"Be glad you don't have to read her mind or Mike's for that matter" Edward said trying to help me see the bright side I guess.

"That just makes me feel bad. I know I don't make them to think their thoughts, but I know it is hard on you" I whispered, not wanting the other students to hear.

Edward just shook his head as we made it to Calculus…I was glad Edward was in this class, I was going to need the help. I did not need the book to have known that.

Now it was time for gym...if I thought I feared it once…now there was even more a reason.

As soon as Edward gave my hand a gentle squeeze, I walked into the locker room and Jessica was ready. Can anyone besides the Cullens change that fast?

"Hi Bella" Jessica smiled.

"Hi Jessica, how is your first day going?" I asked.

"Great, I think it will be an awesome senior year" she replied.

"Yeah me too" I said as I grabbed my uniform to change in.

"You never did say what you did over the summer"

"I worked at the store, hung around my house and with the Cullens"

"All the Cullens?"

"Yeah, Emmett is hilarious and Rosalie and Alice love to shop, I was dragged on way too many shopping trips. Jasper is really cool to play chess with and Esme and Carlisle are such awesome parents. Esme is an excellent cook, so it was good to be able to take a night off".

"Did you and Edward have a lot of alone time together?"

"Ummm,.. No. I like hanging out with his family and plus they did go on a few camping trips, the guys went on a few more though, which gave us girls times to have sleep overs"

"You two seem closer then last semester, Lauren said she saw you two kissing outside before school started"

I wish I knew Lauren was by us…but did she see Mike? Great now I have to worry that Jessica is a little jealous if Lauren said anything about Mike's facial expression. It would make no sense, since she is after Edward, but I guess she figures she can have them both. Man, I wish I was the mind reader right now, I know Jessica made it sound like the break up was her idea, but I know Mike is the one who wanted to end it in some vain hope or something for me, "I guess we are"


"I love him" I blurted out, man that was a bad idea with Jessica.

"Really? Are you sure?" she asked excitedly…but was she really excited? Edward better explained to me everything she was thinking today.

"I am very sure, he means a lot to me" I said softly.

"Wow…that's nice. Does he feel the same?"

"Yeah, he does" I said as the coach yelled for everyone to get out on the floor. For some reason I did not like the way she asked the last question. I was going to have to get Edward to explain that to me.

Plus she heard us in the mall when Alice was basically saying I was the One and we were going to go to college together and all. She either had a short term memory problem or she just did not want to believe she heard any of that.

I hated we had to change when all we did was discuss what we would be doing for the semester and was told our first week would be basketball, I was going to have to hide behind Edward the entire time or risk getting a ball to the head. When the bell rang, I made it to the locker room quickly to change and get back to Edward and away from Jessica. As soon as I walked out of the locker room, there he was leaning against the door, looking marvelous as usual. Man, I was lucky.

"Did you enjoy your time with Jessica?" he asked smirking.

"We both know I did not. What was going through her head at the last question she asked me, about wondering if you felt the same way?"

"She did not want to believe it. She saw the way I was looking at you in class and at lunch, but she is still refusing to believe it" He said rolling his eyes and frowning, "She is still a tad mad that I would refuse to date anyone and you show up and I am suddenly available and all. She still has a hope that I would want to date around or well in her case sleep around. She is hoping she can get a chance with me before Lauren so she can rub it in her face. Those two are more about outdoing one another then being friends at times".

He took my hand and we walked to the car, it felt wonderful to hold his hand, especially after this day. I could only hope that Jessica would get bored or even start ignoring me, which might be better then having to try and talk to her at times.

"Bella, you can't hide behind Edward during Basketball, it is going to make you a target" Alice said as we reached the car.

"I rather sit out" I grumbled.

"You could pretend to hurt your ankle" Alice suggested, "O wait, no…Mike might fake an injury and no one would believe Edward if he got hurt".

I rolled my eyes, "Of course he would fake an injury".

"I can make it a real one" Edward smiled.

We drove off and Alice filled the car as she talked about what everyone was wearing and how some needed some help from the fashion police and then she was suddenly quiet as Edward pulled in front of my house.

"What is wrong?" I asked.

"Your dad just asked the Blacks to dinner and they are coming. Charlie told him you had spent the better part of the past week with us and that he had barley saw you without Edward or me by your side" Alice said.

"He is coming to check on you" Edward hissed, "I just know it".

"Look, calm down. He is coming to my place, so you two will just stay, I invited you to dinner and you can help me cook. Edward you just control your temper" I said quickly as I got out of the car. We saw the Blacks driving away a few days ago when Alice dropped me off, so I knew they would be back soon. I guess Billy thought that the Cullens might not be with me since it was the first day of school and all. Maybe one day he will realize he is not as smart as he think he is and that he is blinded by his prejudices.

"Edward she has a point, Jacob is just a boy at this point, nothing to worry about. Just focus and make sure that Billy does not say anything stupid, Bella and I can take care of Jacob" Alice said.

"Do you think by so many things changing, the wolves will change in a way, especially towards me?" I asked, "I wonder if there would even be so many this time around".

Alice signed, "I really wish I knew, but I don't. I will only be able to tell if they come to you and your future becomes black. I wish I could be more help, but in the end they make a lot of decisions in the moment, so even if I could see them, I would not be much help".

"I think Billy will become a problem. I think it is clear from the books he had some hand in the way Jacob was and since we are not leaving, he would try to push Jacob on you. I guess we will know in a few weeks" Edward frowned, "I do believe there will be fewer wolves with the fact that we will not have to worry about The Volturi coming around or Victoria and her newborns".

"No more frowning…cooking time! Or well…you cook and I watch" Alice smiled.

I rolled my eyes, "Thanks for all the help".

V-V-V-V-V-V-V-V- V-V-V-V-V-V-V-V- V-V-V-V-V-V-V-V- V-V-V-V-V-V-V-V

Edward, Alice, and I were in the kitchen when Charlie came home. He was not surprised, though that was understandable; they have been here a lot recently, especially Alice.

"Bella I invited the blacks over for dinner, is that ok?" Charlie asked.

"That's fine, I will make enough"

"Can I talk to you for a moment?" he asked looking uncomfortable.

"Sure dad" I said as I wiped my hands on a towel and followed him into the living room. I caught a slight smirk on Alice's face as I walked out…what as that for?

Charlie sighed as he sat in the chair, looking rather uncomfortable, "I just want to warn you that Billy was acting weird when I was telling him how close you were to the Cullens lately. I know they all do not like them and if he starts anything I want you to tell me. I don't agree with their opinion and Billy has been fine about that, but lately he has been pushier. I like having them for dinner, but please let me know if he says anything and all".

"There is more you want to say" I said, clear from his expression. He still looked uncomfortable, Charlie was not one to talk about his feelings, neither of us were, so whatever it was, he was not having the greatest time sitting here talking to me…but I do wonder what prompt it. If there was something on his mind, then I had to hear it. He would not be here warning me in a sense about his best friend. I really hope that Billy has not been annoying my dad, it is one thing to annoy me, but to try and turn my dad against my boyfriend was another thing.

"He has mentioned you dating Jacob before and when I told him you and Edward seemed serious", Charlie scowled a little at that, "he might have had some choice words. I like Jacob a lot, he has done a lot for Billy and all, but I don't want to seem like the type of father who pushes boys onto you to date, I rather you not date at all until you are older, so it makes on sense to shove another guy into you" Charlie frowned.

I went and sat on the arm of the chair, "Thanks dad. Billy mentioned that once when he was here a little while ago. I don't really know Jacob well….and no offense dad, he is not my type. I can see Jacob staying in forks forever working in a garage or something like that, which is not what I want at all. I don't hate forks like mom, it is actually a really nice town, but I want to go to college and do some traveling and all before I settle down anywhere. I can see myself doing that with Edward and probably his siblings tagging along every now and then. Jacob is too young for me as well, I have only met him a few times but he does seem a tad immature, but he is also 16 I guess and a sophomore".

Charlie rubbed his chin, "You are probably right about Jacob. Not many of those from the reservation ever leave. His sisters are a rare form, but I think that was more of a memory from their mother, I have never been sure. Jacob is a teenager, at least he is not one of the trouble making ones. He is a good kid though. I just want you to be prepared when he comes; Billy was mentioning you coming down to first beach and all. I am sure he will have Jacob begging you to come and visit everyone, which is weird since I think they are the only two from the reservation you know".

"Dad I don't go there because the Cullens are not welcomed. I think their hatred for them is ridiculous and I am not going to go somewhere where they can't go. I have no problem making new friends, but I have a feeling the tribe is a little close and all, me going would be awkward and only to serve a point of getting me away from my friends. I am fine hanging out with the Cullens or my other friends for school. For the matter, is it ok if I go out with a group from school on Friday night?" I asked sweetly.

"Had to get that in, didn't you? No problem; who are going?" Charlie chuckled.

"Edward, Alice, maybe Jasper, Mike, Jessica, Angela, Ben, Lauren, Eric, and Tyler and we are not sure what we are doing yet. I think we might go to Port Angeles and go bowling or see a movie, we are still deciding".

"Sure honey, let me know when dinner is ready" Charlie said as he turned on the television to a baseball game.

I walked back into the kitchen feeling a little better; I was hoping Charlie would be a little better in this reality. I know his biggest problem was Edward leaving and what it did to me, but with him staying, I can only hope he stays on my side and not Billy's. I know he will never hate the Cullens; I just don't want Jacob pushed on me and I hoped Charlie understood Jacob and I would never work at all. Jacob may seem like a nice kid now, but when he becomes a wolf he will be dangerous and his anger fuels a dark side at times. Forks is not the place for me either, even if I was not going to one day join the Cullens, I would never have stayed here. I was telling the truth, I don't hate forks as much as my mother did, it has grown on me, but I would want more.

Edward wrapped his arm around my waist and kissed my cheek, "You seemed to have a nice talk with your dad".

"I did, it will be interesting to see what Billy has to say. He has no need to worry, you would think after all this time he would see you are no danger to me" I huffed.

"Love, we will always be dangerous. I believe the book made the clear from what happen on your birthday" Edward frowned, I hated when he had the look in his eyes. No matter the fact we knew we had a long future ahead of us, I know it still hurt him to know what could have happen.

"Stop being a downer Edward, everything is going to be fine. We will handle whatever the wolves or Billy has to throw our way" Alice chirped.

We continued to make the meal in silence, well I made the meal as Alice talked a mile a minute and Edward helped in any way he could. As I placed the food on the table Edward frowned and I knew that meant the Blacks were almost here.

EPOV (Because we all want to know what is going on in Billy's head)

I could hear them and I was already annoyed. Billy noticed my car parked and he was seething. He had some colorful words for me and I smirked, it is not like he would be able to use them with the chief around. Jacob was frowning and it seemed he really wanted to talk to Bella alone, seems Billy has been talking her up for a few days and even told him that she may be single again. Where in the world did he get that thought? There even seems to be a part of him that believes his own theory, because he wants them to be family. He wants to be family with a best friend he can have Jacob date Leah, that way he can have the older girlfriend. Too bad Leah would eat someone like Jacob alive.

Jacob seemed a little please that Bella might be single, he thought she was hot and having an older girlfriend would be cool. How can his dad talk her about her being smart, beautiful, and think that she would want to date a child? Seems he was also telling Jacob how it was almost destine that he had a son and Charlie had a girl that way they could all one day actually be family…Billy was more trouble then I thought.

We each grabbed our plates of spaghetti…which I am sure is delicious since Bella is a great cook…but I will never know, as there was a knock on the door. I took Bella's plate and went into the living room after giving her a kiss on the cheek.

"I'll get it Dad, we are going to eat in the living room to let you, Billy, and Jacob talking about fishing I guess" Bella smiled as she opened the door. Billy and Jacob were both glaring at me, but I gave them a soft smile as I followed Bella into the living room.

"Charlie will be in the kitchen in a moment, he is washing up. We won't be in your way; we will be eating in the living room".

"Bloodsuckers don't eat, unless she is giving them blood or something" Billy grumbled under his breathe to low for anyone to hear.

"How could dad have said she was single? How am I supposed to compete with a senior and someone she has been with for a while? It doesn't matter, she is hot enough to try, and maybe I can do some flirting and make him mad or something. Dad keeps going off about her being perfect for me, no harm is seeing" Jacob thought causing me to growl softly.

Bella grabbed my hand and pulled me into the front room waving at Billy and Jacob, "Why were you glaring at them?"

"Jacob was thinking how hot you were and that if he flirts some he could cause a fight between us" I huffed, "And yes I know it is not true, but he was imaging himself winning and kissing you and it was annoying".

"Well stop being so upset and spy on them" Alice giggled.

"Dad I thought she was single?" Jacob hissed.

Billy shrugged, "Ok, so maybe I was wrong, but why does that change anything? Do you really want my best friend's daughter dating a blood sucker?"

"Dad I don't believe in those tales, I have no idea why you hate Cullens unless it is jealously" Jacob grumbled.

"I am not jealous, but maybe you should. Maybe you would have a chance if Bella was not so tempted by the easy life they are offering" Billy growled.

"Did you just basic call her a gold digger?" Jacob asked confused, "why would you want me to date someone like that?"

"She is not a gold digger, but Cullen could be wooing her with gifts and all. She is probably just another pretty face on his arms and he is going to hurt her, she is going to need a good friend like you to help her put the pieces back together"

"He does not look at her like she is just some arm candy, plus from other girls from the school use to say on the beach the Cullens would refuse all of them and believe me…some of those girls at that school are easy and flirt with everyone. There was one there the last time who was angry that Cullen was even paying attention to Bella in the first place, my guess is she could be like the queen bee at that school".

"Maybe Cullen is bored before college and saw the new girl as a target. You have to protect my best friend's daughter".

"I really don't think she needs protecting"

"She needs more protection then you know. Now go out there before Charlie comes in and say you want to eat with them like last time and try to get close to her. Let Cullen know that he does have competition"

"Fine" Jacob grumbled, "I cannot believe I am doing this,it is a good thing she is hot. I wonder if she likes cars or sports, what in the world am I supposed to talk to her about."

"Jacob better take this serious, I have to find a way to save Bella before he kills her. How can she be so stupid to want to be with someone who is only going to kill her? Poor dear is probably so fooled into thinking he actually cares when all he is really doing is playing with his food. Hopefully Jacob takes an interest in her, even if only for her looks or I am going to have to find someone else to flirt with her, which will be hard considering I know the blood suckers won't let her down to our beach where she would be protected from them for a while" Billy thought but was interrupted when Charlie came into the kitchen and started talking about the game from this afternoon.

Jacob came into the room and he really wanted to sit near Bella, but she was on the couch by the corner and I was next to her. Alice was sitting next to me; he had to sit in the chair. I should not have been smug about it all, but I was.

"Hey, I hope it is ok if I sit here with you guys, I really don't need to hear the game play by play again or which fishing spot they like the most" Jacob chuckled.

Alice smiled at him, "That's no problem at all. Has school started at the reservation yet? What year are you now?"

Jacob frowned for a moment, he did not want to stress his age and all again, "We start next week, I'm a sophomore".

"That's a fun year, we're all seniors. The whole stress of college and SATs is really put into focus. We are hoping to go to Dartmouth or somewhere in Alaska since we are from there" Alice chirped.

"Really? I thought Bella would be staying in the area a little longer since she has not been with Charlie long" Jacob said confused. "I really thought dad said she was going to be in the area for a while because she wanted to spend more time with Charlie and all. If I was to date a senior girl, there is no way I could compete against college guys. I'm not even sure I want to leave the area".

Bella looked up confused, "I'm not sure where you heard that from. I really like being here with my dad and all, but I want to go to college and get a degree in English and probably teach and then I would love to do some travel. Especially see parts of Europe and South America".

"She wants to travel? Why was dad making her sound like a home body? I wonder if this is more of the Cullens, maybe they make her want to travel? Still she is serious about going to school, she would make a good teacher, she could be the hot teacher students drool over. I wonder why dad keeps saying these things.

Well the reason is obvious; he wants me to go after Bella. She is hot and all, but the only real reason to go after her is to piss off the Cullens, my dad would like that. This is a little ridiculous though".

"My dad might have mentioned it" Jacob shrugged.

"My dad knows I want to go college, he is really proud of that fact. Your dad might have heard wrong" Bella said, clearly irritated.

"Do you want to go to college?" Alice asked.

Jacob's mind went blank before all he could think of was the fun that college guys had but he thought of his dad. I felt bad a little; he did not see college as a real possibility because of his dad. He knew the tribe would help him if he needed it, but he felt bad at the thought of leaving him, especially with his sisters gone so much. Maybe if Rebecca came back. Paul is to imprint on her soon, so maybe Jacob could get his chance…but he would be a wolf. I am not sure that is avoidable and he might even take the position of Alpha, since I think Bella and him wanting to get away played a role in him not doing it. He proved he could be a good Alpha in the book.

"I'm not sure yet, if I did I might go for Engineering" Jacob smirked a little. He was trying too hard. He had no idea what he wanted to do and was not even looking into college to know what he would want to do. He could see himself owning his own business as mechanic. He should have said Business, it made more sense.

"That would be cool, Dad said you like to work on cars and all. You did a good job on the truck" Bella smiled.

"If only it went faster" Alice giggled, "One day Rose is going to get under that hood to do something"

Bella glared at Alice, "She better leave my truck alone".

"Your sister likes to work on cars?" Jacob asked, confused.

"Yeah, she is really good at it. She normally does a lot of the maintenance on our cars. She wants to open her own shop one day" Alice explained.

The small talk continued, it was more of Alice asking questions and Jacob trying to think of a good answer. I had set my plate down and was playing with a strand of Bella's hair, it felt so soft.

"Bella, are you planning to come down to first beach with your friends anytime soon? Charlie speaks about you a lot, but not everyone has met you" Jacob asked.

Bella seemed annoyed but shook her head, "I'm sorry, as I explained before I won't be going anywhere near First Beach or the Reservation. It is a beautiful place, but the Cullens are not allowed there and I am going to go somewhere that part of my family is not allowed to go. If they can't go, then I can't either".

"Part of your family?" Jacob asked, clearly annoyed. "They are not her family, Charlie is. I wonder if the Cullens are making her think that way. She should not have to ban from such a beautiful place because of them. I am going to have to convince her that she needs to visit the place and not to let all this pettiness gets in the way of her visiting".

"Yes, they treat me like part of their family and I truly believe one day I will be a member" Bella said with conviction. I kissed her on the cheek, all the while smiling.

Jacob was not happy.

"She has barely been here and suddenly she and Cullen are so serious they are talking about the future? Why are they even slumming it here anywhere, I heard they live in a big house in the woods. I'll show him who is the better man" Jacob though, "I would not be as controlling as he, I will get her to see I let her do what she wants, Cullen seems to have her on a short lease".

"I can't control my elders, but I think it is a shame to not go to such a beautiful place with your other friends just because some friends are not allowed. It would be like not going to your favorite store after your best friend was ban for playing a prank" Jacob winked at her.

I growled under my breath, his flirting was not going to work and was only going to annoy me. I am also not happy with the fact that he thinks I control her, he has no idea how it is the other way around. He is too blinded to see it is his tribe that makes her not want to go to first beach.

"I disagree, if my friend did something stupid like that, it is there fault. The Cullens have not done anything wrong. Your tribe holds lies as a base for fact. I rather not be involved with such close minded people" Bella hissed.

She stood up and took my plate, "Be right back love" and walked out of the room. She was pissed, really pissed.

I groaned and turned to Jacob, "I cannot control where she goes, I can only tell you she will never be going to that beach or the reservation, the decision in her own. I have told her she should go if the others go, but she wants nothing to do with the place".

"Sure…not sure if I believe you don't have something to do with it" Jacob grumbled and went to take his plate in the kitchen. I did not want him alone with her, but I remembered that Charlie was in the kitchen.

"What did that boy do? She is ignoring him. How is this going to work if he is making her mad? He had to understand the importance of this all. I need to get her away from those people, she had to understand the danger she is in" Bill thought.

Through Billy's eyes I could see Jacob glaring at him, especially with Bella ignoring him and Charlie looking a little confused, but also unhappy. He has to know that something was said or is going on. Charlie does notice things about Bella a lot; more then we give him credit for.

Bella came back into the room, while Jacob took his time in the kitchen. She came over and curled against my side. I grabbed the blanket on the back of the couch and wrapped her in it.

"Thank you" she whispered.

"Don't let him upset you, he mainly wants to attack me, it is has become more of a macho thing" I explained, "It'll be ok".

"I guess I should have been more prepared for the way he might act, but it is still annoying. Can I guess that Billy has been filling his head with a lot of things?" she asked.

I nodded, "Yes, Billy really wants to get you away from me and there is also a part of him that things you two will be good together. He believes that if Jacob does eventually change that if you were his imprint everything would be perfect. He gets you away from us and you would stay in forks forever. There is a part of him that does care for your father, but I do not think he understands that Charlie would love for you to go to school. He would miss you, but he really wants you achieve your goals and do something more than stay here. He does not want you to be one of the many young married people who also become young parents. He knows how that turned out for him, he wants you to go far in life" I tried to explain. Billy may have felt he was doing some good, but in reality he was not paying attention to what Charlie really wanted.

"I know my parents love me, but I always wondered how life would have been for them had I not been born why they were so young" Bella whispered.

"I know the situation is not good, but I for one am glad you are here" I smiled as I gave her a short kiss, "I think it is time to walk us out, it is a school night".

I grabbed her hand and led her to the door, Alice said she was going to go say goodbye to Charlie and she would see him tomorrow. Jacob was planning to follow us out the door, figuring once I was gone, he could talk to Bella. I knew she would kiss Charlie goodnight and then get ready for bed and then wait for me. I again was smug about it.

"Good night love, I'll see you soon" I smiled.

"I love you Edward" she whispered and reached up to kiss me.

I love kissing her. I tried to focus; I did not want Charlie to walk out of here. I pulled her a little closer until she needed to breathe again. I kissed her neck softly, "Good night my love".

Jacob was pissed; it is what he gets for spying. He was mad I was kissing her, but the look in his eyes is what was making him mad. He really thought he had a chance and now he sees that this is not going to be as easy as he thinks but it does not mean that he is going to give up. This all is a game to him; he is going to learn he has no chance of every winning.

Through his eyes I saw Bella head into the kitchen and then head upstairs. Jacob was pouting, not understanding why she was not staying downstairs. He was not her guest and he does not deserve her time. I signed and ran my hand through my hair. I really did not want to leave her alone, but I knew I had to go home for appearance sake and then I could be back here in 2 hours and sleep with my love close.

"She will be fine Edward, no wolves are in the area since I can see her and we would smell one if they were close. Jacob is just an annoying child. Let's go home and be good children and gush over our first day of our senior year" Alice giggled.

I rolled my eyes, but she was playing the scene out in her head and it was hilarious.

I parked in front of the house and gave Esme a hug and played the part of the devoted son, all the while waiting to leave.

"Alice said the Blacks showed up" Carlisle said as he came into my room as I was changing from my shower.

"Yes, nothing bad. Just Billy wanting to check up on Bella and have Jacob flirt with her and all. It was annoying at times, especially their thoughts, but Bella did not really let him get to her. He was trying to be rude at one point but she told him off" I smiled, I really loved that part.

"Hopefully that is all you have to face when dealing with them" Carlisle suggested.

I frowned; I did not think so, especially once he became a wolf. I am smart enough to know that this is only the beginning to what is to come. Jacob just wanted to do what the guys at school wanted to do, prove to Bella that they were better catches and she was stupid to not see that.

Carlisle sighed, "I am guessing you feel as I do…that things might not be as easy as we want them to be".

"Life is not meant to be easy. We were given a chance to see into the future, but that does not mean all things are going to be easy. The whole relationship with the wolves is a question mark, a really big one. I do not know what struggles we face with that, but I am not stupid enough to think we will get by without something happening. All I know is I will never let them take Bella from me" I explained.

"Of course not" Esme said as she came into the room, "I think we can make this work. All we have to do is show them that we are not as bad as they think we are".

"It might not be that easy" I grumbled.

"As you said, life is not meant to be easy. We will get through this all, you just wait and see" Esme smiled.

"Just enjoy this new chance Edward, we will face whatever we need to face when the time comes" Carlisle smiled, "We'll see you tomorrow morning".

I grinned, "Yeah, I guess you will". I gave Esme another kiss on the cheek and jumped out my window.

As I flew through the woods, I knew I would focus on my chance at a new tomorrow. I would focus on the things I could fix and the future that I had with Bella. We will always face everything together and I will never take for granted the things I have.

I climb through her window and she smiled as she saw me. I climbed into her bed and wrapped my arms around her. I silently hummed her lullaby to her and she drifted off to sleep.

Yes, I would focus on my New Tomorrow with my beautiful beloved


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