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Chapter 12 – Some Holiday Cheer? Better then 3 Ghosts!

"I love Christmas" Alice cheered as she skipped in the cafeteria the day before winter break was to begin.

"So do I" Angela smiled.

"I'm just happy I get to go visit my family in California again, sunny weather here I come" Jessica smirked.

"I can not believe you are going to Alaska for a few days" Mike pouted, "We could have umm all done something here for New Years Eve".

Edward glared at the back of his head…I am going to take a wild guess that Mike was thinking something that was annoying Edward.

"I can't believe her parents are ok with it" Lauren grumbled, but I believe she was trying to say it softly enough so no one heard her, but I did and with the way Edward started glaring at her, her thoughts were not so great. Lauren may be doing better in a sense, but she is still Lauren.

Some friends were a little surprised that I wanted to go to Alaska and others surprised that Charlie was letting me. The most surprised person though was Billy Black. They were over at the house having dinner before a football gam when Billy was asking my dad our plans and when he came to me going to Alaska, Billy was shocked and behind Charlie's back he glared at me. It was probably the most frightening look that I have ever seen from him.

It did not help that suddenly the council also reminded the Cullens about the treaty. Did they really think I would disappear this fast from my dad? Did they think the Cullens would really hurt me? The wolves can be annoying and I wish they would look at things differently. Sometimes I wonder if they are more a threat to me then the Cullens.

"Do you know what you are going to do there?" Angela asked.

"Not really. I know Alice has some things plan and their cousins are all girls. One is on vacation with her boyfriend though, so it will only be two of them" I explained, "I been told they live in a cabin like house".

"Female cousins; are they single?" Tyler asked.

"Did I mention they are in their 20's?" Alice said sweetly.

"O" Tyler frowned as I rolled my eyes, "I like older women though"

"I think it is great you are meeting more of his family" Angela smiled, "I think Alaska would be beautiful too, especially with all the snow".

Have I mentioned lately that I love Angela?

"I do too, I can see us all sitting in front of a fire place drinking hot cocoa and making smores as I am told embarrassing stories about the entire family" I giggled.

"That would be fun" Angela said, "Especially stories of Edward. I wonder if they have any photos of Alice before her fashion sense".

"I've burned them all" Alice smirked, "I was born with style and no one can say otherwise".

Edward got up and went to throw my tray away when Angela moved a little closer, "Do you know what you are getting Edward for Christmas?"

I sighed, "I have one thing so far, but I am looking for something else". I was not about to say anything, I knew Edward could hear me.

As Edward came closer, Angela raised her voice, "I am not a fan of shopping but I found a few things for Ben".

"Such as?" Ben asked.

"There is no fun in telling you" Angela giggled and he leaned over and kissed her cheek.

"I still think going somewhere colder is odd" Jessica said.

"Maybe, but I would burn in California, so why would I go there? My mom is coming here, so there is no reason to go to Florida. I also think it will be fun meeting some of Edward's family" I explained.

"I thought you guys did not have other family" Lauren smiled, thought it was laced with evil in my opinion.

"We don't technically" Edward shrugged, "But my father has been friends with their father since they were younger, so we grew up as family".

"My aunt has a friend like that, whenever we visit she is always pushing her son on me, but I use the whole, they are like family to try and get out of the dates they try to plan, he is a geek or whatever" Jessica frowned, "I would never date him".

"You should never turn someone down for the way they seem, for all you know he could be the sweetest person ever" Alice hissed, "How self-centered that is".

Jessica rolled her eyes, "Please if you saw him you would agree with me".

"I doubt it, I am more opened minded" Alice said as she narrowed her eyes at Jessica.

"Please, as if you would. You have a hot boyfriend, so you have no room to speak" Jessica sneered.

Alice raised an eyebrow at her, "Jessica dear, you base all you opinions on looks and nothing more. Can you tell me anything about my Jasper besides he looks hot?"

Jessica says nothing, which is wise. She can only speak about his appearance and nothing more. She might be able to say he is smart, but knowing her, she would not focus on that aspect at all.

"Just as I thought, you have nothing to say. Let me tell you something about Jasper, you would consider him a nerd or geek or whatever word you like. Jasper loves history, especially the civil war. He can go on and on about it until it becomes annoying. He loves psychology and likes to believe he already has a degree in it at times. While you are watching MTV to droll over the newest musician or movie star, Jazz is watching the history channel or has his nose in an encyclopedia. While he also does things, such as play sports and has a sense of humor, you would not know anything like that" Alice smirked.

Ben and Angela try to hide their smiles, but I think Jessica saw that. She deserved it though, she was being shallow and she needed to grow up. It does not matter how attractive someone is, that does not mean anything in the long run. For someone can be the hottest guy in the world, but also the deadliest…such as some vampires.

"Whatever" Jessica huffed and gathered her stuff to leave as Alice rolled her eyes.

Angela giggles then as Mike frowns and mumbled he'll see us later.

I signed, Mike still likes her. It does not stop him from crushing on me, but he still likes her. A part of me wishes that I could ask Edward about it, but thought better then to do it.

"So, um, do you think you and Alice want to go shopping with me in Port Angeles tomorrow? I want to grab a few more things and maybe you guys can get some more things too" Angela asked.

Alice clapped her hands, "That sounds like fun, I'm in. Bella?"

"Sure" I said, "Maybe with Angela around, Alice won't seem like she has drank a few pots of coffee".

Alice glared at me as Edward laughed, "Don't count on it love".

Edward was adamant that I use the shiny black card with my name on it. I kept telling him that there was no reason for me to use it. He then reminded me that I was no longer working at Newton's because of the books and that he wanted me to get my parents something nice. He also really believed that I was not going to get his family anything.

Men…they can be so stupid sometimes. Sometimes smile and nod your head and they believe you when you say yes.

My biggest challenge was Alice. I really wanted to get her something, but once I decided on something, she would know. I can not imagine how long it took Jasper to come to terms that he will never be able to surprise her.

Alice pulled up in Edward's Volvo of all things and just frowned at me, "They thought driving around Port Angeles in my car would be weird and all. So Edward agreed to lend me his precious Volvo. O I'll be right back".

She ran into my house as I opened the car door and slide into the passenger side. She came skipping out and skipped to the driver's side.

"Why did you go inside?" I asked.

"Because Edward and I both knew you would leave something behind" Alice smirked.

"What did I leave behind?" I wondered.

Alice flashed the shiny black card in my face before putting it in her own purse, "Now you can argue until you are blue in the face, which Edward would get mad about, but let's be honest…you need the card. Think of it this way, you can buy Edward something or even something really nice for Esme. I know you have issues with the card, but you promised to be a little more open minded about the money issue, plus, you are family".

I sighed, "I know, but it is hard and I hate spending money that is not mine".

"But it will be yours one day" Alice reminded me, "Plus your card will never see the action mind does, that I am certain of".

"So very true" I giggled as we pulled in front of Angela's house.

"Hi" Angela smiled as she entered the backseat, "I am surprise you are driving Edward's car Alice".

"He said mine goes too fast" Alice pouted.

Angela just giggles at this as Alice heads to the highway.

"Any idea what store you want to go to" I asked Angela.

"I am thinking of trying to find some old kung fu movies and I really hope Ben watches then with his friends and not me" Angela chuckled.

"We can check to see if the video store has any they are selling" Alice suggested.

"What about you Bella?" Angela asked, "Any idea what you are getting Edward?"

"I been thinking about it and I might get him a composite book since he writes music" I said, "I would get his name engraved on it or something".

"That sounds really nice. You can probably find something like that at the local music store. They have a bunch of cool things there" Angela said, "What about you Alice?"

"I am going to look for something from the civil war, Jasper loves that time period" Alice explained, "And then of course I will make sure he has some new outfits".

For the rest of our ride Alice and Angela sang along with the radio as I laughed at their antics. I was glad to be able to spend some time with Angela and I wonder if she was glad to have time hanging out with people besides Jessica. Jessica is still not as nice as she seems, but she is better. I know she stills hangs out with Lauren too much and Angela is not really allowed to. Angela's father is a great Pastor, but I can understand him not wanting his daughter hanging out with Lauren a lot. She can be like poison at times and I doubt he wants her daughter exposed to something like that, especially when he is able to stop it. Lauren seems to be better in school, but every now and then I can hear her muttering something under her breath and Edward or Alice glaring in her direction. I want to hope that her experiences with the homeless shelters and soup kitchens are doing some good, but I rather not ask Edward and be proven wrong. Lauren is still young enough to realize that someone with her attitude will not always get far and will most likely only have trouble following her. If she doesn't wise up, she will be nothing more than a statistic. I don't want that for anyone.

We soon pulled up to a spot near the music store.

"I figure we can stop here first in case you have to wait for engraving or something, then we can explore the other shops, and then we can have lunch as well" Alice suggested.

"Sounds like a plan to me" Angela smiled.

So we headed into the store as they left to wonder around, I found the composite books. I found a nice one that I liked and saw that you can get printed engraved sheets made here.

I went up to talk to clerk and saw him smiling brightly, "Hi" I said, "I was wondering if you could engrave the inside of this book and if I can also get some sheets customized to put inside?"

"Sure thing sweetheart, what do you want it to say?" he asked.

I glared at him a little with his tone before smirking, "I would like Music by Edward Cullen on the sheets and on the inside front flap I would like it to say; You say I lit up your darken sky, but you have changed my life forever. I love you, always. Bella".

The clerk frown a little, "Sure, it should only take an hour or so to get it done".

"Thanks" I smiled.

As I paid for the purchase, Alice and Angela both came up with some CDs. I decided when we came back that I would to see if there were any classic ones and ask Alice if Edward had them already.

We spent the rest of the day walking around to different shops, with Alice doing most of the buying. I did find a nice necklace to add to some of the stuff that I got for Renee. In the end I was able to find something for everyone, especially a few more things for Edward.

I now just have to live in fear of what Edward would have got for me. I really hope he did not spend a lot, maybe I am a little more ok with the gifts, but I am not ok with him spending a lot of money on me. I don't need expensive gifts and I believe he knows this. I guess we will see though.

"I hope you guys have a wonderful Christmas and I'll see you after the New Year since you are heading off to Alaska soon" Angela smiled as we dropped her off.

"You too, thanks for coming with us. We should all go out more together" Alice suggested grinning.

"I will. Take some photos while you are gone. Do you think you will see anything cool?" Angela asked.

I shrugged, "I'm not sure, but hopefully. There are some beautiful sights up there and they live near a state park. Hopefully it's not too cold that we can go out at least one afternoon".

"True, but I guess sitting around a fireplace and drinking cocoa with your boyfriend sounds just as fun" Angela giggled, "I bet the town looks beautiful at this time of the year".

"Probably, I'll try and get pictures. I promise" I said.

Angela waved as she walked into her house and Alice just smiled at me as we headed back to my house. She helped me take my bags in before she cornered me, "You won't make your mind up about a gift".

"There is no fun in knowing everyone Mary Alice" I smirked.

Alice frowned, "Don't teach Jasper or Edward your mind tricks".

That caused me to burst out laughing, "I doubt I will ever have the mind tricks that you are all have, no matter what".

Alice rolled her eyes at me, "Whatever Ms. I'm going to be a badass vampire one day".

I just shook my head at her as I went and started to grab things to make Charlie dinner. I wonder if I should make something for breakfast for him since he was working overnight and I was heading out in the morning with Edward to get Renee and Phil.

"I'll make sure we get some photos, I think there are a few sights that Angela would love. The local town does look wonderful when decorated for Christmas, but we have never gone to it. Maybe Edward and you could spend the day there and all" Alice murmured as she sat at the kitchen table swinging her legs, "I think it will be good for you guys to have a date night in a place where you will not run into anyone from town or school".

I nodded, "Sounds good to me".

Alice left a little after that and I went upstairs to start wrapping things, only to find everything was already wrapped. I glared at the packages and saw Alice's writing. I was going to wonder how, but who knows. I guess I should be thankful; wrapping something that will be destroyed can be annoying at times. I also smirked…bet she was hoping she would find something for her. HA, I am a lot smarter than that. I would have loved to have seen her face when she realized nothing was there for her.

I ate dinner with Charlie before he left for the station. I asked him why he went fishing when it was so cold out; he just smiled at me and said it was fun. I think it was more habit then anything else and probably hanging out with his friends.

By the time the time I made it to my room after putting some breakfast in the fridge for Charlie, Edward already had my gifts piled up on my desk in some bags and the blanket warmed up. I smiled at him as I went to get ready for bed.

"I think Christmas is going to be amazing" I murmured as we settled into bed later that night.

"I've already said it will be Love, just wait and see. I get to spend it with you after all this time" Edward whispered just before I fell asleep.

It was Christmas Eve and we would be heading to the Cullens for dinner and to exchanged gifts tomorrow. Then the day after tomorrow I will have breakfast with my parents and Phil. Renee and Phil would head to NYC and I would finish packing for Alaska, as we were leaving late on the 26th.

So far nothing has been heard from the wolves and I hope it stays that way for now. I want to work with them, but I want to be able to have an enjoyable holiday as well. For some reason as soon as I saw Charlie's face when he came in the door, I think I was too positive too fast.

"Hey Bells, can I ask you a question?" Charlie asked.

"You already did" I joked.

Charlie just rolled his eyes at me, "Anyways, I was wondering if it is ok if the Blacks come for dinner tonight. I know it is the holidays, but they have normally spent it with me in the past".

Now how can I deny that and plus it was his house. He must have seen the worry in my face, "I promise Billy will behave. Also remember, your mother will be here and I doubt she will want to deal with anything he might say".

I had to say, he was right. Renee would go off on Billy or Jacob if they said something. I have not really told her anything, just that Jacob had a crush on me and thought since our dads were best friends that he had some kind of claim or first pick on me. Renee did not like hearing that and I don't even know why I said it in the first place. I think I was frustrated at the time. Renee went on a small rant that just because Charlie was friends with someone, it did not that their child had an automatic in with me. She also stated that my dad had to know I would not want to settle in Forks and that I was too mature to be dating someone younger than me, especially when it appeared they were immature. I let her rant, because I should not have opened my big mouth in the first place. I did calm her down and let her know that Charlie had never tried to push me to date Jacob at all. Charlie has also been a lot nicer lately to Edward for some odd reason. I can only guess that maybe he was getting annoyed at the opinions of Billy or maybe he was finally seeing why I love him so much.

"Dad, it is perfectly fine. They are your friends and I always make enough. They can probably even take some home with them for tomorrow since we are having dinner with the Cullens" I explained, "I'm not worried about Billy either dad, I know he has his issues. He is allowed to have opinions".

Charlie smiled at me, "Thanks sweetie". He kisses the top of my head as he heads into the kitchen where the phone is.

A few seconds later my cell rings, I am guess that is Alice. It's Edward actually.

"Hi" I said.

"Afternoon Love" Edward murmured.

"I love hearing from you, but I have a feeling this has to do with a little pixie either being worried or annoyed" I smirked.

Edward chuckled, "Yes love, it is not something we are used to, even if we do understand why it happens these days".

"Charlie has Billy and Jacob coming over for Christmas Eve dinner, he said that they always had dinner together for the holidays. There is nothing to worry about, Renee and Phil will be here too and Renee is already annoyed at Billy when she learned that he wanted me to date his son" I explained.

"I know love. Alice already said that it would seem impolite of me to come to dinner tonight, plus it is to be a family dinner. I just wanted to let you know I will be near though" he said.

"I would not expect anything else" I smiled.

"I love you Bella" Edward signed.

"I love you too Edward" I murmured before hanging up. I know Alice would be texting me, since Edward will most likely be in my room and she will hate not knowing what is going on.

I shake my head and place my phone in my pocket before heading into the kitchen to finish cooking and to stop Charlie from snacking. Hopefully this night ends well, one can hope anyways.

Renee and Phil arrived as I was finishing up dinner. Since tomorrow we were having a large dinner at the Cullens. I made a smaller version of Thanksgiving and it would leave plenty for everyone. At times like this, I wonder how they spent their holidays and days like Thanksgiving. I frowned; it made me sad to think they did not do anything for it. What did Charlie do before I came to live with him, did he do nothing as well? It made me sad to think he did not and who knew what the future would hold for him. I shook my head; it was not time to think of this now.

I took everything to the table, eating would be easier since Charlie had an old table that you could make longer. I made sure to put Billy and Jacob near Charlie and as far as me as possible. Charlie would be at the head of the table and I will be at the end with Renee and Phil next to me.

I heard someone knocking and knew Charlie would get it, I decided to get this meal over as soon as possible. "Dinner" I yelled.

Renee and Phil walked into the kitchen smiling; "I'm still amazed at how things look in here" Renee smiled.

I grinned, "Edward, Alice, and I did some painting and all, and Alice said it needed to be more cheery for a kitchen".

Renee nodded, "Very true, what a wonderful idea it was". She then took her seat to my right and had Phil sit to my left. She gave me a small smile and winked. It looked like I did not have to tell her where to sit.

"Good Evening" Billy says as Jacob pushes him into the room. For a slight moment I can see his frown at the seats left. I can't help but to chuckle to myself, knowing that Edward must find all this amusing upstairs.

"Good Evening Billy and Jacob, I'm glad you are able to join us for dinner tonight" I smiled as Charlie walks into the room.

"Thank you for inviting us. We were not sure if you would have the room or not" Billy said.

"O Billy, you are such a good friend to Charlie, we would always have room" Renee said.

"Thank you Renee. We were just not sure if there would be other guests" Billy explained. Jacob sighed as his dad spoke.

"You must mean Bella charming boyfriend and his family, we are having dinner there tomorrow for Christmas. Then they are all leaving the next day for Alaska" Renee smirked.

Billy's smile faulted for a moment, "Yes, I do remember Charlie mentioning that, must be exciting to be going to Alaska and with her boyfriend's family as well".

Renee took a sip of wine that I had given her, "I think it is a wonderful opportunity to meet the rest of his family and also very educational. The town the family lives is wonderful; I did some research on it. Hopefully Edward keeps her off skis, I don't think that would end well".

Charlie chuckled at that, "Carlisle and Esme had assured me that Bella will be safe and come back in the same condition she was given to them in".

Billy rolled his eyes, but I am not sure if others saw.

"I think it is a good opportunity for Bella as well, to see if she could really deal with the weather if she wants to go to school there. My baby has so many plans and I just know she will see so much of this world. I'm just glad Bella was able to find another old soul likes her" Renee smiled as she patted my arm.

I decided I better change the topic now before Renee went head to head with Billy.

"What will you all be doing for Christmas dinner?" I asked.

"We will be having it with the Clearwaters, Sue loves to cook and the bigger the meal, the happier she is. Then in the evenings the tribe gets together for a bonfire and all" Jacob explained.

"That's wonderful. Your tribe must have a lot of rich history" Phil said.

"Yes" Billy said, "a very rich and strong history. We like to look out for one another and those that are important to us. Sometimes it can be hard, especially with the younger generations. They don't always realize the trouble they can get themselves in and can't understand our caring and loving nature".

"I can understand that" Phil chuckled, "Sometimes they think they are wiser than they really are".

"While true, I do think some young people are must wiser than those who are older. Sometimes they are not given enough credit for their maturity" Renee added, "Bella is amazingly mature for her age, look at she does! She has always been the adult and so wise. She makes the right decisions, I never have to question her".

Thankfully Charlie was able to distract everyone and bring up Football, giving the men something to talk about as Renee and I had our own conversation.

We survived dinner, even if you could tell that Renee and Billy were not very happy with one another. I am sure he was thinking some unpleasant things; I will have to ask Edward. After everyone had eaten and moved to the front room, I started putting together some food for the blacks, even if they had plans, there was enough food left over to give them and Charlie some leftovers for a few days.

"Hi" Jacob whispered as he came into the room. I whirled around, surprised to see him, "My dad told me to help".

"That's ok, I am good. I am putting together some leftovers for you all to take over" I said.

"Thanks" Jacob said softly. He looked confused for a moment, "I wanted to apologize for my dad again, and I feel like I do that a lot when he is here. I know he has his issues and all. I did not want this to be uncomfortable and I know it was in the beginning".

"Jacob, we can't control our parents, these things are going to happen. Your dad does not like the Cullens and that is not about to change and I can understand that. Nothing he says or does is going to change how I feel about them. I love Edward and his family is my family. I can respect Billy and not rub things in his face, but he needs to learn to back off. It is not fair to make my dad feel uncomfortable in his own home" I frowned.

"I know" Jacob sighed, "I have tried to talk to him. But he just does not want to listen and he can be annoying. I did have a crush on you, but you and Edward made it very clear that it was not appreciated, how clear we have nothing in common, and that nothing was ever going to happen between us ever. Something your mom even hinted at tonight as well".

I chucked, "True. Jacob, we can be friends though. I can see that, but we are in two different worlds. We are heading in two very different directions in life and I know you can see that. Without Charlie we would never know one another and without your father trying so hard, I doubt we would have really known of each other with me coming back here. We are very different people and while 2 years might not seem like a lot, for our ages it is, especially when adding in our backgrounds. I don't want to be mean. I do believe we could have been friends and maybe we still can. I guess that is up to you and if you are able to look pass the prejudice some of those in your tribe have on my boyfriend and his family".

"I know; we have had this conversation before. Maybe, who knows? I guess we will have to wait and see what happens" Jacob said, "Though you should never judge us based off what you think you know of me".

I signed, "Jacob, what goals to you have for the future?"

He was silent for the moment, "I have not really thought of the future, I'm only about to be 16".

I turned to look at him, "I have thought about my future at your age. I know I want to go to college, travel, educate myself, and explore. Can you honestly say you want to leave your home? I know your sisters left, but is it something you want? Do you want the simple life; a job, a wife, and a family?"

"Why is wanting those things considered a simple life?" He asked confused, "What is so wrong with staying here with your family and friends?"

"Because it is the simple life to me; I want those things in the future but not right now. I also know Edward is a part of my future, he is my soul mate. He is my family and everything. Sometimes it is hard to explain properly, but just know, I love him and he loves me".

Jacob frowned for a moment, "Maybe I don't understand, but maybe we also don't understand each other. I'm going to head back to the living room".

I nodded, "True. I'm just going to wash the dishes and be done in here. Go ahead back in the front room. It's getting late and I know my mom and Phil will be leaving soon and I will be going to sleep early for all the activities tomorrow".

Jacob nodded and left the kitchen. I sighed and placed my head on my arms and laid them down on the counter. This was all too stressful and I wish there was a better way to handle this all. But I could not focus on that now; I have to focus on getting through tomorrow and also my trip to Alaska. There is so much going on, that it is going to be an insane week.


"Everything went ok it seems" I murmured as Bella came to bed later that night. I made sure to have the electric blanket plugged in and warm enough for her.

"No one died, so it should be considered a success" Bella giggled as she climbed onto the bed and into my arms and gave me a kiss. I love her sweet kisses.

"Your mother seems to not like Billy so much" I smirked.

Bella nodded as she laid her head onto my chest, "I made the mistake of telling her that Billy wanted me to date her son, even though I had a boyfriend. Also that he felt his son was better for me because he was friends with my dad. That he also thought it gave him some right or something".

I chuckled, "Her thoughts were not very pleasant about him".

"I can only imagine" Bella yawned, "You will have to tell me tomorrow".

"Tired sweetheart?" I asked.

"A little, but I want to know if there is anything I should be worried about?" Bella murmured.

"Worried about?" I asked innocently. I did not want her to worry about Billy and his stupidness. We have done nothing to worry about the tribe.

She turned to look at me and rolled her eyes, "Yes, did you pick up anything form Billy that we should worry about or anything from my parents about dinner at your place tomorrow?"

"Your parents are excited about dinner at my places, especially your mother. She really likes Esme" I said, "Your dad is excited for the food, not about you leaving. He does not think anything bad will happen, but you are still his teenage daughter and all. Phil remembers my brothers and Carlisle liking sports and was amazed at their ability to remember stats and all". I hope she would ignore the fact I skipped over Billy.

"And what about Billy?" she asked, "I know you want to distract me Edward, but you promised no secrets".

I sighed, of course she was not too tired to know I wanted to ignore that topic, "Billy still has a bad attitude, but you know that. He saw how you looked at him several times. He just wishes he could understand your actions and all. He was still trying to find a way to get Charlie to change his mind and while you were in the kitchen, he was talking to your dad and mom and was trying to make it sound like things would be crazy and you would get in trouble or something. Your mother laid into him and reminded him that they had a mature daughter who was a lot smarter then he would ever know and all. She then accused him of causing trouble because he thought his son was better for her daughter and she made sure that he understood that would never happen, as his son was too young for her daughter. Charlie was silent but in his head he did wish everyone would stop. He is worried about you, but again, you are his teenage daughter and all. Billy was angry at her attitude, but did not say anything. As he was leaving, he was hoping to talk to the council again and see if there was something they could do, because he does not trust us. Jacob had no real thoughts; he thought his dad was being too annoying. He still thinks you are hot, but knows he has no chance".

There I told her everything; I was surprise at Renee going off with Billy and was glad they were all able to keep it to whispers so that Bella would not know. Charlie was only annoyed that there was fighting going on, though there was a part of him did not like her attitude to Billy, but he knows that Billy has been pushy. Charlie would never admit it, but a part of him used to like the idea of him and Billy being related, but he has come to accept me, even if only a little bit. He knows Bella loves me and he does see how I am a better match for her then Jacob could ever be. He does not want her to ever feel trap her, he fears one day she would regret being here. I wish he could understand she never would though. Even during dinner he would bring stuff up about Jacob doing this and that, but Bella was so focus on her conversation with Renee, I am not sure that she ever heard any of it.

"Go to sleep sweetheart" I whispered as I kissed her softly on the lips.

"Ok" Bella murmured as she snuggled into me more.

I hoped she never asks me how dangerous Billy's mind can be.

Billy POV (BONUS, hehe)

I sat at the kitchen table as Jacob put food away, annoyed as the council. They refused to listen to me about the danger that Bella Swan was in due to her own stupidity. There is no way she understood that danger that the Cullen's' represented. My own friend Charlie was turning a blind eye and there was nothing I could so without breaking the treaty. I had hope I could Jacob cause trouble with flirting and taken an interest in Bella, Charlie and I had always joked it would be great to be related to one another, but that failed too. Apparently Bella made it clear to Jacob, more then once, that he had no chance in hell with her. He said she kept saying it was barley likely they would have been friends had it not been for me pushing him so much. I doubt that, I really believe they would have been friends and maybe something more. Charlie would have pushed it, he would have loved if Bella stayed her after school or came right back. Now he has to worry that Bella will never come back, he can't like that too much.

I can not believe he is ok with her going to another State so far away with her boyfriend! How can be so blind and so stupid? There is so much trouble she can get into and I tried to make him and Renee realized that but she told me to shut up and laid into me. Did Charlie defend me? No, of course, still cares for that crazy harpy. I slammed my fist on the table, this had to be fixed somehow.

"Dad" Jacob signed.

"Don't Dad me, why couldn't you have at least flirted with her or something tonight?"

Jacob rolled his eyes, "Because she did not pay me any attention. When I went into the kitchen like you told me, she basically laid into me again as to how annoying you and I both were being to her. Dad let it go, after talking to her tonight in the kitchen, I don't think we have the same views on life".

"You don't learn that after one conversation" I hissed.

"No" Jacob hissed back, "You do learn it after a few conversations that you dad forces you have. Dad she is hot, but guess what? So are a lot of people, especially here on the reservation and my own age. Bella Swan is boring at times and does not seem like someone I would date seriously".

"You don't know anything" I yelled.

Jacob hung his head, "Maybe, but why do you think you know so much? Why do you believe you have all the answers? Because of our legends? Dad this is all getting to be too much".

"Look, you just need to work harder. Don't some of her classmates hang down here? Can't you fill their heads with lies? Say you went on a date or that she hangs out down here or something?" I asked.

"Dad, you are insane. I don't hang out with those people and to suddenly come over and start saying lies, what will make them believe me? Also, do you think we live in an episode of 90210 or Degrassi? Let it go, I'm not interested in her and I am not going to help you break some happy looking couple up based on legends" Jacob rolled his eyes.

I have no idea what TV shows he is talking about, but there has to be something, "I can always get someone else to help, maybe even Sam".

Jacob snorted, "Please, he is so attached to Emily, he would never help you. He already broke one girl, why would he help you? Bad enough the council refused to let Emily get the help she needed".

"He understands more then you do" I hissed again.

"Does he? If so, why are you mad at the entire council? None of them agree with you" Jacob frowned, "Dad, what if they are getting annoyed with you? You keep calling these meetings and it has to be annoying. The Cullen's don't come here and the only two people in this tribe that has contact with them are us, because you keep trying to break Edward and Bella up!"

"Jacob…" I murmured, he has to understand the seriousness of this all. He has to see why it is important.

"No Dad, I'm done. I am not going to sit here and have this same argument with you. I am not going to make any plans to do anything you want regarding them. Leave it alone!" Jacob yells as he stomps to his room and shuts the door.

I sigh and lay my head on the table. Why can he not see that this is important to me? Why can he not focus on that? Why can he not understand the importance of this all? I am trying to save Bella's life before it is too late. What if she dies this break? How will this tribe feel about that? There have to be others who believe as I do in the importance of this all! Maybe they are too afraid to voice their opinions and maybe if other boys turn, they will see our side as well. Bella needs to realize the truth and wake up from whatever spell they have her under. She has to see that she is in danger. If I could I would find a way to snatch her tonight to stop her from making her parents enter that feeding zone tomorrow. Does she not realize she could be making her entire family a meal? I don't care how civilize the Cullens are suppose to be, they are all evil bloodsuckers on the inside. They have her brain wash and I will find a way to help her!

I will save Bella Swan from herself, one way or another, no matter what I have to do!


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