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With the announcement of the surprise gift, everyone decided that it would be best if everyone took two weeks off and travel back home at the Las Vegas Metro Airport. To the amusement of Dr. Gilmore and Dr. Kozumi who also came to spend the holidays with them, everyone immediately started packing after Dr. Gilmore's surprise. In addition, they planned to ship the presents to the hotel rooms, which was easily arranged by 009's manager after 009 promised no vacations for a while.

The men had a much easier time packing their clothes, especially 007 as he told his comrades that he could simply transform into any outfit he wanted to wear. The only thing he would have to worry about was someone pressing his belly button on accident.

"Françoise can you believe that GB actually plans on transforming for his outfits? Do you know how tempting it is to push him into someone when we out having fun in the night life?" Nanu chatted away as the French cyborg was searching through her closest for more fall appropriate clothing. From what 005 told her, desert winters in the United States were more like early fall weather in Japan until the sun would set and as it got darker. Then most people bundled up in jackets and wore simple gloves.

"Nanu don't try to 'accidentally' push GB into him or vice versa. He already will get himself into trouble with 006 as soon as we arrive there," 003 took out two white long sleeved shirts and folded them neatly into her suitcase. "Poor Geronimo and Pyunma will be stuck with those two."

Nanu tilted her head to the left, a bit confused. "Why would they be stuck with them?"

003 stopped her actions to answer her friend's question. "Well Jet will most likely try to gamble and Albert will try to control him from losing all of his money; You and Joe will probably go sight seeing and I'll be in the hotel room with Ivan, Professor Gilmore and Dr. Kozumi."

Nanu sat there as she watched 003 continue pulling some shirts and bottoms from her closest.

"Wait, wait," Nanu took the clothes from her friend's hands, tossing them aside. "What do you mean stay at the hotel room?"

003's brow raised ever so slightly, a bit surprised at Nanu's question.

"I'll be with Ivan and Dr. Kozumi and Professor Gilmore most of the time."

"Uh Françoise, you will not."

"What do you mean I will not? Why can't I?"

Nanu sighed as her hands planted firmly on her hips. She felt it was necessary to have 003 at least try the things women her age-well age by looks- do nowadays.

"I can let Joe hang out with Jet and Albert while you and I go out shopping, catch a Thunder from Down Under show or all us go clubbing."

003 shook her head when she felt a small hand on her shoulder.

"Françoise, I know that in your time, women mostly stayed at home and were obedient. But now you live in an era of independent women who flaunt their goods and with you being a dancer, you have them."

003 chewed on the inside of her lower lip. It was true that she did sometimes want to get out of the house for other purposes than work or grocery shopping.

"Oh alright but nothing too extreme okay Nanu?"

Nanu smirked rushing to 003's clothes and pulled out one more pair of jeans, a poncho and a simple emerald colored dress with a sweetheart neckline.

003 blinked at the speed Nanu plucked the clothes out of her closest and put them in the suitcase on the bed.

"Nanu, I need more clothes than this if we are going to be there for two weeks," 003 said as Nanu grabbed a pair of white tennis shoes, brown flats and a pair of black heels. Luckily, 003 had already packed her undergarments for the trip.

"No you won't," Nanu chirped, zipping up the large suitcase. "You are getting a whole new wardrobe when we go to Las Vegas. I heard they have A LOT of designer clothes there. You can't say no because this will be your Christmas present from me and Joe."

"You and Joe?"

Nanu nodded, lifting the suitcase off the bed and put it in the corner with 001's smaller suitcase.

"Joe left me in charge of getting you a gift from both of us and the gift I bought you will be smaller in comparison to a shopping spree," Nanu fished through her wallet as she explained to 003. She pulled out a silver credit card, grinning innocently.

"The men on this team corrupted you Nanu," 003 muttered as she fought the urge to smile.

"Technically Françoise, Joe corrupted me."

003's cheeks flamed to a burning red before covering her ears as Nanu laughed.

"I still don't know why we couldn't get the flight later on the day," 002 muttered as the entire group had gotten their last piece of luggage checked in.

"There is a 16 hour time difference between Japan and Nevada. When we get there, it will be late and after a long flight and jet lag, most of us would like to sleep when it is dark out in Vegas. It would be easier to get used to the hours there," 004 snapped, growing frustrated at 002's constant complaining about how long the plane ride would take. After hearing, 002 complain how he could get to Las Vegas in half that time, 004 wondered if someone would snap at him before he did.

"Hey Jet, be glad we are in first class and not second. That would be 12 hours of hell," 007 snickered as he, 002, 004 and 006 were hanging in the back of the group.

"First I would like to get through the hell of the whole process of airport security x-raying our carry on luggage and going through metal detectors," 002 watched as one of the stared in absolute amazement when he saw 005. "Though I think it'll be worse for 00-Geronimo."

004 quirked a small smirk at the flying cyborg's comment. He had to agree since Geronimo was a truly large fellow, not to mention intimidating to those who first see him. Some would find it hard to be that he was a gentle giant who held a high position in a company for natural conservation in the United States.

"Hey Joe, why couldn't we take your private plane to Vegas?" 006 asked as both doctors went through the metal detectors and met with 005 to grab the carry on luggage that had been scanned and declared clear.

"The max passengers I can have in the private plane are five Chang. I can't exceed that."

"Hey wait a minute; you have a Dassult Falcon 900. I heard those can seat up to nineteen people and we have twelve people in our group," 007 told 009 when he remembered the kind of private jet 009 owned.

"I was thinking about everyone's sanity if I had my manager arrange everything for us. A twelve hour flight with all us will surely lead to some chaos so if we were with other passengers, some of you would behave. Besides, Professor Gilmore already paid for these tickets through this commercial airline and it would be rude to switch to a private flight."

007's mouth formed into a thin line, shaking at the leader's explanation. "I find that highly offensive you know."

"Oh GB just think that there may be single ladies on the plane who may want a date to several attractions," Nanu called out from the other side of the metal detector. 007's eyes instantly lit up at her words.

'Even if she is only saying that so I will help her with her plan, she has a way with words.'

007 snapped out of his thoughts when he heard the beeping of the metal detector go off. Standing there was his leader, 009. His leader's look of surprise and trying to remain calm was a remarkable sight.

"Sir do you have any metal on you?" the security officer asked. 009 could tell this man most likely never joked around as he had a stiff posture and never once smiled when they first saw him.

"No sir. I took off my watch and it has already been checked through."

The security guard's beady eyes glanced over at some of 009's traveling companions and did see a small container containing a watch and wallet near at the end, waiting for its owner to claim it.

"Go through the metal detector one more time then."

009 nodded to the security guard's request, looking over at 003 who shrugged her shoulders. She was curious too about why the detectors were going off, as they had never done it for them before.

As 009 went through the metal detector, it flashed that horrible red color and beeped that annoying sound he did not want to hear.

"Sir I have to ask you to step aside while I pat you down."

009's eyes bugged out while Nanu leaned down to whisper something to Dr. Gilmore.

Dr. Gilmore nodded, clearing his throat.

"Excuse me sir but Joseph had a metal plate put into his head when he was younger. Joseph doesn't travel often so he is rather forgetful about the metal plating," Dr. Gilmore explained. "That is why he doesn't carry a card from a doctor about it."

The security guard accepted Dr. Gilmore's explanation as he let 009 go.

"Next time young man, get a card and show it to security personnel so we can get you and your large group to your flight on time."

009 apologized and quickly went over to Nanu, planting a soft kiss on her cheek.

"Thanks for getting Professor Gilmore to say something."

Nanu smiled at her boyfriend, turning her attention back to the rest of the group who had yet been able to go through the metal detectors.

"Be glad that the security guy was old and kind of ugly looking."

009's head whipped to stare at his girlfriend incredulously. "And if he was the opposite?"

Nanu smirked, a small gleam of mischief in her eyes. "You would be patted down and 002 would be making fun of you for quite some time."

008 chuckled, hearing Nanu's words. "You sure know how to pick them Joe but this one is a keeper."

Finally, all the cyborgs got through the metal detectors but one was the crankiest of all, 001.

'I still hate the idea of being held out like a toxic waste hazard." 001 muttered as he nestled back into 003's arms, his head against her shoulder.

"According to this map here, there are several places that are open 24 hours. We can catch some breakfast there even though 5am is a bit early."

"We should get breakfast now before other passengers get the same idea. We only will be served lunch and dinner on the plane," Dr. Kozumi spoke up. While everyone had decided to wear a simple long sleeve top paired with jeans, except for Chang who wore his traditional Chinese clothing, he and Dr. Gilmore wore suits with ties.

"A good idea old friend. Let's go everyone," Dr. Gilmore said as he and Dr. Kozumi led the way. Everyone grabbed their respective carry on luggage but when 003 went to reach for the diaper bag, someone else grabbed it. 003 looked up, finding the owner of the hand to be 004.

"You already have your hands full with Ivan and carrying your purse."

"But what about your carry on luggage?" 003 protested when 004 lifted it up. At the bottom of his black suitcase was a set of two wheels.

"I can easily roll it behind me."

"Hey Albert, do you want to carry my carry on luggage too?" 006 asked his suitcase nearly taller than himself.

004 shook his head, slinging the diaper bag over his shoulder. "You have GB to carry your luggage."

"Very true Albert. GB grab my luggage!" 006 ordered as he began walking away to catch up with both doctors.

007 stood there agape, his eyes watching the small and chubby Chinese cyborg walk away as expecting him to obey the order.

"Who does that short ordered cook think he is? I should see how much I can get for selling his outfits at an antique shop!"

"We could sell you at an antique shop GB," 008 joked, following the three short men.

"If anybody should be sold at an antique store, it would be Ivan, Jet, Françoise and Albert," GB muttered, slouching.

Jet narrowed his eyes at the British cyborg, whacking him upside the head.

"Who are you calling old? People don't glance at us and think we're senior citizens, except for Albert maybe."

004 harrumphed at the comment. "Very amusing Jet."

"There is an American style diner that's opened," 005 pointed out, receiving a happy shout of joy from 002.

"Good food here I come!"

006 whipped his head towards the reddish blonde cyborg. "What do you mean good food? Is there something wrong with the food I make?"

"There's only so much Chinese food we can take. If Françoise or someone else never volunteered to make breakfast, lunch or dinner, we all would look like you."

003 pinched 002's ear and yanked him down to her level.

"OW! OW! Françoise, let go!"

The female cyborg ignored him, pinching his ear harder.

"I remember distinctly who gave you cooking lessons and who agreed to go back to New York with you for that surpris-"

002's hand covered 003's mouth, muffling her speech.

"Shh! You promised you wouldn't say anything and help me with the-you-know-what," 002 whispered harshly to 003 who looked at the group still heading towards the diner.

"002, it would be nice if you removed your hand off 003's mouth and allow us to go to the diner so we can eat breakfast," 001 suggested, startling the two cyborgs. 002 complied, removing his hand from 003's mouth.

"I thought you were sleeping brain."

001 rubbed his eyes against 003's shoulder before lifting his head away from her.

"It's a bit hard to go to sleep again when we're moving. Also the ruckus we are creating when the airport should be quiet at this time was a factor."

"Well it looks like everyone found a large enough space for all of us to sit together," 003 chirped out, a small smile on her face. She had worried that the diner would be crowded as many other restaurants were not open now.

"And how you would-never mind. Let's join them."

003 smiled at 002's forgetfulness as she grabbed his hand. She wrapped her pinky around his, earning a raised brow from the man.

"I promise not to say another word about the surprise but you need to make a day to go shopping for it because Nanu wants to do a lot of girl time while we are in Vegas."

002 smirked; tightening his pinky around hers before letting, hers go.

"You could have GB join you and Nanu for a day at the spa. I'm sure he'd love that."

001 rolled his eyes at 002's joke while 003 nodded.

"I'm sure he would like that, bonding time with the only two females on the trip. Maybe you two could hook him up with someone."

"Maybe," 003 giggled, entering the diner. It was 50s era design with the classic black and white tile, red and silver booths and a jukebox in the corner. A counter with stools was completely empty except for a female kitchen helper with brown messy hair and pine eyes who looked very tired.

"Françoise, Jet! We're over here," 006 cried out, getting their attention.

"Always ignoring the baby," 001 muttered a frown present behind his yellow pacifier. "Explain to me why I am the only one in a long sleeve onesie, sweatpants and slippers?"

"Because most of your clothes are packed in a suitcase and I had GB get you ready so I could help pack up the cars," 003 explained, taking the empty seat next to 004. She assumed it was her seat because there was a high chair next to it as the other empty seat next to 004 was between him and 005.

She set 001 in the high chair as 004 pulled her chair out for her.

"We were waiting for you both to come before we ordered," 004 said, handing her a menu. "We told the waitress we had a toddler with us and she left us this," 004 placed a kid's menu with a box of crayons on 001's tray. "She said to tell the little guy that it's okay to color outside the lines."

001 picked up a blue crayon with his tiny fingers, shaking it in the air.

"This is an insult."

"Oh Ivan you should relax. How could it get any worse?" Nanu asked the young tyke as the waitress came over to get their orders.

She turned to 004, a smile on her face.

"What an adorable boy you and your wife have. How old is he?"

003 blushed at the woman's comment while 004 had a nervous smile on his face.

"We aren't together and the boy is about a year old," 004 explained, leaving the woman to be the one to blush.

"Oh I'm so sorry, I just assumed since," The waitress apologized as all eyes fell on her.

"It's alright dear girl. May we order what we would like to eat? We want to get good seats in the waiting area before they allow passengers to board," Dr. Kozumi said, a smile of reassurance for the waitress.

"What would you like sir?" The waitress asked, taking out her notebook. Once she was done, she scurried away to the kitchen, leaving some amused cyborgs behind.

"Well if this was the only beginning of our journey to Sin City, I wonder what lies ahead," 008 said, taking a sip of his orange juice.

Nanu looked at 007 and grinned as 007 did the same.

"I agree with you Pyunma, I wonder what lies ahead too."

Anybody else have a feeling that crazy things are going to happen? I know I do! I am going to try to update within the next week or two as my aunt is going to be in town from Las Vegas :D Weird no? But thanks for reading the newest chapter of this story!