theme/day: last stand (optional), day 14.

pairing: Kanda/Allen, Allen/Kanda.

rating: t.

warnings: some character death though nothing too major.

a/n: The final installment into break me down! It's been a fantastic ride, guys, and I thank all of you who responded to this story. Yullen Week was a blast this year and the entries were wonderful! I hope to see all of you throughout next year! I tried to make this one somewhat fluffy so I hope the last part is enough for all of you. :D You guys are great and your encouragement was undeniably warm. :)

So here's to a brand new year! I hope everyone has an amazing 2012 and I wish you the best! Remember to be safe. :D

May Yullen be with you! :)

last stand

They're prepared for this.

The final battle, the blows exchanged, the blood and the death and the scent of power all around them. The Earl is laughing but most of his family is gone; the Order is fighting back but they don't have Allen on their side because he's on his own. The fighting has been going on for days yet they have not given up and it's down to Allen and the Earl.

They're prepared for this.

Metal against metal clang in the air as they begin their final dance and the others focus on eradicating the demons and cheering on Allen. Allen, who is not Neah, who has battled his own demons and come to turns with who he is, not who he's defined to be.

Kanda watches, follows the movement of the seventeen year old, the one who had grown from being a righteous beansprout to a savior, a man, someone Kanda didn't think he'd ever become. It's a comforting thought to know that throughout all this, there's still someone who's sure, someone who understands what's happening and what they stand to lose.

Sword upon sword and blood everywhere; no one knows where to look or where to end so Kanda scowls, taking care of a level two, before shouting at them to find the injured. Because this is not their battle, it's his, and Kanda thinks he's doing just fine on his own.

Another rogue shot, a retaliation, and the Earl is stumbling backwards and falling to the ground and Allen is over him in seconds.

"This if for all the pain you've caused upon the world, upon my friends and family."

The blade comes down.

It doesn't look right to Kanda so he glances away, searching for any more demons or Noah but they've all been eradicated.

Along with half the Order, as well.

When the Earl makes no more sounds, Kanda walks over to Allen and places a hand on his shoulder, not knowing what else to do. The younger male turns around, smiling at Kanda, eyes shining with unshed tears. It causes Kanda's heart to skip a beat because while he's still Allen, something has shifted, something darker that can only be brought on through murder—


"It's not murder," Kanda mutters, eyes momentarily looking to the sky. "You're the Destroyer of Time, remember? This was your duty."

"Yeah well, my duty is done."

The Earl is no more.

Kanda can't quite remember the entire battle once Allen collapses into his arms.


They're sitting on a bench in the park, cherry blossom leaves fluttering in the breeze.

It's a serene feeling; the sun is peeking out behind spring clouds, the ground is blossoming with life, and there is no threat of being thrust into a battle. Allen smiles up at his companion, a new scar on his opposite cheek and his arm in a sling; Kanda doesn't want to imagine the boy's mangled chest so he doesn't.

"They've…found everyone," Allen murmurs, interlocking his fingers with Kanda's. The latter reacts by lightly squeezing, a sense of calmness settling over his nerves. "Lenalee and Lavi are helping out with relocations while Komui and Reever mark down all the deceased."

Kanda nods. Allen smiles.

"We did it. We're all free now. Isn't that what we wanted?"


"Where are we all going to go now, though?"

Kanda sighs, leaning back against the wood and staring at one of the blossoms that land in his outstretched hand.

"Lenalee and Komui are probably going to go back to China," he begins. "The rabbit—Lavi will disappear with Bookman."

"And you?"

Kanda is silent and Allen stands up, pulling the elder along with him.

"What are you doing, beansprout?"

"Let's go. I don't care where. Let's just go."

Kanda stares at him blankly for a few moments, the pink leaves dancing around, assessing and wondering and—

"Yeah. Alright."

He doesn't really care where he's lead to, he finds. Allen understands this, and maybe that's why…

Maybe that's why he's suddenly content.