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Tomorrow is the big day. I've been waiting for this day for years and now that it's here, I'm feeling very nervous. I know I want this to happen, I would just prefer it to happen without all the pain that I know will happen as well. The family has all told me about their own experiences with their changing to help me understand what will happen to me. It's going to be three days of hell. It'll be worth it though because in exchange I get eternity with Tanya.

"I'm going to miss this." Tanya mumbled into my ear.

We are currently lying in bed after a very energetic session of sex. I'm surprised I haven't either passed out or just fallen asleep. I think my nerves about what is going to be happening in a few hours won't let me get any sleep.

"Miss having to stop because I can't move anymore?" I asked with a smirk.

Even though I have my back pressed against her front, meaning she can't see my face, I know beyond a doubt that she knows I'm smirking at her.

"Of course not; you know I'm waiting for when you wake up and we have sex for days because you won't be satiable. Which; let me tell you in advance, I don't have a problem with. What I'll miss is your temperature. Your body will never be as hot, temperature wise, as it is now." Tanya said.

I had honestly expected her to say she would miss my heartbeat. That was something Edward had always liked listening to. Even after all these years of being together, I still find myself occasionally comparing Tanya to Edward. I think the reason I do that is because I just can't believe how stupid I was to fall for him. I can't believe how blind I was to actually fall in love with him.

I'm glad it isn't my heartbeat that Tanya will miss because that would mean that she misses what is keeping us from having eternity together. To mean my heartbeat is just an obstacle between our forever. We've worked; okay really it was just Tanya, so hard for us to be together. Why would she work so hard for us for her to miss the one thing that would eventually tear us apart?

"I won't. I'll be happy when I won't have to worry about wearing so many layers of cloths to keep warm." I complained to her.

Every winter, between her and Carmen, it was always ensured that I had on plenty of layers of clothing before going outside. The first couple times they did that it was nice and comforting to know they cared so much. But when they kept it up, it started to annoy me. At times I felt like I was a little kid being bundled in too many clothes by those two.

Kate and Irina thought it was funny and took every chance they could to tease me. After the first month of the first winter with them, I finally convinced Carmen and Tanya to have those two in as many clothes as me since they had to go out in the same temperature when we went into a town; so naturally they had to fake being human in the cold. Once I said it was part of fitting in, Carmen and Tanya were on my side. Kate and Irina didn't tease me about wearing so much clothing anymore. Eleazar sided with his mate; which is understandable, but he never vocalized his agreement, he just went along with it.

"You only say that because I made sure you were always warm." Tanya said as she nuzzled the crook of my neck from behind.

"I'm still convinced you got some sort of sick pleasure from getting me so wrapped up in all those clothes." I said while tilting my head as much as could in my position to give Tanya more access to my neck.

According to the clock on the night stand it's almost midnight. I decided that at exactly midnight I want Tanya to bite me. I don't know why midnight, but it just seems right to me. The rest of the family are all waiting just outside the door. They said they doubt they would need to intervene, but they were there in case Tanya lost control. At first Tanya was a little peeved that we, because I thought it was a good idea as well, would think there was a chance she would lose control with me. When Carmen explained that they were just doing everything they could to make sure Tanya got her mate for eternity, Tanya let it go. She's still a little annoyed about it, but she understands the precaution.

"If I said I did only because it added to my excitement of getting you out of all of them; would it make you feel better?" Tanya asked.

I easily found out that Tanya seemed to like, a lot, to undress me before sex. For whatever reason she found it very erotic; I found it erotic because it got me that much closer to just having sex with her. So I'm pretty after every time I came home and being wrapped up so much, we had sex.

"Not really, but I'm sure there are other ways you can make me feel better." I said in the most seductive voice I could come up with.

"None of that now you two or you'll miss your time." Kate shouted from behind the door, making both me and Tanya groan in annoyance.

They would be in here with us, but since both Tanya and I are still naked and not at all wrapped in anything, I don't want them in here. I may have gotten used to having them in the house when Tanya and I have sex, but I am in no way willing to let them see either me or Tanya naked. That's one of the few things that I can really feel the mating bond affect my emotions; I can't let anyone see Tanya naked. She's for my eyes only and no one else's.

"I suppose she's right, we only have a few minutes now." Tanya said.

She turned us over so that I was now lying on my back and she was straddling my waist. The look she was giving me was one of complete hunger, of total lust. I know for a fact that I have the same look on my face. Unfortunately for us, like Kate so nicely pointed out, we don't have time to do anything.

"I know we've been over this plenty of times; but I'm going to tell you again." Tanya said as she grabbed both my hands and cradled them in her own. "I'm going to bite you three times. Once on your neck, on your chest and over the one you already have." Tanya said.

Tanya wanted to bite me no less than three times, I didn't want to be bitten more than once. I eventually accepted what she wanted and over the course of about a month we picked the spots she would bite. The one on my neck is because Tanya is hoping the bite mark stays there so that she can give me a permanent hickey. Eleazar said it won't stay since the venom will make sure there are no imperfections, but Tanya still wants to try for it.

The next spot, the one on my chest, is kind of obvious. That was the easiest one to decide. The biggest reason being that its closest to the organ that is pumping blood, or in a few minutes venom, throughout my body and we're hoping that will speed up the process if just cutting off a couple minutes or an hour off the total transformation. Eleazar once again said that's not how changing works; we both ignored him. The other and most important reason, being that it's above my heart. Tanya biting there, to us, will symbolize her taking claim over my heart. Romantic right? We thought so.

The last spot is where James bit me few years ago. Tanya said that she was going to bite over it whether or not I agreed, if she had to wait until I was no longer coherent to do it she would of. I think that was her possessiveness coming out there. Once when the Cullen's were visiting, Jasper let it slip to me that Tanya's incredibly jealous that she wasn't the first and only one to bite me that James beat her to it. So I guess it makes sense that she would want to cover over what he did.

"The perfect spots for you to bite me." I said with a smile.

"The last thing I want you to know and please do your best to remember, I will not leave you. I will be here holding you the whole time. You might not feel me holding you, but just know that I am. I won't go hunting again until you are there hunting with me." Tanya said.

The way she was talking made it seem like she was making a promise or an oath to me. They've all told me that I won't be able to realize what is going on around me. They've all told me that I'll be too focused on the pain and wishing it to go away to be able to think about anything else.

"I know Tanya, I'll do my best to keep that in mind." I said.

Her eyes are pitch black, a combination of what we were just doing and of what we're about to do. If it was anyone else I would be nervous that they wouldn't be able to control themselves in this state, but because it's Tanya, I know she'll be fine and that having the family just outside the door really isn't necessary.

I saw Tanya's jaw tighten and her eyes, for just a moment, looked hesitant. I know what that means; it means its midnight at its time.

"Are you ready Bella? This is your last chance to back out and wait; we won't hold anything against you if you do decide to wait." Tanya said, giving me one last out.

"Bite me." I said with a smirk and sounding like I had the confidence that I know I don't have right now.

I want this, but I don't want the pain. But if going through the pain means an eternity with Tanya, then I'll do it.

Tanya nodded once and lowered her head. Instead of going to my neck like I thought she was going to, she went to my lips. She gave me short, but passionate kiss before drawing back. She then trailed kisses down my jaw line and to my neck. When she reached what she deemed the perfect spot, I felt her bite me.

The pain was instant. Her venom felt like it was eating away and destroying my skin. When she finally took her mouth away from my neck, I almost thought that she would take the pain with her; of course it didn't happen. If Tanya didn't have hold of my hands still I would have been clawing at my neck to make the pain stop.

I barely registered Tanya biting down on my chest; it was the pain that made me realize something had happened there. I'm trying my best not to scream, I want to at least wait until Tanya is done before I start screaming. I know there's no way I won't scream, it's impossible. The fire going on in my body is unimaginable. If I could I would just rip my body apart to make it stop; but for some reason my hands won't do what I want them to do.

I felt more intense fire on my wrist and then I felt it move over my body to join the rest of the fire that is slowly consuming me. Maybe once the fire covers my entire body it will stop. I just have to hold out until that happens then it will be over. This fire will surely kill me if it doesn't stop.

I'm pretty sure I'm screaming as loud as I can. I bet I'm begging for someone to make this stop. I can't be sure though because I can't hear anything. It seems that the only thing I can hear is silence. The pain I feel is over-riding everything. If someone was here with me, wouldn't they put a stop to this? Can't they see how much pain I'm in? In the back of my mind it feels like I should know someone is here with me, but I can't believe it because if there was I would at least hear them.

The fire has long since covered my entire body yet it still burns strong. I don't know how long I've been in this inferno, but it's had to have been years; there's no way it can be any less. My view of time may be slightly messed up due to the pain; but I know it has had to have been for a while that I've been set on fire. I don't even remember how this happened, who would have set me on fire. I can't feel the flames on my skin though; which confuses me. It seems that all the pain is internal. Can fire be inside someone?

Slowly, ever so slowly; I can feel the fire receding from the tips of my body. As it recedes it leaves behind a trail of numbness. The pain seems to all be centering on my heart. I can feel the fire making its way there. I can feel the pain leave my legs, arms and even my head as it all makes it way to my heart. I never thought it was possible, but I can hear the beats. I can hear my own life source as it steadily quickens its pace. Once all the fire is in my heart, once again making believe that there is always worse pain that what I think, leaving my whole body numb, my heart is beating so fast that I think it might literally explode.

With one loud, sickening last thump, my heart stops. The pain instantly leaves my body and I feel nothing. I don't feel cold, warm or anything in between. Not sure what to think about what has just happened to me, I stay still on whatever it is I'm lying on and taking in my surroundings as best I can with my eyes closed.

Scents, there are five different scents around me that make me think I'm not alone in this room. I listen as closely as I can to try and confirm this; but the only sounds I can hear are from nature itself outside. It takes a few seconds for to me realize that I shouldn't be able to hear something outside. Clearly I'm inside since I'm lying on a bed; how can I hear something outside.

Deciding to finally figure out what's going on, I open my eyes. At the same time I lift myself to a sitting position on the bed. In front of me are five people that are beyond beautiful. They all seem familiar; but for the life of me I can't place them.

After another few seconds of staring at them, I come to the realization that they aren't alive. If there were, wouldn't I be able to hear their heartbeats? I can hear what's happening outside, but I can't hear any heartbeats. I can't hear any heartbeats. Immediately my hand flies to my chest to try and feel if I still have a beating heart. I hear the last beat of my heart; I heard myself die. What did that fire do to me?

"Bella, do you remember us?" Asked the most beautiful person I've ever seen.

As soon as her voice registers in my head, my mind is instantly assaulted with memories. I can see myself leaving with Renee in Phoenix. I can see making the decision to move to Forks to live with Charlie to give my mom the chance to be happier with Phil. I see meeting the Cullen's for the first and re-uniting with Jake. I can see how close the Cullen's and I became and I can see how much they hurt me when the left.

I can see the new chapter of my life starting when Charlie decided to move us to Alaska. I can see meeting Tanya and her family for the first time. I can see being told about what happened to Victoria and me eventually forgiving the Cullen's and accepting them as my cousins. I can see me and my second family making plans for me being changed.

I can see myself explain to Charlie that moving farther away is for the chance to be independent. I can see me explaining to Charlie and Renee about Tanya and myself about us being girlfriends. I can see my relationship with Renee and Charlie growing distant; still there, but not the same.

Finally, I can see Tanya biting me. I can see her holding me as I screamed as loud as I could. I can see the others making their appearances to show support while I changed. I don't remember having my eyes open, but apparently I did.

Once all my memories have gone through my mind, I find myself looking again at Tanya, this time with lust in my eyes. They warned me that seeing my mate as a vampire and as a newborn would be different that seeing her as a human. They warned me that I would be needy and would want her so much more than before. I didn't believe them, I thought they exaggerating. Looking at Tanya now though, only thing is going through my mind.

"Mine." I growled out.

I know I looked surprised, for a least a second, because my voice has changed from what it was before. It sounds just a little deeper than what it was as a human. I kind of like it. It sounds so much smoother and sweeter at the same time.

I saw Tanya smirk at me, realizing exactly what I was thinking and want I right now. I know she knows that I want nothing more than to take her and I don't care if the others can hear. But they better not look at her; she's for my eyes only.

Thinking about them possibly seeing Tanya naked set my instincts on fire. I instantly narrowed my eyes are them all, except Tanya of course and started growling at them.

"Mine." I said again, this more threatening.

I made my way to Tanya, quicker than I remember being able to move, and attempted to wrap her in my arms to make sure the others, especially the two not mated, won't touch her. Before I could grab Tanya though, she took a step away from and held up a hand to me to get me to stop.

Her taking a step away from hurt much more than I thought it ever could. Even though somewhere deep in my mind I knew she meant nothing by it, it still felt like rejection to me and it hurt. Fortunately Tanya was quick to explain.

"I love you and I would be more than willing to buy you as many houses as you want; but if I can avoid a house being broken while you learn just how strong you are while we have sex, we will be doing it outside. So out." Tanya said while pointing to the door.

She made me feel better immediately; even the laughter of Kate and Irina couldn't bring me down. The only thing is though, is that I can't wait that long for me to go downstairs then out the door. I have a perfectly good window in here.

Without hesitation, as quickly as I could and before Tanya could get away I picked her up in my arms then bolted out the window. I heard Kate's and Irina's laughter get even louder and I swear I even heard Eleazar and Carmen laugh.

"Now you have to have make-up sex for breaking my window when I clearly didn't want you to; you impatient sex addict." Tanya said, sounding very amused as I rushed away.

"I plan to make up for everything I have ever done at least ten times over. I hope you aren't hungry because I don't plan on stopping anytime soon." I said as I found what I deemed a good enough clearing for what I plan to do to Tanya.

I gently placed her down on the ground and I only now just noticed that as she promised, she stayed with me for my whole change because the only thing on her is a sheet that I'm sure she grabbed when she knew my change was done.

"I believe this is the start of a very fulfilling sex life that I'm more than excited to start." Tanya said.

Tanya seemed like she had more to say, but I just can't keep my lips away from hers anymore. So I attacked her lips with everything I had. I think I'm going to like being a vampire with unlimited energy.

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