Chapter 3. Hellsing is no Wonderland

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Everything felt so light in the never ever darkness, as if I was floating in the lukewarm abyss holding me captive. Nothing mattered here in the silence, nothing or anything was cared for so long as I existed, and kept existing in this world.

At times I felt a current curling around, throwing me about the shadows until I was coming back to conscious, in and out from the real world and this peaceful dream.

Then, I felt a jolt passing through my body, gasping as I suddenly felt as if gravity had struck me and I was falling into a never ending sea of black.

Heavy lidded eyes fluttered open to consciousness, only to meet pure white of reality. It burned and I had to blink with a frown to melt away the fluffs that began to form patterns. They were crisscrossed shapes that blended until I realized I was starting at a ceiling, but…not the ceiling of my own room.

I felt frozen, lying there for what felt like hours, sprawled across a smooth and thick bed. Soft pillows propped the back of my head which gave my eyes a perfect view of the unfamiliar room.

My consciousness was floating from me into a quiet haze. Breath after breath I began to wonder where I was, and how I had even gotten to this room in the first place. For a few moments I vaguely thought that perhaps I was still dreaming. The moment I thought 'what the hell' was a mistake I regretted when I pinched myself and found that it stung like hell.

I rubbed my arm absently and then tried to remember what could have happened to bring me to this point. The only thing that came to mind though was the broken and scattered memories of my dreams that urgently assaulted me. The one of where that manga my cousin bought for me burst into mysterious purple flames, where these freaky eyes just came out of nowhere along with a voice, and even that hospital.

Those were just dreams though, so why were they so urgent to keep popping in my face like a slap that stung?

Then how the hell did I get in here? Did someone break into the house and I was kidnapped? Or maybe mom got home and decided to make a vacation, threw me into the car and drove to – wherever the hell I was?

…The latter wasn't really realistic so I'm just going to go with the idea I was kidnapped. But that didn't seem really realistic either, this room was really furnished, almost high class. What high class person would kidnap a teenager?

Well, I could always go with the idea that they saved me. Ya, I'll just delusion myself on the positive possibilities of what happened. It makes everything better and I don't have to stress or worry!

Now…get out of this bed.

I grumbled as o carefully sat up from the bed. My bare feet light upon the cold wooden flooring which sent tiny goosebumps spreading up my neck and arms.

I looked over towards the window to the right of me where tiny flitters of sunlight passed through the curtains. The best thing would be to see where I was, and so I trudged over towards the large window at the far end of the room. When pulling back the red and white cotton curtains I found myself hissing at the harsh rays of sunlight to my – at the moment – sensitive vision.

Once I had the smartness of blinking a few times to get my vision back in sight, I took in the surroundings of the outside world beyond. My eyes popped and jaw dropped – never processing that I was perhaps three or four stories high from ground level – but that the garden appeared to be like it came out from a horror movie.

You know, graying stoned bricks piled upon itself so strong and magnificent, yet old and filled with history. It appeared as if it would tower anyone should they stand before it, even when walking towards the thing.

When I leaned out the window I noticed that the building was grand mansion, if the size of it could even be called that. It appeared to be more like a castle if I had to correct myself. The setting of the night and the rising sun sprouting forth gave the building an almost golden ethereal glow about it.

My eyes wandered back towards the, um…garden, taking in every detail and graze that came into my vision. The gardens were not beautiful but bare and decaying from lack of use and care, surrounding the ancient building I was currently within.

The rustic Iron Gate, though far away, grated and squeaked against its hinges. Everything just appeared to have been placed without purpose, almost like someone placing a piece of art in a tomb full of diamonds when there was nowhere else to place the thing.

Curiously and wanting to be more observant, I glanced back into the room. It was a beautiful room compared to the outer appearance of the building. The walls were of velvety red, golden intricate of ribbons twirling from above and below to the coffee red carpet. A single violet red bed to the left of me, an oak dresser to the right of the window with colored flowers placed upon it and a tiny book shelf across the bed.

There were two doors, one leading to either a bathroom or a closet and the other…well, obviously out of this room.

I glared at both for a minimum amount of time, pondering which to use before I shrugged and walked towards the one across from the window. A smile tugged into my features when I saw I had chosen the right door.

I was now in a hallway, feeling like I was stepping back in time. The walls of light red to brown, flecked with lights of gold. Pictures and various paintings mounted the elegant walls while a small table stood just to the side of the door with a lamp on it.

I wasn't sure which way to go. Left where there was no right, or right where there was no left.

A frown graced my lips when I thought about what I just mused over. I was pretty sure I heard that somewhere before… Shrugging, I went in anther random gamble of direction. It wasn't like I couldn't turn back anyway.

My feet shuffled quietly upon the rich maroon carpet. My steps lead me from hallway to hallway with lefts and rights. It was interesting. Even though I was pretty sure I was lost.

"He's following…"

I jumped at the sound and whirled around. My eyes darted to every part of the hallway, but I didn't see anything. Just empty halls and shadows upon furniture and pictures. My brows furrowed as I hesitantly continued my walk.

It was so strange. The voice was so close to my ear that I might as well have felt the brush of warm breath. But perhaps I should have been more worried about the flicker of red which passed from the corner of my eyes, a very vibrant red of light which disappeared back into the shadows.

My mouth fell open, the hinges in my jaw refusing to let it shut as I gazed about the magnificent expanse of the new hallway when I turned the corner. Well, calling it a hallway is an under-statement. It was beyond words.

Here I was in building that was probably centuries old. No beauty, no color, no life on the outside and yet inside it was like... like a wonderland! From the dull reality – all but shades of grey – to a world full of wonders and colors.

Thick marble columns sliced through the wide entrance hall, leading in parallel symmetry till it split to a crossroads farther down. The lush maroon carpet bled in a smooth line, creating a darker patch for each step I took where imprints of my boots pressed into the soft fur.

The level of the ceiling was built high up into what I believed to be just another story of the building. Its finely designed mosaics shifted and swirled with each step forward. Mystic blacks, rushing crimson and dazzling whites mixed and swirled together in a vortex of color. It was amazing but it kind of made me dizzy.

"Woah," I breathed, gazing about in awe. "Rich people with history. Damn, it's like Alice in Wonderland, isn't it?"

I didn't know where I was going. I just let my legs lead me to where ever there was a hall to continue walking upon. Over time though I began to feel apprehensive and just a tad annoyed that I had yet to find a sign of life here in this grand home-mansion thing.

It was becoming tiresome to simply turn corner on corner, peek in door after door, and yet still nothing or anyone to tell me where I exactly was.

"Dammit, why haven't I found someone?" I growled under my breath, closing yet another bedroom door before making my way onto another corridor. "I'm hungry and I want to go home..."

"Well, you're going the wrong way, miss." I yelped and spun around. Practically stumbling on my feet to see who spoke behind me.

It was an older and almost wrinkly man in a half-dress butler suit. His inky black hair was pulled back at the nape of his neck and he wore what looked like an eye glass perched upon his cheekbone. His eyes were bluish grey pearls that seemed to clear away that he was even at all, older than I. "Now if you will please follow me."

I watched in confusion as the old man turned on his heels and began walking the way I had come. My brows furrowed and I truly wondered if I should follow the butler or if I should just continue what I was doing.

I mean, I think I'm more surprised that there were still butlers in this day and age. But right, rich people they can get whatever they want, either way though I had to make a choice of following the old man or not. Hm, choices, choices – and I believe I'm going to follow the old coot!

"W-wait!" I called, stumbling after the older gentleman butler. I walked side to side with the man, his long legs giving him more stride than I'm used to. So, I had to jog a bit to actually keep up. "Where am I and what's your name?"

"I am Walter C. Dornez and you are in the Hellsing manor, miss."

"Nice to, uh, meet you Mr. Dornez." Hellsing…? Now why does that sound familiar…? I mused, feeling a sense of recognition to the name. Though, I wasn't entirely sure why…

"I'm Azrael. Well that's actually my nickname but feel free to use it." Crap, I'm making small talk. That's never a good sign...

"Then what is your real name miss Azrael?" Walter asked, never taking his eyes from in front of him even as he spoke.

"Oh uh, it's Lilium. Mr. Dornez."

That is how the awkward silence took place after my words. He didn't answer after that, simply told me to continue following him. So I did, though I truly wanted to ask him questions which mostly based on why I was here in the first place. But from the way he walked and the aura around him, I already knew he wouldn't answer them until his own master did.

What joy it was to trudge through halls I had passed and newer halls I had yet to come down into. Neither of us spoke while we walked. So, instead of speaking, I marveled at the grand structure of the building to pass the time with the butler. The lush carpets, the expensive and rare art that we came across – it just seemed to tell me this building was worth more than it appeared.

Soon enough and thank heavens above; we came to a pair of large and white intricate double doors.

Walter finally spoke up. "Please wait here while I introduce you and let her ladyship know you are here." I waited merely seconds before he returned and gesture with a sweep of his arm for me to enter. "Sir Hellsing will see you now."

Sir…Hellsing? But didn't he say 'lady' before…? I thought, just a tad confused before I hesitantly slipped into the room. The room itself was ridiculously spacious and held only a single oak desk before a wide clear window. Another chair lay on the other side of the desk. For visitors, my guess was.

My eyes riveted to a figure perched regally behind the desk. It was a female wearing a dusky grey suit. Thin and elegant-looking reading glasses perched onto the tip of her nose. Long blonde hair swept down her back that for a moment, with her features and suit, I almost mistook her for a male. She was anything but a male though and I recognized that in her icy blue orbs.

I frowned, my legs suddenly becoming weak from the power radiating within them. She just held this air about her that said 'don't fuck with me and I won't fuck with you', but in a way that was meant to protect those she cared for…I think.

"Welcome to Hellsing. Please take a seat."

I glanced around before hesitantly walking up to the lone chair. Wondering what she will say and maybe…answer some questions for me. One being: Why am I here? Two being … well there is no two, I just want to get the hell out and back home, thank you very much.

I really did want to ask, after all, while having to walk with Walter and him helping me through this large forsaken home I was able to think, and think I did. I thought of what happened before I woke up in that room early today. I tried piecing the things together like a puzzle, but none of it added up when I thought of it. Every little thing just didn't fit, maybe because I still had large black holes on why I was here.

Guh, my head hurts when I think of none solvable problems and the breaking of reality, time, space, continuums – hell, I'm even more confused just by saying that. I frowned, the little internal me swaying dizzily while I stared back forcefully at the older woman.

The lady clasped her hands together, leaning forward with the most amazing and none breakable poker face ever held. "What is your full name Miss Lilium?"

"Oh, uh – Lilium Legna…Sir….?"

She nodded, taking no insult to being called 'sir'. "Do you mind telling me what you were doing at the St. Thomas Hospital? Visiting, checking in –?" Miss Integra waved around her hand to give an indication as to where she was going. She stared at me expectantly and yet, in a bored manner. It made me just a tad nervous and insulted.

The hospital…? I shook my head in a negative, wondering why she mentioned that when my own dream held a hospital as well. "I don't know what you mean…" It was the truth, the only times I have been in a hospital my entire life was when I was born and my mother had surgery, oh don't forget the hospital dream but I doubt that counts.

Sir Integra eyed me, not in the a way as if I was lying but almost like she was contemplating on what to say without – perhaps without revealing something she believed I didn't know? "Miss Legna, you were found by one of my employees during the black out." The way she said those last words irked me into suspicion. Why? I wasn't entirely sure. "Do you mind telling me of what you do remember of last night? No matter what it was, I wish to hear it."

"Um…I came back home from dropping off my cousin at her house, it was her birthday." I explained, shifting in my seat. Should I tell her about the dreams? But if she was talking about a hospital perhaps she wanted to hear that… "Um, well I don't really know, but I guess I blacked out…and found myself in a hospital. It was ruined, kind of deserted –." Almost like it had just been recently abandoned…

Integra quickly intervened before I could continue. "You blacked out and found yourself at the hospital? No recollection of going there or even being brought there?"

I nodded. "That's right..." Well that's what she wanted, I mean. I didn't really, did I?

Integra nodded, digesting that information. For whatever, I didn't really care. I just wanted food and to go home. She flicked her hands at the butler. "Walter, look through the documents again and see if there was anyone reporting of Miss Legna having entered the hospital herself or having been brought in by someone else."

Walter humbly bowed and left the room with no further discussions. I was left alone, here, with a Miss who had a thing for being called 'Sir'. Isn't that amazing? Oh, sarcasm how I love thee.

"Miss Legna is there anything else you wish to add?" Uh, you cut me off its obvious I did. But…if she hadn't I might have accidently added the parts of the zombies from my dream. Sir Integra watched me, picking up the hint that I did even though I shook my head in the negative. "You're hesitant on saying the rest… perhaps it was decaying and walking bodies you saw?"

My body tensed at her words, heart beating roughly in my chest, surely in fear of my dreams having been – but that's ridicules! The walking dead are just things to create movies and shows out of, it isn't real nor is there a reason for such a thing to be.

But looking at Sir Integra she didn't seem the type to joke about things, her face was set in a stone work of seriousness. Her words a simple air of not caring if others believed so long as she knew it. "Well yes, but –." Wait, if this is real then…didn't that mean that red-clad man was real too…?

"That bastard left me to die!"

"Excuse me?"

I blushed in embarrassment, having not noticed I had shouted out loud. Sir Integra wasn't particularly fazed though, she just raised a brow in question to my words, asking of what I meant and for an explanation.

"Uh, sorry um…well I remember that in the hospital that it was all spooky like a horror film – game – thing with zombies but then, I just remembered that a man in red was there too! He just stood there though, grinning and just watching me being eaten." I finished with a huff; just the memory of it sends me into an animated bundle of pissed off teenager.

"A…red cloaked figure…?" I nodded vigorously despite the fact Sir Integra looked about ready to face palm herself. Instead though, she simply pinched the bridge of her nose, drawing up her glasses, and exhaled sharply.

"I see…" She sighed. "Well then Miss Legna. Those 'zombies' that you saw, and apparently attacked you, were actually vampires."

"…What?" Yup, the only coherent words able to escape my mouth in my dumbstruck state.

"Vampires – creatures of the night that prey on helpless woman to drink their blood, the things sleeping in coffins and go bump in the night – Miss Legna."

"Like Dracula – no, wait! That's bullcrap. Vampires don't exist."

"It's not a matter to me whether you believe in Vampires or not." Integra interjected. "We the Order of Protestant Knights, also known as the Hellsing Organization have fought and kept the existents of those monsters since ancient times. Civilians do not know of the truth and usually when an ordeal such as last night occurs we give an excuse, a story to calm their minds or for those we do not tell a story to, well. They don't really live to tell the tale."

….So if what happened really wasn't a dream – which was pointedly though not verbally said – and I'm still alive then why didn't she give me a story when I came in and she sat me down? I wondered, leaning back in my chair tensely. After all, it was obvious I was hesitant to speak of it and I was already thinking of it as a dream. She could have easily lied to me.

Sir Integra began to speak, my ears quickly straining to pay attention, though not a real feat considering that when this woman spoke it was a confidence and a hard tone of leadership. It was a way that made me more interested in what came out of her mouth. Plus, it was better than nothing, right?

"But that is neither the case for you because of…special circumstances." Integra settled with. But she was glaring at me or was she glaring at something behind me? I wanted to look but something within me told me not to or more like my mind curiously and defiantly wanted to glance behind me but my body – with a sudden mind of its own – refrained me from even moving. I almost felt like a puppet unable to move without its master's orders. "Now why don't we just –."

Oh shit, he's here.

I jumped in my chair and furrowed my brows in confusion. Slowly though, I finally had the will of my own to finally turn around. So I did. I spun around and found myself suddenly slack jawed and a feeling of someone in the skies having a sarcastic laugh right about now.

It was a tall man – the same man dressed in red that practically served me up to zombies in my dreams – no scratch that – vampires that so happened to not have been a dream! But that wasn't really what had me tense and stiff in my seat with a slacked jaw.

No, absolutely not. It was the fact he was coming out from the wall like a freakin' ghost, surrounded by these flicks and flutters of shadows that ran up his waist and down into the plaster wall….Oh shit.

"WHAT THE FUCK?" I shrieked, jumping from my seat and bumping into Sir Integra's desk. My eyes wide and questioningly watching the red cloaked bastard step out from the wall.

"I thought I told you to stay out of sight, Alucard." Integra snapped at the man immediately. Not even batting an eye to this…freaky phenomenon. "You're already in enough trouble as it is."

I watched in open mouthed, struck dumb, paled, wobbly legged, and – well every word that describes shocked and freaked out!

The man chuckled mischievously at Sir Integra yet Integra herself kept a straight face. It wasn't long after this that the red cloaked ghost-bastard turned a taunting smile on me, as if my reaction was funny to him.

Now I could admittedly say, that if it weren't for the fact I was paralyzed of how he entered the room, I would have no regrets of having hit his smug face. But you know, I was more appealed on living than pissing off a man who seemed to have 'powers'.


I jerked in shock, glancing around with lightning speed, wondering and pondering with curiosity of where that voice came from before looking back at the grinning man once more. That voice, it was the same voice from the house, the hospital, and in the Hellsing halls – oh my god, was I finally going crazy?

Do not stand there, idiot –! Well I feel insulted, being called an idiot by a voice in my head – Forget about your feelings, do you not hear me? RUN!

Well…since the nice voice said so…

"OH MY GOD, YOU EVIL BASTARD!" I shouted, throwing an accusing finger at the man. Hey I may not be willing to physically maim him but I could still verbally curse him out, right? Especially if said man simply cocked his head to the side, a smile spreading across his lips in the most – taunting manner? I'm sure it was taunting, why he wouldn't be taunting if a sarcastic and amused chortle hadn't just slipped out of his lips after words? "How can you leave me like that? I could have been eaten, devoured, turned – and it would all have been your fault that I was turned and would be killed as a mindless zombie!"

"You're a virgin, are you not?"


… Well at least he didn't lash out. I was admittedly still nervous about possibly dying by this freakishly tall – …whatever he was, man. I mean, he did come out of the wall after all –

What the hell? Didn't I say to run?

Well why I should I listen to you Mister Voice? In fact, now that I think of it, wasn't it technically you who took me to that hospital filled with vampires?

That was not my attention. I simply wanted a body.

That sounds so wrong in many levels. Then I ignored the voice, even when it began yelling at me to forget about the hospital and run out of this room. Psh, like I'll listen to it. That's how psychopaths' are born.

I spluttered at the question, even as a red coat of warmth worked its way up into my cheeks. "Wh-what? What kind of que-question is that?" I wondered if I should risk my sanity by continuing to talk with the voice instead of speaking with the pedophile before me.

"It's exactly as it sounds. Are you a. Virgin?"

I frowned and glared at him, my blush still roaming around in my cheeks.

"You're a virgin." He concluded the grin stretching farther when I hadn't answered back. "If a vampire bites those who are virgins they become newborn vampires. For those who are not, become those 'zombies' as you put it."

"It's for vampires who want to breed more vampires, Miss Legna." Integra intervened, casting a pointed and narrowed look towards the red clad male. "The others are just snacks and become Ghouls, as you had witnessed at the hospital."

I nodded slowly, digesting every bit of information given to me. Even so I actually contemplated on listening to the voice inside my head.

YES! Please do!

Oh shut up you….

I sighed tiredly. "Okay. So, you said something of my case being 'special' for me to know all this and still be alive…"

"Ah, yes. That. Well you see Miss Legna. For us to be able to protect the civilians, blissfully unaware, of the vampires' existents, we have to have specially trained men to fight back against them. Alucard," She waved towards the red cloaked man, "Is one of these men. Vampires, to say, are his specialty. The incident at St. Thomas Hospital was to be taken care of by two of our people, Alucard and Seras. The two were to destroy any vampires and ghouls, and if the case there are survivors' to protect and escort them out of the building."

"…He did none of those." I pointed out. The bastard simply shrugged and grinned. Huh, I wonder if he was like the Joker, all smiles but never a smile for the good. I wouldn't doubt it from the way his pearly teeth flashed behind mocking lips.

"Yes. I am very well aware of that – Now." Integra frowned, glaring at Alucard as well. Ah, so he didn't report boss woman that he had simply watched me and never helped me out. Ha, karma is a bitch, I hoped you are stabbed. "But that is because of something more, it seems."

I frowned and turned to Integra, confusion written all over my face. "What do you mean, 'something more'? There's nothing more to that!"

"If I may," Alucard butt in, making Integra and I turned to him. Waiting to hear his side of the story, if there was any, "When I was to intervene –" Bitch please. "Miss Legna hadn't really needed my help."

"Alucard, please explain." Integra demanded. I nodded in affirmation. What did he mean I didn't need help?

"Miss Legna purified them."

"Excuse me?"

"It's the same as if using the holy bullets of my Jackal, a holy cross, or even reading from a holy book." Alucard continued, basically ignoring my input. "Her body emanated the same holy power and purified them."

Silence – pure blank silence. It was almost heavy in the room with this quiet filling. I could even swear I heard a man humming, whom was passing by the gates, from how quiet it was.

"That is…interesting." Integra clicked her tongue, clasping her hands together while gazing at Alucard.

I really didn't like the fact I was here in this room anymore.

I was kind of afraid to know what sort of 'interesting' things Sir Integra meant, because even though she wasn't staring directly at me I could still pick up the sense that she was curious from what Alucard informed her.

It was actually no more the appalling than her actually staring at me like a new recruit to her vampire slaying army. Plus, I could swear I am feeling Alucard's eyes on me. You know, behind those tinted glasses he was watching me with the same fascination.

Though… it was a darker fascination, it made shiver on the spot and wonder if I could –

"Um, Sir Integra, where are the restrooms…?" I asked, shifting uneasily on my feet. I really needed to leave this room and I didn't care if I had to lie. I was leaving and never coming back. I just hope home wasn't hours of a walk away, at least.

"Second hall on the left, third door on the right."

I nodded my head and quickly passed by Alucard, keeping my head low all the while. I would have been running if it weren't the fact it would look suspicious.

"Alucard, stay." Integra's voice stopped me.

I looked over my shoulder in surprise to see in truth that Alucard was following right behind me. He had stopped in the door way. I stared and he stared, his own eyes behind tinted glasses.

His grin was small and his head tilted to an angle of observance. It made me feel all the more mocked, though wary of what intentions and promises swam behind the glare of his glasses.

"Yes, my master."