LuvReinya: Originally 'Fa la la la f**k it'. I borrowed this title from a play, it was just too good not to use. But, the plot is my idea, it's far different from the real 'Fa la la la f**k it' XD

Summary: Every Christmas, Lovino is ignored by everyone in his life. Especially this one. His grandfather doesn't talk to him, his brother ignores him, and Antonio has feelings for some Belgian girl! So, what does he do? He becomes another person! Lovino might not get anyone's attention, but he'll make sure everyone loves Leonardo!

Disclaimer: I do not own 'Axis Powers Hetalia' or the real 'Fa la la la f**k it'.

Warning: Cursing, use of the f-word

Deck the halls with boughs of holly

Fa, la, la, la, la

La, la, la, la

"I'm so glad we're putting popcorn garland up this year, nonno! It makes the tree look so pretty!" Feliciano Vargas said happily as he helped his grandfather, Romulus Vargas, put decorations on the tree for Christmas. It was about two weeks away from the big day and he and his brother, Lovino, were on Christmas break away from their school. " kind of makes me hungry. Ve~"

'Tis the season to be jolly

Fa, la, la, la, la

La, la, la, la

Lovino grumbled as their grandfather took out a reindeer shaped ornament out of the box he was holding, smiling at Feliciano. "You and your stomach, Feli." Romulus laughed as he hung the ornament on the tree. "Dinner will be ready soon and then you can eat, alright?"

"Really? I can't wait!" Feliciano cheered as he put decorations on the other side of the tree, taking another ornament out of the box that Lovino was holding. "Are we having pasta again?"

Like we ever have anything else, bastard...Lovino thought to himself, glaring at the two in ignored silence. This happened around Christmas time every year. His brother and grandfather would get into the Christmas mood and merrily ignore him. Like they paid much attention to him any other time of the year though...

Don we now our gay apparel

Fa, la, la, la, la, la

La, la, la

"Of course, Feli! How else would we start off your Christmas break other than with the family's favorite food?"

It's not my favorite food. Lovino focused his 'deathly' glare onto his grandfather.

"Ve~!" Feliciano cheered happily, flailing his arms around like an idiot. In his happy frenzy, he accidentally hit his hand on one of the glass ornaments and broke it, cutting his hand in the process. "Ow! Nonno, help me!" Falling on the floor, Feliciano held his now bleeding hand and cried.

Maybe he should've been sorry for his brother, like any normal and caring big brother would, but Lovino honestly couldn't help but snicker at his little brother's misfortune. Not a lot of bad things happened to Feliciano, so when something did, Lovino always loved it. Mainly because Lovino was always the brother who got the short end of the stick. All the bad things happened to him. Everything unfortunate fell on him, while Feliciano got everything else. All the attention, all the good luck, everything. So forgive Lovino if he got a bit of joy from seeing Feliciano suffer a little.

Troll the ancient yule tide carol

Fa, la, la, la, la

La, la, la, la

As their grandfather checked on 'his poor Feli', Lovino finally put the box of ornaments down after holding it for an hour. Nothing good was going on here and the two of them were ignoring him anyway, he might as well be doing something else...

"I'm going to the tomato bastard's house." Lovino announced to the still crying Feliciano and his grandfather, who was still picking the glass out of Feli's hand. His grandfather mumbled an, 'Okay, sure.', not really listening to Lovino at all.

The nonchalant response was nothing Lovino didn't expect as he just sighed and grabbed his coat, exiting the house. Stepping down the porch on the way to his car, Lovino took one look back at his house. The multi-colored lights he had set up on the house were shining brightly, and the giant blow-up Santa that Feliciano set up on the ground took up almost half of their front lawn. Unsurprisingly, their grandfather was more proud of Feliciano's Santa than the lights Lovino spent so much time setting up. But, whatever, Lovino stopped caring a long time ago.

At least that's what he would always tell himself.

Picking up some snow, he rolled the white clump of flakes into a ball and threw it at the santa. "Fa, la, la, la fuck it..." He mumbled, getting into his car and driving off. Did he mention that he hated Christmas? No? Well, he does.

Using the key that Antonio gave him, Lovino opened the Spaniard's apartment door and walked inside. "Bastard, are you here?" He called, closing the door behind himself.

Antonio was a senior at Lovino and Feliciano's high school, also the star of the school's soccer team. He also had some kind of unnatural, weird, and slightly pedo-ish obsession with the irritable Italian boy; who was a junior at the school. Antonio lived alone in his own apartment, since his parents died when he was young and his grandparents were much too old to travel away from his home in Spain. Lovino had a 'strictly friendship' relationship with the Spaniard, but Antonio always tried to convince him that they were more than that – or would become more than that sooner or later.

Not that Lovino ever believed him.

"Oh! Is that mon peu d'Italien?" A voice questioned. That wasn't Antonio...

"Ah~ Is that you, Lovi?" Another, more familiar, voice called back to him from the living room. "I'm back here, come in~!"

"Kesesese...Yeah, come back here!" was them.

Taking off his coat, Lovino followed Antonio's voice and saw his schoolmate sitting in the middle of the living room floor with his two best friends; Francis Bonnefoy and Gilbert Beilschimdt. They were setting up Antonio's Christmas tree, with boxes of ornaments next to them. "Hey, Lovi!" Antonio waved at him with a smile on his face. "It's a good thing that you're here, we need help!"

Gilbert, who was getting himself tangled up in golden garland, nodded. "What he said. But first, can you get me outta this, kid?"

...Why did Lovino have a bad feeling about this?

Two hours into it, Lovino was stuck with holding a box of ornaments as the trio decorated the tree and talked about various stupid things. Familiar, much?

"So, Antoine." Francis started off another conversation. "Have you seen that new transfer student from Belgium? She is beautiful, non?"

Heh. Lovino glared at the French boy from the corner of his eye. As if Antonio would fall for some dumb blonde, the Spaniard was as gay as they come.

"I'd do her." Gilbert laughed as Francis rolled his eyes at his statement. "What? She's pretty hot. If only I could get her alone, away from her brother. He's always trailing behind her."

Of course you would, you'd fuck anything that breathes. Lovino kept to his own thoughts as he was ignored once his own friends nonetheless.

"I guess she's pretty." Antonio admitted, making Lovino's eyes nearly pop out. "But, I'm too afraid of her brother to say anything to her. He might beat me up! Ahaha...~"

This was news to Lovino. He had always thought Antonio was gay...and had a crush on him! With the way Antonio would always claim his love for Lovino and try to display his affection for the Italian, anyone else would think the same. Maybe Antonio finally just gave up...The realization that he might not be the object of Antonio's affection anymore made Lovino's chest hurt...or was it his heart?

F-Fuck this! Lovino cast his gaze down and glared angrily at the box of Christmas ornaments. Why am I getting so worked up over whether the tomato bastard gives a crap about me or not? I don't give a shit about him or his friends! Fuck them, fuck that Belgian girl, fuck Christmas, fuck it all!

Dropping the box on the floor – breaking a few of the ornaments –, Lovino looked back up at the trio with livid eyes. They were staring back at him with confused faces, probably wondering what was up with his sudden mood change.

"I didn't come here to hold a fucking box all night!" Lovino stated as he went to put on the shoes he took off a while ago by the couch. "I just wanted to get away from all of this Christmas shit and hang out with someone who I thought wouldn't ignore me, but I guess that was too much to fucking ask!" He made his way to the door and snatched his jacket from off the wall hook. "I'm glad we're on break and I don't have to see your asses at school on Monday, because that would be too fucking soon!" If anyone wanted to know, it was currently Friday.

"Lovi, what are you–?" Antonio stood up and attempted to go after his friend, but Lovino slammed the door in his face and left.

Getting out of the shower, Lovino wiped the steam off of the mirror and looked at himself. His deep auburn hair was wet from washing it and his eyes were a bit red from crying. That night had to be one of the worst nights of his life. His grandfather ignored him, his brother ignored him, even his only friend ignored him. Really, Lovino never asked for attention, but a little wouldn't hurt. Was it him? Was he just an ignorable person? Even that Canadian kid who sits beside him in class gets attention from Francis and that American boy. So, maybe it was him...Maybe Lovino was the problem.

He sighed. Is it really me? What makes everyone ignore me? Is it my attitude? My looks?

He put on his pajamas and began to get ready for bed, brushing his teeth slowly as he thought about his problem more. If I was someone else, they probably wouldn't ignore me...


Lovino's eyes widened as an idea sprung into his head. If I was someone else...I'm fucking brilliant! He rinsed out his mouth and rushed into his and Feliciano's room, trying not to wake his little brother from his sleep. He took a small bag he had hidden in his closet before hurrying back into the bathroom. There, he pulled out a blonde wig from the bag. It was short and styled into a rather fashionable style. He'd rather not get into the details of why he got the wig. It was from when he was dating this crazy Belorussian girl and had to hide from her and her brother for a while after he dumped her...yeah.


Putting the wig on, he examined how he looked in it. Not bad, a hot Italian man such as Lovino could look good in anything.


Chuckling to himself, Lovino thought his plan over in his head. Those bastards won't know what's coming to them! Let's see if they ignore me now. They might ignore Lovino, but they won't ignore Leonardo!

Ever pleased with himself, Lovino took the wig back off and finally went to bed; excited about what tomorrow would bring. He'd show those bastards, he'd show them good.