The passing days were long and tedious for Lovino. Having a second personality was hard and even keeping up with his own personality was hard for him also. When Antonio and his grandfather called him the first few days, he noted that he sounded a tad bit nicer than he remembered. He actually treated them both like people. People. And if anyone took note of that change, it was Antonio.

"Oh, querido, you're being so nice to me~!" Antonio had said. "Calling me by my name instead of a mean word~ What did I do to deserve such treatment?"

Ugh...Leonardo was starting to affect his behavior. As he suspected, Antonio was indeed jealous of Leonardo, even though the Spaniard tried to hide it, he called to find out more about the mysterious boy and what was Lovino's relationship to him other than partners in the 'big brother program'. The bastard also asked if Leonardo would like to date Francis, if he was single. Lovino's immediate answer was no, which he said almost too quickly, and Antonio seemed a bit discouraged by the response. He couldn't get rid of Leonardo that easily. Antonio also made a point to tell Lovino that he and Francis were just joking about the Belgian transfer student, that it was just a joke and Lovino would always be the person who held his affection and blah blah blah. It wasn't as if Lovino cared anyway. 'Cause he didn't. Nope.

Today, just two days before Christmas, he was going Christmas shopping for his grandfather. He was doing it alone, since Feliciano had an art class to go to and their grandfather had to work, which was more than fine by him because that meant that he didn't have to act for anyone.

"Almost done with this damn list, I only need a few spices..." Lovino told himself as he scanned the spice rack for a bottle of thyme. "Where is it..?"

A rough pat on the back brought his attention away from everything else. "Yo! What's up, Leonardo?"

Lovino turned with an agitated look in his eyes to see a familiar head of white hair. Damn...He cursed silently. "What? Um...I mean, yes?" He answered the albino German, trying to be as nice as he could and not punch him.

Gibert smirked. "You can drop the act." He said. "I know it's you."

Blinking innocently, Lovino shook his head. "I don't know what you're talking about Gilbert. What act?"

The German waved a hand at him before putting him in a headlock, his hand ruffling Lovino's wig in a taunting manner. "You can't fool the awesome me, Lovi! Kesesesese~ Like I said, I know it's you!"

"Dammit, bastardo, get off of me!" Breaking out of character, Lovino tried to shove the other boy off of him. Gilbert finally let him go and let the Italian brush himself off. As he snickered, Lovino gave him a long, hard, glare. "Yeah, it's me! You happy now? How did you know I was here in the first place?"

"I was doing some last minute Christmas shopping and saw you in here. So, I thought I'd drop in and say hi." The older boy grinned, crossing his arms. "So, how's the Leonardo thing going? Is this some phase you're going through or something?"

Lovino scowled. "No! It's just a...thing I'm experimenting with. Don't ask about it!"

"It's hard not to. But~ If you don't want me to, I won't. Just tell me...Will the normal Lovino be back in time for Christmas? I think everyone wants him back now."

Shaking his head, Lovino straightened out his wig. He had no idea if the German moved it, but he wasn't taking any chances. "No. And why should he – I mean I – come back? I'm just going to be ignored again."

The grin left Gilbert's face and was replaced by a puzzled look. "What are you talking about, man? Who ignores you?"

"You know who, you're one of them! Everyone does. No one ever talks to me, especially around Christmas time. You all just act as if I'm not even there and I just end up holding boxes. Tch...So, why should Lovino come back? Everyone talks to Leonardo, they don't ignore him."

Gilbert couldn't help but feel bad for Lovino. He knew the Italian had low self-esteem and didn't think a lot of people cared about him, but he didn't know the situation was that bad. "No, we don't...I mean, yeah we didn't talk to you a lot when you came over that time last week, but we didn't ignore you. A lot of people care about you, Lovino. They'd never purposely ignore you. You should know that."

Lovino looked to the ground and sighed quietly. "It's hard to keep that in mind sometimes..."

"Exactly how do people treat Leonardo differently?"

Lovino thought about the question. "Well...My nonno talks to me more and Feliciano is...uh..."

Gilbert gave Lovino a grin. "I can't say much for how the kid feels for Leonardo," The German shuddered a bit. "But, did you ever think that your grandfather was just being nice and treating Leonardo like the guest he was? And, doesn't he miss the real Lovino?"

Lovino's grandfather always did ask Leonardo how was he doing, was he eating well, and was the other family treating him alright. If there was another family. A side of him came out that Lovino had never seen before, and it made him happy to know that his grandfather really did care about him. "Yeah..." Shaking his head, he grabbed the bottle of thyme and threw it in the cart. "I got to go."

Gilbert's eyebrows raised. "Huh? Where are you going?"

"Home!" Lovino answered quickly and took off to pay for the items. There was something he had to do.

The next day, Christmas Eve, Lovino got up bright and early. Just like he had the day before 'Leonardo' showed up, he got dressed and ready. As he was putting on his wig, he heard sheets ruffling and Feliciano stuck his head out from under the covers.

"Leo..?" He groaned sleepily, rubbing the sleep out of his eyes. "Ve~ It's 6am. What are you doing up so early?"

"Uh..." Lovino tried to of something to say. "I just have some things to take care. Go back to sleep, Feli."

Feliciano smiled at the answer, still drowsy from sleep. "Give me a kiss before you go?"

Lovino could've died. "Um, wh-what?"

"Just a little, brotherly, kiss?" The younger closed his eyes, puckering his lips.

Lovino looked around the room awkwardly, trying to find an idea for an excuse. "O-Okay..." He slowly stepped towards his brother and bent down, balling his fist and gently touching it to Feliciano's lips. He hoped it would fool the ditzy boy into thinking it was his own lips. He pulled them away after a few moments, seeing the content smile on Feliciano's face.

"Thanks, Leo...~" Feliciano's smile deepened as he turned over to go back to sleep.

"Uh-huh..." Lovino took that opportunity to sneak out of the room, grabbing a backpack of his things along the way. He stepped out of the house, locking the door, and walked over to the park a few blocks away.

Sitting down on a bench, he set his backpack beside him, looking up at the sky. Am I really doing this? He thought to himself as he tapped his foot on the ground. He then took the blonde wig off, getting up and going to throw it in the trashcan. Holding it up, he looked it over one more time before dropping it in the can. I guess I really don't need to be somebody else to get attention. Damn potato bastard for convincing me to do this...

"Hey, bastards, I'm home!"

Hearing the voice of his long lost (well, sort of) grandson, Romulus jumped out of bed and rushed downstairs. On the way down, he collided with Feliciano, making them both tumble down the short flight of stairs. He saw familiar shoes step up to them and looked up, seeing Lovino looking down on them with raised eyebrows.

"You two okay?" He asked, making Feliciano jump with glee and tackle his brother.

"Fratello, you're back! I missed you so much~!" The younger Italian exclaimed, bear hugging poor Lovino.

Lovino tried to shove his brother off of him. "Get off of me, bastardo!"

Feliciano shook his head, hugging Lovino tighter. "No, I'm entitled to hug you for as long as I want since you've been gone so long!"

Romulus grinned and ruffled Lovino's hair, bombarding him with questions. "Did you have fun in Sicily? Was Leonardo's family nice? Did they feed you enough? You do have a big stomach, haha~"

This was a lot more attention than Lovino was expecting. "Tch, they were alright." He shrugged, finally pulling Feliciano off of him.

"Then your new fratellino wasn't better than m– I mean, so your new family was nice?"

"Yeah, they were fine." Lovino plopped on the couch, laying back. "I'm hungry. What's there to eat?"

"I'll go make breakfast." Their grandfather offered. "Are tomato omelets alright? I know tomatoes are your favorite."

Lovino nodded. "Thanks...nonno." He looked at the ceiling before looking back at Feliciano and his grandfather. "Do you want some help in the kitchen?"

"That's a great idea!" Their grandfather smiled wide, both happy and surprised that his grandson suggested that. "We can all cook together, like a family! I'm glad to see you want to do more things with us, Lovino."

"Yeah, well...I did a lot of stuff with that family back in Sicily, so I thought it'd be nice to do it with you guys."

"Ve~! I've never cooked with fratello before, this is going to be fun!" He took Lovino's hand and dragged him into the kitchen with their grandfather, stopping midway. "Hey, Lovi~ Whatever happened to Leonardo?"

"We both decided to come home early to spend Christmas with our families...We were feeling homesick."

"Ve...I'll miss him. But, I'm so happy that you missed me, fratello~! Just be sure to give me his number later, okay?"


"Sure, Feli..."

Things pretty much returned to normal then, although Romulus made a better effort to include Lovino in the things that he and Feliciano did. He told Lovino that he would make a vow to be more involved in Lovino's life, making sure his grandson didn't grow up and leave him again too quickly. The little change was actually kind of nice...At least Feliciano didn't try to flirt with him anymore. The younger Italian was actually trying (a lot harder) to be a good little brother to Lovino, even though he had a speculation that Feliciano was just doing that out of jealousy for the imaginary younger brother in Sicily.

On Christmas morning, the doorbell rang. Again and again and again and again. Knowing who would be stupid (or assertive) enough to do that, Lovino answered the door. "What the hell, tomato bastard?"

Antonio gave a bashful smile, Francis and Gilbert behind him, and held out an envelope and a present to the frowning Italian. "Hi, Lovi~! This is for you, mi amor. It's your Christmas well as a welcome back present! Ah, may we come in?"

"Oui, will you let us in, please? It's so cold out here~" Francis smirked as he held the door open, making the young boy scowl at him.

Lovino took the gifts, shrugging, and stood aside for the trio to come in. He closed the door after them and, watched as they sat on the couch; Gilbert taking a gingerbread cookie from the tray on the coffee table.

"So I see you're back early from your trip, huh?" The German grinned knowingly, looking up at Lovino.

Lovino nodded, blushing slightly and looked down at the floor. "We both agreed that we missed our families...and friends." He then looked back up with a smirk on his face. "I just missed nonno and Feli's cooking, that's all! The family I stayed with there couldn't cook for shit. And they call themselves Italians?"

Gilbert just shook his head and laughed. "Right, whatever you say..."

"Lovi, open your present!" Antonio urged, smiling brightly at Lovino. "I think you'll like it!"

Lovino glared at him. "Alright, keep your pants on, bastard." We all knew Antonio couldn't do that...Kidding!

Opening the card, he flipped the cover and read what was inside. 'Merry Christmas to the love of my life, may we spend many more Holidays together. Be mine forever?'

"Be my boyfriend, Lovi?" Antonio took Lovino's hand gently, holding it in his. "I've loved you since the I met you, and I want to know if you feel the same for me." He then took the Italian into a big hug. "And, I'll never ever ignore you! From now on, all my attention will be on you, querido~!"

"What? How did you..." Lovino glared at Gilbert. "Did you tell him?"

The German smiled innocently. "Tell him what, Le– uh, Lovino?"

"Bastard!" Lovino growled, being held back by a laughing Antonio.

"Do you like the card, mi amor?" Antonio got Lovino's attention again, blushing slightly. "What do you say...?"

"Maybe he should open your present and see what you got him first~" Francis pointed to the wrapped box in Lovino's hands.

"Oh, right!" Antonio nodded and urged Lovino to open the present also.

Lovino grumbled and unwrapped the present, looking inside the box to see a set of couples' shirts. "...What the hell are these, bastard?"

Antonio gave a nervous chuckle. "Well, they're–"

Suddenly, Francis and Gilbert tackled them both and forced the shirts on them. Which was weird for Francis, because he usually takes the clothes off of his victim.

"They're couples' shirts." Francis smirked, admiring their handy-work.

"And, if you wear them, you're officially a couple. So say hello to your new boyfriend, Lovino! Kesesesese~" Gilbert added.

The shirts' had a graphic of two bears, one bear was holding a heart-shaped balloon tied to a long string while the other one was hanging onto the balloon in mid-air.

Lovino blushed furiously, looking down at the shirt he had on. It was the shirt with the bear holding onto the balloon. "Dammit, basta...Antonio..." He looked over to the Spaniard, who looked back at him with his blush still intact. "Your friends didn't have to do this to get me to be your boyfriend...I was going to say yes anyway."

Antonio's eyes widened as he gaped at Lovi in disbelief. "Really, Lovi?" He smiled again, making Lovino feel that warmth in his heart that he felt when his grandfather spoke highly of him. "Ah, I'm so happy~! You're finally my boyfriend, mi amor. You don't know how long I've been waiting for this happen."

"Yeah, well..." Lovino's cheeks turned even more red than they already were. He hadn't realized how much attention he got from Antonio alone, that was enough to last anyone a lifetime. "Consider it your Christmas present."

Antonio held him close and placed a sweet kiss on his lips. "I couldn't ask for anything more, Lovi."

LuvReinya: Yay, the first multi-chapter story I've finished \o/ Sorry if the ending sucked, I kind of rushed it because I had to cook all day for Christmas. So even though it isn't Christmas, I hope the ending made up for that XD