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Pairings: GrayXLucy, NaysuXLisanna, JellalXErza, LevyXGajeel

Summary: It's a short story about a girl who seeks for true happiness in life and found it in a person who she least expected; a boy who didn't believe in wishes-do-come-true until he met her. Do wishes come true? Do you believe in them?

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Lucy woke up a bit later than usual. Well, no one could blame her. She was busy the whole day, was exhausted by that ten or so hours that she was out yesterday for buying gifts for her friends (although, most of it was spent in hanging out with Erza, Lisanna and Juvia, let's include Loke).

Speaking of Loke, she was satisfied and was thankful that Loke showed up last night because if not, she didn't know if she will be able to bear it. She was thankful for her friends so it's just right to give them presents even though those aren't enough for their kindness, right?

When she got up, she cooked instant noodles (she doesn't know how to cook) and ate it before going to the bathroom to take a shower coming out with a fluffy towel.

It was Christmas Eve, tomorrow will be the first Christmas out with her friends but she decided that she will visit her father before Christmas ends. She smiled at the thought. Then she happened to set her eyes at all the gifts in a plastic bag and another smile adorned her face. Are they gonna like it? I sure hope so! She thought before her eyes shifted at the other plastic bag beside the gifts. She clasped her hands together and squealed in delight. "Oh right! I bought those yesterday with Erza, right? I should make them cookies!" Lucy said getting her clothes to wear and as soon as she finished dressing up she quickly took the bag full of ingredients for baking cookies and ran to the kitchen to bake.

After baking she put the cookies on little bags and decided to give one bag per friend and the two bags with more cookies were for her father and Gray. She wiped her forehead and smiled in satisfaction. It was almost noon then and she thought she'll see her friends and spend time with them until Christmas Eve.

After cleaning the kitchen she took the bag full of gifts and took another plastic bag for the cookies close to her purse at the living room. She then went to her bedroom to changed her clothes to something warm before taking the plastic bags again and her purse. Before she forgot her phone, she took it from the top of her bedside table remembering she forgot it yesterday. She checked her phone and saw a lot of messages and missed calls. She looked at all of it and noticed that most of them are from Gray. Come to think of it, she hadn't seen or hear from Gray yesterday so, out of curiosity she have read some of it after putting the bags on the floor beside her bed.

From: Gray ('o')v
To: Lucy H.

Hey! Let's meet at the park today, 'kay? See ya at 10.


"Oh no! I didn't know!" Lucy said as she read the first message before reading the next.

From: Gray ('o')v
To: Lucy H.

Where are you?


From: Gray ('o')v
To: Lucy H.

Hey! Where are you?


From: Gray ('o')v
To: Lucy H.

I'm going to your place if you don't want to come here!


"Wonder if he really was looking for me? What did he want to talk about?" Lucy asked herself with creased face before going to the next message.

From: Gray ('o')v
To: Lucy H.

Well the hell are you? I have something to tell you! Are you mad at me for some reason? At least pick up the phone!


Oh no! I have a bad feeling about this. Lucy thought as she sat down on her bed. There are still more messages so she skipped a few and read the others.

From: Gray ('o')v
To: Lucy H.

Erza told me she saw you at the market place earlier. Are you still there? Please pick up. I really have something important to tell you.


From: Gray ('o')v
To: Lucy H.

Where exactly are you Lucy! You're worrying me you know that! I've running around this whole time looking for you! At least try and pick up!


"Oh Gray I'm so sorry! I haven't read your messages until now! Are you mad?" Lucy asked more to herself. Frowning, her eyes widen reading the next message.

From: Gray ('o')v
To: Lucy H.

Lucy, I'm going home tomorrow morning…And I don't know if I'll be able to go back after sometime…Please reply after reading this.


After reading this she gasped and abruptly stood up to run to Loke's place, grabbing Gray's gift and forgetting the other gifts that she tried so hard to buy for her friends, but it doesn't matter right now. What's important is that she needs to see Gray and say sorry. She needs to see him before he goes home. She needs to give her gift for him. Most importantly, she needs to tell him how she feels for him.

While running towards Loke's house, she received a text message from Loke and read it while running. She stopped for a second before running again but now towards the station.

From: Loke S.
To: Lucy H.

Lucy, Gray's leaving now, where are you? He told me that he wouldn't wait for you. He told me that you don't want to see him. What happened? We're at the train station…


She got there 10 minutes after and was panting. She looked for Loke and the others until she spotted them walking out. No! she screamed in her thought before approaching them.

"Lucy…" Lisanna said after she saw Lucy and looked down. Everyone did the same except for Loke who noticed his barefooted friend.

"Lucy, don't tell me you ran towards here without wearing anything to protect your feet?" Loke asked and soon everyone shut their eyes at Lucy, who didn't notice it as well, and fell at the ground clutching her dress and looking down at her hands.

"Lucy!" everyone yelled in worry and run towards their blonde friend sitting on the ground.

"I'm sorry Lucy, I thought you knew he's leaving today." Erza said patting Lucy's back. There was a silence but Lucy looked up at them and smiled; she stood up and dusted off her dress.

"It's ok. It's my fault for not reading his messages. You see I forgot to bring my phone yesterday when I went shopping not knowing that he was sending me messages the whole day and yet after I finally got home, I didn't even visit my phone and gone to bed to sleep…" Lucy said forcing herself not to cry but her eyes failed her.

"H-he didn't tell me that h-he was going home. H-he never mentioned a-anything to me…until yesterday when I forgot to bring my phone with me…" Now Lucy was seen crying. She hid her face on her hands and there she wailed. Lisanna hugged her and, feeling the hurt that Lucy's feeling, she cried as well.

They took Lucy to Loke's house and there they tried soothing her. They did all things to make her feel better but it won't work if she's not paying attention. It's been two hours since Gray left; they're still not eating lunch for Lucy isn't as well. They felt that they're very much at fault here and intended to wait until Lucy decided to eat lunch. Natsu's stomach started growling that made Lucy snapped back to reality. She glanced at all of them and noticed the worried expression they're having so she stood up before bowing.

"I'm sorry! I never intended to make all of you worry!" she said and looked up to them and smiled, but a fake one they noticed.

"And Natsu, you should eat if you're hungry…" Lucy said a chuckled. They weren't satisfied but they still laughed together with her, even though fake.

Lucy remembered her gift for them so she excused herself before going back at the apartment to get the gifts. Lisanna lend Lucy her sandals which she was grateful for. She ran towards her apartment leaving the others worried. Lisanna went back to the living room and said something.

"Guys, Gray should know this. He didn't know that Lucy forgot her phone at her apartment yesterday. He thought Lucy was mad or Lucy was avoiding him or something bad happened to her. Maybe he thought that Lucy's been avoiding him for not replying any of his messages and for not picking up when he called her. We have to tell him guys…" Lisanna pleaded.

"I've been doing that ever since Lucy told us, but I guess he turned off his phone." Loke said frowning. "Gosh. Those two really loved making us worry for them like this." Loke said sitting his self on the floor while leaning on the wall.

With Lucy…

She got to her apartment still depressed by Gray's departure. She had wished to see him and be with him until Christmas comes but now that he's gone, Lucy thought her wish of finding her true happiness will never come true.

She lay on her bed and closed her eyes while her right arm was over them. Do wishes come true? Do you believe in them? If not, why? Lucy remembered.

"I don't believe in them. If a person really wants something, he shouldn't entrust it to a star. If he really wants it that bad, he should do everything to attain it right? Another reason is that, why wish for something you know you'll never get?"

"Yea, you're probably right Gray. Why would I wish for something I thought I'll get? Happiness? It was you all along, but I hadn't done anything to get it. I'm so stupid!" Lucy said, wailing the last statement. She cups her face again with her hands as she curled herself in bed, crying to sleep, forgetting that she was supposed to go back to her worrying friends.

With Gray…

He was on the train, leaning his back on the seat, looking at the view with no interest at all, staring blankly with one thought in mind. Lucy…

Yesterday, he was supposed to tell her that it was his last day at Loke's and will be going home the morning after and he wants to spend the day with her. He was finally confessing; even with the risk of her rejecting him, his mind was already set. But his luck was not siding on him this time.

He texted Lucy to come to the park and waited but she never came. He went to check on her at her apartment but she's not there either. She's not even answering his phone calls. Why is it? Where is she?

He was worried. What if something bad happened to her? He would blame himself if something really did happen. He was running around town looking for her but he always fail. He went to the park again then to café then at Loke's house. But still she's not there. He doesn't care if he's not eating lunch yet, he needs to know if she's alright.

He texted everyone else and luckily Erza and Lisanna replied, with Natsu, Gajeel, Jellal and Levy saying that they haven't seen her. Lisanna and Erza said that they're with her earlier but not anymore and told him that they saw her at the market (at this time Juvia and Lucy were talking somewhere else). He looked throughout the market, entering every shops but he still couldn't find her. Where is she? He thought.

He went back, not noticing a blonde girl and a blue haired girl sitting at one of the benches outside the market, running at Lucy's apartment hoping he'd find her there.

He was panting. Why isn't she picking up her phone? Is she mad? If she was out, why haven't I seen her? Could she possibly be avoiding me? These were the thoughts that were running through Gray's mind.

After some time, he felt his phone vibrate. He hastily took it out of his pockets hoping it was Lucy but instead of her it was Juvia. She said that she only opened her phone now and that she only read Gray's message the time she got home. She also told Gray that she was with Lucy earlier and said that Lucy's going home. So with that message, Gray waited for Lucy but after sometime Lucy's still not passing by even though Gray had waited for her. Is fate really against them? He sighed.

He looked for her again until he had given up with the thought of Lucy avoiding him for some unknown reason. He texted her for the last time before going back to Loke's house…

From: Me
To: Lucy ('-')v

Lucy, I'm going home tomorrow morning…And I don't know if I'll be able to go back after sometime…Please reply after reading this.


Please reply. I want to tell you something before I leave.

Gray expects her to at least reply. But she didn't. And that's what made him think that she's avoiding him.

Loke went home and was about to tell Gray that he was with Lucy, after reading his text when he got home, but Loke saw Gray already asleep. For some reason, FATE and LUCK really were not on their side today.

"I'm home…" was Gray's not so energetic greeting when he set foot inside their house, three and a half hours away from Loke's place.

"Oh Gray, Wel…come…home…" Ur greeted with an oh-so-energetic tone, descending with every syllable she uttered, when she saw her sons face.

Lyon and Ultear who was looking at him as well were dumbfounded by their brother's attitude. "What's his problem?" Ur asked, wondering if her daughter and other son know something but the two of them shrugs with Lyon saying "Maybe he's been rejected." which earns him a smack from both his mother and sister.

Gray went straight to his room and didn't even take his clothes off when he dropped himself on his bed.

(Knock Knock)

"Gray?" Ur's voice echoes the room.

"Are you alright?" she asked while walking towards Gray.

"Yea just tired…don't wake me up. I'm so tired, I want to sleep until tomorrow morning…" Gray answered, not moving from his bed, but his voice tells that he's not. His mom looked worriedly at him and sighed.

"Alright if you said so…" she said and walked out of the room, knowing how stubborn her son is and will not force him to tell her anything anymore.

At Loke's place…

"Lucy's late. I'm worried. Where could she be? Do you think she's still at her apartment?" Lisanna asked worriedly, clasping her hands together while looking outside the window.

"It's already eight thirty, and she's not yet here. Do you think we should go and check on her?" Levy asked as she looked outside as well.

"She might be sleeping…" Gajeel said nonchalantly while lying on the couch with closed eyes and hands on the back of his head, but if you look a little closer you'd see that he's worried for her as well. He's just being optimistic.

Then there was silence again before Juvia snapped her fingers earning her friend's eyes.

"Juvia knows what to do! Some of us should go and check on her if they really are worrying for her. And Loke…" she called and blushed when he looked at her then she continued. "…if you couldn't contact Gray on his phone then try contacting his parent, Aunt Ur." She suggested.

"Ok let's try that! Gray is there already." Erza said giving Loke the phone after she dialled Ur's telephone number. After Loke took the phone, Erza nodded at Levy and Lisanna who nodded back pulling Gajeel and Natsu out towards Lucy's.

"LUCY!" they yelled after they were in front of Lucy's door.

Lucy fell asleep earlier and now she slowly opened her eyes at the sound of yelling from outside. She rubbed her eyes and stood up to answer the door. As soon as she opened it Lisanna and Levy leaped at her and cried.

"Lucy! We're so worried! We thought something happened to you! You were supposed to go back but you didn't so we're here to check on you and we're happy that you're alright!" Levy and Lisanna said.

"Guys…" Lucy hugged back, touched by her friends.

"I'm sorry…I fell asleep…come on let's go now…" Lucy said and smiled at them.

"Good to know, Luce!" Natsu said grinning.

"Told you she was sleeping…" Gajeel mumbled and looked away, keeping his friends from seeing his relieved face.

Before Lucy went out with them, she grabbed the bags with presents and cookies.

"Gray!" Ur bust the door open and was rather angry.

Gray got up and groaned at his mother for waking him up. "What?" he asked scratching his head.

"WHY ARE YOU HERE?" Ur asked that made Gray rolled his eyes and answered "Because you told me to?" He said with much sarcasm.


"OUCH! What was that for?" Gray asked rubbing his head.

"WHY DID YOU LEAVE WITHOUT TELLING HER?" Ur asked again, this time more serious. Gray finally got what she's implying.

"I've been trying to tell her all day yesterday but she didn't even reply or answered my phone calls. How can I tell her if she avoiding me?" he said sadly.

"Go back…" Ur said. Gray looked at her surprised and wanted to hear it again.

"What?" he asked.

"I said go back…she's crying…" Ur said that made Gray's eyes widen. She's crying? He thought. "…she didn't know you're leaving until Loke texted her this afternoon before you leave. Loke told me she forgot her phone yesterday when she was buying gifts for all of you and didn't expect that it will take her all day just to buy you gifts and when she's finally home Loke told me it was already late and didn't checked her phone before going to bed, or at least that's what Lucy had told them." Ur explained. Gray was just staring at her.

"I told you, didn't I? I told you to take care of her and never allow her to be taken away by others right? Well, now is the time to do that! Now is the time to take care of her. Go BACK!" Ur said smiling at her son. Gray looked at the floor and cast a worried glance at it. Ur saw this and sat beside her son patting his back.

"If you love her, you'll go back and tell her that." Were his mother's last words before he snap is head up and hugging her mother tightly. "Thank you, mom. I love you so much and you know that. Merry Christmas…" he said and kissed his mom's forehead before grabbing a wrapped gift and running off towards the station again. He better hurry up so he won't miss the last train. Ur thought and sighed. Gambatte ne, Gray!

Lucy still doesn't know anything, but her friends who're grinning strangely at her sure know something. She shrugged it off and told them that she would like to be alone and surprisingly they agreed rather quickly, confusing her more, but again shrugged it off and went to the park alone.

Twenty more minutes and Christmas will finally arrive. But she wasn't expecting that she will spend it alone.

She sat down at the same spot where she had met Gray and saw the ant's still gathering food. She smiled sadly remembering Gray.

"You told me that I shouldn't be talking to ants or any other animals for I have friends to talk to but as you can see, these ants are only ones who knew my wish." She said to no one in particular and hugged her legs closer to her chest. It was cold but still no snow. She lost her smile remembering her wish and wishing itself.

"Do wishes come true? I guess not. Gray probably is right. Because if it's true, then my wish should come true right now, before Christmas arrive. " She said and kept staring at the ants.

"Talking to ants again, are we?" a voice Lucy was wishing to hear again suddenly fill the air. But that wasn't her imagination right? She looked sideways and saw a figure of a man, a familiar figure. She faced him and was startled. Why can't she sense him? How can he startle her over and over? Even so, it doesn't matter; he's right in front of her. She almost cried when she saw those smiles again but kept it in and stood up.

"Why are you here?" She asked softly, still can't believe her eyes were staring at the black orbs of the man she's been wishing for, for so long.

"I forgot something. Hey, how any minutes left before Christmas?" He said walking and sitting near Lucy and stared at the ants, like what he did the time he had met her. She looked at her watch before answering. "15 minutes…uhm…Gray I'm-" Lucy was about to apologize but was cut off.

"Hey Mr. Ants…" he said, talking to the ants, surprising Lucy when he said the next words. "Do you think, if I'll believe in wishes, do you think it'll still come true?"

"Gray what are you…?" Lucy asked but wasn't able to finish it because of Gray's yell. "ALRIGHT! Then I'll try!" He said pumping his fist up, as if getting an answer from the ants, and looking at Lucy.

"Would you like to wish with me? There's the northern star right? Come on let's wish!" he said, pointing at the brightest star, grinning at Lucy. Even though Lucy thought Gray was a little weird today she still nodded. The both of them looked directly at the star and clasped their hands together before chanting.

"Star Light, Star bright. Brightest star I've seen tonight. I wish I may, I wish I might, have the wish I wish tonight." They both said before sighting their own wishes.

"I wish I can attain my happiness tonight…" Lucy mumbles after closing her eyes.

"I wish my wish will be granted tonight!" Gray said rather loudly which made Lucy turn to him with a questioning look.

"What was that wish about? And I thought you're here because you forgot something?" Lucy asked.

"You'll see!" Gray said. There it is again, his infamous grin and that line that always excites her, but this time she felt more excited than before.

Gray asked once again. "How many more minutes before Christmas?" looking at the stars.

"Ten minutes…" what is he up to this time? She asked herself and furrowed her brows.

"The night seems silent tonight even though it's Christmas Eve. But I think it's time, this moment is right…" he said before kneeling with one leg. Lucy found herself taking a step back while putting one hand over her mouth.

"Lucy…" Gray started staring lovingly at Lucy. "Y-yes?" she asked feeling the heat up to her face and her heart started racing.

"I've been waiting for this moment…I've been waiting to give you my gift this day before I left this morning, but I think this is the perfect time to give it." He continued scratching his redden cheeks with his free hand while the other rummage his pocket, looking for something.

"I-it's something I got for you which will last for as long as you live…Ok I'm getting cheesier but…" he said pulling out something out from his pocket and staring at the beautiful hazelnut brown eyes of the now crying blonde in front of him.

"Tonight I'll give you, all my heart could give…" he said that made the tears, Lucy were keeping, fall from her eyes. "…I might not be enough, but I'm here to make your wish come true…" he said. It was embarrassing for Gray, but this is the time that he should tell her what he truly feels. Then she suddenly chuckled that caused him to blush even more.

"You know, it doesn't suit you…" Lucy said crying as she smiled at him and offers her hand for him to stand. He smiled back and took it saying "Yea, it really didn't sound like me…but Lucy, will you make my one and only wish come true?"

She clasped her mouth again using her hands as Gray pulled out something shiny from the box he was holding a while ago. It's a beautiful pendant; a silver key with a star in it. She stared at it for a minute thinking that it looks familiar as her hand went down to her pocket. She felt it; her gift for him. The one gift that she thought was perfect for him. Yes, the pendant really looked familiar, because that pendant was the other pair of the pendant Lucy bought yesterday and it made her smile. I guess we think alike. She thought.

"Well?" Gray asked, and was about to put the pendant back at the box, sadness stricken over his face when he thought Lucy was rejecting him but was surprised when she suddenly put her arms around him and cried at his chest.

"Why are you putting it back to the box? Don't you want to hear my answer first?" Lucy said in between sobs.


"I was about to give my wish up…but then in the last minute, it suddenly came back…" Lucy said, keeping her arms tightly embracing the raven haired boy, making him wonder about what she said.

"What do you mean 'it suddenly came back'?" he asked putting his one hand on Lucy's head the other on her back.

"My happiness…" she said breaking the hug and looking at Gray on the eyes.

"You're…happiness?" he asked still not getting it.

"You know, you're always saying I'm naïve…well, you're one to talk! You're so stupid for not noticing it! You're my happiness, IDIOT!" she yelled at him, tears cascading her flushed face. Sometimes Gray wished he didn't taught Lucy such words but she's right, I am an idiot for not noti-WAIT A MINUTE! Did she just say I'm her happiness? He thought; eyes wide.

"What's with that look? Didn't you get what I'm saying? I said I-…" Lucy said, stopping at mid-sentence when Gray puts the pendant around Lucy's neck before hugging her tightly, letting his head rest at the nook of Lucy's neck, which cause Lucy to tense up but later on relaxes at the warmth of Gray's embrace. "I like you, Lucy. A lot. And it's not just a friendly like, it's a whole lot more. I love you…" he whispered on her hair. Hearing this, Lucy lifted her hands and wrapped them around Gray. "I think I like you as well, more than a friend." She said.

"Gray?" she said pulling away from Gray's embrace and took the present she bought for him. "Will you accept this?" Lucy said showing Gray a box, with Gray staring at the neatly wrapped gift.

"What's this?" he asked taking the gift from her.

"The employee told me that it had a pair but unfortunately the pair was already bought. But even thought I know that the pair is sold already, I still decided to buy that. I didn't know that you're the one who bought the pair." Lucy said, holding the pendant on her neck, as soon as Gray opened the box and saw the pendant that Lucy bought for him; a sword pendant with a dark blue crystal in the middle shining like the star. He smiled and wore it which made Lucy happy.

"Gray, I'm happy. Merry Christmas…" Lucy said as the clock strikes 12 and the twelve o'clock bell started ringing. As soon as Lucy said these words, little white flakes started falling from the sky. Both of them looked up to see the gorgeous snow slowly falling and slowly covering the area.

"Snow…" Lucy mumbles. "It's snowing…IT'S SNOWING!" Lucy squealed in delight as Gray started staring at her.

"Lucy…" Gray called her attention and when she looked at him, she saw his smile. "Merry Christmas…" he said sheepishly and slowly leaned forward and caught her lips in a gentle kiss but with full of passion in it. Lucy was taken in surprise. She didn't know how to react but she didn't push him either. Soon she felt herself getting drawn to the kiss; she closed her eyes and kissed him back. Lucy slowly lifted her arms and wrapped them around Gray's neck with him wrapping his around Lucy's waist.

They didn't know how long they stayed like that, but once their lips parted they know one thing; their wish came true.

"I guess wishes do come true…" Gray said staring lovingly at his happiness. Lucy grinned and leaped at Gray.


Gray and Lucy were both startled and snapped their head towards the noise. It was them. What will they do if THEY'RE not here? Friends, what do you expect from them?

"Merry Christmas everyone!" Lucy greeted and ran to hug all of them. Loke walked towards Gray and puts his arms around his shoulder saying "Good goin' buddy!" Gray smiled at him. "Thanks for doing that Loke…if it wasn't for you, I wouldn't have come back here…"

"Speaking of going back, when will you go home?" Loke asked bringing his hand from Gray's shoulder to his pockets. Gray shrugged. "Don't know. I guess I have to spend more time with you guys."

"With me? Or with her?" Loke teased, wiggling his brows that earn him a playful smack on the shoulders.

"Oh, where're your clothes?" Loke asked.

"Oh I forgot to bring them with me. I'll be borrowing yours 'kay?" Gray said.


"Hey Popsicle!" Natsu greeted, grinning.

"Who are you calling Popsicle, fire breath?" Gray snapped back. And the two bickering men started their regular fight but not with the help of the mighty Titania who quickly puts a stop to it earning fits of laughter from Jellal, Loke and Gajeel who're watching the whole time.

Along with the girls, Lisanna, Levy and Juvia congratulated Lucy.

"Thanks. So how about you guys? Any progress?" Lucy asked. All of them fell silent as heat crept onto their faces, in which Lucy found cute and teased them, when Gajeel suddenly appeared behind the girls.

"So are you two together now?" Gajeel asked Lucy.

Guess some people can't tell something with just a glance.

Do wishes come true? Yes, if only you believe. Though hope is frail, it's hard to kill. It's not bad to wish for something if that something is for the good for the ones you love. Who knows, your wish might just come true. Just like how my wish came true. I finally have it, and you might as well…


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