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I noticed these fics were usually about the kids' adventures, but I always wondered how their parents would react to these time shenanigans.
This is my first go at this fandom, and I really wish I had a better story for it, but I figure this will be a good diagnostic for myself on writing here.
So sit back, relax, and (hopefully) enjoy this silly little fanfic about family, time travel, and how to tie up your future self and interrogate him.

Lets Do the Time Warp Again

Chapter One: Science Fiction Double Feature

Kurt Hummel was a very trusting parent.

For example, when his son asked if he could spend a week or two at their Aunt Britt's summer home with his two best female friends, Kurt had agreed, because he trusted his son. His husband had been a little iffy, with his, "Are you sure, Kurt? He's a teenager now..." and "I mean, I had some...less than dapper thoughts about us in high school." But, no, Kurt would not be deterred. He held his decision that they'd raised their son well and he would never abuse the faith they put in him and hello, "less than dapper thoughts"? Please elaborate.

Yes, his son would behave, he always did. Besides, one of the females was his cousin, and the other just as good as. Sure, not biologically, but in that overly-complicated way you can only dream up while watching a high school sit-com. He not only trusted that he'd raised his son well, but that Uncle Finn and Aunties Rachel, Britt, and Santana had done the same with their offspring. They were good kids and would not do anything stupid.

Then one night, while relaxing in his favourite armchair and thumbing through a copy of Vogue, he remembered the NYADA mixer from all those years ago. Normally, this would just be some reminiscing, if it weren't for the fact that Harmony Hudson, his lovely niece who just happened to be away with his darling son at the moment, was belting out a rather (unsurprisingly, given who her mother was) show-stopping rendition of Anything Goes/Anything You Can Do in the middle of it.

He lowered his magazine and furrowed his eyebrows as he recalled. No, that couldn't have been right. It was a dud, not even the representative had shown up...but no, it wasn't. Harmony had come, along with a legion of doppelganger-Kurt and Rachels, blown their socks off with that performance, and left them to a pity party in his car, right?

A dull pain began to throb in the back of his head. "Okay, alright," he told himself. "There is a perfectly rational, mundane reason for why my niece is invading my high school memories..."

The phone began to ring, and Kurt snatched it up, having a fairly good idea of who it was.

"Kurt!" Rachel Hudson cried from her end. "Do you remember-"
"The NYADA mixer?" he cut in.

"Oh my God, yes! How did you...how!" his sister-in-law sounded somewhere between panic and hysterical tears. "Why the hell is my little girl showing us up as teenagers!" Kurt bit his lip and took a deep breath through his nose.

"Now, Rachel," he said slowly, trying to remain the calm and rational in this...out of the ordinary situation. "Lets not jump to conclusions here, a lot of people there looked like us that night-"

"I'd know my baby anywhere!" she hissed. "That was our Harmony, Kurt!"

"But that's impossible," he tried again, despite the unease growing in his stomach. "She can't be travelling through time, because one: it's not possible, despite what Sam's ridiculous comic books claim, and two: she's at Brittany's place in the Hamptons with..." he trailed off, the tiny unease ballooning to borderline-panic attack. "No, impossible, remember?" he berated. Swallowing the ludicrous fear, he spoke again.

"Have you tried phoning her?"

"Her cell is off!" she was sobbing now. "Kurt, please, something is seriously wrong here!"

"Rachel, Rachel," he said quickly. He needed her rational to deal with this...irrational issue. "Stay calm, alright? We need to focus, because -and this is not me admitting that something as ridiculous as time travel is going on, because it's not- we need to figure out if they're in danger. Not picking up their phones isn't a good sign, alright?" He heard Rachel sniff on the other end of the line, and take a few deep breaths to calm herself down.

"You're right, I need to stay focused for her. How did I ever survive without you, Kurt?" He chuckled lightly at that.

"Some mysteries should never be solved." That got a little giggle out of her as well.

"Okay, I'm going to call Santana and see if she's had any contact from Sugar." she said. He nodded to himself.

"Sounds good, I'll do the same with my little one," he took another deep breath. "Don't worry, Rachel, it's all going to be fine, alright?"

"Yes," she said firmly, as if she believed hard enough, they'd be true. "They're fine. I'll call you back after I conference with Santana. And Kurt,"


"Thank you, I need a rock right now."

He smiled lightly. "Don't worry about it, it's what I'm here for."

He swore he could heard her smile on the other end just before the dial tone went off.

As it did, Kurt yanked the phone from his ear and began dialling his son's cell number, trying to keep the calmness he'd shown Rachel around for himself.

"Don't worry," he kept telling himself. "Nothing's wrong, and if it is (which I'm not saying it is, just a scenario) Rory's a tough kid, he can handle himself. Like that time Santana gave him a bloody nose in the big dodge ball game, he toughed it out-"

Kurt's head snapped up from the phone, his eyes going wide with fear. Without thinking, he shouted as loud as he possibly could.