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A/N: I realize that this isn't going to be too original and a bit overdone but I want to try it anyways! I apologize beforehand if I seem to be copying other stories. That's not my intention but with all the others like this, it'll be hard to seem 100% different. I'll try to make this as unique as possible! Thanks for your understanding!

He could feel the pounding of his fading heart and the string of Nagini's venom. He could also feel himself slowly float away from reality and from Lily's green eyes when he entered a peaceful, black bliss, all pain gone. It was like sleeping. Calm. He'd never been that relaxed in his whole life than he was in those few moments. He would've stayed there forever if it weren't for that damned voice breaking through.

"Severus," the voice called. "Severus."

He tried to ignore the voice and go back to his meditation-like state.

"Severus." The voice said again a bit more urgently this time.

Annoyed, he opened his eyes and glared. Black eyes met electric blue ones and Severus's lip curled angrily. "Dumbledore!"

"Severus," Dumbledore said again. "Severus, listen to me because time's almost up. You have to decide soon." He was irked at Dumbledore but was also curious as to why he was acting like this. He was dead, they both were dead. How could time possible be up? Mystified, Severus shut his mouth and listened.

"You have suffered so much, Severus. More than any man should. And yet, you have sacrificed so much. You have given up your life to save countless others." Dumbledore began. "There is an obscure bit of magic called compensatia. It is similar to how a Life Debt works. But instead of there being a debt to another wizard, fate is indebted to the wizard. Compensation. Fate gave you a harder life than most and even though you could've done wrong many times, you didn't. You still came to the light side and did many good deeds. Therefore, because of that imbalance and because you haven't gotten compensated for your deeds, you can choose to relive your life and receive that compensation you missed out on. And that simply means—"

"Second chance," Severus whispered. "I get a second chance."

Dumbledore nodded. "Yes! And you have earned it if you want to take it. But you must be quick. You only have a short amount of time to make that choice! You have to decide now if you want to go back. You will retain all your memories and powers and you will be able to choose the point in your life where you want to return to."

Severus swallowed. A second chance. He could go back and fix everything. He could tell Lily that he loved her; he could beg Lily to choose him over Potter.

"Yes. I'm going to relive my life."

Dumbledore smiled. "Now, just choose a time and the magic will do everything else."

Severus closed his eyes. What was the time when he and Lily became the most diverged? When he called her that horrible name? When he called her a mudblood? No. They were already separated by their houses by then. And then he knew exactly what time period he was going to go to and it wasn't to the time when he was fifteen by the lake. No. It was the very first time there had ever been a rift in their friendship. He thought back to memory and could feel his body being transported.