Hitler in Equestria!

-By Splattenburgers

It was a great happy morning in Equestria indeed! Twilight was having a walk in the forest when suddenly she heard a loud scream!

She ran straight towards the location where she heard the scream super super super fast to a point where she could almost not breath but not so fast that she literally could not breath for if she had done that then she would have died from oxygen depravation.

Once she was there she saw her friend Fluttershy screaming in awesome FEAR and TERROR!

"Oh no! I am being attack by this strange man that has a weird mustache and a scratchy voice!" Fluttershy cried. "

"WHO ARE YOUUUUUU AND WHHYYYYYY ARE YOU HERE?" Twilight yelled at this strange funny little man full of eagerness.

"WHO am I…WHO….AM I?

You are TELLING ME you have never heard of the ULTIMATE man of TERROR! The ONE and ONLY MASTER of FEAR! The BRINGER of HORROR and DEATH?

….My NAME is Adolf Hitler, and I am here to devour YOUR SOUL! " Hitler yelled of the top of his extremely evil lungs.

"You will never succeed! Truly evil people don't exist in this land! Its what makes it so great! Everyone holds everyone else's hands together always like hippies! You don't stand a chance against that!" Twilight yelled at Hitler.

However, then Hitler gave Twilight "the evil stare of death and doom" and in doing so Twilight saw ALL of the evil that existed inside Hitler and in doing she could not handle all of the evil that she saw so and thus her head exploded and she died.

"NOOOOOOOOOOOO!" Fluttershy yelled while tears rained from her eyes.

Then Hitler ordered Fluttershy to take her to town or else he would make her headasplode as well and she did as she was told for she wanted to keep her head on her body and not on the ground in bits.

Once Hitler was in town he went straight into the radio station and took it over with his fearsome sounding voice and the gun that he had on him. He then made a broadcast over all the land and he said as fallows:

"People of this land! This is Adolf Hitler, the SUPER nazi leader! I am a SUPER PERSON while you are merely gay Hasbro products brought to life through the power of magic and friendship! I am the BRINGER OF DOOOOM while YOU are the bringers of gay! For this reason you MUST kneel down and make me your god!" Hitler said with extreme amounts of emotion and passion.

Then afterward all of the ponies showed up outside the radio station while Hitler stood on top of it's roof. Then Rainbow Dash showed up extremely angry.

"You think you can take over this land? JUST LIKE THAT! I don't THINK SO!" Rainbow Dash yelled at the top of her lungs. Then she flew towards Hitler at extremely high speeds but Hitler dodged and then she hit the wall that was behind him causing her to splatter all over said wall, and thus she died.

"ANYONE ELSE wants to CHALLENGE ME!" Hitler yelled.

"I WILL!" someone yelled.

It was princess Celestia herself!

"I will bring an end to your rain of terror!" she yelled. And the she used a magic spell that brought all of the dead ponies back to live!

"Now WE will stand together WITH THE POWER OF FRIENDSHIP!" Celestia yelled extremely proudly.

But then Hitler pulled out his gun and shot everyone.

"AHAHAHAHAHAHA! You don't NEED friends when you have A GUN!"

But then Spike the dragon put Hitler on fire and he died a horrible burny death.


Then Spike found Twilight's magic book and attempted to use magic to bring everyone back to life. However he used the wrong spell causing the planet to crack into two.

The end!