Okay so this isn't the sequel to Damn This Wild Heart, but it's something I've been working on. Lemme know what'ca think about it. Don't worry the sequel is in progress!



Chapter 1 – The Move

Smokey grey eyes scanned the outside of the two story house. It was a dingy grey color. It wasn't gigantic, but it was just perfect for three women; or a mother and her two teenage daughters such as the case may have already been. The three females walked into the extremely empty house as their eyes searched for anything that made it look like home immediately.

"So what do you guys think?" Madison asked both of her daughters hoping to entice either of them to give some kind of hope of liking their new house. Angelica would be the first to smile brightly as her forest green eyes danced with enjoyment; her forest green eyes always reminded her of her late husband Mitch. Her youngest who was fifteen soon to be sixteen had a wonderful imagination and Maddie knew she'd just let her youngest pick out the color scheme and then paint her room her own artistic way.

"It could use some work mom." Angelica pointed out the obvious.

Madison nodded. "Well honey, older houses usually need some work silly. What about you Gen? What do you think about it?" She was trying to not hold her breath as she watched her oldest turn to her as she pulled down the hood on her red sweat shirt.

"I guess it's got potential." Genevieve stated quietly. "Thought I'm not sure how much fun it's going to be since it rains here twenty-four-seven."

Madison let out a quiet sigh. "It won't rain twenty-four-seven Gen, I promise." Madison couldn't help but Let out another sigh when she heard Gen mumble 'Whatever' under her breath.

Genevieve used to be a sweet sixteen year old but since her father's death a year prior to the present day, had turned her into something completely different. She had a temper but she also had days when depression ate away at her. Madison only hoped that once she was seventeen and got her a car she could get her out of the house and she'd return to her old cheerful self.

No one took Mitchell Tyler's death worse than his eldest daughter Genevieve. His death was the result of protecting and trying to keep his oldest daughter alive. Three therapists and hours upon hours of therapy later and Gen still refused to talk about the day she watched her father die. Every once in a while she would still have nightmares about that day.

Who goes around killing innocent people?

Who goes around killing people who were as GREAT as Mitchell Tyler?

There wasn't anyone in their previous town who didn't like him. He really was beloved by literally everyone. Gen shook her head. She had to stop herself from thinking about it and about her father or she'd start to cry and she wasn't in the mood to cry.

Madison sighed heavily. "Well at least we are going to be closer to your cousin Emily. She is the only one in the Young family who isn't absolutely rotten to the core."

At the mention of Gen's cousin Emily a soft smile graced her lips. The smile didn't last too long as Madison reminded the girl they needed to get their sleeping bags out of the SUV and get the heat going in the house so they could sleep without catching pneumonia. They would be sleeping on the floor, as the moving truck with all their furniture wouldn't arrive until the following day.

Naturally Angelica would pick the bedroom closest to their mother. Too bad their mother didn't realize how evil her little Angel really was. Angelica was NO Angel. Not even close. If their mother only knew half the shit Angelica had done. She would've put her in a convent for nun's years ago. But chances were the roof would've caved in on her head as soon as she stepped foot into any Holy place. Angelica was a party girl in every sense of the word. If there was a party within twenty-five miles of her physical location she could find it.

The funny thing was; Genevieve used to be the same way too. More than Angelica, up until the day their father was killed. Suddenly she just didn't have the drive or the desire to party nowadays; actually she didn't feel like doing much of anything anymore.

Later that night, Gen was sitting on her sleeping bag in her room, leaning against the wall. There were a couple of cold pieces of pizza sitting on a paper plate with a bottle of water. She was listening to her MP3 player as she drew in her sketch pad. There was a knock on her door and she heard it but she was choosing to ignore it. She knew it was Madison. Her mother was coming to her room for a pep talk. She didn't feel like a pep talk now or ever.

Gen's bedroom door opened and her mother had a fake smile plastered on her face. Gen rolled her eyes and watched as her mother walked all the way into the room and walked over and squatted down as she reached out and pushed Gen's hair out of her eyes and Gen looked up at her mother and pulled her ear buds out of her ears.

Madison smiled faintly. "So what do you think of this place?"

Gen shrugged. "I guess it's okay. I just don't see why we had to leave Bellevue."

Madison frowned. "C'mon Genevieve I just figured we all could use a change of scenery, when Emily's mother suggested we call Emily to see if they had any houses down here; I jumped at the chance. Bellevue has too many bad memories for you and Angelica and for me as well. A new town and fresh start; it's exactly what we all needed."

Gen shook her head negatively. "It's not what I needed. I don't understand how you could've left dad behind. You just packed us up and moved us four hours away."

Madison's frown deepened. "Genevieve I'm sorry you don't agree with what I did with moving us here, but you're going to have to get used to it. Because eventually you're going to have to see I did the right thing for us." Madison stood as she leaned over and kissed the top of her daughters head and turned and left the room; pulling her door closed behind her.

Genevieve shook her head as she rolled her eyes again. She realized there was no physical way for them to actually bring their father with them from Bellevue, but she could wish. She slid herself inside of her sleeping bag and reached up and turned the light off as soon as her head hit the pillow she fell asleep.

7 am came faster than Gen figured it would. One minute she was dead asleep and then next Angelica was jerking her pillow out from underneath her head and smacking her in the face with it. Gen smirked when she grabbed Angelica's ankle and tripped her as she was trying to run out of the room. "Next time maybe you'll think of a different way of waking me up rather than letting my head hit the hard wood floor."

Angelica looked up from the hard wood floor she had face planted on as she growled and smacked the floor. "Bitch." Angelica grumbled as she stood up and left the room.

Gen dug through her suit case and pulled out clean jeans and a red t-shirt. She got changed and pushed all of her stuff to one side of the room so her bedroom furniture could be moved into the room without any hang ups.

"Genevieve the moving truck is here and so is Emily." Her mother announced up the stairs.

Gen rolled her eyes. "God mom why don't you just announce it to the whole neighborhood I'm sure the dead didn't quite hear you." Gen mumbled under her breath as she grabbed her zip up hoodie and pulled it on as she descended the stairs.

Gen walked into the living room and her cousin Emily Young was standing by the front door. "Em…" Gen smiled she'd truly missed her cousin they hadn't seen each other in a few years. She was slightly surprised when Emily turned and she saw the three claw marks on the right side of her face. A couple of years ago she had been attacked by a bear in the forest. Emily was still so beautiful. Gen had always looked up to her cousin and envied her beauty.

Emily turned and smiled as she watched as Gen smiled and walked over throwing her arms around her as the two held onto each other tightly. Emily kissed the top of her head. "I'm so glad you guys moved to La Push. I've missed you so much honey."

"I missed you too Em." Gen confessed.

Emily smiled. "I brought some friends to help move the furniture in faster and believe me they can get it done." Emily's almond shaped eyes looked over at the open front door. "C'mon in you guys."

Gen watched wide eyed as five of the largest tan skinned guys walked through the front door. She suddenly felt height impaired.

"Well this big guy here is my fiancé Sam Uley and the other four guys work with Sam for the tribal council. That's Jared Cameron, Paul Lahote, Embry Call and Quil Ateara. There's one more but I think he's running late. You guys where's Jake?"

Embry cleared his throat. "I called him just before we got here Em; he forgot to set his alarm and over slept. He promised he'd be here in a few.

Emily shook her head. "He's going to be late for his own funeral I swear! Okay guys let's get busy, there's a break in the rain and we don't want them half moved in if it starts again."

A round of 'Yes Emily's' came from the five some as they all disappeared outside, each were assigned to a specific room and would only be bringing in furniture and boxes for those rooms. That was it was guaranteed to make sure the right things made it to the right room.

Genevieve was standing by the front door and noticed there was a draft in between trips to save the heat from escaping the house; she'd started to close the door when a heavy force stopped her from doing so. She pulled the door open and saw what had stopped it. It was another big guy she could've sworn they were all brothers or related. His short cropped jet black hair and huge body gave him away.

Suddenly her smokey grey eyes locked with his deep chocolate eyes and she felt like the breath had been sucked right out of her chest as she let out an audible gasp. She couldn't help but feel like suddenly La Push was going to be an okay place to live.