This story was inspired by the song: A Thousand Years by: Christina Perri! I hope you enjoyed it and now I can work on Just The Beginning some more!


Chapter 20 – One Step Closer

He leaned against the bedroom door frame as his intense brown eyes fell on his wife as she was resting the middle of their bed. She couldn't honestly be any more beautiful then she was when she was pregnant with their babies. He watched as her hand rested on her nine month pregnant belly.

"She's been sleeping for about an hour."

Jake looked over at the familiar voice that belonged to their fifteen year old son, who was actually named after his two grandfathers Mitchell William Black. His arms were crossed over his chest. He was fifteen and Jake could see the wolf gene slowly making itself present. Jake had already sat him down and told him about the pack and the changes his body was going to be going through. Mitch seemed to be taking it pretty well.

"Where's Emma?" Jake asked about Mitch's eight year old sister.

Mitch shook his head. "She's in the land of Barbie's in the den; I think she's got every Barbie in there that she owns or that you guys ever bought her. I gave her a grilled cheese sandwich which she seemed overly excited about." He said with a roll of his eyes.

Jake chuckled as he patted his son on the shoulder. "You'll have to forgive Emma, I realize the age difference with you two is a bit wide, she loves you and loves to spend time with you. And you've been a really good trooper to include her in a lot of things."

Mitch shrugged his shoulders. "What can I say? She's my little sister. I might have days that I want to kill her, but if someone hurt her I'd kill for her." His father ruffled his hair as he leaned down and kissed his head. "Ah geez dad; don't get all mushy like mom." Mitch groaned.

Jake chuckled. "Go get ready and see if you can get Emma's socks and shoes on, were supposed to be over at Emily and Sam's in a bit. I'll rouse your mother out of bed."

Mitch nodded. "I really hope she's having a boy, there's too much estrogen in this house."

Jake chuckled louder and harder as he shook his head at his oldest. Sometimes it amazed him of the things that came out of his son's mouth.

Jake's eyes turned back to his beautiful sleeping wife. They'd been married for fifteen glorious years and honestly couldn't wait to see what the next fifteen years brought them. They had been happy with the two children they had and when she found out she was pregnant again at thirty-two, even though it had been a surprise they were just as equally happy with baby number three. She was due any day now and he knew this pregnancy was taking lot out of her because she was somewhat older this time around.

Damn she would smack him if she knew that what he was thinking.

Soft warm lips kissed her neck as her eyes slowly fluttered open. A warm hand was rubbing small circles on her protruding stomach. A low groan escaped her lips. "You're demon seed is really active today; won't let me have a moments rest." Gen complained with a giggle.

Jake chuckled. "You seemed to be sleeping quite well when I came in." Jake jumped slightly when Gen's hand went back and pinched the back of his thigh. Jake growled slightly and then felt the baby kick his hand. "Damn! Are you smuggling a soccer player in there babe?" And that earned him another pinch as he chuckled again. "We need to get up and get going; were supposed to be at Sam's in fifteen minutes."

Gen nodded as Jake got up off the bed and grabbed her hands and helped her up.

A few hours later, everyone in the pack was sitting in Sam and Emily's back yard. Gen's eyes sought out her eight year old as she finally spotted Emma and a smile curved her lips. She watched as Gabby and Paul's son Gabriel jogged around the back yard with Emma on his back. Gabe was fifteen and had phased a few weeks ago and imprinted on Emma.

Gabby looked over and smiled too. "Gabriel you be careful with her." She for warned him. He nodded and gave both the moms thumbs up as he flipped Emma over his shoulder and set her down on a blanket that was on the ground as he joined her. She handed him a book and he smiled as he began reading from it.

The only thing cuter than Gabe and Emma was the fact that Sam and Emily's fifteen year old son Eldon had imprint on Seth and Angelica's five year old daughter Reagan. He treated her like she was a porcelain doll. He carried her on his shoulders and threw her up in the air and was always so gentle with her. But the one thing he always did was make sure she was smiling and laughing.

Since the guys had opened the garage in La Push, it had gotten huge and they had expanded to Port Angeles and a few other surrounding towns; there was even one in Seattle. The guys were meeting today to discuss possibly opening another shop, but they had to figure out where to go with it now.

Gen had zoned out on the conversation all the girls were having as she felt some slight discomfort. Her eyes widened when she felt her water break. "Jake…Jacob…"

Jake heard the panic in his wife's voice as he ran over to Gen as fast as he could and he squatted down in front of her. "What's the matter baby?"

Gen frowned as a pained look crossed her face. "My water broke." She sucked in a couple of gasps of air. "It hurts Jake. It hurts worse than before."

Jake cringed when she grabbed her stomach as he stood and scoped his wife up into his arms. "It's okay. Let's get you to the hospital." Jake looked over his shoulder as he locked eyes with his son. "Mitchell grab Emma now and get to the car!" He watched as Mitch nodded yes in understanding as he continued to their SUV. Once Gen was seat belted in and the kids were securely in the vehicle, Jake took off towards Forks as fast as he possibly could. He knew the pack and families would be following as well.

A couple of hours later, Jake was pacing the waiting room. He'd started to freak out when the doctors and nursing staff asked Paul and Sam to remove him from the room when Gen started having complications. The baby's heartbeat had dropped drastically within a matter of seconds and the doctor was suddenly asking Jake for permission to do an emergency C-section on his wife to save the baby and his wife.

Jake looked over and noticed Emma had crawled into Gabe's lap and fallen asleep. He knew he'd never have to worry about her safety. Gabe would forever protect her the way he'd protected Gen. How could he protect his wife now from something he couldn't see to fight?

Mitch was staring at the ceiling as Kim held on of her new twin baby boys James as she spoke encouraging words to him, he nodded a few times because he understood what she was saying, but he was just as worried as everyone else. Jared was next to her with the other twin Jonathan. They were both trying to give Mitchell encouraging words to help him.

The doctor came through the door and into the waiting room. "Mr. Black I wanted to come out and let you know…You have a son. He's doing immensely well considering the umbilical cord was wrapped around his neck. He's breathing wonderfully on his own and his eyes are even open and looking around the room, which is not normal with newborns."

Jake sighed with relief. "What about Genevieve? How is she doing?"

The doctor removed the surgical mask from around his face. "She lost a lot of blood, but she's going to pull through. She is healthy and took care of herself with this pregnancy so healing shouldn't take too long, but chances are it may take a little longer than the first two pregnancies. She's older so it will take a little longer for the healing process to complete."

"When can I see her?" Jake asked. He had to see her for himself. He had to see her with his own two eyes that she was okay.

He doctor smiled softly. "Give us about forty-five minutes to get her cleaned up and into her own room and then you are more than welcome to come see her."

"Thank you, doctor. Thank you for saving my family; I don't know what I'd do without any of them." Jake expressed vehemently as the doctor nodded and disappeared behind the swinging doors again.

As promised forty-five minutes later, Jake was allowed to go back and see Gen. He was completely surprised to see his beautifully strong wife sitting up in bed as she held a blue blanket that was moving slightly.

Gen smiled softly. "Jake come meet your son."

Jake walked over to the bed as he looked down and could see his son who already had a full head of thick black hair staring up at him as he fussed slightly. Jake leaned over as he kissed his wife's lips softly. "I love you so much Gen. What are you going to name him?"

Gen's smile brightened as she looked up at Jake from the baby. "Well we already have one son named after his wonderful grandfather's. I think this one should be named after his wonderful father; Jacob Ephraim Black Jr."

Jake carefully sat in the bed next to Gen as she leaned against his side and his arms went around her. He looked down at her and his new son lovingly. "You know what this is right?"

Gen looked up at Jake. "No, what?"

Jake smiled. "One step closer to forever with you."

The End