Hello again. I'm working on a one-shot about Robin at the moment, and it's taking longer then I thought. I wrote this as a kind of break. It's written in the third-person, but I tried to evoke a bit of Raven's sarcastic sense of humor in the style.

This will likely be the first in a series of Raven/Beast Boy oneshots.

It's just very odd when she thinks about it. Almost funny.

She's a half-demon girl from another dimension, born for the sole purpose of being a gateway for her father to be released and destroy the world. Don't worry, she and her friends prevented this from happening. Yes, she and her friends: the alien war princess, the half-man/robot, the green kid, and the leader of this little rag-tag team, the former sidekick of the Dark Knight with enough emotional baggage and hair gel to power all of Jump City.

The alien drowns her food in mustard and keeps a mutant larvae as a pet. The half-man, half-robot keeps a sonic canon in his arm. The leader went to God-knows-where after he was defeated once in battle, and the rest of them took the once in a lifetime opportunity to put on his clothes and run around the tower. The green kid can change into any animal he wants, tells corny jokes, and is green.

And right now, he's just confessed to her. They're sitting alone on the roof of their tower, which is shaped like a T.

He's waiting for her response when all of this and more flashes through her mind.

It's really weird. And really funny.

"Odd…", she says absent-mindedly, and before he can respond, she bursts out laughing.

She then suddenly remembers who and where she is, abruptly stops, and whips her head around to the boy sitting next to her. His facial expression is a mix of horror and confusion, then it switches to disbelief.

"Out of all the things I've ever said to you, that's what makes you laugh?"

A bit ooc, but I hope it was enjoyable nonetheless. Reviews and constructive criticism are always welcome!