The Notebook

Simon liked his apartment neat. There was a small door in his apartment that had always been there. He didn't particularly like it. But it was there, like a P.O. box that had just been stuck in the side of the wall since he had moved into the apartment with Alisha.

Now he was looking around for the last time. The tears hadn't even dried on his face before he knew what he had to do. He had gotten back to the apartment and found the backpack with his super hoodie costume. He grabbed all the cash he had lying around and stuffed it into a different envelope than the ten grand Seth had given him.

After he had packed Simon thought about that door again. He dropped the backpack on the bed he had shared with Alisha and went over to the door, running his hands over it. There was a small crack in the side opposite the hinge, too small to be a keyhole but to large to be an accident with the material. Simon frowned and then, slowly, his eyes widened.

He ran back to his rucksack, dug through the small pocket in front and found it.

"What is that?" Simon asked, smiling, and pushing against a small locket Alisha was wearing. She giggled and twirled her finger around the light golden chain.

"You gave it to me!"

"No, I didn't."

"Superhoodie did. He said, it would help keep me safe." Alisha looked down at the small thing. "He said," Alisha wrapped her arms around Simons neck and pulled him closer. "that I wouldn't be able to live without it."

Simon stood in front of the small door. The open locket was clutched in his hand. Inside the door there was something that looked like a jewelry box. He took it out and realized that he recognized it as his mothers. He took it over to the bed and sat down, placing the locket back into the rucksack.

There was no lock on the jewelry box and he opened it. Inside was another ten grand of bank notes, an old leather bound notebook and on top a letter – addressed only to SIMON - very clearly read – in his own handwriting – 'READ ME FIRST'. Simon sifted through the rest of the jewelry box and then tore the envelope open, holding the paper in his shakey hands.

You are not the first Simon Bellamy to fall in love with Alisha Bailey. You are the fourth Simon to receive this notebook after it had been started by the Simon that made the locket that is now in your black backpack. You are going to save Alisha, and maybe, if you're lucky, you will save yourself.

Maybe, if you can get everything, absolutely everything right, you can grow old with the woman you love.

It hasn't happened yet.

But if you can do everything right.

Maybe you can make it happen.

Good luck.


Simon's hand was shaking as he picked up the leather bound notebook. He opened it up carefully, noticing duplicates and sometimes triplicates of pictures, receipts, and carefully drawn maps.

His eyes widened as he flipped though it. It was all here. Every day the newest Simon had entered the entire days events in the notebook. The first Simon had failed to get peanuts to himself on time and Kelly ended up dying. The next Simon hadn't prevented the leak of information about their powers. The third Simon, the Simon with the notebook in his hands, knew had been killed by Tim, the man who thought that he was in a video game.

All the other Simons had failed and been killed somehow, before they could prevent Rachel killing Alisha.

Simon shut the notebook suddenly and stood up, shoving the jewelry box and everything inside it into his rucksack.

He was going to save her. He was going to save them all.

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