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3. Events vary slightly in each timeline. You have the power to change lives and save them, just remember that every action you take has consequences, even if you don't realize them.

Simon had a hard time sleeping most nights. He was afraid something would change, that he would miss something and wake up with no chance to correct something. He wasn't reassured by the fact that if he missed something while he was asleep he could just go back in time and during the time he was sleeping fix whatever had been missed. That would mess up every cycle and it took a few minutes to wrap his head around it. It wasn't fair that he had to do this alone.

Even the pictures on the wall couldn't comfort him. The memories of his relationship with Alisha threatened to overwhelm him. He knew that they had something rare and special and in the end it was that love which was worth fighting for. It was worth dying for.

His premonitions were becoming more frequent. They didn't interfere with his work, but every now and then they startled him. Simon had gotten more used to them as time went on.

(By this time he had gotten out of bed and walked over to his weight rack, starting to exercise mechanically.)

These powers were really messing with his head. He had one that saw into the future and another that could jerk him back. It was like living in two worlds, the possible and the past. It was an incredible gift and he knew that as the fourth Simon he had an infinite advantage over the other Simons. He had combed the notebook front to back and – although he hadn't made it through all the footage kept in the three or four CD's he had found – he didn't find any evidence that the last Simons had his powers.

Hopefully it would be enough to save Alisha.

He stopped for a second. These powers. They were his best weapon but it was the same for everyone else.

Wasn't he just thinking about how he wished he had a partner? He'd didn't know when he would be able to have Alisha back in his life. The thought suddenly hit him, Seth would be the perfect partner. He would be able to avoid most disasters if only Seth was helping him.

He entertained the fantasy for a few minutes. He knew that he could never truly enlist Seth to help him. It would leave one more loose end and that would be one too many. He was already fucking with the timeline more than anyone should but letting another person in on the secret would be fundamentally against everything he and the past Simons believed in.

Could he do it in a way that Seth didn't know whom he was helping? There was another Simon, after all, and it wasn't like Seth had really seen his face when he had gotten the invulnerability power.

No. This was absurd. Simon put down his weights and closed his eyes, putting his palms against his eyes, pressing lightly until bright patterns of color burst in front of his eyes. He needed to focus.

Maybe in a few days he would approach Seth. What if he got another power?

He went back to bed, glancing at the clock nearest to counting down. Tomorrow was another big day. Simon eventually fell asleep, but not before thinking about how much he wished he was sleeping next to Alisha.

Jamie arrived the next day and Simon followed the two for a little bit, to make sure that they didn't crash their car or so anything unreasonably stupid. Sure enough, they met the girl who controlled ice and after Nathan was hit, left the pub. Simon stood up, paid for his drink and left. They ran into the thugs and got their car back, and then Simon left.

He wanted to see Alisha.

He waited until she had left the community center and then followed her back to her apartment. She looked sad, he thought, hiding behind a column. He jumped over a building, keeping an eye on her, was hit with a premonition that she had darted the other way and then leapt over another rooftop, flipping over and rolling so that she would have a harder time seeing him. Simon jumped down and ran over to where he thought she was going to appear and took deep breaths.

He was resting on the balcony when he heard her. Simon turned and saw Alisha, staring at him, a camera in her hand.

She didn't know who he was. He stood straight, staring at her, feeling like he had finally seen everything that he had been dedicating his entire life too, before remembering that this Alisha didn't love him. She probably had never even thought about him like that.

And all Simon wanted to do was hold her.

Instead, he jumped over the balcony, fell to the ground, and hid under a small overhang that Alisha couldn't see as she peered over the edge. Simon waited until she had left and then began to follow her again, keeping well out of sight.

He would protect her, no matter what.

Another day passed and another clock was ticking down. Simon had been wrestling with the problem of Jamie. All their problems during the party had come from them taking those drugs. It hadn't hurt any one of their group and Nathan had come out only slightly worse for the wear, but still.

He glanced at the wall. The clock was ticking. He never knew nervous until just now.

Lives were lives, after all. If he could save one that would prove he could save Alisha. Changing the wall color was something but Lily and Jamie? Those were people. They would mean something.

Simon stood up from his desk and stalked over to the punching bag he had set up. He stared at it, breathing hard, eyes clenched. Then he twisted and swung, hitting the punching bag with a satisfying thwack. He looked down at his hand. It wasn't red or anything, but he could feel the blood pounding.

He hit the bag again and again, eyes nearly shut, his breath becoming ragged. He stopped when he saw a dark smear on the leather and stumbled back, panting. His hands were bleeding. He looked down. Dripping blood on the steel floor. He could barely unclench his fists and he was no closer now than he was ten minutes ago to figuring out how to save his friend.

"He seems to know everything."

He needed to get those drugs from Jamie. It was the only way he could save Nathans brother and that girl. In the second and third timelines Nathan hadn't met Lily. In the first she was killed as well, but now . . . he had the power to change the fifth timeline.

Simon got up immediately, double checked that his watch was set to the time when the car was going to catch on fire and suited up. It was just after noon and he knew he had only a few hours to get the drugs away from Jamie.

He went to the community center and waited. It was hot on the roof and Simon was dripping sweat but he knew he couldn't take off his mask or gloves. He sat up there in the sweltering heat for three hours before he saw Nathan and Jamie come back from wherever they had been. Simon had no idea of knowing when Jamie got the pills but he was pretty sure that he hadn't bought them while he was with Nathan.

It was only a matter of time now. Simon slipped back into the center and snuck into a closet.

"It's hot as the devils ball sack in here!" Nathans voice rang out.

"Gross man."

"I'm grabbing a beer you fancy one?"

"Yeah. Thanks."

Simon peeked around the corner of the stairwell. Nathan and Jamie had gone downstairs towards the kitchen, leaving their jackets on as they went down the stairs.

Too easy, Simon thought. He crept around the entrance to the roof stairwell and quickly dug in Jamie's jean jacket, finding the pills and replacing them with some aspirin that looked nearly the same and would be indiscernible in the dark rave.

There. He left the building through the back door, turning down the thermostat as he did. It must have been at least ninety in the center.

Later that night, at the rave, Simon – dressed as Superhoodie – stood in the background. Sure enough, Jamie and Lily came outside and began to hook up in the car. Simon watched, standing in between two of the crates, trying to see any sort of change in Nathan.


The car didn't explode, Nathan stood still and then went back inside, and Simon could see himself staring at Nathan and then following him back into the rave. Superhoodie was supposed to lead him to Nikki's home but there would be another time for that. Right now, Simon reveled in his small victories.

He went home, showered, and then reset his wristwatch for two days from then, when the notebook said that he'd have to follow Alisha carefully for the next few days. He didn't remember why just then, too caught up in the fact that he had saved Lily and Jamie.

Maybe Nathan would never make up with his father. But that had to be better than his brother being dead, right?

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