"Uchiha san... are you alright?" Hinata asked in horror while taking the duct tape off my mouth.

"Hyuuga... what do you think?" I was tied up and left in her closet since Naruto wanted to 'give her a surprise' for Halloween. What the Hell!

"Uchiha san, don't worry. I'll untie you!" she said with such enthusiasm. I smirked.

"Hyuuga, do you like seeing me like this?" I asked just to tease her. It was safe since she's not a fangirl.

"... No not r-really" She stuttered with her face flushed. I held back a laugh. Too easy.

"Ah I see, so your a Masochist" I concluded with a grin.

"If I'm a Masochist, that m-makes you a S-Sadist" I twitched. Was that her come back?

"So what if I am? I would go Sadistic for you, little Masochist" This was getting fun. Well, right up until she kicked me in the face.

"OW! What was that for!" I asked in anger.

"You are a very mean person, Uchiha san!" she yelled at me.

"That blush on your face tells me otherwise, M chan" I said in the most seductive tone I could do. Just because it was fun.

She slowly untied me and each time she touched me, I moaned. Just because it was REALLY enjoyable to see her look as if she was about to lose balance.

"Do you want me to call your fangirls, Uchiha san?" she breathed in my ear. Oh, so shes trying to seduce back? Does she really think she can?

"Do you want me to tackle you down right now, Hyuuga?" I breathed back into her ear.

"What if I let you?"
"Then I shall take this opportunity, love"

I tackled her down with a smile on my face. The smile of Victory! Right up until I realized, she fainted.

I sighed, another night trying to wake up my girlfriend and she would think all of this was just a dream.

Well, we will be able to kiss someday.

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