A Nutcracker Production By Prime's Little One
Chapter One: Audition- Part I
Genre: Friendship/Romance/Drama
Pairings: Puzzleshipping, Puppyshipping, Tendershipping, MarikxMalik
Warnings: Yaoi, cursing, adult themes, Anzu-bashing (although that's more of an endorsement, really), and an author who knows only very, very little basic ballet stuff writing a fic with lots of ballet in it.
Summary: Yugi Mutou, a 16 year old high school student, tries out for a role in a big ballet production, The Nutcracker. Yami Atemu, a 22 year old college student, is cast as the Nutcracker Prince. Can the cast even finish rehearsal with these two leads?


A slim figure dashed through a quickly filling hall and out a large set of double doors, bounding recklessly down a flight of stairs. Wind rushed through tri-color hair set in spikes as sixteen year old Yugi Mutou rushed home from school. Today was the first day the Ishtar Theater Troup- or ITT as it was sometimes called- was holding auditions for Yugi's favorite play ever. The Nutcracker.

Yugi's grandpa had read him the story every year at Christmas and had even taken him to see the show once when he was younger. Yugi had fallen in love with the story and it's very realistic characters. Although Yugi knew almost all publicized versions of the play, he still liked the children's version the best. He didn't know which version the ITT would put on, but he was still going to try out. It was his dream.

Walking through the door to his grandfather's game shop, Yugi called out as he stormed up the stairs, "I'm home!" Solomon Mutou smiled softly as he heard Yugi's door open, and then a few seconds later, the bathroom door slam shut. When he had seen how fascinated five year old Yugi had watched the play of the Nutcracker, he had signed the boy up for ballet class, and little Yugi had been in it since. He knew Yugi's plan to try out for a part in this years play, and wished his grandson luck.

Upstairs, Yugi quickly finished his shower and stepped out. He brushed and blow dried his hair, then got dressed in some easy to move in jeans, and a black cotton t-shirt. Taking the stairs two at a time, Yugi found his grandpa waiting for him with a piece of toast by the door. "You don't want to eat too much before an audition, but you don't want to have an empty stomach, either. The tryouts will be there, even if you get there five minutes later than you planned." He advised gently.

Yugi smiled gratefully at his grandpa, and quickly ate the toast before slipping on his sneakers. "Thanks, gramps!" Yugi hugged his grandfather before hustling out the door and to the theater. Tryouts were at four-thirty pm today and tomorrow, but Yugi wanted to make sure he was seen and given thought before they found someone better. He highly doubted he'd be picked to play a part, but he just wanted to try.

Twenty minutes later saw Yugi walking through the doors to the Ishtar Theater, his stomach completely knotted up. Seeing the sign in booklet on a desk in the lobby, Yugi walked over. He saw that it had a place for your name and the part you were trying out for. Lots of people had already signed in, and most were auditioning for Claire, but Yugi signed up for one of the lesser parts, one of the snow fairies. He grabbed a name tag and signed it, putting it on as he turned and walked into the auditorium. He nervously took a seat in the middle of the rows marked off for the people trying out, and settled down to wait.

Yugi and those already there waited another half hour before a man and two women walked in from the lobby area, closing the doors behind them. Almost everyone there recognized them immediately. The man was Shaadi Ishnara, and the two women were Ishizu and Isis Ishtar. They were three of the directors of the Ishtar Theater Troupe. The man and two women walked down the isle to stand in front of the stage, facing the seats. One of the twins spoke.

"If you would all quickly and quietly line up on stage, we can get started." She said. Her companions remained silent, but Yugi could tell that in their eyes, the audition had begun already. He followed everyone up on stage, conscious of every move he made in front of those three sets of piercing eyes. Once lined up single file on stage, two of the three judges sat at the table facing the stage. A deep voice came from Shaadi as he spoke. "No matter what part you signed up for, if we think you're suited to a different part, that part you will play. Likewise, if we think you're not suited for any part, you will not have one. Is this understood?" Everyone nodded, a few seemed more reluctant than others, though none said anything outright. Shaadi nodded, saying nothing and let the first twin speak again.

"Good. Now, we don't care what lines you've memorized. We're making our own, so you'd have to scrap them even if you got the part you're looking for. What we want to see is an ability to follow directions. My sister, Isis, will show you part of a dance." Ishizu said. "You will all perform it at the same time, and those unable to complete it will be eliminated. There will be stages of this, and each stage will get harder and harder to complete. If you show promise, however, we might allow you to continue, if you seem able to work hard."

Seeing that she had their attention, the other twin, Isis, walked to a clear area in front of the stage. She instructed them to spend the next five minutes stretching however they wished, and she watched as all but five people started stretching. When she asked why they weren't stretching, all five said some variant of, "I can do what you want me to without stretching." The two boys and three girls were immediately eliminated, Isis telling them, "When you dance, you stretch. Otherwise you run the risk of tearing a ligament. If you won't stretch now, what makes you think I'd believe you would stretch during practice? A torn ligament would put us behind schedule."

Yugi finished stretching his legs and moved onto his arms. Putting his left arm across his chest, he used his right to pull it gently. Repeating this move with his right arm, Yugi finished just as Isis called them to a halt. Once they were all standing and paying her complete attention, Isis immediately started dancing, giving them no warning that they needed to be ready. She lifted both arms over her head, and stood on the toes of one foot, using her other leg to spin her body in a pirouette.

Bringing her arms down gently so they curved in front of her stomach, she bent at the waist, still on the toes of one foot, until she was completely doubled over, her right leg straight up in the air. Lowering her leg and rising, Isis twirled and leaped, stunning the spectators with her grace and poise as she landed perfectly balanced on the tips of the toes on her left foot, her right leg bent so the bottom of her foot rested against the side of her left calf, her arms curled about her waist.

Returning to a standing position, she turned to the people on stage. "Spread out and begin." She ordered. Yugi moved towards the back left of the stage and closed his eyes, breathing deeply as his ballet instructor had said to when he was nervous. Holding it in for a second, Yugi kept his eyes closed, picturing every move Isis had made. Expelling his breath quietly, Yugi raised his arms and danced. He kept his eyes closed so he wouldn't see the others or the judges as he performed the pirouette, and then bent over with his right leg straight up behind him.

Twirling, Yugi felt a small smile on his face as he leaped. He wasn't quite as good as Isis was at landing; his toes bent so the ball of his left foot touched the stage floor, but he rose on his toes as he brought his right leg up and against his left calf, his arms twining around his waist. Yugi breathed in as he opened his eyes, wondering who they would dismiss. The three judges conferred quietly, before Ishizu stepped forward.

"Those of you whose names we call, step to the left of the stage." She said before naming off ten people. They all stepped to the left side of the stage as Yugi and the others moved to the right. Once they were all on a side, Ishizu nodded and looked at the group whose names she didn't say. "You may all relax. You're staying." To the group on the left, she told them all, "You did well, but unfortunately not well enough for this. Keep practicing and try again next year." The visibly dejected group nodded and left, a few with tears in their eyes.

Ishizu stepped back as her sister once again took the role of instructor. "There are twenty of you, nine girls and eleven boys. That means that two of you gentlemen will be dancing together. I want you to partner up, boy-girl, except for one pair of boys." Isis informed them. Yugi sighed and looked around, not seeing anyone he knew.

A light tap on his shoulder made Yugi turn around. Yugi smiled when he saw Shu behind him. Shu was an older, taller, and slightly more bulky boy form Yugi's dance class. "Would you like to partner with me, Yugi-kun?" Shu's light tenor voice asked. "Alright, Shu-sempai." Yugi said, and Shu smiled and led Yugi to the front of the stage. Isis nodded at them and called out, "We have our boy-boy pair, so everyone buddy up boy-girl." Within minutes everyone was paired up.

"Pas de Deux." Isis commanded. Yugi blinked and looked up at Shu. Looking down, Shu nodded at Yugi's slightly wide eyes. "Yes, she wants us to dance one." He confirmed. Yugi nodded as Shu lead him off to the side. Yugi took up the feminine position and Shu took the lead. Because Yugi was small and delicate looking, Yugi was often asked to dance the girl part by his ballet mistress, so he was used to this kind of thing. Although there was no music, Shu and Yugi had enough practice dancing a Pas de Deux that they heard the music in their minds.

Other couples weren't as fortunate. Shu lead Yugi in all the turns, dips, and leaps, as was proper, even if unnecessary. They finished with Yugi being cradled in one of Shu's arms in a dip, his right hand placed lightly on Shu's left shoulder. Yugi's left leg was raised off the ground a little, his foot pointed.

There were other couples already finished, and others still dancing. When everyone was finished and standing straight, the judges conferred again, and again Ishizu stepped forward. "You know the drill. I call your name, you go to the left of the stage." She rattled off six names before the last two made Yugi's heart leap. "Shu Niwa and Yugi Mutou."


A/N: So? Do you think I should continue this? I already have chapters two and three written, but I'm not going to post them unless people want me to. And yes, I got Shu's last name from D.. Shu is(at this time) just a random person in the story. Also, I don't know jack about ballet, so please ignore anything that's wrong. I've watched Princess Tutu, and even Barbie in the Nutcracker with my nieces, but that doesn't teach you much technical ballet. Obviously, I don't do Ballet, though I want to.
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