Hello everyone. So I have gotten a lot of ideas for the sequel. Most of them about the wedding and the honeymoon.

I've also gotten reviews about them having a kid after or before the wedding. There for it would turn out the classic way of Rose getting pregnant and Tasha coming back into their lives.

I got a review of not even having a wedding… not so sure how I'm going to please that reader because I want to please everyone.

So I'm going in a completely different direction. Now I'm not going to say what but there will be a lot of drama and Romance from Dimitri and Rose but I'm taking it somewhere sorta different.

Of cause Tasha is going to come back… but in a different way. Aha your probably thinking. WTF? You're gonna turn her into a ghost?

Lol no but I'll figure something else out.

Anyway with the sequel I'm going to try and please every single one of my reviewers so it's important that you review now so I know what to put into it.

Also I'm going to call the sequel 'The perfect Lie'.

You'll figure it out soon enough

Thanks everyone.

Love Natasha