Ok everyone, this is set when Luthor is president and is kind of in place of the public enemies comic. This first Chapter kind of sucks, but I need to set the stage. I own no one

Bruce Wayne walked across the Bat Cave to his control computer. He took a seat in the chair and flipped on the news.

"With the day drawing to a close, there has still been no response from Superman or Batman regarding the president's demands. We now go to a clip from earlier this morning"

"President Luthor, there have been rumors that your negotiations with Superman have failed to go smoothly. Do you wish to comment?"

Luthor paused in his journey to the waiting jet, security surrounding him "Negotiations cannot fail if they have yet to take place. However if Superman and his affiliates do not swear allegiance to me and by connection, the United States, I will have no choice but to name them as enemies of this great nation. They have until the day is up to reply"

"He's gaining too much power"

Bruce switched off the screen "Nothing we can do about it" he said calmly "If he is up to somethingā€¦"

"We need to wait for him to make his move" Tim stepped into his adopted father's line of sight "I know, I know" he leaned up against the panels "Have you talked to him?"

Bruce pushed back from the computers and stood "Clark is keeping tabs on D.C., he'll call me if anything comes up"

Tim shook his head "That's not who I was talking about"

Bruce looked at him "Dick can take care of himself" he answered sharply "I'm sure he already knows what is going on"

Tim walked after him "You couldn't get a hold of him" he said, reading between the lines.

Bruce sighed "No" he said "I got through to Jason beforeā€¦"

Tim's cell went off; he quickly answered it and looked apologetically at Bruce. When he hung up he started toward the door "That was Conner" he said. "I'll see if I can find info on Dick"

Bruce nodded "lay low, you know how where this is going"

"You bet" The teen said, translating the sentence as 'take care of yourself; I don't need two of my boys missing in action'. Tim pulled out his car keys and slid into the auto.

Bruce watched his third child drive off with a nervous feeling in his stomach.

"Sir, Mr. Kent is waiting for you" Alfred said as he stepped into the parlor.

Bruce took a small breath and returned to the cave "What's the word, Clark?"

The Man of Steel frowned at his friend "Bruce, he isn't letting anything slip. If he wasn't Lex, I would think maybe he is being genuine"

Bruce looked at the clock, "Even if he is, it's too late now" he said "time is up"

A blinking red light flashed on the control panel. Bruce walked over to it and froze.

Clark came up behind him "Bruce?"

Bruce turned and headed for his suit "it's Nightwing's emergency signal"