I would apologize for the double cliffhanger...but I don't want too. But here is another chapter for putting up with the last one. We are rapidly approaching the end. The plan is to start posting the sequel no later than Christmas...which means I will hopefully finish this story in the next two months :) Fingers crossed!

Also, POW no longer really fits this fic...open to title ideas.

No, no, no, no, NO! Jason quickly shook off the shock and checked Dick, hoping the monitor was wrong. Fear clutched at him when he couldn't find a pulse. He started CPR as his mind registered the sound of someone running up the stairs and attempting to open the door. He felt Dick's ribs crack beneath his hands as he forced his still heart to pump blood through his body.

The door cracked and gave as Bruce forced his way into the room. The elder man took his place by Dick's head, giving breaths to the young man as Alfred came in and informed them that the paramedics were on their way.

The information barely registered as Jason focused one keeping his brother alive; determined not to let Luthor win. Determined that his brother, in many ways his hero, was not going to die lying helpless in his bed at such a young age. Not if he could help it.

He paused to let Bruce give rescue breaths, watching Dick's chest rise forcefully before resuming he desperate compressions

Hold on

Tim groaned as he came to. His head was pounding and he shook it to try and clear it. Bad idea, it merely intensified the throbbing the seemed to like the spot right behind his eyes. Pushing that aside he attempted to focus on what was around him. His wrists hurt; he was hanging from them, again. The sound of someone scurrying around make his forced his eyes open. The dim light was enough to intensify his headache tenfold. He couldn't help but groan.

"Kid's awake, boss" a man said from behind him.

"Good" Another voice answered "Get the dogs"

Tim looked around and saw a drug dealer that he didn't recognize stand up "And you are?" he tried to sound confident, but his voice sounded slurred in his own ears.

The man walked over to him and drove his fist into Tim's stomach, making him double over. "Call Red Hood" he said grabbing Tim's hair "Tell the bastard that we have his little brother"

Tim coughed "He is no brother of mine" he hissed

The drug dealer laughed "You better hope that he doesn't share your opinion"

Damian leapt from rooftop to rooftop; his frustrations and fear exploding into a desperate need to escape. He watched as Dick was loaded into the ambulance. He watched his father climb into the vehicle. He watched Alfred escort Jason back into the mansion. Then he watched the ground rushing toward him as he leapt from his bedroom window and took off into the dark of early morning. They were losing him again. He was dead, but no one would accept it. It was over, Luthor had won.

Something on the ground caught his eye and he skidded to a halt. Doubling back slowly, he scanned the area he had just run over. Blood flecked the rooftop, but what caught Damian's attention was a very distinctly shaped throwing star. Damian picked it up and glanced around, the blood made a distinct trail to the fire escape. Damian walked to the ladder, picking up a scrap of cloth that had snagged on the metal. He took a breath "damn it Drake, what have you gotten into?"

He followed the blood trail to a warehouse; he peaked in one of the windows and saw Tim strung up by his wrists in the middle of an open space "Figures" He muttered

"Call Red Hood. Tell the bastard that we have his little brother" said a man that had been sitting by the window

Tim said something, which was responded to with a punch to the gut.

Damian paused as a low growl sounded behind him. He turned slowly and came face to face with a huge German shepherd. Damian took a calming breath "easy boy" he said taking out a throwing star "Easy"

The dog looked at him for a moment, still growling in a low voice.

"Easy" Damian said again, reaching out with one hand "You don't want to hurt me boy"

The dog stopped growling and took a step forward, sniffing Damian's hand. Another low growl escaped him, this one more uncertain than hostile.

"Good boy" Damian said calmly as his moved closer to the dog.

Suddenly the dog's ears flick back and it back away.

Loud barking came from inside the warehouse as two vicious looking German Shepherds were brought into the room. They snapped in Tim's direction as if after blood.

"You better hope he doesn't share your opinion" the man said "He has until midnight" he nodded to the dogs "then they gat to taste you"

One of the dogs stopped and started barking at the window where Damian hid.

The man stopped "Check the area" he ordered

"Boss, it is probably just the dog we chased off"

"I don't want to take any chances, check the area"

Damian stood and took off into the night. He paused to leave a marker behind for himself. The dog bumped him and whined. Damian looked at the animal; he reached out and pet the top of the dog's head "Alright, just don't slow me down"

And with that he took off toward the cave, the German shepherd on his heels, just as the sun started to peak over the horizon.