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Jason paced the floor as the sun appeared through the window. The phone rang and he froze, his eyes looking at the device as though it could jump up and strangle him.

Alfred answered the phone and spoke briefly with the person on the other line before hanging up and turning to Jason "Master Bruce is waiting for more information, but Master Richard is stabilizing slowly"

Jason bit his lip "But he's alive" he breathed

"Yes sir, he is alive"

Jason nodded slowly and walked into the cave. He wandered around the massive space that served as Bruce's stronghold. He paused in the room that held the many versions of the costumes they wore. He could hear many conversations and training sessions that echoed in the empty space as he looked at each one. He paused at Dick's Nightwing costume.


Jason grit his teeth as Damian demanded his attention "Damian" he answered flatly as he turned. He blinked "Where the hell did you get a dog?"

"Drake is in trouble" Damian said quickly

Jason rubbed his eyes "I already went after him once Damian, he just went back out again" he started walking toward the manor when the dog cut in front of him, growling menacingly. Jason backed up and reached for his gun.

"Down Ace" Damian said

The dog stopped growling and laid down, still staring at Jason.

"Where the hell did you get that dog?" Jason asked again,

"Drake is in serious trouble" Damian said "Some of your friends got him"

Jason stopped and looked at Ace again "Shit" he whispered. A cellphone went off. The dog's ears perked up as Jason looked at the cell that he has left untouched for quite some time. He picked up the phone, deepening his voice "You had better have a good reason for taking my brother" he growled "Let him go" his lips tightened "I will be there, he had better be alive AND UNHARMED!" he grit his teeth as he hung up the phone. With an angry sigh he looked at Damian "We have work to do"

"…he had better be alive AND UNHARMED!" Jason's threat had fallen on deaf ears. Tim still hung in the warehouse, his head throbbed and blood trickled down his cheek from a gash near his ear. His hands had lost feeling about an hour ago.

A loud ruckus echoed in his ears, dog barks and gun shots rang through the air. Then everything went silent. Tim looked up weakly as a shadow danced across his vision. The well-known sound of metal cutting through air was heard. The ropes holding his wrists snapped and he fell. A pair of strong arms caught him and gently lowered him. Tim closed his eyes as the arms tightened, holding him close to his rescuer's chest. He attempted to take a deep breath, taking in the smell of the gunpowder. His own hands, still bound, rested where they had fallen on his chest, blood dotted the ropes.

"Red Robin?" The undeniably recognizable voice of his elder brother sounded far away despite his obvious closeness. "Tim, come on. Please answer me"

"How is he?" The strangely worried voice of his youngest brother sounded even farther away.

A gloved hand fell on his cheek "Red Robin" the voice called to him again

Red Robin forced himself to open his eyes. Everything was blurry, but slowly he was able to make out the dark shapes of his adopted brothers. "Hey" it hurt just to say that one word.

"Hey yourself" Jason replied "Let's get you home" he said as he eased an arm underneath Red Robin's knees and lifted him gently into his arms.

Red Robin nodded slightly as his head fell against his brother's chest "Home sounds good" he whispered, he started shivering as shock set in. He could feel blood running down the side of his face as he let his eyes drift shut again.

Bruce ran his hands through his hair as he paced though the cave. The manor was empty when he returned and he had yet to hear any form of communication from any of his sons. Normally it would not concern him, but with Dick balancing precariously on the edge of life, he was certainly more worried about the fact they had yet to return.

One of the hidden doors creaked as someone entered the cave from the outside. Bruce looked up at the computer as it flashed the identity of the visitor "I was wondering when you were going to come back" he said without turning, his voice level.

"Bruce" The Dark Knight froze; Jason's voice was tight and in it was a strong mix of anger and concern.

Bruce stood and faced his prodigal son. In his arms Jason held an almost unrecognizable figure. A pale, bloodied face was partially hidden by unruly black hair. The dark costume was shredded and stained; blood dripped onto the floor. None of that mattered; Bruce recognized the limp form instantly.

Bruce drew a sharp breath "Tim" the next moment he was on his knees cradling his third child.

Jason grit his teeth, "Bruce…"

Bruce swallowed as he placed a hand on Tim's chest, feeling his shallow breathing "Come on Tim, open your eyes"

The young man just lay still in his arms; the only sign he was still alive was the faint rise and fall of his chest.

"Who…" he trailed off

Jason shook his head "I dealt with them" he ran a hand through his hair "Bruce…"

"Hand me a blanket" Bruce whispered "In the Med-bay" he pulled his son closer "he's freezing"

Jason nodded and moved quickly to retrieve the requested object. He managed to find a thick quilt that he draped over Tim and, without moving his brother, tightened it around him.

"Thank you" Bruce nodded as he adjusted his hold on the young man; Tim's head now rested against his shoulder, his weak breaths brushing Bruce's skin. "Lesley is up stairs, go get her"

Jason nodded to the opening door "Damian already did" he took a few steps back as Lesley appeared, a cross looking teen on her heals. He swallowed as she looked over Tim "Not again" he whispered "please, not again"

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