Divine Rose A/N: Thanks to all readers & reviewers.(^_^) When Bringing Up Baby first came out it was a flop. The reason was because people were tired of Katharine Hepburn. They were tired of seeing her and she was put on a black list. Later when people started looking at it, they realized how funny it was and then it became popular.

Chapter 3: The Joys of Travel

Later Rin drove into Westlake, parking at the butcher's store. Sesshomaru opened the door and slid out of the car. Music was playing quite loudly.

Rin: "Here it is, Sesshomaru. Please hurry."

Sesshomaru looked over the car and then looked back at Rin.

Sesshomaru: "Rin, why did you have to come here when there is a circus? Especially with a leopard."

Rin: "Sesshomaru, I didn't come to Westlake because the circus. Really, I didn't. Baby needs some meet. Now, hurry. If he wakes up we'll be in real trouble."

Sesshomaru looked down and leaned on the door.

Sesshomaru: "I guess you don't care that you are parked near a fire plug."

Rin: "Yes, I know. Now, go ahead, Sesshomaru. I'll take care of everything."

Sesshomaru: 'Sure.'

Sesshomaru then walked into the butcher's store and immediately went to butcher himself.

Butcher: "Yes, sir?"

Sesshomaru: "I'll take 30 lbs. of sirloin steak."

The butcher looked at the demon funny.

Butcher: "Did you say, 30 lbs.?"

Sesshomaru: "Yes."

"How would you like it cut?"

"One piece."

"Are you going to roast it or broil it?"

"Neither. It'll be eaten raw."

The butcher's eyes widened in shock.

Butcher: "Yeah..."

Outside a middle aged man was whistling while walking down the street. He then came to Rin's car which was parked near the fire plug. He looked up and saw Rin, standing on her running board, watching the circus.

Man: "Hey, lady."

Rin looked at the man and smiled.

Rin: "Yes?"

Man: "That's a fire plug."

Rin went back to watching the circus with a smile on her face.

Rin: "I know."

Man: "It's against the law to park alongside a fire plug."

"Oh, really?"

"Come here, lady."

Rin looked at the man.

Rin: "Me? Why?"

The man opened his suit coat to show a badge.

Man: "I'm Constable Slocum."

Rin's eyes widened and she looked in the car at Baby.

Rin: "Oh, is that so?"

Rin then walked over to the man.

Rin: "How do you do? I'm Rin Vance."

Slocum: "How do you d.. Listen I don't care who you are, I just want you to know you can't park alongside a fire plug."

Rin looked up and pointed, but Slocum never looked.

Rin: "Well, you see, I was just watching the parade."

Slocum: "Oh, you were?"

Rin looked back at the constable.

Rin: "I suppose you get free tickets to the circus?"

Slocum began scratching his head.

Slocum: "Well, Elmer and I usually get..."

Slocum realized he was getting distracted and straightened up.

Slocum: "Now listen, young lady that has nothing to do with it. I'm going to give you a ticket."

Rin: "Oh, thank you so much. But you better keep your ticket. Besides I'm busy tonight."

Slocum began writing up a ticket.

Slocum: "It's not that kind of a ticket."

Rin looked over and saw Baby jump in the car next to hers.

Rin: "Oh my..."

Slocum: "Young lady, it might interest you to know that you are under arrest."

Rin looked back at the constable.

Rin: "Why?"

Slocum: "For parking next to a fire plug."

"I think not."

Rin pointed to the car that Baby was now in.

Rin: "That's the car I'm driving."

Slocum looked at Rin, completely exasperated.

Slocum: "Why didn't you say that in the first place?"

Rin: "You didn't ask me."

Slocum: "Oh..."

Slocum walked off and Rin hurried to get in the car Baby was in.

Inside the store, Sesshomaru's order for meat was ready. Beside Sesshomaru was Dr. Naraku was standing, just staring at him.

Butcher: "Do you grind this up before you eat it?"

Sesshomaru: "It's for Baby."

The butcher's eyes widened.

Butcher: "Huh?"

Sesshomaru calmly walked out with Dr. Naraku not far behind him.

Rin: "Hurry up, Sesshomaru, and get in!"

Sesshomaru stared at the car Rin was in.

Rin: "Come on!"

Rin started backing up and Sesshomaru followed.

Sesshomaru: "This isn't your car."

Rin: "No, but it's my leopard!"

Sesshomaru got on the running board and Rin took off. Dr. Naraku ran up just then.

Naraku: "Hey! Wait! That's my car!"

Slocum and his deputy then walked up.

Slocum: "Why are you yelling?"

Naraku: "They've stolen my car!"

"Stolen your car?"

"Last night they tried to steal my wife's purse."


"Don't just stand there... Do something!"

The constable jumped.

Slocum: "Oh, yes!"

Slocum clapped two times.

Slocum: "Hey! Bring back that car!"

Then they started chasing after Sesshomaru and Rin on foot.

Later Sesshomaru and Rin were at the farm. They had parked in the barn and were now getting out. Rin was humming the tune of I Can't Give You Anything, But Love as she looked around.

Sesshomaru: "Finally."

Rin responded by singing instead of talking.

Rin: "Isn't wonderful? But really Sesshomaru, you must sing too while talking."

Sesshomaru: "No."

"What a bum sport."

"Still no."

"You are a kill joy."

"I don't care."

Rin then looked at Sesshomaru.

Rin: "We can put him in that box."

Sesshomaru started to open the door of the car, but Rin stopped him.

Rin: "Don't open that door until you close those."

Sesshomaru looked up at the open barn doors.

Sesshomaru: "Good idea."

Sesshomaru then did as he was told, or rather sang, as Rin opened the box stall door. She walked to the car and kept on humming and singing.

Rin: "You stand by that door and I'll open this one."

Sesshomaru stood by the box stall door as Rin did what she sang she would do.

Rin: "Come on, Baby."

Baby stepped out, but started to go down the aisle.

Rin: "No! Come here, Baby!"

Rin was able to manage to pull Baby back. She walked alongside as he went the path they wanted.

Rin: "Right in there, right in there, right in there!"

As soon as Baby was in Sesshomaru shut the door.

Sesshomaru: 'Ridiculous.'

Rin: "That's wonderful and now everything is quite alright."

Sesshomaru looked at Rin with a piercing gaze.

Sesshomaru: "Everything is not alright?"

Rin: "Why ever would it not?"


Rin stopped her singing and humming at the demon's tone.

Rin: "Why?"

Sesshomaru: "Rin, it might be alright for you, but not me. I have to get back to New York."

"Oh, but Sesshomaru, as soon as one thing is settled you worry about something else."

"Rin! You should. On top of all of this we stole a car."

Rin: "Oh, that's alright. We'll send it back. I don't like it anyway."

Rin leaned into the car and got her purse out, before looking back at Sesshomaru. He was leveling her with a piercing gaze of which she took no heed. She just went to brushing the feathers off of his suit.

Sesshomaru: "I suppose you would like me to leave it with the constable on my way back?"

Rin: "No, that wouldn't be safe, you might get arrested. Besides it's a hot car.

"Let me guess, you're going to file the numbers off the engine."

"No, that would be dishonest. I'll have the gardener take it back after its dark."

Sesshomaru then stopped Rin from brushing more feathers off his suit and glared at her.

Sesshomaru: "Stop."

Rin: "But, Sesshomaru, you're shedding."

Sesshomaru took a step closer to the girl.

Sesshomaru: "Where's a telephone?"

Rin pointed out the barn.

Rin: "Out that door."

Sesshomaru nodded and started down the aisle. Rin immediately ran after him.

Rin: "Wait, Sesshomaru, I merely want to suggest..."

Sesshomaru turned to her, immediately interrupting her.

Sesshomaru: "I don't want any more suggestions from you. I just want to leave."

Sesshomaru opened the door and walked out with Rin right behind him. The walked along the path which led to the house.

Rin: "Oh, Sesshomaru, please listen to me..."

Sesshomaru: "Where's the telephone."

Rin pointed to the house.

Rin: "In there, but Sesshomaru, look at yourself."

Sesshomaru looked down at himself and saw how dirty he was.

Sesshomaru: "Hn."

Rin: "You see, now what I want to suggest is..."

Sesshomaru leaned forward to Rin and leveled her another piercing glare.

Sesshomaru: "There is no way you are getting me to follow another one of your suggestions."

Rin: "Yes, I understand, Sesshomaru..."

Sesshomaru turned and started again towards the house.

Rin: "But Sesshomaru, what I wanted to suggest..."

Sesshomaru: "I don't want it. Where is a shower?"

Rin: "That's what I was going to suggest: the shower."

Sesshomaru stared at Rin as she led him inside.

Soon Sesshomaru was busy taking a shower. Rin opened the door to the bedroom, which was connected to the bathroom Sesshomaru was in. She listened to the sound of water, before entering the room. She looked around and then rushed to the foot of the bed. She took Sesshomaru's clothes and shoes, before running back out...

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