His hands were shaking, his feet were bouncing, taking deep breaths. Lukas stood beside him, his hand on Gabriel's shoulder, attempting to calm him. Gabriel was standing in front of full length mirror, taking in his appearance, black trousers, white shirt, light blue waistcoat and tie and a black jacket. His friend handed him a light blue button hole and Gabriel accepted it and straightened himself out.

"It'll be great. Stop worrying," Lukas said to his longest friend, as he watched Gabriel fiddle with his tie for the hundredth time that day. Gabriel nodded, agreeing that he was fussing over nothing. He turned to Lukas, the only difference between what they were wearing was the button hole; while Gabriel had a light blue one, his best friend had a white one, as did the rest of his groomsmen.

"I can't believe I'm getting married!" Gabriel breathed to his friend is disbelief.

"Neither can I Gab," Lukas admitted. "I thought I would be married before you were!" Gabriel laughed and turned back to the mirror. Why had Anna chosen light blue for the wedding? His bright red hair clashed terribly with the light color. Still, as he stood examining himself one last time, he couldn't deny that the suit did look good regardless of his hair, and if he did say so himself, he cleaned up well - very well. His red hair had originally been combed to side to neaten his fiery hair. Now however, it was back to the unruly mess which usually graced his young, handsome face. He however, didn't care, besides Anna had already told him that she liked his hair messy. His eyes were sparkling with happiness while the rest of him shook with nerves.

Before long, Lukas was tapping on the shoulder and was leading him out of the room, to the large white tent that had been set up outside on a large clearing near Gabriel's and Anna's home. Soon, Gabriel had said hello to everyone as he made his way to stand at the alter where he was to wait till his beautiful bride began her descent down the isle with her father. He smiled at her family, waved at his and welcomed friends to the special day. After the greetings he stood at the alter, his palms beginning to sweat with nerves. Still, Gabriel knew he would be a lot worse without his best friend beside him who kept whispering comforting words while they waited on the wife-to-be.

Without much warning, music began playing and through the entrance of the tent, came the most beautiful woman Gabriel had ever laid eyes on. Dressed in white, standing beside her aging father, Anna made her way towards the love of her life, a large smile filling her face as she glided towards the alter. Her dress was stunning, showing off her figure in an indescribable way. Gabriel's heart was souring as he watched her, all previous nerves wiped from his brain and all his focus was now on making the gorgeous girl his wife, something he had been wanting to do for years now. He watched as she kissed her father's cheek and walked over to him, her eyes reflecting the same happiness visible in his.

Lukas tapped his friend good luck on the shoulder and went and sat by his girlfriend, also the bride's maid of honor. Everyone's attention was now focused on the man who was to wed the loving couple as he spoke to them. As Gabriel listened to the man, his hand found Anna's and he held her hand as the preacher spoke. A smile graced both their faces and soon they were facing each other, repeating the vows they had chosen for the day, slipping on their rings and finally, the preacher announced them as Mr. and Mrs. Gabriel Spears, and Gabriel was able to give his new wife the most loving kiss he ever had, and it filled him with a happiness he had never felt before. Filled from head to toe with warmth, he scooped his wife up into his arms, smiling as wide as his mouth would allow, and carried her outside into the warm sunlight, which kissed her skin in the most wonderful way.

Admiring her flawless beauty, he walked over to the waiting carriage, Anna still cradled in his arms in her white dress. Setting her gently in the carriage, they headed towards the main hall for the ball afterwards, set up by his parents. Taking a seat beside his wife, he took her hand once again, his eyes locking with hers, sending her love and passion. She smiled and Gabriel smiled back, and soon they could hear the music, flying softly through the air to their awaiting ears. The day was to be perfect. The ceremony, a few welcome dances, a meal and then a few more dances till the clock struck twelve.

The hall was decorated in white and light blue, crystal balls were hovering near the ceiling, torches lining the walls, lighting the grand marble floored hall. The hall towered high over the small town, the light from it brightening the streets and the music pulled people from their houses and the filled the streets with happy dancing witches and wizards as the carriage pulled to a stop outside the large hall. Gabriel stepped out first, offering his hand to Anna, who accepted it and allowed her husband to help her out of the carriage, his smile beaming at her, filling her with love and acceptance.

Taking her by the hand, he lead her into the hall where they received drinks while they waited for the rest of their guests to arrive. Soon, the hall was filled with chatter and laughter over the music and Anna and Gabriel were having the time of their lives. Chatting with all their guests. Smiling with family and laughing with friends the atmosphere was light and perfect and in no time at all Gabriel was leading his newly weded wife to the dance floor for the first dance.

The soft lull of the song began to play and surrounded the couple. Swaying to the music, Gabriel pulled the beautiful girl close to him, holding her in a strong, loving embrace as the music circled them, taking them into a world of their own as they stared into each others eyes, smiling and sharing whispered words.

"I love you, Anna," Gabriel whispered in her ear, his breath blowing gently against her hair and swept across the skin of her neck. The answering smile that Gabriel received before the quiet "I love you too, Gabriel," was one that took his breath away. Gabriel let his feelings weep up inside him, the love he felt for the girl in his arms over powering all emotion and he couldn't help the single tear of happiness that rolled down bis cheek as the music finally came to and end and he scooped her up and kisses her with love and affection, showering her all emotion that he felt for her and he felt warm and happy as he set her back on her feet.

The night passed in a way that made sure Gabriel would never dream of forgetting it. With the music and chatter surrounding him, he felt happier than he ever had, with a wife he loved dearly and friends who stood by him no matter what and a family who welcomed him willing into their family.

As the clocked ticked closer and closer to midnight, the groom sought out his wife dressed in white and wrapped his arms around her. "Ready to head off to the best honeymoon ever?" He asked, smiling against her neck as he buried his head against her, kissing her softly.

Anna nodded. "I'm all set." And with that they went round the hall and bid their goodbye before the hall heard the 'pop' of someone apparating away.