There are moments in life that can never be changed, that can never be avoided. Moments when everything changes and nothing will be the same again. Moments where everything can seem so far away, when they are actually so close, and all that is needed is that small voice; the voice that has lead people into the greatest wars; into battles that will never be forgotten; into a whole new world. That small voice that came from no-body. A person that you just see when walking in the street, or leaving your house. A person that was just a face, and now a leader. A leader that you don't know, but have put your full trust in to lead you into something magnificent. That moment, on the outskirts of Dragon Hills, that was one of those moments. With Skye, who was once just a regular at a shop; who was just as ordinary as the witches and wizards that surrounded her, now standing tall. Yet, as she stood there, surrounded by followers who would fight along side of her, without any knowledge of what they are fighting against, or fighting for, Skye was focused more on the person who brought them all there. Fred Weasley, stood with a crowd of people he was proud to call family. He was smiling. His smile was as bright as day, and his eyes as sparkly as stars. His hair as bright as a flickering fire, and his skin as soft as freshly fallen snow. He was what brought them here. He was the main reason that this day had finally come. Him and whatever was calling to him. He needed as much protection as she did. Yet, her mind wasn't focused on that. Suddenly, as she looked at Fred, every trouble that had been following her; the death of her twin, the split between her parents, the man that was killed by Gabriel, the attack in the middle of the night, all of that was suddenly gone. In it's place was happiness. Pure happiness which she hadn't felt for a long time. Memories flashed in her mind. Memories for Hogwarts when she would go with Roxy to see Katy Bell, and she would spot the twins messing around on their brooms, swinging the clubs around their head and annoying Oliver Wood during practice. It always amazed Skye how they could mess around so much at practice, and then seemed almost unbeatable during actual games. Memories of the year that Umbridge was a teacher. The twins pulled so many pranks that Skye was sure she laughed so much her sides split. Memory by memory, every moment that she remember of Fred, whether it was a passing smile, or something he did, or time they spent together when she was with Katy, and every memory brought a stronger feeling with it. Memories from their travel here, stirred realization, emotion. That's when she knew, really consciously knew. Fred Weasley was special. Special to her, her mind, her heart. For the first time, she realized, that she may just love him. Now Skye stood, surrounded by hundreds of thousands of dragons, joined by witches and wizards from all over the world, without a clue of what was going through her mind. But her time to dwell on her feelings was short as Damon took her hand and walked her to the small hill, that stood beside the large hills of Dragon Hills. Damon stood slightly behind her, letting everyone see the young girl. All the dragons bowed their heads, the ones at the back spread their wings forming a rainbow of glistening scales. Witches stood in awe, and wizards shot sparks into the sky in respect. Everyone was ready to follow Skye Spears into battle. Everyone was ready for the greatest dragon war of all. The hills beside Skye looked haunting, a negative vibe radiating from them. A deep evil lurked in the center of the hills, hovering thicker and thicker as each second ticked by. "We are gathered here to defeat a dark evil. We are here to give the dragons back their home. 10,ooo years ago a battle between wizard and dragon took place, and dragons have been trap here, fighting against each other . Until now. A dark power has released them. A dark power that will not only affect the dragons, but an entire bloodline of witches and wizards. Today, we put a stop to it." Skye said. Her hands were shaking, her heart was beating a rhythm o fast that she thought it would explode, and her voice was wavering. She could barely get her words out. yet she managed it and although she knew it wasn't a very motivating speech, people still reacted. "Today, history will be made! Today, dragons will come out on top, and Dragon Hills will no longer be a feared place. It will be the beautiful landscape it was before the battle." She caught Fred's eyes and he smile at her. The power that radiated through her was warm and strong. His face told her he was proud, and his eyes, God, his eyes. Something about them, they were different, they held care, respect, and most of all, the thing that make Skye's heart leap, love. "This is a dangerous battle that we are entering into, but we will be victorious! I cannot guarantee what we will find in there, I cannot tell you whether we will all come out, but I can tell you, the future of these magnificent beasts rests on our shoulders. Today, is a day that was always going to happen. It is a day that dragons everywhere have been waiting for. Today. A day that will go down in history. We have all fought for our home, we have all fought for the homes of our friends, for our happiness in this world. Today, we fight for the home of the great beasts that live around us, we fight for their happiness. Their freedom." People cheered in agreement, dragons roared in thanks, and as a final thought, Skye added the most important part. "My friend, Fred had been called here by whatever lies within those hills. He needs constant protection. if he wonders into the wrong area, our hope may be lost. And finally, Gabriel Spears is mine." The area was silent, and Damon put a comforting hand on her shoulder. "You did great, Skye." he whispered and then as he was backing away, a loud gasp filled the air, as Fred fell to the ground. Skye was by his side in seconds and Rydus spread his wings separating Skye and Fred from everyone else. Skye took his hand squeezing lightly and whispering words of hope. For Fred everything was dark, except for a face. A nameless face that spoke to him, calling his name. It was only a whisper, yet Fred heard it as though it was yelling. The face seemed peaceful; clear white skin, hair as red as the setting sun, a small smile on his face. Gabriel, as Fred now knew. Gabriel called to Fred, the voice growing closer. Then a bright light flashed and Fred sensed a change. Gabriel's skin now a dirty white, his hair a red as blood, an scowl etched on his face, his voice loud, deep, threatening. "She gives good words, very motivating. But it is a lost cause, you are all kidding yourself if you think you can take me out. If I get my hands on you or precious little Skye Spears, oh happy days for me. You have been warned. Only death will meet you if you step foot inside Dragon Hills." A light pressure on his hand told him he was coming around again. as his eyes opened, the most beautiful sight met his eyes. Skye, her eyes full of love and worry met his, her lips pulled in a smile of relief, and a shelter of dragon wings, giving them privacy. He had only just got his bearing back when Skye's lips crashed against his. Her kiss told him everything. Their lips moved in sync, and Fred's eyes drifted shut as he reveled in the passion that flew from their kiss. Love, worry and relief spread through him from her. She couldn't hide her feelings. She needed him to know exactly what she was feeling. His hands held her waist as she supported herself above him, her hair creating a curtain around them. Neither worried about what lay ahead in that moment. Neither worried about all the people on the other side of Rydus. That moment was theirs, and they took it with both arms open wide and they made it special. They made it perfect. They made it one hundred percent theirs. It ended all too quickly. Skye pulled away, but rested her forehead on Fred's, her eyes still closed, as if trying to keep the feel of his lips on hers in her mind. Whether she was knew if she were saying it or not, she couldn't not say it. The words tumbled from her lips naturally, as if they were meant to be to be said at the precise moment, meant to be said to him. The three words she hadn't imagined saying before a battle, yet they sounded just right. "I love you."