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It was quite dark for Harry to see anything clearly. The shed besides the Burrow kitchen was small and lightly lit. After several hours of silence, upon Hermione's insistence, he agreed to talk to Ginny about what happened because of the Pensieve. He knew the unsaid words need to be uttered for both of them before progressing any further. He was just about to knock when he realized that there was no door for him to knock. He hesitated for a moment before entering the shed quietly. But the scene that unfolded before him made Harry forget where he was, what his purpose was. It was Ginny. But this Ginny was different than the Ginny he knew. This Ginny was lost in her creative world; she was working on her canvas. It almost looked like she was battling with it. There were several patches of paint in her hands and T-shirt but she didn't seem to care. Her eyes were squinted due to heavy concentration. She didn't even realize when Harry entered the shed. He was about to call her, when his right hand accidentally fell a paint brush that was beside him, on a tool. The noise made Ginny jump. She whirled around to see who it was. There was long a moment of silence as she saw him with wide eyes and said nothing. Harry could feel that she was not okay after what she had gone through this morning. She was fighting a battle of her own. He knew he had to break the silence between them.

"I- I am sorry. There wasn't any door to knock."

She didn't say anything but turned her back on him and looked at her canvas. Her brow frowning slightly, while she said, "Something is wrong," frustration was evident in her voice.


She was still looking at her new creation and said impatiently,

"This painting. Something is wrong. It's not turning out as I expected."

Harry came a few steps closer to have a better look. Ginny used only two colors- black and red. The whole painting was based in various shades of black but in the middle there were several scarlet patches, as if the painting was bleeding.

"What's wrong with it?" Ginny asked.

Harry looked at her and smiled sadly, "I don't know much about modern artworks."

Ginny nodded impatiently and said, "I suppose, I will figure it out later."

She took a piece of cloth from a table beside her and started to clean her hands.

"I never wanted to be an artist." She stated.

Surprised, he asked, "You didn't?"

"I wanted to be one of the best Chasers in the world. Ravenclaw was practically handicapped without me when it used to come to Quidditch." She added.

Harry didn't say anything. She continued, "Instead I become a pathetic painting teacher at a kindergarten, who can't even remember what she has taught to her students in her previous class."

Harry shook his head and said, "A kindergarten student doesn't need to excel in her class. All they need is some care and support which makes you a perfect teacher."

Ginny looked at him again with her piercing gaze. He continued, "Besides your hands in painting are excellent. The Portrait you drew -" He stopped because Ginny's sharp intake of breath at the mention of the portrait that she drew of him. It was because of this portrait, they were now here. It was their first step together to something better.

He looked at her eyes, trying to convey his words, said again, "The portrait you drew- was beautiful."

She nodded slowly and whispered, "It's not the only one."

Surprised, he asked, "You drew more of me?"

She picked a note book from the table and handed it to him. He took it from her and started to turn the pages slowly. The note book seemed a bit old while he turned first few pages. The first picture which was drawn after first several pages, almost made his jaw drop. It was a pencil sketch. It was his sketch yet it was a younger version of him. He was holding a snitch and all the Gryffindors were celebrating around him. There was a short note which said,

"Gryffindor vs. Slytherin: Harry Potter catches the snitch"

Curiosity took over him as he hastily turned few pages and saw another sketch. It was him again, holding the sword of Godric Gryffindor which was stained with the blood of Basilisk. He hurriedly turned a few pages to see what's next, this time it was again a sketch of him but battle worn and clutching Cedric's body after he returned from the maze in the Triwizard tournament. The pain was so vividly sketched that it overwhelmed him for a second. Amazed, he turned another thirty pages or so to find the notebook blank. He was about to stop looking when he saw that the last two-three pages were not empty. The first page showed an accurate sketch of his eyes with glasses on. He went to the next page; it was only the sketch of his untidy, black-jet hair. The next page was sketch of the structure of his face.

Ginny broke his amazement and said softly, "That's all I got. I-I need to practice the structure of the person's face before I start making the portrait on canvas."

Harry looked at her and said, "How come-?"

Ginny understood what he was referring to and replied quietly, "I used to be fascinated by your life. After all, you were The-Boy-Who-Lived."

He swallowed hard and slowly returned Ginny her notebook. Ginny took it from him and whispered, "Hermione told me what you did for me the last month."

Ginny averted her gaze when she said the next few words, "I want you to stop."

Harry couldn't believe his ears as he looked at her. It was evident that she was trying her best to maintain her forced calmness.

He replied, "No."

Ginny looked at him sharply and asked, "No?"

"I can't back down. Not now."


"It's- It's too late for that. I've made my decision."

"You are wrong. It's never late to get back on your decision. Especially in this case, where there is a high chance that I won't even remember you tomorrow." Ginny's face lost her stillness.

Harry could feel his temper rising. He said strongly, "I knew the repercussions of my decisions when I made it and I am sticking up to it. But why are you saying this now? After all we have done and progresses that we made, you want that to go in vain?"

Ginny momentarily cringed at his accusation. Harry felt bad instantly for saying that. She looked at her feet and shook her head.

"No. It's just..I am thinking about others. What my family did or does every day for me, I can't let them suffer like this, not anymore." Ginny's voice seemed to found the lost conviction again. Ginny was about to continue when he almost growled,

"STOP IT!" Ginny became so startled that she looked almost anxious of what he was about to say.

"Do you think you are the only one victim here? Your family suffered as much as you. When you say you won't burden your family anymore, let me tell you, wounds don't heal that easily. You can't sweep away pain just by running away, not like this! This is what family is for. To share one's burden." Harry was looking straight at Ginny when he said these. But Ginny didn't stop to challenge him.

"So, where do you stand?"


"You are not family, why should you bear my burden?"

Ginny's statement literally slapped Harry in the face. He knew it was the truth. His face must have faltered because it made Ginny apologetic right away.

She came a step a closer and whispered, "I-I am sorry. I didn't want to say it like that."

She took a quiet breath and continued, "You deserve to be happy. You deserve someone whole. I may not remember you tomorrow. How many days are you going to spend in convincing me who I am? How many days we will have use the Pensieve to make me remember my past, present?"

"Do you not think I don't want a happy, normal life? I would give up anything- anything to live normally." Ginny added softly. Harry realized that Ginny was finally giving up to the agony that she was fighting from this morning.

She whispered as she said, "I want to remember the man that I love and I want to have a family like any other."

"But we have to be realistic Harry. Sooner or later you will get tired of me." Harry was about to interrupt but Ginny stopped him. She shook her head when she said, "It's the truth. Why go through all of this when we can neap this in the bud?" Ginny's voice slightly quivered at the last.

Harry stood silent for a long moment. Slowly he replied in a low voice, "It's not possible anymore. Don't you realize I can't be whole without you? My life was changed at the very moment when I saw you at Susie's café."

He looked at Ginny pleadingly. Her face was now still full of denial. He needs her to understand, to trust him. Nothing changed at the shed last half an hour except it grew darker. Few candles that were lit did nothing but to increase the darkness. Ginny was looking at him, though undecided, uncertain.

The half lit room suddenly made everything surreal except for him and Ginny. Before he knew what he was doing, his feet took the charge of him. In two strides, he came to stand in front of Ginny. Her face was now inches away from him as he saw her so closely for the first time. Her unsure and scared face made Harry murmur,


He cupped her face with his right hand and made Ginny come closer to him than already they are. It almost looked like Ginny lost all of her consciousness as well. Before they even realize what they were doing, Harry slowly started to descend his lips.

And their lips met for the first time. The sweet smell of Ginny, the taste of her was overpowering. It was a blissful oblivion. The kiss was slow and gentle but it conveyed the mutual feelings that were hard to describe in words for both them.

As they broke apart slowly, Harry saw tears were tinkling on Ginny's cheek. He understood that these tears were both of joy and sorrow. He knew that both of them were now fighting a battle which seemed lost from both ends. But as long as they had each other, it's going to be okay.

He looked at her beautiful brown eyes while he swept the tears away with his hands and whispered,

"I will tell you. Every day, every minute..Who you are, your past, present, future. Everything. You will never lose yourself. I won't let you."

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